Take a Look at Elena, Poison, and Rolento’s Arcade Mode Endings in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By on April 22, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Now that Ultra Street Fighter IV has been released in Japanese arcades, videos are pouring in with a look at early matchups, the new characters’ gameplay, and more. Of course, with new characters comes new endings, and the latest bits of footage show off just that, highlighting the scenes that await players who complete a full run of arcade mode with Elena and Poison.

While we won’t spoil the happenings here for anyone who takes this sort of thing seriously, just know that one of the aforementioned fighters manages to take what appears to be a selfie with the series’ resident raging demon, a feat that may be more difficult than actually defeating him in combat.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think. We’ll be sure to update this article should footage for the other new characters appear online.

UPDATE – Rolento’s ending, courtesy of an upload by Canada Cup Gaming’s Air, has been added below.

Sources: meeiso via NeoGAF, Air (tip via David I.)

  • CorWilson

    They didn’t have the money to make a new character, but they had enough to make anime endings.

    • Shiki Orochinagi

      More like they focused on deliver “high quality” DLC instead of giving decrape a more decent body.

    • yongho choi

      The endings are also a lot longer. Kind of surprised.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Outsourced animation, would have cost them less than a million.

    • Gojira Twit

      They didn’t have the BUDGET to make a new character. Budget is time, money and manpower together.

      Outsourced animations take money, but they don’t take time or manpower (at least not their own) so in terms of budget they’re relatively cheap as long as they’re done by a reliable studio.

      • Felipe Pereira

        it’s the classic case of “9 women can’t deliver a baby in 1 month”

    • Thirties John

      Anime endings are created by paying an animation studio a little money to give you two minutes of animation.

      Characters are created in-house by spending months of manpower and time designing, modeling, animating (animating a 3D fighting game character takes a LOT more work than animating 2 minutes of anime), voice-acting, testing, balancing, etc.

    • airco

      Considering how non-animated these cutscenes are, I can’t imagine they were expensive to produce.

    • Guest

      Seriously? Wasn’t there just a thread with a dude whinging about how they didn’t make a brand new intro. And now you’re crying that they DID make new endings?!

    • In all seriousness, these endings look so bad and have such few frames of worthwhile animation, they probably paid off one dude with a big lunch to get these out…

      Animators do not get paid well.

      I guarantee you these “animated” endings cost them next to nothing compared to advertising and maybe even who simply edited the trailers.

  • yongho choi

    I can’t understand Japanese so can someone tell me what Elena is doing with Akuma?

    • Quintus Havis

      Taking a selfie.

    • Yogsagath

      I don’t know Akuma’s just as confused.

    • Jling

      She’s saying how she can make friends with all sorts of people, and the picture cuts to Akuma.

    • airco

      Elena’s monologue is about how she made lots of friends on her journey around the world. The line that goes with that image/montage translates to “as long as you want to get along, you can be friends with anyone,” so I guess even Akuma has a soft side.

      Her monologue ends with her wanting to continue her travels, with Japan being her next stop, hence the cut to Sakura.

  • Inan

    LOL Japan!! Why is a camera recording of gameplay in 1080p but in-game video recordings are 360p max?!

    • CorWilson


  • S. Johnson

    Elena and her peoples are the whitest looking native african mofo’s I’ve ever seen. Straight up Euro-looking africans lol.

    • Cee Mcneil

      I said da same fucking thing!i think capcom japan is takin shots at the black community kuz we damn sure dont look like that smh

    • Eder García

      you know? Storm is from Africa as well, Marvel and Capcom sharing the same universe confirmed

    • Sanger Zonvolt

      Everyone looks white in anime.

  • Little_Goten

    Dat Elena/Akuma selfie is the best thing I’ve seen all year, no exceptions.

  • Poison has the best ending out of the three. Wonder if Hugo’s ending is going to be as good as hers.

    • Trevor Clarke


      • Thirties John

        Actually, “guys” who identify as trans women still prefer to be called “she.”

        That’s why the whole debate is stupid. Whether you believe she’s a natural woman or “really a guy” (a transgendered person), saying “she” still fits.

        I guess it all comes down to how much you respect her life choices (as a fictional character).

        • Trevor Clarke

          I bet your favorite music is “Trap” music, huh?

          • TwilightInZero

            Where do you get the idea that trans people aren’t forthcoming with relevant information when it comes down to sexual matters? I can tell you with confidence that trans people aren’t looking to “trap” anyone. That’s way too much effort and too much trouble just to be an asshole.

      • airco

        don’t care, still want to suck her dick.

  • foopy

    Elena x Akuma OTP

  • Trevor Clarke

    That’s… not how Africans look…
    But the animation I’ll admit is a HUGE step up from Vanilla

    • Dionne Delorme

      Beside Elena’s Hair & Eyes , did you see how look Ethiopan/Kenya People ? they are the only africans that generally dont have the typical africans features (nose , lips ect), I know what i’m talking about , my dad is white and my mom 100 % African Ethiopan, please google image : David Bowie’s wife Iman or Ethiopan/Kenya Models/Woman and see by yourself.

      • Justin Archer


      • Trevor Clarke

        Them people don’t look like that, and I’m very aware of African woman features. African men (or those of any percent African descent) do not have pointed noses, that I’m certain of. Our noses are mainly bulbous and have wider nostrils. The rest of the features are variable due to constant mixing of cultures such as European.

        African women have a wider range of features so Elena gets a pass including her Ororo hair. But the men, uh-uh.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Even Iman and Google Image Kenyan Models look “African”, even taking into account the variations across the continent.

        The folks in Elena’s ending look like neither of the above.

        I mean, anyone can type “Kenyan people” in google, like you suggested. Do most results look like Elena’s family? Particularly the males? Not to me.

        Though, i give Capcom props for even HAVING Africans in their fighting games at all. Most series don’t even do that.

        • Trevor Clarke

          Here’s a really funny thing to note, and it may or may not be racist it’s all up to interpretation.

          But Elena is the FIRST character of African/African American descent in the SF4 series to have eyebrows. And they’re white eyebrows.

          I joke about this constantly with my friends.

          • Dionne Delorme

            I was pointing out the fact that not all Africans looked the same.
            Saying that All africans look the same is wrong as saying all asians look the same …
            Especially when i compare Serena Williams and Iman. Same Skin, same hair , but different facial features & body curves.

            In my first message i already stated that Elenea ‘s hair & Eyes were not african looking, they should have give her nappy black hair and brown eyes.
            I guess they wanted to give Elena an “anime” look ,just like they did with asians chars like Sakura or Chun Li.

    • Antonio Bryant Paulette

      If you ever look up some Cape Verdean girls…you’ll see some Africans that look like nothing you’ve ever seen bruh.


      • Trevor Clarke

        I like African and African American women. I’ve seen it all… bruh

  • Tan Tan

    So in the end Elena’s breasts grow larger and are coming out of her top. What an ending.

    • Andrew Olson

      WAIFU FIGHTER 2014 Y’ALL!!

  • Milton Martinez

    poison looks awesome…

  • Cee Mcneil

    Us blacks damn sure dont look like that in helena’s ending smh capcom will hear da angry mouths of the black community that does play this trash soon -_-

  • gigantor21

    Glam rock Guy is the best Guy.

    • Hunts Rattata

      Profound BADness.

    • Tan Tan

      They better become alternate costumes.

      • DukeMagus

        hafta agre…
        At least a MOD on the pc version, that’s for sure

  • Vernon Gary

    Poison rockband costumes now mandatory

  • Jahntai Shalom Kelly

    Akuma and elena are dating

    • Andrew Olson

      He looks thrilled…

    • Bob101910

      That will end up being awkward in bed

  • Martin Christopher Tan

    Fun Fact: Akuma/Gouki is actually kind to people who have zero killing intent.

    • Thirties John

      I’m glad some people understand this instead of just going AKUMA IS EVIL.

      As of SFIV, with Gouken and Bison coming back to life, his kill-count has gone back down to a single dude (Goutetsu), ha ha…

    • the7k
    • wes yoshida

      Not “kind” per se, but morally ambiguous.

    • Liera Antionette

      This I did not know. I stopped paying attention to the series after awhile…>.> But hey thanks for sharing…I was confused as hell as to why Akuma was taking a selfie with Elena xD.

    • z3r0nik

      Good Akuma’s got that unstoppable vortex where every time he lands a hard knockdown he gives you a hand to help you up.

  • wes yoshida

    just chillin here with my bestie Gou-chan ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪ #selfie #volcanicrim #nofilter #messatsu

  • Thirties John

    Elena is six feet tall. Why is she half Akuma’s size in her pic with him? Come on, anime…

    • CAE

      she’s not standing you can see her legs in the air


    Even when anime was too stupid or formulaic to be enjoyable, I could at least have fun just seeing bad-ass artwork.
    This however, sucks in every area possible. I guess it’s easier to make a joke out of characters or half-ass a storyline so that the easily-amused won’t notice the shoddy art.

    Someone bring back pen and paper.
    Oh wait, I forgot: poor Capcom is on a budget. Roll out the computer again.

  • Andrew Olson

    Oh my god, Ryu and Ken in Poison’s ending is pretty hilarious.

    • Kaihedgie

      Ryu’s looks shockingly like the outfit he had in the USA cartoon

  • Richard N

    I was hoping Rolento’s ending would be him and Ibuki having more whacky hi-jinks.

  • Joey Lee

    Poison and the rest of the band looks like the band KISS.

    • Justin Archer

      Nothing gets past you.

  • blackangelDL

    This endings (minus Rolento’s) are God Tier, well played Capcom, well played.

  • VMK1991

    Even Akuma is powerless against charms of The African Beauty.

  • Glurgle gurgle underwater

  • What you don’t see is Elena spitting out El Fuerte’s horrible food.

  • Quan Chi

    leave it up to capcom to continuously keep putting comedy in my sf. WTF is elena hugging akuma? what breed of african is THIS!? Whitewash african? Why are FF ppl playing in a rockband? Stupidest shit I’ve ever seen.

    • Magegg

      SF endings have always been about the comedy.

      • Kaihedgie

        That leads me to question where did anyone get the idea that SF was srs bizniz

      • Quan Chi

        No. They weren’t. 1 character’s ending out of the whole bunch does not verify saying sf has always been a comedy. The whole reason why sf came this far was that it was supposed to be serious. now half the roster are joke characters…

    • GuyAlpha

      Silly characters getting silly endings. What the fuck, Capcom?

      • Quan Chi

        Because I’m sure Final Fight and Elena are joke characters….:/

        • GuyAlpha

          They aren’t joke characters. That doesn’t mean they can’t be light hearted characters. There was never anything serious about Elena, Hugo, or Poison. If you’re complaining about Street Fighter having humor, then you better take a step back and look at the series as a whole.

          • Quan Chi

            It’s a fighting game. Half the roster is not supposed to have humor. Even the supposed joke characters on SFex were serious… Do you see ppl acting stupid in the SFII anime? There was stupidity in both live action sf movies; where did it get them…? Do you see light heartedness in the MMA? Do you see that in real Street Fighting? You have no clue at all as to why you’re even arguing this nonsense. Jeez, even every aspect of Alpha 3 (and third strike) was serious. No matter the character.

  • Henry Zurawski

    Poison kills Seth and starts a KISS cover band? Please be canon.

  • DukeMagus

    Elena and akuma…

    i-i… i…
    Just… HOW?!

  • Emp_VDD

    So yeah, who else jumped the Akuma/Elena shipping?

  • MaskedHero99

    Dose anine even cost Japanese money I assumed they make anime like a fly shits