Skullgirls Encore Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers in North America

By on May 13, 2014 at 8:35 pm


Have you been interested in trying out the console version of Skullgirls Encore but don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around? Well, you’re in luck, as it is currently available free of charge through PlayStation Network in North America if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Much like other Plus perks, this will grant you full access to the game as long as you maintain your membership.

Downloading Skullgirls Encore will also give you a chance to try out the two latest downloadable characters, Big Band and Fukua, with no purchase necessary. The latter just recently joined the game courtesy of a patch that was pushed out yesterday.

The first roster expansion, Squigly, has since moved out of her free phase and is available for $4.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog

  • TheBlackRabbit


    • ThePoopTickler

      GOOD MOVE!

    • Yogsagath

      You won’t regret it…wait what’s to lose?

      • TheBlackRabbit

        Well i mean…..shit i already own it on steam so y not both

  • Gene Q.

    Free is too much for this crappy game that was DOA!
    Good Luck finding a tournament or anybody online to play this mess!!
    Try again Mikey

    • Klimax

      who gives a shit im making MUSIC

    • Michael Zaimont

      Not coming to UFGT10:X, I assume.

      • Gene Q.

        thx 4 giving a CHARGE character a parry.
        u said that u thought health differences were a bad balance yet gave a character parry in a game like SG? No other character has parry, the game is too fast for it, etc. YOU PUT TOO MANY IDEAS INTO ONE GAME!!
        It’s like a college essay where the teacher wants you to focus on one topic but you chose 10 instead, just to be unique.

        • Michael Zaimont

          > thx 4 giving a CHARGE character a parry.

          Alex, Urien, Q, Remy, Oro…are you even _trying_ anymore? Or do you just type whatever comes into your head first.

          And you claim to know whether his parry works out well, without playing it or knowing anyone who plays it (since “nobody” plays it). Troll harder.
          It’s like a college essay where you went out and unsuccessfully tried to get laid instead of writing it.

          • Gene Q.

            urien, q, etc…Hey SMARTASS!
            The IDEA of making them Press Forward losing their charge is the issue…NOT THAT BB IS THE ONLY ONE… DUH!!
            Shotos make PERFECT use of pressing forward and down because they have special moves that work well off those directions.
            Answering with characters and missing the point entirely then making snide immature comments, shows you have no clue how to handle that mechanic or fighting games in general. But it’s not like I have to try anymore…ur game and efforts will go to waste. See you at EVO Mikey! Im sure you and your game will be in the back in a small corner, where you will be BEGGING for entries! LOOOL!
            Stay Clueless!

          • Michael Zaimont

            But parrying into charge moves works fine even in 3s and anyway Big Band has a DP that isn’t a charge motion so he can take advantage of a parry even without a charge JUST LIKE A SHOTO which I guess I just got lucky giving him since I’m a terrible game designer and…oh, nevermind. You don’t care about the game, you just want to be insulting, yeahyeah.

            I tell ya what – since you mentioned it, if you *actually* see me at Evo and introduce yourself, I’ll give you an SG download code and a handshake.

            If you don’t, you can continue to rage behind your CAPS and your anonymity and nobody will care because you’re just another troll. Ultimately, you know my name…but nobody here cares to know yours. G’day.

            Hey anyone who read this far – don’t forget SG is free on PS+!

          • chrobaciky

            Skull girls sucks!!!!…. now can I get a dl code as well??

          • Gene Q.

            Ill introduce myself, but it’ll be a fake full name like the one you use.

          • TiredOcean

            “fake full name like the one you use”
            This is hilarious

          • Michael Zaimont

            Then it’ll be a fake download code? I mean c’mon, you get what you give. :^P

          • Gene Q.

            sounds fair. lol

          • Gene Q.

            OK Mr. “Parrying for BB was brilliance” Show me a vid of a top Peacock (your favorite character obviously) player vs big band and show us all how easy it is to parry all the TRASH she throws on screen.
            When I say easy I mean several casuals getting around it…like Your Mail Order Bride!

          • Homunculus Mongoloid

            It hurts me inside that someone using a Gene avatar is such a raving dumbass.

          • Yogsagath

            When did he say that “Parrying for BB was brilliance”? Also when is it bad to try to let a sourpuss actually play your game? Cause obviously you haven’t played it cause all the shit you been saying.

          • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

            Watch me play.

          • Yogsagath

            You probably got more talent in your pinky than this guy from what he’s been claiming.

        • Yogsagath


          When is that a bad thing at least they are well implemented unlike one real mess of a game that is dieing to this day other than licensing issues.

          • Gene Q.

            ur right….how many casual players stay playing this?
            ur right….how many main events at majors has this been in?
            ur right…this game is soooo easy to get into with it’s button layouts and commands.

          • OrehRatiug

            Look you’re no good at the game, we get it.

          • Yogsagath

            And these are problems? or Did Skullgirls touch you in a bad place? Cause you know I’m here to listen, I’m here for you.

          • Gene Q.
          • Yogsagath

            So making a game that people like is something that you hate? First your saying that no one likes the game and now your saying it pleases everyone. Your going no where sir. So where did the game touch you again cause I see no reason you should hate this game.

          • Gene Q.

            MIKE is trying to please everyone with all of these systems. Vs, parry, snapping, custom assists, etc.
            Stop reading what you want!

          • Yogsagath

            I’m reading everything by the way and all I see is a guy who is too salty to actually accept a game for what it is, that or a bad I mean BAD troll that makes contradictions that would make Phoenix Wright face palm if he was a real person. Also are all these things that Mike is doing really hurting the game? BTW this is the 2nd time I said this and you never answered? Did you notice how many people agree with you? Look at the likes man.

          • JELIFISH19

            Who is he trying to please? It has the exact same mechanics as MvC2 and MvC3. The parry isn’t a mechanic, it’s a move that a single character has. Custom assists just makes it so no character has a bad assist and that you can make any team work which has always been a problem in MvC2 and MvC3. And it’s not like the characters don’t have non-custom assists. So if custom assists are too confusing for you, then don’t use them.

          • Garrett Jones

            Careful, man. The levels of cognitive dissonance can only get so high before your mind snaps and you end up on CNN with helicopters circling the school.

    • Mike Jones

      Are you talking about your life or about the game?
      If it’s the latter i will gladly disagree with you.

      • Yogsagath


    • $18114340

      “Upcoming Events” and there are tournaments every week.

      try again doofus

      • Justin Richardson

        This dude, like a couple of other raving lunatics on this site assume that if it isn’t streamed on Wednesday Night Fights or Team Spooky regularly, then the game is dead. Close-minded dudes like that don’t realize that there are other streamers and tournaments that support the scene. Heck, Smash Bros. did fine without the FGC at large shunning them for years and their community is stronger than ours, from an innovation and supporting the scene standpoint in many cases.

  • Felipe Pereira

    woot woot

  • Jason Slade

    I feel like everybody who wanted the game already has it but hey, hopefully some more people will give it a try.

    • Yogsagath

      Well considering that the Devs don’t make a dime for sales I consider this a win win anyways.

      • Jason Slade

        Happens a lot with small developers.

        The publisher puts their money on the line to make the game so they take the risks if the game flops and they reap the profits if the game does well. It sucks but the Suits who have the money to fund expensive projects make the rules.

  • Gene Q.

    BTW I love using Big Band but he loses easily and expectedly to Peacock.
    I think a lye flat move like blanka in sf4 would have been a better move than parry because it keeps the instant overheads to a minimum and makes projectiles less effective esp if he could move a little like Chris Redfield in UMVC3.
    BTW that command for a powerup. NO!! I hate moves that suck for Pad users (y hate dont play Juri in SF4). Down Down Mediums (Hold Mediums for 2 seconds until he flashes with notes) would be better.
    More of his attacks need armor if he’s going to be a threat. The high low game of some of the characters is a lil too much. I tried pushing Ms. Fortune/Peacock off but the push back was so slight. Parrying should have been changed to “That Healin’ Feelin'” (small health boost)

    • Yogsagath

      Really I thought Peacock was a good match up for BB. Just learn to cancel Train (Charge punch then any kick) to try to make certain situation safe. As for his taunt your going to have to get used to it when I use it I just mash the shit out of the command and it seems to work fine. Also I think I saw something on the Skullheart talking more in depth about the match up if you can’t find it you could start a trend in Skullheart. Trust me these guys know what they are talking about and they will be glad to help you.

    • Jason Slade

      I play Squigly/Cerebella/Big Band and of the three of them, Big Band honestly has the easiest time dealing with Peacock.

      You’ve got HK Giant Step, you got Brass Knuckles, you got take the A-Train, you got Emergency Break, you’ve got j.MK float, you’ve got parry, you’ve got a double jump. I’m not going to say its an easy matchup but its one that Big Band has the tools to deal with.

      Also if you’re having trouble with Instant Overheads, Big Band’s cr.MK gets him lower to the ground and puts a giant disjointed hitbox around his entire body and you can convert from cr.MK into some quick and easy damage combo without too much trouble.

      • Gene Q.

        Good info! Ill use it. thx!

    • Zidiane

      His taunt isn’t so difficult. I’m on pad as well. The taunts in this game are made difficult on purpose, though.

      As for the Peacock matchup, you have hp brass knuckles, a move that goes full screen with two hits of armor, and hk giant step, a full screen unblockable move. You can find a way to make those work for you I’m sure. And if you use a team, using either of those as an assist (especially hp brass knuckles) is amazing against Peacock, and many other characters.

      Also, I noticed you above complaining about him parrying will being a charge character. Remember that you can hold back, maybe block some stuff like Peacock bombs, then when you have a chance to parry you can buffer that into your Brass knuckles. So charge back, hit forward to parry, hit hp, get your move.

  • jelani noel

    “Psn is free” they said…