Evo 2014 to Include Expanded Bring Your Own Console Area

By on April 23, 2014 at 11:55 am


While fierce competition in its main lineup is the largest draw for the Evolution Championship Series every year, the event also features an extensive casuals area for players to put on their own side tournaments, play with their friends, and generally enjoy their shared passion of fighting games in whatever title suits them.

To expand on this idea, Evo 2014 is set to feature an improved bring your own console space, which will be included in the main hall in order to place it closer to the action.

Evo co-founder Tom Cannon had this to say about this year’s BYOC area:

“Evo is about competing against the best in the world in the tournaments, but it’s also a common meeting ground to have a blast with other people who are just passionate about fighting games. We want to make sure that there’s plenty of fighting action even beyond of the core tournaments, which is why we’re greatly expanding the BYOC (bring your own console) area for 2014.

First we’ll have way more setups this year over 2013. Evo 2014 will be by far the largest BYOC we’ve ever had. We’re also moving the BYOC to the main tournament hall to make it more convenient for players and on-site spectators alike. We have a few more ideas that we’re tossing around, and would like to hear yours as well. What do you want to see in the BYOC at Evo 2014?”

Evo 2014 is scheduled for July 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information on the festivities can be found through the event’s official website.

  • J.D SRK

    I know its an extra cost, but I was thinking it might be a good idea if the event provided setups for the tournament games. Back in the 2005-2008 era, even though there was a lot of space to play casuals, the vast majority was occupied by the games that weren’t played as much (like a whole section of SNK games like KOF 98-2002 hosted by Dark Geese).
    Thats understandable, because the people who play games these rarely find other players to enjoy the game with, and EVO proves to be a great experience to finally get some games in, but a lot of people who were there to join the official tournament had a difficult time finding a setup to warmup (at least 1 that didn’t have 30 people in line)

    If the event provides setups for the tournament games, then these people can warmup while the other games get to setup their console and meet gamers, maybe even host a side tournament.

    Just an idea, I think that was the main problem with the BYOC.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      Well it’s called BYOC for a reason. Do something about it. Dark Geese provided that shit himself, that’s not extra cost on the organizers.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        One of my best memories from any EVO was the Dark Geese and friends SNK section in 2008.

        That was godlike.

    • JasinWalraven

      Bring your own set up and warm up in your hotel room. Added cost will translate into higher entry fees in the future.

  • Gamegeezer

    Strippers, that is all…

    • GO4PRO

      I can imagine the kotaku articles

      • $18011339

        “Fighting Game Players See Their First Non-Mom Tits”

    • Ace

      More women for Aris to sexually harass.

      • heatEXTEND

        >back to plebbit

  • Eric Nguyen

    Enough guaranteed room to host a SG side tourney

    • ThePoopTickler

      But will there be enough players turning up?

  • RunningWild1984

    Let’s all huddle around my laptop and play old fighting games.

    • CJ

      Am I the only one who’d camp in Las Vegas for some MUGEN action on some guy’s small 12″ screen laptop? Dibs on Tele-Goku! LOL

      Srsly tho, even if MUGEN wasn’t on hand I’d be all for that, for no logical reason! 😀

  • alucard13s

    we want a garou mark of the wolf tournament at evo.
    Old fighting games are the best come with your laptop or neo geo to play classic snk game

    • ReddChief78

      Man i would love to see some Garou MOTW at EVO someone make this happen.

  • void

    OMG someone bring project m

    • Dantarion

      PMBR was out in full force last year!
      We will be there this year too!

      • void

        now im hype!!!

  • Felipe Pereira

    inb4 289 thousand game cubes will pop up with melee

  • grezex29

    Now, normally I’d say time for CVS2, 3rd Strike, and MVC2 side tourneys, but…I get the feeling there’s still been MVC2 side tourneys at EVO since the first time it wasn’t an official game in 2011.

  • Darklurkr23

    Someone is going to bring Fighting Is Magic I know it XD

  • In my case it would be bring your own heavy ass PC Unit…which would only happen if I was driving there.


    YES! I guess I might not have been the only one voicing my opinion on the last few BYOC setups at Evo.

  • antwane fort

    I will bring my console and I will challenge anyone to UNO