See How Decapre and Her Fellow Newcomers Fit Into Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Story With These Prologue and Ending Videos

By on June 3, 2014 at 7:12 pm

In the world of fighting games, story is generally seen as an added bonus to the competitive crowd, something to take a peek at after a long day of training. As such, plot lines in these games tend to be a little underdeveloped, which sometimes leads to characters receiving very little official history or background.

With the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, M. Bison’s Russian doll Decapre has once again entered public consciousness, prompting a whole new generation of players to wonder just who the hell she is. As with all of the characters in the game’s roster, Decapre has been granted both a prologue and an ending that serve to answer just that.

Fortunately, RajmanGaming has once again hooked us up with some great high-definition footage of these cutscenes, allowing players to focus on learning the game after the update instead of slogging through arcade mode.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Decapre’s story in our comments.

This very helpful channel has uploaded the endings for Elena, Hugo, Poison, and Rolento as well, so check those out below if you’ve yet to finish up their chapters. We were previously provided a look at these thanks to off-screen arcade footage, but now we have the chance to watch them in their full glory.

Source: RajmanGaming via Reddit

  • LightSpdAeon

    lol, not much of a story for decapre. It told me what i knew already.

  • Richard N

    Is it just me or is Bison a very lame villian? Though Seth is even lamer.

    Sodom having his own Yakitori restaurant sounds great though.

    • Anjon

      I’m totally in favor of Capcom retiring Bison and just using his style with a different character in the future. The guy went from being a moderately durable dictator to just being a dick. He doesn’t even have plans anymore. Juri kills Seth in the storyline, and Cammy’s immune to his Psycho Power’s influence due to some Rose magic or something, so he doesn’t have options for that whole “body snatcher” scheme anymore. What is he even doing nowadays besides being a jerk for no reason and getting murdered by small Korean girls?

      • PJ
      • Justin Archer

        Yeah I was thinking that they should change up ryu and ken’s fighting styles and give them apprentices who fight how they do to progress the characters and show true development, instead of giving them flashier hadokens and shoryukens. People probably wouldn’t like that but it could be cool.

        • Anjon

          Well, they kind of already did it with Third Strike Ryu and Ken. They play way differently than any other iteration of them. Ken has Sean as an apprentice and Ryu has Sakura (though she doesn’t appear in the game). I also think those are probably the best versions of Ryu and Ken in the entire franchise… But I also think everything in 3S is the best everything of the entire franchise, so maybe it’s just me.

          I just hope Street Fighter V continues where Third Strike left off instead of remaking SFII again.

    • ouroborus

      sf5 iron chef edition featuring:

      sodom – yakitori
      gen – chinese (genhatten)
      el fuerte – fusion
      yun – assistant
      yang – assistant
      dan – instant noodles

      • Steel Baller

        Don’t forget Honda and Hakan.

    • AriesWarlock

      You are about to find him even lamer: if you read last year’s comic Super Street Fighter New Generation v1, you’ll see Bison is a willing servant for Urien.

  • defghui

    poison: the only interesting storyline in the game

  • PuertoRicanStyL

    I thought Decapre’s was the best. Those feels in the ending.

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    all of these are just…watever

  • ouroborus

    does bison have cammy in his posession again? looks like she sacrificed herself for decapre. that means juni is the only doll thats free. juli is in comatose and the rest were destroyed by juri. i wonder how this would lead onto sf5.

    • d3v

      It looks like Bison simply took Decapre back. The scene in the end could be either a flashback, or another clone being made.

      • ouroborus

        but bison also mentioned something about bargain can be made. it looks like cammy submitted herself to save decapre. the two test tubes at the end didn’t look like a flashback or sound like a flashback. we probably won’t know until sf5. but makotos 3s ending makes perfect sense now.

        • d3v

          But didn’t Rose do something so that Cammy can’t be controlled by Bison anymore?

  • Hotaka Saika

    For the glory of potatoes!

  • wtf happened to rival opening dialog? They just stopped at Super.

  • Vesperion

    Still listening to that poison ending

  • d3v

    So basically Poison went and formed the Holograms. How truly outrageous indeed.

    • CptPokerface

      I always thought Poison looked like a thugged-out Jem.

      • PJ

        Seems to fit though. Final Fight came out while Jem was pretty popular on TV. Sucks I had to suffer through the last 5-10 minutes of that damn show while waiting for Thundercats…

        • d3v

          Missing the whole SFxT and “Gem” joke.

      • Paul S

        You mean Jiz? NSFW:

  • Felipe Pereira

    i’m sad the others still have the same endings and intros

  • Quan Chi

    No rival scenes for any of the new characters. Not even from the previous version. Recycled dialogue taken from gameplay in the endings. And dumbazz endings. Lazy as &*^%. I’m not even hyped to play this one. I’ll probably pick it up 5 years later when it’s 2 dollars on steam….

    • Really though, why worry about single player? You’ll see the opening/ending stuff probably once (good on them for actually putting some effort into it), but the update is for people who are going to be playing against other people. It’s a new rebalance of a competitive fighting game. It’s like bitching about how chess doesn’t have good dialogue.

      • Quan Chi

        I get and play every game for the story. There is really nothing groundbreakingly new here so I can care less about playing the same game online. I stopped playing online because it was boring. Sad that I like to play the CVS series, SF3, and Alpha3 more than the newest SF…
        If your argument to have any validity to it at all, not a piece of single player element should even exist then.

  • Martin Christopher Tan

    What the hell is wrong with Elena’s accent? It sounds so weird and broken.

  • Divine Methidz

    At least the game is good 😛

  • andreskizzo .

    I dont mind Decapre like most people, but I’m here for Poison.

  • evilsmilelol

    This Update feels broken.

  • j95lee

    Rolento’s ending borrows music from Friday the 13th?

  • void

    lol so poison went from stripper to music artist