Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Phase-4, Ver.1.07 Patch Now Available on PlayStation Network in North America

By on June 17, 2014 at 2:42 pm

The PlayStation 3 version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has undergone yet another update as of this morning, with a variety of new changes now in effect thanks to the ver.1.07 patch. Much like previous updates, ver.1.07 brings with it a few bug fixes and characters changes that should alter the game’s overall balance.

In addition to the patch, Ultimate’s latest fighter Phase-4 is now available for purchase. This Kasumi clone features some of the same moves as the original, but also features a bit of added flair to spice things up.

The latest patch should be applied the next time you boot up your game, after which you can purchase Phase-4 through the PlayStation Network for $5.99. Please be aware that this only pertains to North American at this point in time; a global Xbox Live release is planned for tomorrow, and the European PlayStation Network is scheduled to catch up on June 25.

Two new videos showing off what Phase-4 is capable of as well as the full rundown of changes made in ver.1.07 can be found below.

Ver.1.07 Changes

Source: Team NINJA via Free Step Dodge