[UPDATE] Skullgirls Encore’s Big Band Now Available on Steam and PlayStation Network

By on April 22, 2014 at 12:07 pm

UPDATE – Big Band is now also available through PlayStation Network, though you’ll have to download him through the Sony Entertainment Network for the time being since the console store has yet to catch up.

Yes, the time has finally come! Skullgirls Encore has been updated with its second downloadable character, Big Band. The game’s first male character employs a variety of musical instruments in his repertoire, and provides some interesting gameplay mechanics to the already-unique indie fighter.

For a quick look at what he’s capable of, be sure to check out the official release trailer below.

But that’s not all. This update also adds Big Band’s very own story mode chapter, the brand new Under the Bridge stage, a tutorial, and more.

Big Band is now available to download through Steam, with a PlayStation Network release in North and South America scheduled for later today. Much like Squigly, he will be available for free over the next three months, so be sure to grab him and check out what he’s capable of for yourself.

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