Nintendo Holding Invitational for Upcoming Super Smash Bros. at E3 2014

By on April 29, 2014 at 9:00 am


While Nintendo has been a bit more hesitant than other companies to throw their hats into the competitive gaming arena, their disseminating of information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has shown that they are at the very least acknowledging the community that has sprung up around their popular fighter. Forutnately, it appears they are ready to take this new direction a step further.

In a press release discussing their presence at this year’s E3 convention, Nintendo has announced that they plan to showcase the next Smash game with a special invitational at the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The tournament will see sixteen highly-skilled Smashers converge to compete in the Wii U version of the new title, streamed live for the world to see it in the hands of these dedicated competitors for the first time.

No information has been provided as to who Nintendo will be inviting to compete at this point in time, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details become available. For now, feel free to let us know what you think of this news in the comments.

Source: Nintendo, tip via Nap1300

  • Felipe Pereira

    that sounds awesome!
    a bunch of skilled dudes playing the game for the first time should be really interesting

    • Krocc

      Pauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No homo bro

      • Felipe Pereira

        wait what?

      • Mugen_EtE

        There was nothing pause worthy about that.

  • Ryan

    Time to learn how to play smash on a classic controller.

    • ThePoopTickler

      Your profile picture encompasses all of your emotions regarding the announcement of this, right?

    • JEB-Striker
      • HeartSlashHiro

        I own one of those myself. Works hella well. Pausing is just annoying

      • Ryan

        That’s pretty cool but I would be surprised if it works perfectly with the way the new smash’s command interpreter works. I hope Nintendo makes an official usb gamecube controller for wii U.

      • Cloudfox

        Would you happen to know if the conversion causes any noticeable input delay?

        • Latromi

          People on Smash reddit have tested it and say that there is no more noticeable lag than what you would have on the wiimote, wiimote+nunchuck, or classic controller plugged into a wiimote. Which is to say its not noticeable at all.

          Honestly though, wireless controllers via bluetooth (which the Wii and WiiU both use) are really speedy devices. They only have about 3ms delay in input compared to a wired connection. 16ms is one frame of input lag, and big Tournaments like EVO use LCD screens that can have up to a full frame of input lag.

          To put it simply. . . if you are experiencing input delay. . . it’s not going to be your wireless controller. It’s going to be the TV you choose to play on.

          I personally don’t see any reason why you’d want to use a gamecube controller. Save the integrity of your gamecube controllers for your older games. The pro controller for Wii U is a pretty nice little thing. Great battery life, not too big or too small.

          • Cloudfox

            Oh yeah, I know there’s no significant delay on the wireless controller’s themselves, I was just curious about whether the adapter itself caused any at all, since I’ve heard of it for other controller adapters (though those were probably low quality).

            And I’d say I agree with that last paragraph, since GCN controllers are a finite commodity now… ;_;

          • Latromi

            They aren’t actually! Nintendo recently made more white Gamecube controllers for use with Wii’s in Japan. Many sellers buy lots of them and sell them individually on


            They can get pretty pricey now and then due to demand and recent smash bros hype, (and they fact that they are imported) but they are generally between 30 to 50 bucks. There is no telling if Nintendo will be making more of them, but the fact that these controllers were just printed recently due to demand in Japan shows that maybe there could be another printing sometime.

            A lot of the community uses these now. They apparently have longer cables too!

          • Cloudfox

            Oh, nice! I was wondering why the price had come down to $30 a month or so ago…

            And yeah, I was active in the Smash community for a few years, a lot of people did replace theirs with this one color. They do indeed have considerably longer cables. 🙂

    • Guest

      Classic controller is a really good pad for fighters.

      • OrehRatiug

        But if they can’t play it like Melee then it isn’t a good Smash game.

  • Polish Tamales

    This is going to be eff’n A M A Z I N G ! ! !

    With only (2) major titles with release dates coming out (Smash Bros. & Mario Kart), Nintendo definitely needed a way to stay relevant in the minds of gamers this year. PS4/XBOX has a slow start (software wise), so Nintendo really needs to take advantage any way they can.

    Promoting Smash Bros seems like the best marketing strategy going summer forward.

  • BeholdMyPower

    The final line-up should be interesting. Thank god Nintendo are finally acknowledging the scene in this way.

  • BlackMasamune

    I guess anything’s possible. Take notes SNK.

  • A good sign, actually. Who would have thought financial desperation would have scared Nintendo straight?

    • Nap1400

      Panic mode Nintendo is best Nintendo. You didn’t know that?

    • powerprotoman

      wait you think they are financialy despreat they could make 5 more wiiu sized mistakes and still be in the clear(seriously they have so much money stored away its not even funny)

  • DoctorButler

    But then they force item-use.

    • They do want to showcase everything that is in the game item-use just happens to be one of those things they added to the game at least there doing something.

    • Eolz

      I’m sure we will see Sakurai demonstrating this part

    • taitaisanchez

      Actually it has a “For Glory” multiplayer setting that’s basically tournament level smash.

      • Justin Richardson

        Except “For Glory” only has Final Destination styled levels. That’s really bad for some character match-ups. For example, Peach chain-throws Fox to death, Captain Falcon can combo into knee almost for free on the entire cast, Marth has to work even harder to actually touch Shiek. Final Destination is a counter-pick stage, not the standard. Battlefield and Kirby’s Dreamland and Pokemon Stadium are actually much more common because a lot of higher level players don’t want to be on Final Destination because it so heavily favors some characters over others in odd ways. They should have given time for the Smash community to discover which stages would be tournament worthy, then released a patch with “For Glory” with standard tournament stage elimination screen before each match. It seriously only takes five seconds for the stage to be decided.

        • Hunts Rattata

          I don’t think “Final Destination style” means they’re all exactly like Final Destination.

          • Justin Richardson

            From what they show in the trailer, its literally just a flat plane the same length as the FD platform, but themed differently, like if its the Kirby stage, it’ll have the Dreamland stage’s background and music and platform, but its just FD re-skinned. I guess we’ll just wait and see, but I think Nintendo is missing the point of what actually happens at Smash tourneys.

  • GuyAlpha

    Its happening.

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    Maybe Nintendo isn’t All-In on this bet, but it is a nice Raise.
    Call it.

  • Peter K. Mawolo


  • Mash Harder

    So I guess people are going to buy a Wii U for this?
    Or is everyone planning to play it on their DS?

    • Asura


      • Mash Harder

        I don’t understand.
        I thought it was only coming out on WiiU and 3DS.

        • DoctorButler

          Gamecube was the best console.

          Have you even played Cubivore?!

        • OrehRatiug

          I think he is saying that Melee sold the Gamecube, much like Smash 4 probably will.

  • Cloudfox

    I’m wondering exactly how they’re gonna go about selecting the competitors…maybe try to contact some of the top players from the Smash community documentary…? High-placing players at EVO or APEX?

    Still kind of surreal that they’re doing something like this at all. The sudden positive attitude toward the competitive community, with things like this and some of Smash 4’s upcoming features, is really heartwarming though. <3

  • bduddy

    They better have some kind of reveal/surprise at the end. Does anyone else remember The Wizard?

    • GeorgeAH

      Fred Savage confirmed?

  • BixHD

    What happened to Captain Falcon? But other than that, HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYEPHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE

    • Chaos_Knight

      Did you not notice Samurai Goroh in the Direct? Falcon’s coming back. Calm down. Besides, they can’t get rid of the original 12.

  • Tonton Ramos