Tournament of Legends II Super Arcade Qualifier Results

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While East Coast Throwdown is hosting a Tournament of Legends II qualifier on the East Coast, on the West Coast is a qualifier at Super Arcade. Southern California is one of the hot spots for Super Street Fighter II Turbo. While several players in the area have already qualified – including AfroLegends, Level Up’s Alex Valle and Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong – other veterans will be looking to grab a coveted spot in the Evo 2014 special event.

Super Arcade
211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

Arkadeum will be streaming the event from Super Arcade. The first qualifier begins at 3 PM PDT (UTC -7), with the second following at 7 PM. If you can’t join the action in-person, check out the Twitch stream below to see who claims the two spots.

Qualifier #1 Challonge Bracket
Qualifier #2 Challonge Bracket

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Qualifier #1

1. shotosallday (T.Hawk, Fei Long, O-Ryu, Dee Jay, O-Ken)
2. PAPERCUT (Vega, O-T.Hawk, O-Ryu)
3. eltrouble (Dhalsim, O-Ken)
4. Watson (Balrog, O-Sagat, O-Guile)
5. Digital Infamy (O-Sagat, Balrog)
5. DGV (Ryu)
7. Zaspacer (M.Bison)
7. OG Ken (O-Ken)

shotosallday qualifies for Tournament of Legends II at Evo 2014.

Match Log

Qualifier #2

1. PAPERCUT (O-T.Hawk, O-Ryu, Vega, T.Hawk)
2. Moocus (O-T.Hawk, Ken, O-Fei Long)
3. Kuroppi (O-E.Honda, Zangief)
4. Digital Infamy (Balrog, O-Sagat)
5. Watson (O-Guile, Balrog, O-Sagat)
5. eltrouble (Dhalsim)
7. AfroCole (Dhalsim)
7. James Chen (Cammy)

PAPERCUT qualifies for Tournament of Legends II at Evo 2014.

Match Log

Source: Arkadeum