The King of New York 2014 League B Results

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Starting this weekend, Team PIE will be hosting The King of New York, TOPANGA League-style competition featuring some of the best players of NY.

Starting off the competition is B League. Differing from TOPANGA League, The King of New York’s B League is a completely open competition. The tournament will either use a round-robin or Swiss format, depending on the number of entrants. The top two players will advance to A League. The winner of A League will claim multiple prizes, including a round trip to Evo 2014. Who will be joining EMP|Sanford Kelly, EMP|Dieminion, PIE|Smug, PIE|Zeus, RG|Rico Suave and TS|Sabin in A League?

The King of New York League B Bracket

You can catch the action on Team Spooky’s Arturo Sanchez’s Twitch channel.

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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012

Chris Hu forfeits his spot due to being unable to attend League A. Hiro and Shiine advance to League A.

1. EMP|Hiro
2. Chris Hu
3. Shiine
4. EMP|Kreymore
5. EDC|TrueLionHeart
6. BIFU|Coach Steve
7. ERGZ|Nick Hero
8. AG.MCZ|Glitch

Check the Challonge bracket for full tournament results.

Match Log

Match Log

BIFU|Mike G (Seth) vs. Mambo King NYC (Balrog) – 3-0
EDC|TrueLionheart (Sagat) vs. ERGZ|Nick Hero (Zangief) – 3-0
PIE|Lee Chun (Guile) vs. ERGZ|Lil Evil (Evil Ryu) – 3-2
PIE|Chin (Cody) vs. Bisonopolis (Vega) – 3-0
Capcoms Hero (Gouken) vs. BIFU|Coach Steve (Blanka) – 3-2
EMP|Hiro (M.Bison) vs. PIE|PoeM (Balrog) – 3-0
Shiine (Gouken) vs. EMP|Hiro (M.Bison) – 3-2
BIFU|Coach Steve (Blanka) vs. PIE|Chin (Cody) – 3-0
EDC|TrueLioneart (Sagat) vs. DSC|RedRanger (Blanka) – 3-1
Shiine (Gouken) vs. Chris Hu (Oni) – 2-3
PIE|Lee Chun (Guile) vs. EMP|Hiro (M.Bison) – 0-3
EDC|TrueLionheart (Sagat) vs. Shiine (Gouken) – 3-0
Chris Hu (Oni) vs. EMP|Hiro (M.Bison) – 1-3
Chris Hu (Oni) vs. Kreymore (Guy, Abel) – 3-0
EDC|TrueLionheart (Sagat) vs. EMP|Hiro (M.Bison) – 2-3


Source: nycfurby