Wednesday Night Fights, Next Level Battle Circuit, and Super Smash Sundays Receiving $1000 from Twitch for Pot Bonuses

By on June 4, 2014 at 2:00 pm


In addition to flying out various Japanese players to compete in American tournaments, the folks over at Twitch are set to continue their outreach to the fighting game community by providing some nice chunks of cash to a trio of weekly events.

Wednesday Night Fights and Next Level Battle Circuit will each receive $1000 to distribute as Ultra Street Fighter IV pot bonuses as they see fit, with a similar amount heading to Super Smash Sundays for Super Smash Bros. Melee.

These prize pool boosters are scheduled to be included in payouts for the former events tonight; $500 will be up for grabs at Super Arcade and $250 will be in the mix for Next Level. Wednesday Night Fight’s bonuses will continue on for the next two weeks ($250 each), while the Next Level Battle Circuit organizers have decided to maintain the same payout over the next month.

It is still unclear at the moment how Super Smash Sundays will award their $1000.

While both of tonight’s events are sure to be exciting due to the debut of Ultra Street Fighter IV, these extra cash incentives will definitely add another layer of intensity to the competition, so be sure to attend or catch the action through their live broadcasts on the Shoryuken front page.