Arc System Works and Aksys Games Providing a Combined $30,000 to BlazBlue: Chronophantasma’s Prize Pool at Evo 2014

By on June 20, 2014 at 2:01 pm


Today, Arc System Works and Aksys Games have announced the variety of ways in which they will support the event, including a massive bonus to BlazBlue: Chronophantasma’s pot, appearances by notable figures in the BlazBlue world, and opportunities to try out some of the company’s latest games.

First off, the money! Arc System Works is set to contribute $20,000 to the Chronophantasma prize pool, a figure boosted by another $5,000 courtesy of Aksys Games. Furthermore, the winner of the tournament will automatically qualify for ARC REVOLUTION CUP 2014 in August, with a fellow competitor of their choosing and an extra $5,000 from Aksys in tow. ARC REVOLUTION CUP regularly features some of the best Japanese competition in ArcSys’ various fighters, and this surprise qualifier will go a long way in adding an extra global flair to the proceedings.

Furthermore, the two companies will be hosting a joint booth at the event, where BlazBlue series producer Toshimichi Mori and voice actress Kana Ueda are scheduled to be on hand to talk to fans and provide autographs. Attendees will also be able to get their hands on playable demos of Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, BlazBlue Battle Cards, and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, so be sure to stop by and try them out for yourself.

Do your best to be in Las Vegas the weekend of July 11 to experience it all first-hand!

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  • t0fu

    welp, thats enough ultra for me, time to get back to BB

  • Mental

    Christ, that’s a lot of cash on the line.

  • BlazBlue is love, BlazBlue is life x20

  • PointCtrPoint

    Great news. I’d terrible but BB but support it, hope they do this for the new GG =]

  • grezex29

    Well, holy fuuuuuck. This is totally not clearly going to lead to more Japanese players coming out and just curbstomping North America. Not at all…

    But seriously, this is awesome.

    • Pedro

      Aren’t there good US players? Wonder if BK, LK and others will be able to take it. USA vs Japan grand finals would be hype.

      • grezex29

        Yeah, there’s a bunch of notable US players like LK, BananaKen, BrkrDave, Lich, and Spark coming to mind. Of course, there’s more I’m missing besides just like Zong-One, DS, and kinda Nano, but yeah, it’s not like the US is free.

      • Eileithyia

        Only LordKnight and BananaKen can beat the top Japanese players. But the top Japanese players may not come, maybe just the higher to mid tier player come, so there is a chance. Time for me to go back BB, forget about ultra.

        • peter her

          yeah sure lets ride the koko moe train for bananapeels.

        • Chris |Eshi| Manning

          You’re wrong on both points.

          1) The US also has Lich, Spark, Huey253 who all also win majors. Jiyuna lives in Japan but he’s from the US and has a gross Koko. P4U top 8 was full of US players at last Evo even though everyone expected the JP players to destroy us. We won’t go down easily!

          2) We’ve already confirmed that a lot of top JP players are coming, though. Dora (best Bang), Dogura (best Azrael), Yoshiki (best Nu-13) are among them, can’t remember the others.

          • Eileithyia

            Dogura is not top jp player lol. He even got bodied in Local tournament, not even top 8. Most top jp players will not come, maybe couple of them will come. Top players compare to tokido, Daigo, Sako in SF4, just higher tier players are like Wao, Dogura, Acqua, ect. Or those jp player who will go to CEO.

            Only have two very top JP P4U players went to evo(not all of them) and few other just mid-high tier player. One of them lost to BananaKen and One of them won evo, then beat BananaKen in first 10 MM.

            I still don’t know what’s a US major, everything is major. Everybody can win.

          • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

            Dogura is as top as you can get, everyone sometimes loses. He got 3rd place at ArcRevo 2013 and now Azrael is even stronger.

          • kbf

            does this guy believe mixup night is some podunk local, because that’d be hilarious

            oh, i forgot: n-otoko is also coming to evo. in GG his venom is the thing of legend, and in the last few years he’s become an incredible, dominantly top rachel player. he usually partners with dogura for events.

          • Chris |Eshi| Manning

            I sincerely hope you’re a troll, and not so utterly clueless that you think Dogura isn’t the best Azrael on the planet.

          • xe7en

            “Dogura not even in top 8…” Iol had a good laugh. Better go check the rankings if you think he’s not a top jp player.

  • reewind

    I bet Justin and his friends are kicking themselves right now for not jumping on that ANIME.

    • Assuming they will be all over it now. Players like Justin, Tokido, Chris G. The guys who can adapt quickly to new games.
      Good marketing move from Arc and Aksys.

    • ReddChief78

      For just ONE good BB payout i doubt it and that’s nothing compared to Justin’s achievements which he would of never achieved if he went the anime route so yea i doubt it.

  • Mista X

    Well now, THAT is some support.

  • Just don’t give it a 8 a.m. finals

  • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

    Dat anime money
    And Kana Ueda, holy shit, I want her to insult me with Rachel’s voice


      Then we can have her bully us in mahjong as Saki.

      • HellMuT

        Bully probably isn’t the correct word. Maybe more like massacre.

  • Takane Shijou

    Well then, that’s a lot of love thrown in.

  • commanderpepper

    Yo Anime! I’m glad this is happening, BlazBlue is a good game.

  • Canceris

    Aww, why no Under Night playable demo?
    I know there’s no localization plans, but might as well test the interest of people.

    • ReddChief78

      Last year they say they wanted to bring it to EVO i wonder what’s up with that, it would be a perfect place to gather some interest for the game. But it’s coming to consoles so most likely will be localized.

  • Mike Pureka

    Wow crazy. This will make my 0-2 loss even sadder. 😉

  • SohoX

    Shit just got real.

    I love Blazblue so I hope this makes for one hype BB tourney. Can’t wait to see the international players (hopefully) flock to this.

  • BlackMasamune

    Man, companies really supporting their games at EVO. I’m looking at you SNK.

  • TiredOcean

    Winner qualifies for Arc Revolution Cup?
    Holy shit this is like the Tougeki qualifiers

  • I watched a lot of Blazblue CP matches at UFGTX (I even helped run an early pool) and from what I saw, tiers really don’t matter. Grand Finals came down to Kokonoe vs. Platinum, and the Platinum player won over the supposedly OP Kokonoe. I don’t think that this game gets enough love. Kudos to ASW and Axsys for supporting their games.

  • Andrew Mann

    WHaaaat? That’s an insane prize pool!

  • Brad Chanley

    I don’t think this will attract new players or make people jump shit from their current preferred fighter. What could work is if


    • zeracoa

      yea steam sales and only the first blazblue on it 🙁
      Such a waste. I think sf4 is doing so well on pc, it makes no sence.
      But the prize pool is great 🙂

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

      Nah, only plebs plays on PC.

    • ReddChief78

      Sense when did updating or releasing a fighter on PC do anything lol, another game for you to pirate or make mods or something, yea that always help all 10 people are just hype waiting for this.

  • heatEXTEND


  • ZenTzen

    Amazing stuff here, hope it really helps to grow the community

  • peter her

    WHy are all these fighting game devs just trying to one up themselves. Also good luck getting any other people into moe girl fighter 55 (underaged).

  • Arjay

    Is this the biggest pot ever added by a company at Evo, or any other tournament?

    • Unemployment Master

      Valve is adding 10 million US dollars to it’s DotA2 tournament.

      • Narcowski

        Valve only paid $1.6 million of that, the rest is crowdfunded.

  • FinchoMatic

    That’s awesome for this game. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Playingfair

    They totally shouldn’t have done anything else with that 30k like maybe actually releasing bbcp on 360 or hey maybe actually working towards a pc release.

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

      Why would they do that though? 360 is dead for anime games and only plebs plays on PC.

    • ZenTzen

      how about getting a ps3 if you really want to play the game instead of this butthurt passive agressive comments

      • Brad Chanley

        They really should have tried to port the game to more platforms. A 30k pot isn’t going to encourage players already going to EVO and not into BB to waste money to buy the game (or even another console) to practice the game for 3 weeks. Especially true if they don’t like BB to begin with. This is also not going to help bring the existing fanbase who can’t afford to buy plane tickets and can’t find players in their area to carpool with or share a hotel room to come out.

        The $30k is more of a thank you to the existing tournament fanbase who stuck with the game all of these years and that’s fine. If you think the average fighting game player or top Capcom player is going to see this and jump ship, you are crazy. This guarantees anyone besides Japanese and a few top NA BB players $0 and the headache of an outdated platform with (maybe) laggy stages. Meanwhile if a newer BBCP was xbox or steam sales I believe plenty of people would have picked up a dirt cheap version of the game on impulse alone. While it doesn’t promise that a flood of new players will come in, it does give the off chance that a few new BBCP fans (which is a pretty big jump from CT and even CSE) will find a game they may have never had the chance to try.

        Everyone who isn’t already into BBCP or ArcSys is going to stick to Capcom since Pro Tour is consistently giving away prize money.

        • Narcowski

          The game files are too large to fit on an HD-DVD, meaning no Xbox 360 release is possible, nor would one be without re-rendering all of the sprites in noticeably lower quality.

          • Brad Chanley

            I highly doubt CP exceeds 15 GBs and most of the data is uncompressed images and videos

          • Narcowski

            Game files seem to be about 22 GB according to the disk image I made for archival purposes.