[UPDATE] Yoshinori Ono Says Capcom Has No Plans to Use Pay Model in Street Fighter V

By on June 11, 2014 at 2:18 pm
What would Ryu do? Practice harder, that's what.


UPDATE (2:42 PM PDT) – Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono recently jumped on Twitter to say that the information in Sponichi Annex’s report is inaccurate and that they have no plans to incorporate a pay model in Street Fighter V.

After the success of the Street Fighter IV series, a new entry in the long-running franchise was an inevitability. According to Sponichi Annex, Capcom does indeed have plans for a Street Fighter V, and in a recent interview company president Haruhiro Tsujimoto offered an idea of what direction they would like to take the next title.

Speaking to Kyodo News at E3 2014, Tsujimoto mentioned that, despite the Street Fighter series’ success, they are looking into ways to decrease situations in which inexperienced players are immediately beaten by those who may have spent more time with the game.

One solution the team is working on is allowing players to spectate matches between high-level competitors in order to learn more advanced strategies and how to appropriately utilize a character’s moveset. Tsujimoto also said that they are considering a pay model to lessen the skill gap.

The president is interested in developing Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A full translation of Sonichi Annex’s story can be found below, so check it out.

Direct Translation

Editor’s note: While this story has been reported on by many organizations, the translations used in this article wholly reflect the work of Shoryuken staff in an effort to give you the most accurate information we can.

As these statements come from a top executive not directly tied to game development and work on Street Fighter V is probably in the earliest of stages, it would be wise to take them as mere possibilities and not absolute fact.

Source: Sponichi Annex via EventHubs, NeoGAF, Destructoid

  • yongho choi

    “The president is interested in developing Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.”

    Why not on Xbone or PC?

    • SavingPrincess

      I would imagine they’re looking at Japanese install base…

    • GenoBaby

      i think it was an error. Probably did mean Xbone instead of 360

      • FcknDrrn

        it says xbox one

        • GenoBaby

          I think when yongho first posted the article said 360 and then they later updated it. That’s what I was referring too

  • Novril

    “Capcom is considering introducing a pay model for new players to help offset their lack of skill and give them an advantage.”

    Let the shitstorm begin in 3..2..1..

    • Razzorn

      Apparently Capcom learned nothing after that shit ruined SFxT.

    • Rey Watts

      pay models aren’t going to help newbies do anything. people at the top of the boards will have skill AND money. it does nothing for competitive interests, but it does plenty for capcom’s pockets. oh well. the end of an era

      • Steikachay

        What’s a pay model? I don’t understand.

        • TiredOcean

          He probably meant a pay to win model, i.e. where you use real money to gain an in-game advantage.

    • Nybb

      I was really hoping this was just Gaf idiots making shit up but it doesn’t look like it any more. I used to be able to defend Capcom by saying “Sure, they seem intent on ravaging every successful IP they’ve got, but at least they’re still pleasing their Street Fighter fans.”

      Well, no more. It seems they really are hell-bent on destroying everything they can lay their hands on. RIP

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Lol, this is why knee-jerk rants should have waiting periods like guns do.

    • Article updated above:

      UPDATE (2:42 PM PDT) – Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono recently jumped on Twitter, saying that the information in Sponichi Annex’s report is inaccurate and that they have no plans to incorporate a pay model in Street Fighter V.

  • Albirieo

    Develop t he PC the same time as the consoles. That will increase accessibility.

  • goatchumby

    Please…no gems.

    • Trevor Clarke

      X-Factor Gems pls Kappa

  • Takane Shijou

    Sad we’ll never see Karin again.

    • Jay Gist

      There ya go!

  • Cat Astrophy

    Have a rating system for lobby hosts. Promote awareness of lobbies good players are hosting to train lowbies.

  • Kanye West

    So basically a P2W system? No thank you!!

  • Jerrod Branson

    This immediately puts the image in my head of Combofiend turning his character intro/change videos into infomercials. Rose will get an actual Shamwow, T. Hawk will get a gun, and Dee Jay will get a reliable reversal.

    • Xavier Wilson

      This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in the comment section of an SRK article. Period.

  • Kaihedgie

    Y’know guys, you could just tell Capcom to drop the idea rather than do nothing and whine that it’s going to happen

    • Jerrod Branson

      They’re probably already aware of what the people who play professionally and whatnot will think of it. If not, they will be soon, one way or another. They just might not care, since the ‘casual’ audience will still buy it regardless, and the game will sell fine either way.

      Tournaments will have set guidelines as usual for that stuff. Online just may be screwed depending on how strong the pay stuff is, and if there’s no seperate mode for players who use them.

      • Kaihedgie

        And these thoughts never cross anyone’s minds?

        Right, kneejerks, I almost forgot

  • Ian Kirk

    No p2w… Pls

  • Bryan

    >Pay model
    >Reduce skill gap
    Is this a fucking joke SRK?

  • Thomas Manson

    What Street Fighter V needs::

    1) rollback netcode
    2) a way to punish autopilot and flowchart tactics
    3) no comeback mechanic

    What Street Fighter V doesn’t need:

    1) a pay to win model
    2) an “easy mode” designed to obviate the need for skill
    3) FADC or other Roman Cancel-type system

    BONUS: NO COMBO BREAKER/BURST MECHANIC (just in case you’re getting any ideas, Capcom)

    • ouenwoof

      Comeback mechanics are a good thing though, they’re part of why SF4 (and UMvC3 for a while) is as popular as it is competitively. They open up more avenues for big plays which are really exciting to watch.

      Having no comeback mechanic is what Skullgirls did, and while it was pretty fun, it made every competitive match incredibly dull and predictable. There’s a reason the competitive scene for that game is pretty much DOA.

      • Thomas Manson

        Maybe so. But they don’t serve the purpose of lessening the skill gap. It’s the skilled players who find the best ways to abuse them, anyway.

        That’s why they’re skilled.

        Also, don’t talk shit about Skullgirls. They’ll come after you.

        • Razzorn

          But, it does lessen the skill gap in a way. Sure, it doesn’t teach new players the best ways to play, but random wakeup ultra does work more often than it should. Wins keep casuals playing, to where they might want to expand their game. Getting your teeth kicked in over and over does not.

          • TiredOcean

            Random wakeup ultras to keep casuals playing? Not bad.
            But wakeup ultras are also effective in competitive play (not as much, but they’re still there). Along with being used in combos, it’s a mechanic that allows the losing player to gain an advantage, which is just wrong.

      • TiredOcean

        “Comeback mechanics are a good thing though”
        “They open up more avenues for big plays which are really exciting to watch”
        “Having no comeback mechanic is what Skullgirls did… it made every competitive match incredibly dull and predictable.”

    • JELIFISH19

      Punishing autopilot and flowchart tactics is a simple matter of punishing them.Comeback mechanics are completely natural. It’s called meter.

      • Thomas Manson

        Not online it ain’t, but rollback netcode would take care of most of that.

        I would love to see Street Fighter go meterless, like the pre-ST days. I know it won’t happen, but I would be totally down.

        • JasinWalraven

          I dont know about your part of the country, but roll back netcode isn’t that great around here

    • Gabriel González

      I can agree on no comeback mechanics like X factor, but burst/breaker are not an issue if they are implemented well, for example, if a burst cost you 2/3 of your super meter like in MK/Injustice it would be a a valid option with a high cost rather than a free of jail card.

      I really like how the meter works on MK9, you have to commit to your decision and manage your meter accordingly.

      • Gonbebe

        I haven’t played MK much, but if you know they are going to use a breaker, is there anything you can do about it? Like in GG you can bait the burst and punish with the right read.

    • Kanye West

      Couldn’t agree more with the no come back mechanic.

  • Guest

    Games “Journalism” strikes again

  • They have to stop worrying about making everything “accessible” to new comers. If you want things to be more accessible, then you work on something that can benefit a new comer like a skill level system that can monitor your performance and level you up based upon that.

    They use that monitoring system to create some sort of training room that will strengthen the players ability and have them work on areas that need improving. You have combofiend there he can most definitely tell you what’s needed to create a better understanding for the player.

    What if shooting games had a pay for skill that gave you an insta-kill bullet…shit storm of course. Even if someone does pay for it they have fun for a while and be bored with it because they’ll never understand what really makes the game challenging and fun. This isn’t rocket science.

    • DoctorButler

      Those types of games do have that, as well-as level-grinding in lieu of skill.

      Casuals lap it up, and ask for seconds.

  • Yan Zhao

    Pay2Win model, cause SFxT totally didnt bomb partially due to it or anything.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Actually, SFxT didn’t really bomb…it didn’t sell as well as it could have, but it didn’t bomb. It’s actually still selling.

      But, I don’t expect anyone to actually, you know, look at sales data or fact check. I mean, look at the reaction to this SF5 news story.

      • Yan Zhao

        It bombed within the community and no one plays it nor support it. Guess I have to spell out everything for you.

        Final Fantasy 13 sold well too. What’s your point?

        • Emezie Okorafor

          Actually, it was getting play at a number of the recent tournaments, such as SCR, Final Round, and UFGT. Heck, I played against Justin Wong and Ryan Hart in SFxT at UFGT (I won, thanks for asking).

          Also, there will be a big side tourney at EVO.

          But, like I said, I don’t expect people to actually fact check on the internet, or anything.

  • Jonathan Tse

    spectating matches through the game? great..

    if Capcom (or any other FG dev) can put in in-game training practice modes like “do X combo Y number of times in a row” and “block CPU mixup Y number of times in a row” with the Y being variable so people can train as much as they want without having another person there to manually do it, and making the mid/higher Y values have points or whatever value for players upon completion, the lower level players have more incentive to try since it’s in-game. accessibility can help so much. Skullgirls kinda did this but in a very small way.

    having downloadable combo sets for Trials/Challenges would also be great, so combo makers can give to the people and the people can have easy notation and practice just from the game. someone fucking step up to the plate already and do this. online training mode is a step, but we need more.

    • Jub

      Why are you not working for capcom? The Downloadable combo idea sounds great IMO

  • Jerrod Branson

    UPDATE! Sweet, no pay model. Awesome way to kick off an official announcement for SF5, Capcom.

  • Mark Lapasa

    I actually wouldn’t mind if they didn’t release a v5.0. It would allow for other fighting games to shine and would give Capcom the opportunity to capitalize on what didn’t work. For example after v3.x, fighting games went all out 3D but when Capcom rolled out 2.5D, it stood out from the pack.

    I think the difference between v4 and v5 would be pretty much the same difference between ps3 and ps4. A difference that is significant but not enough to abandon the older platform.

    Just to hammer the point further, just remember the difference between v3 and v4. Instead of leaping mountains, it was leaping to another planet.

  • evilsmilelol

    Street Fighter V, 2016, Super Street Fighter V 2018, Super Street Fighter V Arcade Edition 2021, Ultra Street Fighter V 2024

    • Thomas Manson

      Ultra Street Fighter V Second Impact: Demolition Hyper Edition

    • DoctorButler

      Hilarious. I’ve never heard that joke before.

    • Bushin_Cat

      Naw,man… This is Street Fighter FIVE!!! We’ll get : SF5, SF5 Champion Edition, and finally: Street Fighter 5 GrandMaster Challenge Dash!!

      …almost forgot: with guest characters from Rival School!!

  • allytronic

    I just hope they don’t try to replicate shitty mechanics from the past like custom combos, parries or x-factor. Create something NEW.

    And get the fucking rid of one-frame links while you’re at it.

    • jlb85

      If they, or fighting game makers in general, want to attract more newcomers they need to make execution in general much easier. Don’t make a move that only .5% of the population can consistently execute essential for playing at a high level. And keep in mind that people are now playing on tvs with varying degrees of lag as well as lag through the internet. Make it about mind games, not spending hours in practice mode to get down one combo.

      • allytronic

        Arc System Works can’t hear you, sorry.

      • taitaisanchez

        The problem with SF4 is that the execution barrier now keeps out low to midlevel players like myself from growing to high level players. 1f links and FADC keeps the combo system basically out of reach for a lot of people. More aggressive damage scaling seems like a better way to keep the combo system balanced. It works great in Guilty Gear.

  • Felipe Pereira

    The first real thing we hear about SF5 and it’s a pay to win system. Seriously capcom? are you for real? Do you even read stuff? Have you ever heard of someone that likes that system? Not even noobs like that. Give us a god damn balanced match making system that put inexperienced players agains unexperienced players until they learn how to play the fucking game.

    EVO 2017: LipePereira defeats Daigo on the SFV grand finals after paying 2000 Dollars for in-game advantages! That sounds as stupid as the system you’re proposing.

  • NicolaAcoust

    Just develop a mind-controlled system and voilá!

  • Steven

    Good Idea. Not every fighting game has to use a free to play strategy. Games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are iconic parts of video game history.

  • Steven

    They may want to add an in depth tutorial mode to help newer players. Maybe add new bonus stages that teach you about the game’s mechanics. For example, a game where you have to avoid objects being thrown at you randomly from different areas on the screen. This way players may learn what their options are during fights and how to recognize patterns.

    • abcdefgqwerty

      Yes they need more single player modes, trials, and things to help players. Maybe some handicap mode where lower skilled players get some life bonus or damage bonus to help them.

  • Paul S

    Ono: “Give us some credit! We’ve done some dumb things before, but we’re not *that* stupid!”

  • Anonymous000

    – no comeback mechanics
    – no combobreakers
    – GGPO like netcode with rollbacks. Or why the hell not, let’s have multiple netcodes available to choose from.
    – no unblockables
    – no proximity blocking
    – no DLC characters
    – no 1-frame links

    • “let’s have multiple netcodes available to choose from.”

      Yea, let’s fragment the userbase over something 90% of them don’t understand …

      • Anonymous000

        People will complain about each of them, so I thought…

      • taitaisanchez

        Having multiple sets of net code protocols isn’t a *bad* thing. Having the player select net code would be disastrous though.

        If the game could figure out based on the network conditions what’s going to be the best gaming experience and pick a protocol, I don’t see a problem with that.

        I’d also love local LAN multiplayer similar to SF4 Arcade.

    • Razzorn

      While I can agree to a point, having no comeback mechanics, or ways to break combos, will basically make casuals not even try. This is probably the last thing Capcom wants to have happen. You’ll definitely see one or the other in some form.

    • MrJechgo

      “No comeback mecanics”, yeah, let’s make the matches even MORE boring than they can become. People need to learn how to AVOID them and how to use their own.

      “No combo breaker”… oh so THAT’s why games like Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and even Tatsunoko vs Capcom are even more entertaining to watch than SSFIV, UMvC3, TTT2 and Skullgirls, because you can break the monotony of the gameplay.

      Yeah… no… comeback mecanics are here to stay, unless you want a borefest like SFxT. I don’t recall seeing breakers in SF games… and I don’t think it needs one to begin with…

    • SavingPrincess

      This would make the game WORSE for new players… you realize that right?

  • Justin Archer

    If you want to help noobs put them in a their own bracket until they reach a certain skill level to be able to play against more experienced players.

    • $31297641

      championship mode..

    • Eric Nguyen

      EVERY fighting game needs some kind of skill-level-based matchmaking for online play.

      • SavingPrincess

        Every fighting game’s skill based matchmaking for online play, will be instantly exploited by pro-trolls who feel better for mopping up noobs when they’re bored on a Thursday night.

  • ivanchu77

    A great help for newcomers would be a better pairing system online, i´m sick that every time i try a new character online i only find guys with B+ or A rank, let noobs met other noobs instead of feeding them to the pros all the time

  • Bushin_Cat

    All I want foR SFV… is Alpha-version Bison, with his Psycho-powered muscles and his Cape!!

  • El Rodrigo

    Incredible. They’ve barely given USF4 time to simmer and they’re already talking SF5.

    In the meanwhile, Mega Man continues to roll in his grave

  • Guest

    BULLSHIT! i think its safe to say that capcom is running out of ideas. They have two gaming titles left and they are done for good…CVS3 and ultimate street fighter…that should be the real name instead of sfv…put all the characters from sf,improve the netcode and thats fucking it…also get rid of that dumb ass edition select!!

  • j95lee

    In games like UMvC3, the problem isn’t comeback mechanics (xfactor) per se, but how it provides instant game breaking advantage to certain characters.

    What can a level 3 X factored Captain America do against the top tier? Not much. But Vergil is self explanatory.

    They need to do away with easy to execute gimmicks. I don’t want to eat dozens of well timed dive kicks and cross ups every match.

  • pootnannies

    the price we pay now that fighting games are mainstream again. so long SF5.

  • Oni Ishida

    Sounds good. My only issue, is that it’ll be on PS4/Xbox One.
    Which isn’t really an issue, but I think Street Fighter should be on every platform readily available.

    PC, Wii U, PS3, 360, arcades.
    All of those should get it too.

    • taitaisanchez

      SF5 wouldn’t be out for another 2 or 3 years. By that time, yes, everyone will have a PS4/XB1.

      • Oni Ishida

        I have the feeling that the PS3 and 360 will be around for quite some time.

        • taitaisanchez

          It’s also a question if Sony or Microsoft will certify xbox 360 or playstation 3 games too.

  • Micah Joseph Clark

    Gems confirmed for SFV

  • Nemanja Djukic

    I doubt Capcom is gonna ignore the most successful PC fighting game and not make a PC version,.

  • David Curry

    ultras were supposed to help level the playing field between the skilled and beginners. i remember ono saying he wanted sfiv to be more accessible than past sf games. regardless of your feelings about sfiv, does anyone believe a newcomer stands a chance against veteran player? i’m just saying that they’ve talked about this before, and it didn’t pan out.

  • David Curry

    and where can i crowd fund to get kinu nishimura to do the character designs for sfv? no more ikeno caveman artwork

    • TiredOcean

      Although I do prefer Kinu Nishimura’s art to Daigo Ikeno’s, Ikeno’s art isn’t always bad. His official character portraits for 3S are some of my favourite pieces of FG art.

      • David Curry

        i agree that his 3s work is great, but when you look at his work on other games like sfex, i can see how sfiv ended up looking the way it did. also remember that ikeno’s 3s art was based on kinu’s designs

  • luggage lad

    Ono can try to take it back but I heard what I heard…

  • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

    If Capcom wanted to make a game easier for new players they wouldn’t make the simple action of preforming moves so damn hard, for new players.

    • SavingPrincess

      At what point do you stop making it easy though? That’s like saying “If basketball wanted to be easier, they wouldn’t make the hoop so damned small!”

  • $3582264

    2D hand drawn graphics please and while you are at it GET YOSHIKI OKAMOTO as producer BACK since his games were VASTLY superior.
    *Points to SFII worldwide sales*.

  • dart nugent

    have fun ruining the rest of your franchises crapcom