International Presence at Evo 2014 Surpasses 800 Competitors, 46 Countries Represented

By on July 1, 2014 at 12:04 pm


While the complete registration numbers for Evolution 2014 are already common knowledge, organizer Tom Cannon recently provided a look at the diversity of the competitors who will be taking part.

According to Cannon, 836 players from outside the United States will be testing their skills at the largest fighting game tournament in the world, hailing from 46 different countries. Canada will see the most representation outside the host country, followed by Japan and Mexico.

“Evo’s primary mission is to provide a common meeting ground for fighters all over the world to come together not just to compete, but to make new friends and share a common love for these great games,” Cannon said in an official statement. “So we’re incredibly happy and humbled that Evo’s international presence continues to grow year after year. The overwhelming majority of attendees fly out to Evo on their own dime, which is a testament to the power and passion of fighting game fans worldwide.”

A full breakdown of the top ten countries at this year’s Evo can be found below.

  • Canada – 331
  • Japan – 127
  • Mexico – 114
  • Australia – 28
  • United Kingdom – 27
  • France – 23
  • Brazil – 21
  • Chile – 19
  • Germany – 15
  • Colombia – 13

Evo 2014 is scheduled for July 11-13 at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Check out the event’s official website for more information.

  • FrenchPingu

    Alioune plz.

  • José Pablo Alvarado Siles

    For the record there are 2 Costa Rica players attending this EVO

    • Matthew Schneider

      I visited there once, and it’s a beautiful country. Also hung out with some guys at a comic book store and played magic.

    • Jeptha Hines

      It says 46 countries.

  • 127 From Japan????? Goddammit, EVO Japan is here.

    Also, 21 from Brazil? I want to see the who are those players!!!

    • Hardc0re

      I’m brazillian (went to EVO the last couple years but I’m not going this year) and I’m as amused as you!

      • BlueLink

        My friends, the brazillian FGC has more dedicated and passionate people than we know, mostly because they play games that never gets an exposure here.

        • Hardc0re

          Yes, but if they are going to EVO, they are going to play games that GETS exposure here right?

          • BlueLink

            You know that this is not true and that I went to EVO in 2012 to play SCV lol

      • I went on 2011 and since then the numbers are only growing. I’m pleased 🙂

  • BlackMasamune

    Can you guys do a highlight of notable players for each game?

  • Vai BRAZIL

  • Titus Ares

    IGN just posted that they’ll be streaming the event this year.

    Please say there will still be a twitch stream =(

    • Jake Long

      According to ChrisCeg, It SOUNDS like IGN will host a restream, similar to what NicoNicoDouga did last year.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    Chilean KoF players are just too good

  • Ervine

    Other countries I saw not being recognized, Ireland, Sweden, Dominican Republic, also saw one player from Guam :O
    My first EVO

    Gonna be hype as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • Dom Bonato

    Man, I love being Canadian.

  • Justin Mangrum

    I going Just as a spectator for the first time and I live here. Should be fun