Ultra Street Fighter IV Digital Upgrade Heading to PlayStation 3 on June 3, Xbox 360 on June 4; Physical Release Scheduled for August 5

By on May 15, 2014 at 8:09 am

With Ultra Street Fighter IV already going strong in arcades, the next topic on the minds of fighting game fans (especially those outside of Japan) is when the game will reach PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Well, we now have an answer to that question.

Capcom announced this morning that the latest entry in their flagship fighting franchise will be made available through PlayStation Network on June 3, with an Xbox Live release coming the day after on June 4. The digital upgrade will cost $14.99.

This clears up the tentative release windows mentioned by the company in the past and gives competitors a concrete date to look forward to in their Evo 2014 preparation plans.

The full digital and physical console versions will follow on August 5 for $39.99. Both the upgrade and the stand-alone digital PC versions will arrive on August 8, the former matching the console price and the latter marked at $29.99. Digital upgrades and physical copies are expected to release in European on June 4 and August 8, respectively.

UPDATE – Producer Tomoaki Ayano has revealed that Ultra Street Fighter IV will land on home consoles in Japan on August 7.

If your excitement over a new version has caused you to forget all the goodness that will be packed inside, feel free to check out Capcom’s latest trailer below.

It’s already been speculated that the console port will include a variety of new balance adjustments, so stay tuned for more information regarding those differences in the near future.

Sources: Street Fighter, Capcom-Unity

  • Little_Goten

    June? That’s a lot sooner than I suspected. o.o

    • Jeremy

      It’s before EVO though. that’s the key.

    • d3v

      They already said that it was coming out in June months ago (and majors past June will already be running it). Today we just learned the exact date.

  • Flutterderp

    Will people who got the game on Steam also have a digital upgrade option?

    I don’t actually expect anyone to know, but it’s been on my mind, and I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts.

  • Albirieo

    And.. PC upgrade when?

    • Presumably on the 5th of August, when the retail copies arrive.

    • Logan Via

      August 8th according to Combo’s last Blog post on Capcom-Unity.

  • Roland618

    SSFIV owners like me will be able to upgrade to USFIV 🙂

  • BlackMasamune

    When can we expect pricing info?

    • Jerrod Branson

      I’m pretty sure before they mentioned that it would be the same as SSF4 and Arcade edition. $15 for digital upgrade/add-on, and $40 for the disc. Don’t quote me on that though.

    • iantothemax

      Last Evo. http://shoryuken.com/2013/07/16/mad-catz-recordings-of-capcoms-panel-at-evo-2013/

      Digital: $14.99
      Retail: $39.99 ($29.99 for PC)

      • BlackMasamune

        Ahh, cool, thank ya.

        • iantothemax

          No problem! I should have been more clear on that info.

  • Dynami

    The article title specifies “digital upgrade”, but is it safe to assume that the full digital release of the game will also be available at the same time? That’s what the body of the article implies, but I’d like no room left for doubt.

    • iantothemax

      No, the full digital version will be available on August 5 with the full retail version. My apologies for the confusion, updating the article now.

      • Logan Via

        Is there any word if the update will be available for PC at the same time as XBL/PSN as well?

      • Dynami

        Alright, thanks for clearing that up! A friend of mine required clarification since he doesn’t have a Super disc atm. He’ll definitely be picking one up with that knowledge.

        • Rafael Weber

          So if you can buy the full version on Steam before Aug 5, you also get that costumes? People who do the digital upgrade can start playing it before on both consoles and Steam? When is the dead end to get the costumes? I don’t mind buying it on June 3 and waiting until August for the game. Thanks.

  • erikdigital

    My body is ready……to get bodied.

  • jaybonaut

    So wait a minute, when is the PC Upgrade version coming? It only lists the full versions, delayed a whopping 2 months.

  • BulletToothTeddy

    The alternate costumes just look so…dumb.

    • TiredOcean

      They’re horrifyingly overdesigned. When they were first revealed, I couldn’t really imagine how they would be implemented in-engine.
      I think the person from UDON who did the designs thought he was making something for a MOBA or some shit.

      • BulletToothTeddy

        That’s it – they look stupid to begin with, but seeing them in action is just awful.

      • MrAmbitious

        Look at the costumes in detail, Rolento’s is 5 or 6 of the already created UDON alts copy pasted and re-colored. The hood is Akuma’s, gauntlets are Guys, and so on. USF4 is going to SUCK PENIS! It’s 90% copy paste, there will be a billion glitches and crashes coming our way once all content is available.

        Look at SFxT, they tried to save money by recycling and recoloring SF4 animations and models, which ended in a game, technically system breaking Kunai toss.Be prepared for 6 months of an unplayable game, just like sfxt.

        • 七川 美華

          It seems like you’re saying this just so you can believe that it’s true. Try harder.

      • Nybb

        Overdesigned? Would you rather have more costumes like “Sagat, but with pants” “Sagat, but with a wig” “Seth, but with pants” “Zangief, but with pants”?

        • TiredOcean

          Are those designs a waste of money? Sure.
          Are those designs terrible? Not really. Sure, they don’t add much, and scream no effort, but at least they aren’t an eyesore (unlike these UDON costumes).

          If we’re going to argue about alternate costumes, I might add that there’s definite selection bias in your comment. Capcom’s previous alts showed that they could achieve a great effect without being too complex (Juri’s casual clothes and even Mecha Zangief are good examples).

          Sure, they’ve also made the mistake of overdesign in the past (Blanka’s carnival costume is hilariously loud) but since this UDON guy made 5 mistakes out of 5 I really think Capcom shouldn’t have let them touch the game.

  • DoctorButler

    As a collector, I’ll be picking up the physical release, with that sweet-ass box art.

    • Quan Chi

      no point in collecting the item if it’s not the complete item. that only worked with pre-dlc era games.

    • As a collector, ill be picking up the disc release (US, Japan, German version) and of course downloadin the dlc for Xbox360 and PS3…

  • ARGorilla

    So i bought my digital copy of ae from gamestop’s online store since it was on sale at the time and steam wasn’t. How does my copy work when they drop GFWL? will i be able to claim my purchase on steam and still get the upgrade price? i dont want to drop ~30 on this game for the third time

  • YuriGotBack

    did i read that correctly? PS3 and 360? LOL i know Capcom is not very smart when making business decisions but no mention of PS4 and X1 is baffling, half the user base of those systems have moved on, get with the times rather than re-release a 6 year old game for an 8 year old console, unacceptable.

    • Diamonds

      I think it’s been well-known it will only be out for 360/PS3/PC

    • Garrett Jones

      haha you should stick to eating glue

    • Nael

      Considering the primary audience for the upgrade will be competitive players, what point would there be to releasing on PS4/XB1? Players aren’t going to spend $200+ for new sticks and TOs aren’t going to play $400/system for new systems to use at tourneys.

      • YuriGotBack

        no one said they couldn’t release it for the shitty systems, but the omission of current gen consoles is retarded.

    • ReddChief78

      Moved on to what on the PS4 & Xbox One THERE’S NO FIGHTING GAMES ON THEM, it’s gonna be couple of years before everyone move on.

      • YuriGotBack

        exactly, there’s literally no fighting games on them other than injustice which is utter trash, the first legit fighting game to release will do massive numbers simply because there’s no competitive fighters out yet.

    • Redblaze27

      “half the user base of those systems have moved on”
      Are you saying of the hundreds on millions of game consoles sold, there were only like 10 million users??

  • Mark Lapasa

    Is there a difference between digital upgrade $15 and the full $40? I am of the demographic who plays SSIV:AE 2014 daily so I would want to play asap but I want the entire collection of costumes for cheap. But I don’t want to spend $15 + $40.

    • Guest

      Full release gives you all of the DLC costumes releases so far (minus the ones on this trailer, of course; unless you preorder.)

  • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

    Funny, though what I’m wondering is,

    Does the digital update come with:
    All attire unlocked
    5 pre-order attires

    Is SF4AE + update is worth under $40?


    Is the update only 5 new characters
    No pre-order and old attire dlc included


    From what I heard the new full physical copy comes with,
    All old attire unlocked
    Plus pre-order attires of course
    Besides the new characters

    All of this was failed to be mentioned, incompetent reporter.

    • Updates do not give Alts you need to buy them separate.
      The Disc comes with all Alts.
      The pre order alts are given to you from the store you buy the disc(had you pre ordered) from, usually on the receipt.

      • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

        Leave it to Capcom to try and screw people over and over again.

        Either get the update in about two weeks with only the new characters
        Game is about $20, update $15 = $35
        Wait two months to get the new characters, pre-order and all dlc, $40

        Capcom is probably thinking of having the digital out first for suckers to get it early than to get it again later on disk with all the content some time later.

        • Dynami

          It makes sense to add value to the full version – Otherwise it would be straight up cheaper in essentially every scenario for a new customer to buy an old super disc + the upgrade.

          In Capcom’s eyes, people who had a disc copy of Super before Ultra was announced -probably- have the costumes they want already, so they likely wanted to provide a bonus that provides immense value to new customers that doesn’t screw old customers out of something they didn’t previously have access to.

    • Mark Lapasa

      Combofiend: “That is correct. If you get either the physical copy or full digital version, you will get all the previously released costumes. If you get the $15 upgrade, you do not receive all the previously released costumes.”

  • LigerZeroFalcon

    What I still don’t know is if I were to pre-order the physical copy would I have to wait until
    August 8 to play Ultra or am I going to receive a code to download the
    upgrade on June 4 and play the upgrade until my physical copy arrives?

    • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

      That would be rich, yeah Capcom would never make that happen but if they allowed you to get the update for free for pre-ordering a physical copy, well that would be unCapcom like, surprising.

      • LigerZeroFalcon

        So if I pre-order I would have to wait until August to play?

        • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

          SF4AE + Update
          $35, June

          SF4U, full digital and physical
          $40, August, all dlc and pre order dlc

  • TheBlackRabbit


    • Nael

      You could try reading the article, it says right there when the PC version will come out.

      • TheBlackRabbit

        not soon enough….:L

  • pootnannies

    i’ve stopped caring so much. i will no longer be picking this up. maybe the PC version so i can mod the shit out of it.

  • Bobo

    Strange that there is no mention on the Japanese version of USF4 getting a June digital release on their webpage. Are they gonna have to wait til august, or buy the US version?

  • Felipe Pereira

    i’ll just upgrade my PC version at first, and when I’m with some extra money I’ll buy the standalone on the ps3

  • Matthew Barnes

    PC !? PC!? WHAT ABOUT PC!?

  • Darahas

    Remember people with Xbox Live Gold, that Super Street Fighter IV : Arcade Edition is going to be a bonus game for Games for Gold in June. If you don’t have Xbox Live Gold, just grab a trial of Xbox Live Gold through whatever means and download SSIV:AE. You can be picking up USFIV for $15 essentially.

    • Cloudfox

      THIS. Now I see why Microsoft added AE as a *third* free game next month, out of nowhere. Makes perfect business sense…

  • pablofsi

    Poison <3

  • Flutterderp

    You…should maybe be telling these things to a therapist, instead of the internet.

  • onReload

    troll or scarily dumb