Ultra Street Fighter IV Community Roundup Day 12 – Both Decapre Ultras in One Combo, Graphical Errors, and More

By on June 14, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Before you head out tonight to play some Ultra Street Fighter IV casual matches, check out this selection of videos that we’ve collected over the course of the day for your viewing pleasure. We’ve got an assortment of Rolento combos, a demonstration of Balrog’s incredible stun output, and a couple of fun videos to round things out.

Let’s get things started with a collection of simple Rolento combos. In this selection, PhoenixKevin shows us plenty of important links to know with Rolento, as well as a few methods to hit confirm his Super and his Ultra. These combos ask very little when it comes to execution and are perfect to pick up and take online!

Next up, we’ve got another compilation of practical combo options for Rolento. JettInThirdPerson makes use of all the tools at the mercenary’s disposal in this demonstration. There are combos with Stinger, combos with Red Focus and combos that start off of a wall dive cross up. If you’re looking to add some Rolento tech to your tool belt, this is a great place to look.

In this short demonstration, Sebastian Rikk shows that Balrog is now capable of stunning most of the cast through the use of Red Focus in conjunction with a simple reset. On top of dealing an insane amount of stun, this setup dishes out enough damage to kill Akuma from full health.

In another video from Sebastian Rikk, he demonstrates an awkward spacing with C. Viper’s Ultra 1 that he stumbled across in training. If positioned perfectly (perhaps imperfectly?), the Ultra will cause a great deal of the game’s particle effects to disappear from the screen. At least we know what’s going on behind that cloud of smoke, now!

Yesterday, we saw a video from Desk that showed how the Ultra Combo Double mechanic can be used under specific circumstances to cram two Ultras into a single combo. OlafRedland found a way to do the same kind of combo with Decapre when she’s fighting Oni. She takes a lot of damage doing it, but the damage that she dishes out is worth the trade!

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Sources: PhoenixKevin, JettInThirdPersonSebastian Rikk, OlafRedland