Evo Attendees, Here’s Your Evo 2014 Survival Guide

By on July 8, 2014 at 1:00 pm

If you’re attending Evo, here are some helpful hints to make your life easier. With a little bit of pre-planning, you’ll have a much easier time travelling to the  event and getting all checked in.

1. Before the Event

Here are some things you should consider doing, well, right now if you haven’t already. Hurry up, you only have a few days left!

Print Your Evo Ticket

When you get to Evo, you’ll need to check in and get your event pass. You can’t get into the event hall without one. The line to your pass can be long. Really long.

To speed things up, when you registered for Evo we emailed you a ticket. Go find it right now and print it out. Seriously…I’ll wait. The ticket was sent with the subject line  “Evo Ticket” and it looks like this. If you can’t find it, check your spam folder.


With the ticket, we can quickly scan you in, check your ID, hand you a pass, and off you go.

Download the Evo2014 Mobile App

If you have a smart phone, you definitely want to download our mobile app. It has complete schedules for all the on-site events, a handy map, tournament pool checker, and more! It’s free and available now, so get to it.

[button link=”https://guidebook.com/g/evolution/” size=”large” target=”_blank”]Download the Free Evo 2014 Mobile App[/button]

2. After Arriving in Vegas

Ok, so your plane just landed and you’re ready for action. What’s next?

Get a Taxi to the Hotel

There are lots of ways to get to the hotel: an airport shuttle, the bus, etc. By far the biggest bang for your buck is to just take a taxi. From baggage claim, walk out to the public transportation area and you’ll see a huge queue for the taxis. Don’t worry, it moves fast. Get in line, and when it’s your turn hop in and tell them you want to go to the LVH.

A taxi costs a little more, but it’s way faster and less hassle than any other public options. If you’re cost sensitive, try waiting outside the line for a bit, find someone who looks like they’re going to Evo, and offer to split a cab. Which leads me to…

Wear FGC Gear

If you want to meet new people, find that fighting game T-Shirt and put it on. Easy way of saying, “Hi, I’m here for Evo and probably like a lot of the same things you do.”

Stow Your Luggage at Hotel Registration

Thursday early afternoon at Evo is like the walking dead, only with a hundred sleeping looking tournament players lugging their carry-on bag behind them. If you’re staying at the hotel, you can actually store your luggage with them until your room is ready in the early afternoon! I wouldn’t recommend this for fragile items like sticks, monitors, and laptops, but your clothes will be just fine.

Check in Early!

If you’re arriving Thursday, beat the lines and check in Thursday evening. Evo registration will be open Thursday from 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM.



  • Gamegeezer

    Forgot the most important thing, DEODORANT! Swab that shit, son.

    • AriesWarlock

      Deodorant and cologne, plz.

      • Dr_Majin

        P.S. The shower and pool water is free.

        Seriously, between this and the lack of general hygiene (some guy borrowed my TE stick, paused his game, blew his nose with his hands, then went back to playing like it was nothing.), it is no shocker that the deadly Evola virus is set to make its annual appearance.

      • fire lion

        no tag or axe body spray. That shit used to sting my eyes at arcades.

      • Cat Astrophy

        No cologne please. Go outside for 1 minute and that smell will magnify plus some people are allergic to that shit.

  • MuhhPhukka

    How is showering not #1. I went to evo in 2011 and the smell was unbearable at certain areas, mostly the Smash and Blazeblu areas. And the collective smell on finals day was a mixture of throwup and axe body spray.

    Come on FGC we got to do better then that.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Children…Can’t manage basic hygiene without mom around?

    • Manuel

      Didn’t even know that smash was at EVO in 2011!

  • Ian Riley

    Does the pass have to be printed or can I pull it up on my phone?

  • bavobbr

    You can also use http://evo2k4.bavobbr.eu.cloudbees.net/ to analyze your pools (eg when you end up in quarters and want to check out what the players did before that)

  • GorillaWhite

    Profound Sadness!. I won’t be attending this year. Will definitely try to make it next year.

  • Guest

    Deodorant and cologne, please.

  • SnakeAes

    Just so you guys know, (from someone who is in Vegas 10+ times a year for work) if you are staying at or near the venue (Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino formerly LVH), it is actually faster and cheaper to tell your cab driver to go local. A lot of cab drivers at the airport will ASK you when you tell them where you’re going whether you want local or freeway. Most people request freeway because they assume it’s faster when it’s not, giving the cabbie license to gouge you since they can’t legally take you on a longer route without your permission. If you are flying in and cabbing to LVH, tell your cab driver to go local.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Seriously, a printer in 2014? You better be able to scan that shit from an app. I’ve not had to print out a concert ticket in ages. Same with stuff like Groupon. I see there’s QR codes on here so if I just open up my email or save the image you better be able to just scan it in.

    Next you’re gonna tell me I need a cable sub to watch EVO.

  • rufusthomas80

    If you’re trying to go cheap go downstairs to the city bus terminal at the airport and catch the 108 bus. It will drop you off right in front of the venue. The cost is $2.00 as opposed to the $30+ for the taxi.

    The hotel offers a going green service. If you call and decline housekeeping services you get an $8.00 food and beverage voucher each day you decline housekeeping service.

    Also if you were worried if they accept cash at check in they do, so you don’t have to use the card you reserved the room with.

  • Bobby E. Adams

    Had to get the limo ride to the LVH…Screw It Im gonna go all out this year

  • guester

    FYI, If you registered somewhat late and they overbook the hall, they will take your money and give you a shit tier badge when you arrive. Unless there’s only 1 hall this year, I didn’t check because I ain’t going.

  • Guest

    Man, if the monorail is still up it goes as far as the Las Vegas Convention Center which is directly South of The Westgate. Easy walk from there. Or book shuttle bus ahead of time. I hate the fact that the casino is not on the strip. Those businesses next the that hotel are in a sketchy neighborhood. Stay together in groups fellas.

  • evilsmilelol

    Xian is Going To Win AGen

  • Guest

    What I said before would have made sense, however I forgot the monorail doesn’t travel to the airport so scrap that idea. Im an idiot.

  • Jacob Simmons

    Public transit (RTC) is actually an excellent option for Evo attendees -it’s only one bus ride ($2) directly from the bus stop at McCarran Airport to the LVH / Westgate Hotel. It’s called Route 108. It generally runs every 30 minutes throughout the mornings and afternoons, then about every 35-40 minutes in the evenings. Once on-board, the trip is less than 30 minutes and it stops directly in front of the LVH. Here’s an example from Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/McCarran+International+Airport,+5757+Wayne+Newton+Blvd,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89119/Westgate+Las+Vegas+Resort+%26+Casino,+3000+Paradise+Rd,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89109/@36.1181912,-115.152666,13z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m18!4m17!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8c59f1f049c5d:0x471359241ec41e1e!2m2!1d-115.153739!2d36.084!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8c46550a5c2df:0xf2a61a7d363b3d91!2m2!1d-115.152871!2d36.137112!2m3!6e4!7e2!8j1405013400!3e3

    For those of you familiar with reading bus schedules, here’s the 108: http://www.rtcsnv.com/wp-content/uploads/routes/2013/108(07-07-13).pdf

    There’s nothing wrong with taxis, but for this trip it’s going to be about $20 once tip is included compared to just $2 on the bus, and the total trip time will be fairly similar (unless you just miss a bus).

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair


  • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

    Here’s my contribution. DO NOT try to save money by walking to the strip. By the time you reach the Paris/Bally’s by walking you will have walked an hour. Please spend the $5 to take the monorail conveniently located inside the parking lot.

    My legs hurt.

    • fxfx


  • wizzra

    evo never heard of online gaming?!

  • G. Summer

    One thing about conduct, something I’ve seen constantly happen at tournaments.

    There will be females here. Please be respectful. If you ask a chick out and she makes it clear that the answer is no, don’t press the issue. Just let it go. The FGC has to take a lot of steps to improve it’s image. This is one of them.

    Vice versa ladies, don’t shame a guy or be hostile to him for asking you out. Take it as a compliment and firmly communicate your stance, unless he’s persistent.

  • KuroXIS

    Question, what happens if the Ticket email was accidentally deleted? Would you still be able to check in?

    • rufusthomas80

      I think you’re also able to use your PayPal receipt as well.

  • Edwin Kyle Disbrow

    I cannot find my Evo ticket in my email anywhere. I’ve checked in with the guidebook app and made sure of which email address I used to register, but there is no ticket email available. Anyone know who I could contact for help or further information? Any help is appreciated.