Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Phase-4, Ver.1.07 Patch Now Available on PlayStation Network in North America

By on June 17, 2014 at 2:42 pm

The PlayStation 3 version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has undergone yet another update as of this morning, with a variety of new changes now in effect thanks to the ver.1.07 patch. Much like previous updates, ver.1.07 brings with it a few bug fixes and characters changes that should alter the game’s overall balance.

In addition to the patch, Ultimate’s latest fighter Phase-4 is now available for purchase. This Kasumi clone features some of the same moves as the original, but also features a bit of added flair to spice things up.

The latest patch should be applied the next time you boot up your game, after which you can purchase Phase-4 through the PlayStation Network for $5.99. Please be aware that this only pertains to North American at this point in time; a global Xbox Live release is planned for tomorrow, and the European PlayStation Network is scheduled to catch up on June 25.

Two new videos showing off what Phase-4 is capable of as well as the full rundown of changes made in ver.1.07 can be found below.

Ver.1.07 Changes

Source: Team NINJA via Free Step Dodge

  • New outfits incoming I see?

    Was NEVER a Kasumi player but I’ll give her a try

  • Mozqeetou

    Oh this “new” character, well…. I’m still a fan TN do a better job next time. Anyone can make mistakes.

    • pachincko

      This one is newer than Decapre, any problem now?

      • Gojira Twit

        Yeah, it’s only the fourth time in the DoA series that a Kasumi model has been passed off as a new character. I mean chill out people, it’s not like it was… the fifth, or something.

        • pachincko

          Count on Juni and Juli, it’s just a piece of cake.

          On the other hands, we still got 2 Kasumi in 1 game at the time.(152 is totally a different chara with different chara voice actress.)

          • Gojira Twit

            …are you seriously upvoting your own posts? lol

      • Mozqeetou

        Why do people insist in using Decapre (a character form a different game and company) to defend TN mediocrity with Phase4? They are both clones it really doesn’t matter who’s newer.

        • pachincko

          It’s a principle or a rule right now in these fighting games, isn’t it?

          When someone just meaned to say no to Virtua Fighter characters, Phase-4 was a good instead choice, wasn’t it?

          • Mozqeetou

            Look you have 2 options keep defending P4 using other franchises or paying the money she costs and use the dam character.

            If you are so convince that she is so new why are you trolling to look for some kind of approval? It seems like the only persons whom you are trying to convince of her “originality” it’s yourself. Wanna know why that’s true cause you are the only one who is pathetic enough to like your own comments.

          • pachincko

            Because it’s quite easy to find another prove for it among these simple-evolutive fighting games.

            If you think Phase-4 just cannot worth that money, then leave it and find some other characters and games.

            Will that be so hard to do so?

  • ivanchu77


    Yeah , fuck it, getting tired of having DLC for everything -_-

  • Trygon

    And now to wait for Nyotengu.

    • TheFrikking

      Until September I guess? Tree months between arcade and console release.

  • TK421

    I was hoping to see a better character than another ninja girl. Such a tired theme. Just one ounce of actual imagination could’ve developed something else than that overused crap. They should’ve just pulled another character from Virtua Fighter like Vanessa or Aoi. Waste of money and time. Total rip off.

    • TheFrikking

      You`re right, but I doubt we ever see another VF character in DOA5U, mostly because they have to pay Sega for it. But hope I´m wrong about it…

  • Bushin_Cat

    I’m at work reading this, so can anyone confirm if the P4 DLC comes with extra costumes, or is there a seperate bundle?

    • Mozqeetou

      Phase 4 is $5.99, Debut Costumes $7.99 or $1.99 each, Phase 4 pack $12.99, OverAll costumes $14.99 or $1.99, and Yaiba costumes is $1.99 each

      She does come with some costumes just with the $5.99 the $7.99 adds More additional costumes.

      • Bushin_Cat

        Thanks so much; I really do want to believe at least TN and TK got the ‘freemium’ model right.

  • TheFrikking

    Looks like she is a hard-to-use character… well, here in the old continent we have to wait until the 25 to download her…
    I like her BGM, so dramatic.

  • Beb0p

    Meh, I like the DOA series but DOA5 play system is pretty crap compared to DOA4.

    • pachincko

      DOA5 is much closer to competitive fighting games than DOA4 like DOTA2 to LOL.

      People who like full of luxuries and R-P-S system always said that DOA5 is nothing good but earning their money.

  • Chris Ashford

    Needs more Virtua Fighter characters.

  • BlueLink

    They added VF characters, people complained, they wanted new fresh characters. They added Marie Rose, people complained, even though it’s a new character. They added instead a clone of an old character, and now people want VF characters again? what the hell is wrong with you all?

  • JJ Reibel

    I am looking at the PSN store right now. Phase-4 is nowhere to be seen…