Here’s your Full Evo Stream Schedule, Powered by Team Spooky, IPW, and Capcom Fighters

By on July 7, 2014 at 9:32 am

Evo kicks off this Friday! For those watching at home, we’ll have three streams running over the course of the event.

Three Gameplay Streams on

Once again the incredible combo of Team Spooky and IPlayWinner will coordinate our two Evo streams, steaming on and Additionally, Capcom Pro Tour will broadcast all of the Ultra Street Fighter IV pools from their channel at You can find a full schedule at the end of this post.

Steam Monster for a Cause: PPV Proceeds Fund the Evo Scholarship

As always, proceeds from our pay per view ticket will fund the Evo scholarship, in association with the NYU Game Center program. This year, will officially support the scholarship by donating their portion of the proceeds as well! You can find out more about the Game Center program here.


  • KrisXX

    Where is Kasumi Ninja and Thrill Kill? Would rather watch those than Tekken and Smash Bros!!

    • Nael

      Are you kidding? It’s all about Rise of the Robots.

      • Matthew J

        Haha wow I remember being so hype for that game when I was a kid, then I got it and was so disappointed

  • Jason Slade

    There is also a side-stream going on. Hosted by Madcatz and featuring some of the side-game tournaments. Including Skullgirls, Soul Calibur 2, Soul Calibur 5, P4A and possibly more.

    • PJ

      “Powered by Bifuteki.”
      Which means expect craptastic quality. Shame I was looking forward to watching SG. Not being a hater here, it’s just fact every one of his streams sucks massive butthole.

  • Little_Goten

    It’s that time of year again, people. Ignore the kids in the chat and you’ll be fine.

    Seeing all that USFIV and UMvC3 up there makes me wish and Third Strike and MvC2 were main games. Oh well.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Twitch chat is the WORST when it comes to fighting games. Perfect example of how immmature 98% of the FGC is. Too bad, really.
      Salt, salt, salt, salt, ad infinitum…

      • Slade

        What are you guys talking about? The chat is the BEST part of EVO! We can all be assholes and not care about anything! 😀

        • Little_Goten

          You don’t see them insulting the players, the games, and everything that makes the event good as a bad thing? Like, at all?

          • freezestar

            It’s because you have to pay to chat. Still hate that.

        • TheBlackRabbit

          no they are terrible dude….D:

      • Rockito

        Says the “grown up” guy that play a fighting game designed for 5 year old kids with dudley as avatar, lmao, you’re an old retarded guy or a kid, good one.

      • Remster

        This is the guy who said online players shouldn’t enter tournies because they’re scrubs :/

        If you’re the other 2%, we’re in a lot of trouble.

      • The Hypebot

        I still remember when a good majority of them were all like “FUCK YOU SPOOKY” last year, and then kissed up to him a few months later.

    • Beb0p

      The 1990s called…

      • BulletToothTeddy

        …and they want to remind you that 3rd Strike is the best fighting game ever made, followed by MvC2.

      • Little_Goten

        Only one of those games came out in the 90s . . .

    • BulletToothTeddy

      I’m also totally with you on 3rd Strike and MvC2. Easily more fun to play and to watch than Ultra and UMvC3. Easily.

      • Doppio1089

        I do agree with watching for the most part, but playing meh. I play on pad, since my stick crapped out on me.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          You can’t use that 360 pad for anything. Gotta get your stick fixed and play some more 3rd Strike!

          • Doppio1089

            I would get it fix but 1. It is that Hori Tekken 6 wireless one, so modding it is gonna be super tricky. 2. It is a 360 stick, and the only person serious enough to play around plays on PS3. 3. I have other things I want to purchase. I recently bought a RockCandy 360 wired controller, and the analog stick is a lot better then my worn-out launch 360 pad. Also the internet around me kind of sucks, and paying for GOLD at the moment is a joke to me. Forgive me if I am missing the point with this reply. On another note Street Fighter 3 Third Strike was the first Street Fighter game that I remember having an impact on me, seeing Necro and Twelve. TS still has my favorite SF roster.

    • Rockito

      Says the “grown up” guy with the animu girl as avatar, lmao, good one kid.

  • Emilkof

    Why are kof13 and blazblue pools not being streamed???

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

      Yeah it’s bullshit, also BB at 9AM? Before KI? What the hell?

      • I can understand the frustration but KI is the newer IP that is the only justifiable reason I can give it.

        • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

          So what? KI should have SF or Smash spot because it’s the newer game?

          It makes no sense.

          • It does suck that BB gets the short end of the stick but I feel like KI should get some consideration seeing as its the first time its being showcased at EVO..that and the fact that it may just be the last time it gets put on the mainstage.

      • BulletToothTeddy

        I would put BB as an opening act in front of KI. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is putting Smash after KI.

        • TheBlackRabbit

          what but bb has more entries, an imho is more hype……D:

          • ReddChief78

            Exactly, why is KI & Smash finals on Sunday anyways instead of KoF & Injustice, well i guess the hype won’t start till way later.

          • Ben2Gen

            emmm…. maybe because KI and Smash have higher numbers than KoF and Injustice?

    • Jake Long

      Jyosua just tweeted that he’ll be streaming BB pools from 8am-2pm.

      • TheBlackRabbit


  • Alex

    So is the IGN stream just gonna be a restream of srkevo1?

  • BulletToothTeddy

    Screw work, I’ll be on Twitch in the office. Muhahahaha

  • Jason Slade

    I think it would make more sense to put all the Smash Melee pools on one stream.

  • Orimura Ichika

    where’s KOF XIII pools?

  • xe7en

    No blazblue pools?? C’mon…

  • Alfred Macaspac

    I think the biggest disappointment is the fact that KoF finals aren’t on Sunday. That was the most hype finals overall the past two years

    • Yeah disappointing but honestly it wasn’t going to be the same especially when both romance and the defending champ Reynald aren’t going to be there. One would have hoped KOFXIII would have had a grand goodbye giving its slim chances for next year. Still, I think it will be good none the less.

      • dopeedoo

        Tokido’s hunger is a story in itself, yielding another sunday morning finale spot free. He is wanting that crown, so the hype train is already there.

        Robbed :/

  • Guest

    Gee, guys, I sure can’t wait to watch those Ultra Marvel vs Capcom 3 Finals!

  • Quique

    lol… ultra marvel vs capcom 3 at the finals

  • technical_boom
  • BBCP finals saturday night wouldn’t be better than Sunday 8am finals?

    • Eric Nguyen

      Actually, given the numbers of entrants for BB and the absurd pot bonus, I’m kind of confused as to why BB got the 9 AM slot this year. I guess America wanted an American game (KI) to get a better time slot?

      • Mike Pureka

        Yeah, I don’t understand why KI has the more desirable finals slot. They couldn’t possibly have set the schedule before they had a general idea of signup numbers…

        • ReddChief78

          MS is paying some good money i guess and that’s the ONLY reason it’s getting the treatment it’s getting.

          • Ben2Gen

            The Cannons have said that the BB scheduling was for the Japanese audience. Also KI had the 5th highest entrants so it earned its spot for Sunday night. Quit your bitching.

      • Jake Long

        The Cannons were tweeting that it was for the Japanese audience. Swapping it with KI would mean a 3am start in Japan.

        • Eric Nguyen

          Now that’s a whole new level of meta that I didn’t even think of. Good to hear

        • ReoAyanami

          That’s cool. I can watch BB, go to sleep and wake up just in time for USF4.

  • technical_boom

    ultra marvel vs capcom 3


    wow, this schedule SUCKS. No BB or KOF pools? No excuse for that.

    • xe7en

      Heard they were offered by aksys to stream the pool, but the evo staff turned em’ down.

      • Eric Nguyen

        Holy shit, that would be terrible if that were true.

      • Jake Long

        Not sure that’s true. Jyosua tweeted out that he’ll be streaming BB pools.

        • xe7en

          ‘Turned down for the official EVO stream slot’. It’s going to be a sidestream, which is a relief.

    • Rageous
  • Kirbichu

    Why can’t they put the Marvel pools on CapcomFighters and have either KOF or Blazblue pools on Evo1?

    • bartonzok

      They would, IF Capcom still had the licence to Marvel 3. Since they lost legal rights, it doesn’t just mean that they can’t change the game or come up with DLCs or even sell it anymore; they can do NOTHING with the game for the benefit of financial gain. Putting Marvel 3 on their stream would signal Marvel as the reason for gaining potential subscribers or receiving any monetary gain from Twitch from streaming it. The same issue happened with Nintendo and the evo staff; Nintendo didn’t want them making money, which they do, for streaming games developed by them. Luckily they got over it and rectified that mistake. Why do you think they never made a Capcom Pro Tour for Umvc3 and removed it entirely from Capcom Cup?

      It’s a real shame…

  • Billy Belmont Valo

    we want the KOF and BB pools, wtf evo??? get your shiet together.

  • Dropson

    So for the EU people – does the ppv fee allow the viewer to watch all 3 streams + archives or does the capcom one still use their own seperate subscription so you’d be required to pay twice?

  • So everyone knows. Khaos Gaming will be handling streaming duties for SRKEVO2 with updates being posted on twitter @khaos_gaming

  • Suspinded

    Is it just me, or are the schedule timings for Sunday really tight compared to the usual? Everything seems to be starting about 2 hrs earlier than the usual.

    • Chances are, like all Capcom Fighters events, USF4 will be top 16

      • Gailim

        I hope they can stick the stream schedule. It can get pretty rough for us east coasters. I remember Evo 2012 finals day didn’t end until 3am for us.

        • AriesWarlock

          Agreed, us east coaster have it bad.

          • I said this myself until I got the “UK says hi response” It’s just one weekend out of the year.

          • ReoAyanami

            Us East Asians must have it really bad then.

      • Mel Bipson

        That would be amazing, top 8 just isn’t long enough for sunday, it’s always hype but with the added build up on sunday with top 16 being streamed would make it that much better.

      • Suspinded

        That would be a departure from the standard Evo Top 8 for Sunday. Top 16 would also be miserable for tripling the USF4 airtime on Sunday. No Bueno.

  • Jeff Andreade

    RIP in peace , srkevo3

  • Chaka_

    No Kof pools 🙁

  • I’m as curious to know as most are about why no BB and KOF pools. I know that Namco supported their game but so did BB and it has every right to get some time on the main stream.

    Granted, I can understand that bandwith is a pretty hard thing to share out at these events and you have to dedicate a certain amount to the main stream going on so it’s understandable why they would only allow a certain amount of streaming.

  • I don’t like the fact of KOF will ending on sunday but, why KOF XIII will not have their pools streamed with srkevo2?
    srkevo2 have free time on friday and saturday and fully free at sunday.
    I think KOF and BB can have both their pools and their finals streamed in srkevo2 at sunday.


    how can i watch mvc2 on stream

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Probably have to stream it yourself to get the hype started.

  • Jason

    Would have loved KI to go first and then BBCP since I got a graveyard shift until 10:00am. DAMMIT =(

  • gomas

    where the hell is KOF?

  • dopeedoo

    Am I the only one feeling that KoF finals not opening sunday is a mistake? I don’t care what game replaces it, no matter what it will not bring the same level of hype they need to open the finals day off.

    enjoy people sleeping until smashbros.

  • dopeedoo

    MAN, even ToL got a shit spot. Mid day saturday? ToL was AMAZING when it had that midnight post-pools saturday special. Now it is going to be half assed and semi rushed to keep the schedule going 🙁

  • Setsuna ♥

    I see a lot of people commenting on the lack of BBCP pools, it was recently revealed that @Jyosua will be streaming it

    • TheBlackRabbit


  • the7k

    KOF has been the hypest tournament for the past two years. Why is it getting shafted so hard now?

    • Ben2Gen

      I agree that KOF has had 2 amazing Evo showings… but unfortunately numbers for the game during the past year for weeklys and big events have always been low… so thats my guess why only top 8 will be shown.

      • the7k

        But that’s irrelevant. Sure, it seems dead in America, but that’s because KOF is soccer. The whole world loves it except America, who only gives a shit about it during the World Cup/EVO.

        • Ben2Gen

          You can’t be serious. .. are you really blaming the low entrant numbers and the lack of streams from ANY country all year round because of the World Cup?

          • the7k

            lol wat? English must not be your first language. It’s an analogy, not cause and effect.

  • Fabian222

    No KoF OR ToL on Sunday? What a JOKE! Views are going to be shit until Smash. KoF could have put asses in seats if it opened like it did last year.

    Whoever planned this weekend had no idea what the fuck they were doing when it comes to viewership hype. This schedule is all about appeasing sponsors and/or companies. Bah.

  • Thirties John

    So little KOF… though the real issue is, so few KOF players…

  • BlackMasamune

    So KOF had arguably the hypest Sunday Finals 2 years in a row, is getting no pools streamed and finishing on Saturday? Makes sense.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Would’ve liked a stream for the indie games/panels, I think EVO provided that 2-3 years ago. Won’t really be watching much of EVO this year outside of finals for each game

    and ToL.

    • Madcatz are streaming and there a lot of tba streams so you might just find what your looking for there.

    • kuroppi

      Tournament of Legends II qualifier pools will be streamed by Arkadeum on Friday starting at approximately 9:30AM then ToL II Top 32 finals starting at 4PM.

      X-Mania USA pools will also be streamed by Arkadeum on Saturday also starting at 9:30AM. Finals on Evo’s stream at 5PM.

      This is all assuming we can get a decent signal to stream. 🙂

  • hcvenceslau

    I was hoping for at least quarters and semis for kof….. =[

  • Narcowski

    So BBCP has the largest prize pool of any Evo event ever (2nd in BB is roughly the same winnings as 1st in Marvel…), and it’s at 9:00 AM? What?

    • ARMs7777

      Cannons response is that the time slot is for the japanese audience. 9 am would be 1 am japan time. BB is hella popular in japan so this makes sense. Due to the number of entrances BB would only be able to be put on the 9 am time slot or 11 am.

      • No_Limitz

        Yet there are no BB pools being streamed on any of the official channels despite having the fourth highest number of pre-registered entrants?

        • ARMs7777

          There is no official pools stream but we are getting a pools stream from jyosua’s channel. At least this way we get all 6 hours of stream time for pools.

  • Los Illuminados – Vote Trump!

    No KoF pools at all is bullshit.

  • Crash14

    can someone put the scheldue for europeans please? Also the side tournaments. Want to post it on an european website

  • FNC~

    KoF top 8 on Saturday? What in the fuck man.

    Absolutely disgusting to the highest level. Prior to this, I didn’t hate KI and actually watched the grand finals or something sometimes, this has made me resent the fuck out of it. It just doesn’t hold up to KoF and doesn’t deserve the spot; I don’t care what anybody thinks.

    • Ben2Gen

      i think its ridicules to resent a game for having a spot over KOF because you think “it just doesn’t hold up”. the game has had low entries the whole year since last Evo. Even WNF/TRB (which was the hot spot stream for KOF) don’t stream the game any more because no one shows up for it.

      “I don’t care what anybody thinks”… now thats just childish.

  • Ramile

    I don’t understand the blatant disregard for the KoF community. I realize the participation numbers aren’t that high, but it is one of the most entertaining events at EVO, if not the most, and the amazing KoF finals of 2012 was what got me into FGC in the first place.

    Not only did your staff remove it from the Sunday finals, but your staff decided its pools aren’t even worth showing despite having some of the world’s best players participating in it for the first time at EVO. I feel like this is EVO telling the KoF community that it is not welcomed there.

  • L. Watson

    BlazBlue ad 30k to their pot… and no pool play coverage. Thanks Obama


    damn… KOF gets no Sunday finals love….

    • Go2hell66

      yea wtf kof finals is always hype as hell

  • Go2hell66

    where’s kof what is this bs

  • Dark_Rider

    We get Tekken Tag Tournament and Injustice over DOA5U and Skullgirls?? wtf!! laaaameeee!!! i’ll watch Killer Instinct, BBCP and UMVC3, the only worth watching

  • DiscoCokkroach

    I don’t even play KoFXIII, but for the past two years I’ve watched the finals on Sunday and it was ridiculously hype. Why no Sunday Finals love for KoF? 🙁

  • Jacob

    There’s a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee going on this year. Since there will be announcement and awards before and after that game’s finals, I wonder if there will be Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Super Smash Bros. for Wii U announcements.

  • Jacob

    I hope some celebrities have registered for the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. After all, Taylor Hicks (American Idol winner of season 5) participated last year.