Pop Culture Shock’s Ryu Statue Available for Pre-Order Next Monday

By on May 14, 2014 at 7:36 am

During April’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Pop Culture Shock displayed a never-before-seen Ryu statue. The exclusive figure is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2015, and pre-orders start on May 19 at 3 PM PDT, 6 PM EDT.

The world warrior stands 17.5 inches tall and comes in three editions: Ansatuken [sic], Tatakai Koka, and regular. The Ansatuken comes in Ryu’s signature outfit and stance, retails for $335, and is limited to 300 pieces. The Tatakai Koka features the protagonist in his battled damaged costume, runs for $350, and is limited to 200 pieces and cost $350. The toy company is still determining the number of pieces of the regular edition, but it’ll set you back $325. 

For more information on discounts and payment, visit Pop Culture Shock at the link below.

Source: Pop Culture Shock

  • Troy Dyall

    Whats the difference between the 1st and 3rd one???

    • Showster

      A Grimace.

    • Ominous

      Ansatuken Ryu is trained in the art of baring nipples.

    • Garrett Jones

      You didn’t have Highlights growing up? Go visit your local doctor and study up, man.

      • Troy Dyall


        • Bob101910

          Visit a doctor or dentist office and you’ll know what he’s talking about

          • Troy Dyall

            didn’t realise this was a cryptic word puzzle site

          • Garrett Jones

            It’s called a reference. Many jokes have them. Don’t worry, somebody got it if you didn’t.

  • Love the battle damaged one.

  • MrAmbitious

    My god and I thought the Mitsuru statue for $179.00 was kinda crazy. Luckily I have my light up shoryuken ryu from my SF 25th anniversary collection which will have to suffice, because I cannot allow myself to drop $350 on something I will never move or touch


    Nvm. if that 1:4 ratio is legit then this 2ft tall and probably 50 lb statue is absolutely worth $350

  • AnhVuDo

    I’m sorry, The inside of his ankle looks odd to me.

  • pootnannies

    his mouth looks funny in the first two. not as bad as a lot of these that i usually see.

  • ThePoopTickler

    And behold! The standard edition looks more like his SFIV model than both special editions.