SPIRITZERO CUP: Ultra Street Fighter IV Challengers of KOREA Results

By on June 22, 2014 at 6:15 am


While other tournaments going on all around the world, the folks over at Spiritzero just went live with their very own event. Spiritzero Cup is currently being hosted at IST Zone in Seoul, South Korea to commemorate the launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Tons of heavy-hitters are in attendance to try their hands at the new game, including Infiltration, Laugh, BIGDANMUL, and hydeBUFFY, among others. The full player list has been included below, and an online bracket is being provided through Challonge.

Player List

If you’re interested in catching up on some great Korean fighting game community action, be sure to tune in live below or over on Twitch if you prefer to chat.

Watch live video from team_spiritzero on www.twitch.tv




Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. INFILTRATION (Akuma, Chun-Li, Rolento)
2. POONGKO (Seth, Cammy, Yun)
3. Prettyminky (C.Viper)
4. LAUGH (Evil Ryu)
5. hydeBUFFY (Adon)
5. Dbkoopa (Yun)
7. Maestro Sora (Juri)
7. Snyang (Rolento)

9. Aggressor Zero (Yun)
9. ink7 (T.Hawk)
9. lim83man (Sagat)
9. rinbo7 (Guile)
13. Fender (Ken)
13. Dunbine (Sakura, Evil Ryu)
13. Kage (C.Viper)
13. FS AIKU (Poison)

Match Log

Source: Team Spiritzero, bracket info via Infiltration