Evo 2014 to Feature Inaugural Art Show

By on May 29, 2014 at 3:14 pm


While the Evolution Championship Series regularly boasts some of the stiffest competition around, the organizers are looking to expand the events even further with a very special addition in 2014. This year’s Evo will feature its very first art show, highlighting a number of notable artists in order to celebrate yet another aspect of gaming culture.

Below, you’ll find a quick word from the show’s curator, Miguel Wilson of Multiverse Studio.

This year, the Evolution Championship Series is proud to present the Inaugural Evo Art Show! During the Evo tournament event, we will be showcasing our first ever live art gallery dedicated to the genre of fighting games! The live art exhibit will be featuring the works of some of the industry’s leading artists, such as Edwin Huang, Long Vo, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Tracy Tubera, Mark Hammermeister, Michael Pasquale, and many more!

There will be a chance for all tournament participants and fans to check out and purchase original artwork featured in the show. Fans will also have the chance to interact with some of their favorite artists as well! So, while you’re enjoying the action of the Evo tournament, stop by and explore this exciting exhibit as we honor the spirit and art of fighting games!

Evo 2014 is scheduled for July 11-13 at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Be sure to check out the event’s official website for more information.

  • This is pretty cool.

  • AnhVuDo

    This is awesome! As if I didn’t want to go bad enough already….

  • LockM

    Always thought art was a big part of fighting games. No person who doesn’t like seeing amazing art releated to something another enjoys playing. Great initiative!

  • VZA

    Any chance of getting Akiman there?

    • TiredOcean

      It’d be great if there was Nishimura Kinu there too.

  • technical_boom

    will this either be on stream or be recorded so those who arent able to attend can still see it?