Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Venturing to PlayStation 3 on July 25 with New Character Nanase

By on April 23, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Melty Blood developer French-Bread is teaming with Arc System Works to bring its latest arcade title, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, to PlayStation 3 with a plethora of new features.

Famitsu has the scoop on new elements added to the home version, including the newly-playable high school warrior Nanase. French-Bread also drops heavy hints that Nanase won’t be the only playable addition to the game, so keep on the look out for more news on this release.


A Deep Game System of Simple Yet Exhilarating Fights

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late adds a sense of speed and strategy to a conventional fighting game base. Fight stylishly with smoothly-animated special attacks and variety of easy-to-perform combos. Fulfill certain conditions and you can use the flashy ultimate move Infinite Worth Exist.

The battle unfolds in a dark romance fiction-style world. The unique cast of characters possess unique abilities and weapons.


Console Original Character Nanase Joins the Cast!!

Joining the cast from the arcade version, new character Nanase makes her debut on console! A mysterious individual who is chasing after protagonist Hyde, she wields a longsword with ease. Incidentally, Nanase isn’t the only new character…!? Look forward to more details!


Voice: Mayu Iizuka

Height: 159cm
Weight: 44kg (B75/W54/H80)
Birthday: February 15
Blood Type: O
Ability Name: Whirlwind EXS “Windmill”
Weapon Name: Zephyr

A mysterious girl obstinately pursuing Hyde. She tells him, “If you’re a man, take responsibility!” but the reasons and details are unknown. Taking no heed of danger, she charges into the abyss of the Void Night.

At a glance, Nanase may seem like a lively high school girl, but she fights wielding Zephyr, a sword that exceeds her height. How threatening is the long reach of her sword attacks in battle!?

Nanase’s EXS (special ability) is Windmill. She also possess windwill-like attacks she unleashes as she spins.

 Packed with Game Modes Including Network Mode

UNIEL is full of game modes that allow you to thoroughly enjoy the game’s world and battles. In addition to offline battles like VS Mode and Survival, the game naturally features online as well. You can compete for ranks in Ranked Match or create lobbies with Player Match. Set their preferred options and display data in Training Mode to brush up on your skills!

Ranked Match is a mode in which you can test your strength in serious battles. You can set detailed match search conditions like skill, area, and connection speed. Aim for the top ranks!

In Customize Mode, you can set your player information and icon and more!

In Gallery Mode, you can view Arcade Mode visuals, illustrations. Enjoy the charm of the characters to your heart’s content!

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late is scheduled for a July 24 release on PlayStation 3 in Japan. The title is currently around 70% complete. Be on the look for details on further additions to the cast in the future.

Source: Famitsu via Kurushii

  • Ryan McGrath

    I played a bit of this game in Japan. Pretty fun stuff, though a few of the characters (Seth/Seto and that girl with the two knives) had infinites in the build I played on. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s been fixed though. It would be pretty sweet if this got an English release.

    • SohoX

      Yeah that was probably the previous build (before the .exe late whatever version). The older versions looked interesting, but not the most balanced version as there were infinites everywhere.

    • caiooa

      they added a hitstun deterioration system in the “Ex late” update (i believe it was august of last year). The infinites was gone, but maybe it was too restrictive…it don’t taked just the infinites, but a lot of other combos out

  • foopy

    Any word on whether this is a disc-based or PSN release yet?

    • Kusanagi177

      It’s both

      • Leopold

        How do you know?

      • foopy

        Awesome, thanks! Import ahoy!

  • Valkyriekoji


    • Darker than Blue

      Pure, genuine happiness. I can’t recall the last time I’ve felt this way!

      • Valkyriekoji

        This game is truly beautiful in-person. I got back from Japan a month ago and that game is gorgeous and fun! Not many people we’re playing it in Akihabara. I fought the 4th ranked Seth and he wrecked me (I have strong SF4 fundamentals). He was pulling unblockables on me xD

        • Johnny Rage

          Gameplay somewhat similar to SF4?

          • Valkyriekoji

            Oh heavens no. There’s a lot of 2 button dashes and that sorts but in a neutral game, yeah. Counter hits, techs are all in this game. I’d say it’s a little bit like persona 4 arena and blazblue. But I wouldn’t compare this game to that because it’s just way awesomer than any game I’ve played

          • Johnny Rage

            Good to hear. 🙂

  • BlackMasamune

    Yo Ugh, Anime!

  • Sourenga

    If the translator of this article reads this and doesn’t mind explaining… How did he end up with the translation “whirlwind”. I don’t recognize that kanji after 旋, but it definitely isn’t 風 since it looks to have 糸 as a part of it…

    Also, the title says the game releases on “July 25th”…

    • Matt Sandvig

      They likely just used inference to come up with “whirlwind.” The compound in question is “旋纏” which doesn’t exist as standard Japanese vocabulary. It consists of “旋,” which means rotation; and “纏,” which means wrap or collect (among other similar things). Considering that the name of it is “Windmill,” they likely just inferred that what was “rotating and collecting/wrapping” was wind, and decided to go with whirlwind for effect (and possibly because the first kanji is the same one used in senpuu, for whirlwind).

  • Mike Jones

    I wonder if they will use ggpo.

  • Hunts Rattata

    “French-Bread also drops heavy hints that Nanase won’t be the only playable addition to the game…”


    • pachincko

      Probably they might invite Fukua now in UNIE.

  • Yan Zhao

    Now about that NA release…

    • Raymond

      I think we need to start something to let them know we want this game here.

      • Oniros

        Atlus brought us Aquapazza and ASW US Chaos Code. I hope one of them or even NISA and Aksys pick this one up.

    • ThePoopTickler

      Don’t forget about Europe!

  • comoesa

    anime gamers will just import it.

    maybe a psn release early next year or something.

  • Mista X

    I’m hoping the next new character is going to be the Skullgirls guest character they wanted to include months ago.

  • 七川 美華

    Awwwh Yeahhh, Release the HYPE.

  • Johnny Rage

    The combat in this game look incredible attractive. More so than any other fighter I’ve seen.

  • I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of games not having a PS3. Hopefully they will bring games over to the PS4.

    • jelani noel

      U definitely are. Still dont understand why people never bought one

  • jelani noel

    Going to have to drop 80 bones on this baby come July

  • Flavored

    It’s happening? About time.

  • Paul Consiglio

    I believe its a really good sign that French Bread/Ecole is teaming up with Arc Systems Works to bring this gem out of Japan and out of obscurity! With Games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue,The Fist Of The Northstar and Persona 4 under their belts and with their stellar reputation there might be a fair chance that this game will be localized and brought over here to North America! The fighting game community should unite and start pressing developers like Sammy and Index Corp.*former Atlus here in North America to publish this game! Until and if that happens its time for me to import two copies of this game!!!

  • Rory Grant

    Is it gonna be region locked? Considering importing it.

  • SuaveVillain™

    Is possible to get this digital?