[UPDATE] Skullgirls Encore’s Big Band Now Available on Steam and PlayStation Network

By on April 22, 2014 at 12:07 pm

UPDATE – Big Band is now also available through PlayStation Network, though you’ll have to download him through the Sony Entertainment Network for the time being since the console store has yet to catch up.

Yes, the time has finally come! Skullgirls Encore has been updated with its second downloadable character, Big Band. The game’s first male character employs a variety of musical instruments in his repertoire, and provides some interesting gameplay mechanics to the already-unique indie fighter.

For a quick look at what he’s capable of, be sure to check out the official release trailer below.

But that’s not all. This update also adds Big Band’s very own story mode chapter, the brand new Under the Bridge stage, a tutorial, and more.

Big Band is now available to download through Steam, with a PlayStation Network release in North and South America scheduled for later today. Much like Squigly, he will be available for free over the next three months, so be sure to grab him and check out what he’s capable of for yourself.

Sources: Steam, Skullgirls, PlayStation Network via Khaos Muffins, tips via JJK, Cellsai, and shoryusatsu999

  • Exy

    Meanwhile, a botched update on the 360 version accidentally reverted the entire patch from last year, making it as slow and barebones as it was on release. I can’t even be bothered to laugh anymore.

    • LightSpdAeon

      well, i think it’s funny. (ps3 rules!)

    • If I’m not mistaken, it was designed as a PS3 game and ported to Xbox. Usually its the other way around, so I’m sure Xbox Dev’s have no idea how to properly port from PS3 to Xbox while the PS3 Dev’s can put out a flawless port time and time again.

      PS > Microsoft

      • Anthony M

        not really sony pony…. only reason PS3 has it is cause the xbox version has to be passed by Microsoft due to many things the happen and they only passed and put up half the update oddly and have to gave the SG ppl the thumbs up to update the game… so … yeah dang fan boys…

        • ReddChief78

          In other words PS>MS i know it hurts just accept it.

        • Guest

          Fact patch delayed.
          Opinion x station is better than play box.
          Fact no one gives two shits.
          Fact Anthony M.’s ass hurts so bad that he has to post about it.

      • PJ

        I wouldnt call Asura’s Wrath and it’s abysmal screen tearing or Bayonetta’s frame rate drops ‘flawless ports” by a longshot. (btw Im a Sony fan)

        These “my console is better than your console” discussions should have ended years ago as well.

        • Victor Thammavong

          Just search up and watch “chad warden” videos on YouTube if you enjoy console wars. It’s hilarious.

    • Cris Oro

      Yeah sadly, as fun as this game is, that was enough for me to just drop it entirely. I’m curious though. I bought the game and was playing it when it first came out.. now it won’t even let me play it at all. Are they ever fixing this or did I just get cheated out of like… 15 bucks? LOL

      • tehace

        Microsoft is working to fix the problem. Best we have heard is they are trying to clear it up by Wednesday.

      • Michael Zaimont

        As far as we’ve been told by MS the missing part of the update is coming out on Wednesday, so apparently it’ll be working and up-to-date tomorrow?

        • Joeri Pelgrims

          Do you have any idea why I can’t find your game on PSN in Belgium? I’m trying to spend money, here.

          Btw Belgium is part of the EU and generally just gets what the UK gets. There’s no precedent for us not getting stuff that I can think of.

          • Jason Slade

            There was some issue with certain UK countries not getting Encore because of translation problems or something of that nature.

            but I thought those were already taken care of. I suggest sending a message to @Skullgirls on twitter to see what’s up. They’re really good at responding to stuff.

          • Joeri Pelgrims

            Hmm, thanks for that. It just appeared magically, though.

          • Michael Zaimont

            I asked, and apparently we know someone who has a friend in Belgium who bought it? So…I don’t know.

          • Joeri Pelgrims

            Yeah, it’s there now, thanks. I swear it wasn’t there before this patch. I searched thoroughly.

    • James Reilly

      Food chain goes like this if you want to maximize your SG experience.


      • Anthony M

        not really PC is better then both really.. and damn sony ponys…

      • ReddChief78

        Lmao riiigghht, i’ll stick with the PS3.

        • Edwin Obando Chacon

          No! Youll stick with sony dick, everybody here knows that.

      • Exy

        I only ever play the beta on Steam these days, so I don’t even have to worry about that. It’s still sad all the same.

      • Edwin Obando Chacon

        Thats the food chain for most FG games, now theres mods for SSFIV that let you see the hitboxes, practicing your combo timing and training safe jumps, reversals, etc. KOF XIII online is much better, Street Fighter x tekken is still popular at least for modders(lol) and GGPO.

        Something is happening, thats good since everybody at least have a laptop in house and fighting games doesnt need a high end PC.

    • Peter Bartholow

      MS Japan is handling the 360 stuff, and they are completely incompetent. If it wasn’t so predictable, I almost wouldn’t believe they only released half of the update.

      Should have news on when the everything else will be out soon, though.

      • Exy

        Yeah, I should have clarified that this issue is entirely on Microsoft. It’s still sad all the same.

        Is there even a release date for any of the new characters on 360 yet?

    • Michael Zaimont

      Meanwhile, that’s fixed. If you go redownload the compatibility pack right now you’ll the latest version.

      Feel free to come around to pick up your sarcasm whenever you want. <3

      • Exy

        But the fact that it happened at all though. At the same time the other platforms got updated correctly, even.

        • Michael Zaimont

          It was only broken for like 3 days, and the 360 now got the update the same day as everyone else. I dunno, considering we didn’t get to put out the Squigly update at all on 360, I see it as not all that bad. And this is from the person who has been providing 360 builds since January.

          • Exy

            3 days is an awful long time to wait for something to get fixed when it shouldn’t have been broken by an update in the first place, wouldn’t you agree? Surely you remember that one time a PS3 firmware update caused this exact situation.

            (Not saying any of it is your fault, but it’s still fascinating to observe.)

            Also, I’ve been looking for release dates for the new characters on 360 and couldn’t find any. This explains it.

  • jelani noel

    All those years of hearing “PSN is free” by the FGC and now its all they have. The irony

  • Chooch

    The PlayStation Store just updated.. with no Big Band.

    • Eben Amadeus Selker

      i have a feeling that there might be some partial update that only happened, since there’s only one piece of DLC that just released. PLUS, the update seems to be claiming to me that some old stuff is new… I’m skeptical that more stuff will roll out overtime on PSN Store. but hey ya never know!

      • Eben Amadeus Selker

        he’s here! at the bottom of the new dlc page
        yay! please update the article so it says “available now”

    • Yogsagath

      It’s on now Playing his story for shits and giggles after I played it on steam.

  • Jason Slade

    Juggernaut + Q + Jazz = The best fighting game character ever.

    • Yogsagath

      That and a Tad of Potemkin. Cause of the Dash Punch Cancels.

  • For those interested gamers gate seems to have a deal going on where you can get the game for $5.15

  • Peter Bartholow

    Just so everyone knows: Big Band is now in the PS3 storefront!

    Games > New > Add-ons > New PS3 Add-ons See More > Scroll to bottom

    Apparently this is normal, as it takes a little while for the store updates to propagate to all the store servers, and the web store in the first in line.

  • Makr0ss

    Gamersgate is having a sale for the steam version right now http://t.co/2yF6Ekg5E0 So you guys can grab the game for less than 5 bucks and grab BigBand and the upcoming things for free. (steam version comes with beta too so fukua is there ;9)

    • Yogsagath

      Dude I love your update videos on for Salty Cupcakes. To bad there are not many updates as of lately.

      • Makr0ss

        Salty is now bi-monthly since there´s rebel up, skullgirls has tournament at super arcade on saturdays every two weeks. But don´t worry, I´ll keep uploading footage from Salty when I can, and when there´s any.

  • Jason DonkeyKong Budzi

    How about a PSVita release….

    • Yogsagath

      That would be weird for having a 6 button game on a hand held game system with only 4 face buttons. I guess that works for some people but I think the only way to make that work is by having the MVC2 lay out where the light chains to medium when you hit light punch or kick twice.

      • Makr0ss

        People already play skullgirls and others 6-button fighters on dualshock controlers.

        • Yogsagath

          I guess I still think it’s odd.

      • Paul S

        Never owned an SNES, did you?

        • Yogsagath

          Lol I owned a Genisis.

          • Edwin Obando Chacon

            A genisis?? OMG!!

      • Hunts Rattata

        Shoulder buttons exist.

        • Yogsagath

          Still Awkward.

  • Michael Zaimont

    The compatibility pack on 360 is now the right one, meaning the update is also out on 360 now….!

  • Peter K. Mawolo

    xbox 360 has never been fighter friendly. thered be no problems with a CoD update though