Evo 2014 to Include Expanded Bring Your Own Console Area

By on April 23, 2014 at 11:55 am


While fierce competition in its main lineup is the largest draw for the Evolution Championship Series every year, the event also features an extensive casuals area for players to put on their own side tournaments, play with their friends, and generally enjoy their shared passion of fighting games in whatever title suits them.

To expand on this idea, Evo 2014 is set to feature an improved bring your own console space, which will be included in the main hall in order to place it closer to the action.

Evo co-founder Tom Cannon had this to say about this year’s BYOC area:

“Evo is about competing against the best in the world in the tournaments, but it’s also a common meeting ground to have a blast with other people who are just passionate about fighting games. We want to make sure that there’s plenty of fighting action even beyond of the core tournaments, which is why we’re greatly expanding the BYOC (bring your own console) area for 2014.

First we’ll have way more setups this year over 2013. Evo 2014 will be by far the largest BYOC we’ve ever had. We’re also moving the BYOC to the main tournament hall to make it more convenient for players and on-site spectators alike. We have a few more ideas that we’re tossing around, and would like to hear yours as well. What do you want to see in the BYOC at Evo 2014?”

Evo 2014 is scheduled for July 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information on the festivities can be found through the event’s official website.