Ultra Street Fighter IV Digital Upgrade Heading to PlayStation 3 on June 3, Xbox 360 on June 4; Physical Release Scheduled for August 5

By on May 15, 2014 at 8:09 am

With Ultra Street Fighter IV already going strong in arcades, the next topic on the minds of fighting game fans (especially those outside of Japan) is when the game will reach PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Well, we now have an answer to that question.

Capcom announced this morning that the latest entry in their flagship fighting franchise will be made available through PlayStation Network on June 3, with an Xbox Live release coming the day after on June 4. The digital upgrade will cost $14.99.

This clears up the tentative release windows mentioned by the company in the past and gives competitors a concrete date to look forward to in their Evo 2014 preparation plans.

The full digital and physical console versions will follow on August 5 for $39.99. Both the upgrade and the stand-alone digital PC versions will arrive on August 8, the former matching the console price and the latter marked at $29.99. Digital upgrades and physical copies are expected to release in European on June 4 and August 8, respectively.

UPDATE – Producer Tomoaki Ayano has revealed that Ultra Street Fighter IV will land on home consoles in Japan on August 7.

If your excitement over a new version has caused you to forget all the goodness that will be packed inside, feel free to check out Capcom’s latest trailer below.

It’s already been speculated that the console port will include a variety of new balance adjustments, so stay tuned for more information regarding those differences in the near future.

Sources: Street Fighter, Capcom-Unity