Get Up Close and Personal With Mortal Kombat X’s Scorpion Cover

By on June 2, 2014 at 2:07 pm

So, it’s official: Mortal Kombat X is a thing. But, as most newly-announced things are known for, there isn’t much to see besides a pretty trailer.

Well, a pretty trailer and some artwork. Amazon’s previous listings for the upcoming game were recently updated with each platform’s cover, all of which incorporate the key art included in the press release. It’s also entirely possible that these are just quick mockups made for the announcement.

If you’re interested in how Mortal Kombat X may look adorning your shelves next year, jump to the gallery below.

If you’d like to see Scorpion’s spiffy new look without all the distractions, however, we’ve also dug up some nice high-resolution images of the series’ resident ninja for you to check out.

While Amazon’s June 30 release date is pretty much guaranteed to be a placeholder, we do know that Mortal Kombat X will be available sometime next year. Pre-orders are currently open through various North American retailers.

Sources: Amazon, Dualshockers

  • Andrew Mann

    Coming soon… next year.

  • Ace


  • Steven Hunt

    I’d say this is likely a placeholder cover.

  • drfurry2134

    really hope that it being on last gen platforms doesn’t affect its perfomance and graphics. that said, also really hope they come out with a pc version, even if the online is dead on it just like their other games.

  • Felipe Pereira

    i would like to see the xbox cover being scorpion and the playstation covers having sub zero, just for the rivalries

    • Pooh Hardy

      no thanks. after seeing subzero get his ass handed yet again iin the trailer
      i don’t want the loser on the PS4 cover

      • Felipe Pereira

        exactly. I would even release trailers where sub wins, and keep alternating between them. just for the trolling.

        • Oni Ishida

          They could still do that, I mean, there’s still E3. But then, you’d assume they’d be showing off the actual game at E3, which I’m hoping I’m right. Kinda tired of this pre-rendered stuff.

      • BulletToothTeddy

        But you are in fact the loser for buying PS4. Too easy.

        • Pooh Hardy

          you bought an xbone, didn’t you?

  • Pregnant Woman

    I hope Wiz Khalifa is a playable character.

    • Johnny Rage

      Where does this come from?

      • Ninjagoon

        Wiz did the song for the trailer.

  • Guest

    Kinda bummed about a lack of a Wii U version (seriously, the Wii U version of Injustice kicked ass, more people really should have bought it), but oh well.
    Can’t wait to see how they continue the story.

    • ReddChief78

      You expect a next gen fighter to be released on the Wii U, you must be trolling and Injustice was on PS3 & 360 so buying it on the Wii U is just retarded.

      • Kaihedgie

        The next-gen versions have all the DLC already unlocked, so no

        • Oni Ishida

          The DLC being unlocked was definitely a plus.

      • RunningWild1984

        But all the “next gen” games look no different than PS3 and Xbox360 games. Hell 90% of all the “next gen” games are just ports from PS3 and Xbox360.

      • samael789

        Bro do you even vidya game?

      • Oni Ishida

        Except it’s not a next gen fighter. It’s a current gen fighter that is also on platforms that are WEAKER than the Wii U.
        I didn’t want to get Injustice on the PS3, so Wii U was my other option.
        If the PC version was available at the time, I would have nabbed that instead (why play on PSN when I can play on Steam… where people aren’t dbags 24/7).

        It was a great version of the game, and the superior Nintendo Dpad made it so I didn’t have to use a fight stick (not that I would have minded).

    • BulletToothTeddy

      LOL. Serious LOL. WiiU….lol…

      • Oni Ishida

        Is there a problem?
        Sorry I’m not participating in some shallow console war, where everyone is at each other’s throats over what hunk of plastic their dry humping.

        But it’s not TOO much to ask for a fighting game to be released on it. It uses similar architecture as the 360. If it’s one that, porting shouldn’t be an issue.

        It would probably be relatively cheap, too. So they wouldn’t need to worry about losing money on it, and they could just do it to appeal to more people (scary thought, I know).

        • BulletToothTeddy

          What wold you play on? A Wii-mote? That giant, awkward controller? Or purchase the copy/paste XBOX style controller? You can’t use a fight stick unless you purchase one for another console and buy the CronusMax. All just silly ideas.
          Also, *they’re dry humping

          • Oni Ishida

            The Wii U has fight sticks.
            You could use the Hori stick made for TvC, the one Madcatz released for TTT2. In theory you could use a classic controller, which has an awesome dpad. Hell, the Wii U has quite a few different fight sticks available for it, and you can even use the gamecube pad now (not that you’d want to, but the option is there).

            The gamepad is awkward? Ah, got it, you’ve never held one before. It’s understandable. It looks quite awkward. It’s surprisingly comfy in the hands, and light, too.

            By that copy/paste Xbox controller, you do mean the copy/paste DreamSNESbox controller, right? Microsoft didn’t invent that layout, just modified it slightly, and then Nintendo modified it a bit further.

            Look, bro, it’s cool if you hate a good system, it’s fine. Not everyone can have good tastes, clearly.

          • Tonton Ramos

            If Vita version is confirmed then there will be a WiiU version. MK9 and Injustice had Vita version so I don’t see why not…

        • Felipe Pereira

          dude, don’t bother with trolls. they are bron to hate, abd because of that they will never let themselves be happy and will try dragging others to their level. have fun with your wii u, and yeah, it’s kinda sad we won’t get MK on it. good think is that we are not like console wars kids, if we don’t get stuff in one system, we jut turn the other on and start playing. no hate, just fun 🙂

          • Oni Ishida

            Pretty much. Kinda makes me wish Nintendo would give some incentive to third parties. Maybe reduce the price of dev kits, or send folks over to teach them how to code for them properly.

            It’s unfortunate, as this would technically be the second main series MK to skip a Nintendo platform (mind you, MK9 was understandable. The Wii wouldn’t be able to handle it. But in this case, PS3 and 360 are getting it, and the 360 and U are pretty much identical in terms of architecture).

            I’ll still get it, but it’s not a day one purchase (might change when some gameplay is shown).

    • Tonton Ramos

      There will be a WiiU version if there will be a Vita version. MK9 and Injustice had Vita versions…

  • Oni Ishida

    Kinda bummed that there won’t be a Wii U version (seriously WB/NRS, Injustice kicked ass on the Wii U. You guys are some of the few devs/publishers that put WELL MADE games on the damn thing other than Nintendo), but it’s not that much of an issue (I’ll just wait for the inevitable PC release).

    Can’t wait to see how it plays, and how it could possibly continue the story from the last game.

  • Kaihedgie

    That’s an awful lot of belts

    • Oni Ishida

      Yeah, is this Mortal Kombat; or Final Fantasy?
      Actually… I kinda want a 2D FF fighter now.

      Square, dammit… work with NRS.

      • Kaihedgie

        Dissidia will do

        • Oni Ishida

          Dissidia felt like a DBZ game without Super Saiyans, though.
          I mean like, a REAL FF fighting game. With mixups, and strategies, and actual technical depth.

          It has some depth, but not the kind of depth that’s only allowed by a decent fighting engine.

  • Vocaloid 00

    I dont know why people have so much criticism and sarcasm towards mortal kombat x. Im actually very fucking hype for this 😀

  • Desmond Hoh

    i just feels so complicated whether to buy it on day one or not, or just wait for “komplete” edition

  • Ernesto Del Villar

    Need brutalitys and animalitys on this…

  • RunningWild1984

    LOOK at all those belts and buckles on Scorpion.

    Testuya Nomura has cursed us all, he even influences Western designers.

    Mortal Kombat should just go straight on anime.

    • Oni Ishida

      I would LOVE an MK anime done by someone like Madhouse.
      They would probably do the series justice (as long as it’s not WRITTEN by anyone at Madhouse. Not sure if the Marvel anime were the fruit of derpy Madhouse writers, or derpy Marvel writers).

      Maybe like a 12 episode long OVA. Try to appeal to the Japanese market more.
      Who knows, maybe it could blow up in Japan, and become really popular like Street Fighter is.

      They just have to mask that it’s an American made series.

  • Derrick Snaku

    Lame!Im buying MK not a game called Scorpion.The main menu better not be Scorpion too :/

    • Kaihedgie

      Can you just imagine Scorpion yelling every single prompt at you?

  • Rodan Hibiki

    Way too much Scorpion favoritism. He’s even on their damn company logo, and he isn’t even the main character. It’s ridiculous.

  • samirerre

    scorpions looks is interesting much better then the injustice/mk9 crap