Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Released, Entire Series Available Now

By on May 23, 2014 at 9:07 am

After a ton of promotional work that slowly built up hype for the project, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is now finally available online. This live-action series, developed by the creators of the short film Street Fighter: Legacy, follows Ryu and Ken as they learn the past of their master Gouken, his brother Akuma, and Goutetsu, the legendary martial artist who trained them both.

Unlike traditional programs, however, Machinima has decided to take the Netflix approach and release the entire series at once instead of piecemeal. The following playlist will suit all your marathoning needs, so jump in and feel free to provide your thoughts as you watch in our comments.

Source: Machinima via Street Fighter

  • Guest

    It’s pretty good

  • Bob101910

    Just finished episode 3. Liking it so far. There haven’t been many fight scenes yet, but they aren’t as cheesy as I thought they were going to be.

  • tomnook

    Not bad.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    dude this was sick…..MORE PLZ

  • Bob101910

    Now that I finished it, I want more. I would’ve paid to watch that. Edit it into one movie instead of smaller episodes sell it for $5. I hope they make more.

    • Don Barracuda

      DVD and Bluray will be out later this year

  • Anjon

    I have to say, this was waaaaaaaaay better than I thought it would be. Sure blows that last Mortal Kombat series out of the water…

    • Carlos Santiago

      Because Street Fighter has a better setup and story šŸ˜›

  • J.D SRK

    Did I just watch Ryu parry a ST RH by Ken?
    God Damn this shit is good!!

  • Michael Clarke

    Damnit this series is awesome. I can’t believe how true to the characters they were

  • Thomaz Barros

    Pretty good.
    I’m of the opinion that hadouken/shoryuken will never look good in live action, but the end result here is pretty decent.
    If i were to complain about something is that the ending felt a tad weak.

    • Bob101910

      They kept building up hype for a big match with somebody I won’t name for spoiler reasons. Then it never happens. That was super weak ending not to have that fight.

      • Death Metal

        I suppose that fight never happened in the cannon, so you’re not supposed to see it at this point. I thought it was going to happen too, but the whole series was so good that I didn’t feel it detracted any from the value. It was amazing to me, and I totally became a serious fan of Joey Ansah’s work here. This guy is good news.

      • Thomaz Barros

        Yeah that was exactly my point.
        There is no real “climax” here which makes you feel kinda hollow

  • pablofsi

    World’s greatest? no, Capcom.

  • Un panameƱo mas 2

    men this series is awful, the characters does not even look like the ones in the game…im not saying they should be 100% alike, but geez…ken with a long ridiculous wig, ryu a small skinny chinese with clean cloths just taken out from the laundry…come on..

    • Bob101910

      Ken gets a haircut

    • Kaihedgie

      I’m guessing you’re not familiar with the Alpha series: Ken always had long hair

      • Un panameƱo mas 2

        I only play Alpha… and his hair is not that long… and it does not look like a wig (although his SFIV hair does).

        • Don Barracuda

          huh not that long?

          The hair didn’t ruin the entire thing for you, that just sounds ridiculous. You are the only person that thinks they don’t look like the game characters. Also take note of Ken’s muscle mass in the illustrations. These characters are meant to be in their late teens, not fully developed body builders ready to compete at a Mr Universe competition.

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            Im clapping right know, you did your homework hair boy… they meant to be in their late teens, but that guy looks like he is in his forties, just look at his face.

          • Dobiqwolf

            you talked about the hair and you were proved wrong, just shut-up man.

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            Im not wrong, the hair looks like a wig, be honest…or maybe you like guys with yellow wigs, I dont know, Im just trying to be objective, not to hurt your sexual feelings…

          • Don Barracuda

            lol ok change the subject when you are proven wrong. So are you gonna find some teenage bodybuilders with adult frames that look like Ryu and Ken, and are martial arts, and actors??

            There’s no pleasing some folk no matter what.

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            I dont know, maybe it could be easier to find someone who can actually create and throw hadoukens… punk

          • Don Barracuda

            haha okay kiddo. This has been amusing. ciao

    • Death Metal

      All characters were incredibly true to the game; that isn’t even my opinion, it is a fact available for anyone to witness. You’re just full of shit for some reason.

      • Un panameƱo mas 2

        yeah, as full as your mother when she was carrying you inside her…

        • Death Metal

          Maybe try a better answer than that of a 4th grader?

        • Dobiqwolf

          can’t win an argument,bring the mother subject….wasteman!!!
          You are indeed full of shit.

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            I bring the subject that I want, nobody tells me that I am full of shit whenever Im writing my opinion, and in the case you do then be prepare to take a shitty answer…and as you immediately tag me as full of shit then I think that the one that is full of shit right now is you and deathly metal… discussing with people like you has no sense, because you are fans, and at the end whatever that reads Street Fighter you are just going to accept it and never going to be objective…pussies.

          • Death Metal

            It’s clear that you’re just creating an argument for the sake of being an ass. You don’t even have any point to prove. You say the series is awful (laughbly because of the hair, which you were even proven wrong!)? A very good piece of art crafted with work and sweat over the course of 5 years, by a true fan of the series? YOU have no sense at all.

            Since you still think you have all that entitlement to say whatever you want, let me ask you this: where’s your talent, boy? What have you done of good to leave your name for posterity?

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            I do not have to prove anything, and less to a faggot like you. And the fact that the series is sloppy can not be change even with a thousand of groupies like you backing it up, and if you want to shut your eyes and ears that is your business, but if you are really objective I invite you to take anyone who is not familiar with the characters and show it to them, and LISTEN objectively to what they say.

            My talent? you want me to send you my CV or something? my LinkedIn profile? gay…

          • Dobiqwolf

            Still full of shit…

          • Un panameƱo mas 2

            yeah, like your grandmother

    • JohnMc

      You do realize that Ken and Ryu are only about 150-160lbs right? They look like they should given their stats [even though they are drawn like they are about 250lbs]

    • CasualRemy

      Sounds like you had too many expectations. ..

      • Un panameƱo mas 2

        I didn have any expectations… but I wonder why for Ryu has always been so hard to cast an actor that really looks like him…

        • JohnMc

          Ryu does not wear his Gi 24/7. Plus he probably has a good Gi’s in hiss duffle bag. He’s not homeless and he’s not constantly travelling. Him washing and changing his Gis and other clothes is not outside the realms of possibility.

  • Death Metal

    Amazing series! This was seriously good and professional. Incomparably better than anything ever made based on a video game. I really, really would like to see more from these guys congratulations on a job super well done.

  • Ryan Peters

    I gotta admit, at 10:30 in Episode 10, that was a great little scene.

  • MrJechgo

    Amazing series, and I love the nods to the series ^_^

  • Steven

    Wow this is good story and character interaction

  • Quan Chi

    Overusage (and unecessary-ness) of fake looking fireball effects. Lord of the Rings music make fighting game shows boring to watch. Needs to have actual fight music.

    • Don Barracuda

      mute it, turn the subtitles on and play Guile’s theme in the background if that will make it better for you.

    • Death Metal

      “fake looking fireball effects”
      You mean like created in a computer, as opposed to real hadoukens coming out of their hands?

  • Loved It!

  • Jaldaboath I. Irghen

    This was just beautiful. Can-t wait for the BR and hopefully the next project.

  • vanylapep

    It became boring as it moved forwards.. the only good fight we saw it in the trailer.. good amateur work tho.

  • disqus_QhRQt4eaTM

    It was really well done series so far. Like how the gave a explanation on how their powers work and how it can used in multiple ways to compliment their Martial Art styles

  • b2j135

    tits…so amazing
    that Ono hilarity lol, dat MegaMan 2 cameo šŸ˜€

  • BlackMasamune

    Shoutouts to the Ono Stan Lee Cameo.

  • Doh Von G

    is there going to be season two def worth it

  • Korey Mueller

    Great series. Can’t wait for season two. You can tell a lot of love when into making this. The show is incredibly faithful to the series’ characters: in their personalities, in the way they look, and in the way they fight. Fans of the games should recognize a lot of their moves from the games, and they never feel that they’re being shoehorned into the series, nor are they distracting or obvious enough to be a burden on viewers who are less familiar with the games. The acting is surprisingly good, the material is taken seriously, the sets were fantastic, and the dialogue was well-written. The direction and editing were great as well – the show constantly keeps up that crisp, clean feeling of a good B movie.

    Small gripes would be that the hadokens do look a tad cheesy, and sometimes feel that they have no weight behind them. An overuse of slow motion in fights might also turn some viewers off, but it wasn’t too annoying to me. Overall I’d highly recommend anyone who’s a fan of the games and maybe anyone who enjoys martial arts movies with fantasy elements.