Interview – Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez Talks About His Sponsorship with Gamester Gear, Marvel, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and More

By on April 22, 2014 at 2:28 pm

His media personality and his staple team in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom  3 might portray him as a villain in the fighting game community, but the skill and talent possessed by Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez is undeniable. The 23-year-old has stormed the scene in recent years and hasn’t let down since, maintaining a consistent track record in Marvel vs. Capcom and elevating his status in other games like Street Fighter IV.

With a sponsorship recently secured through GamesterGear, we recently had the chance to talk to him about his move to the west coast, his thoughts on Marvel, and more.


Jason Yang: Why did you move to Southern California? Did After Glow Elite’s disbandment have anything to do with it?

Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez: No, moving to SoCal was pretty much a last resort. I was going to move to different place in New York, but after my roommate and close friend, Nelson “Remix” Reyes, passed away, I decided to just go with it. I planned to move to West Coast a little later in my life, but that sped things up.

JY: Do you enjoy California more than New York?

CG: Personally, I actually don’t. I think California is more of a settling down type of place. The upside is gaming has more opportunities here. East Coast doesn’t have the big companies. That’s why, besides personal issues, I’m here to make life a little better. I want to continue gaming and west coast is the way to do it. Hopefully everything works out.

JY: What do you miss from the East Coast?

CG: The life. In West Coast, things end too early. Driving is not the issue. It’s more when I look around, I see nothing at the end of the day. You pretty much stay at home if you are not going out by 8 PM. In the East Coast,  I miss the hype, the trash talks. Fun times.

JY: What is GamesterGear?

CG: They’re a headset company aiming to create the best gaming headset. They have a new vibration feature called bass quake. I have more than 15 headphones and headset, and I really like theirs. It’s lightweight, the sound and bass are good, and my current model [Falcon] is wireless. With better headsets, I can play games better

JY: How did this collaboration come to be?

CG: I met Vera [GamesterGear’s social media marketing manager] through Sherry Jenix. They knew who I was, and that I wear a lot of headphones. I promoted for them a few times and we talked at a few tournaments. After sponsoring me for Texas Showdown 2014, we worked out the details.

JY: What do you want to accomplish with this sponsorship?

CG: I want to work closer with them. With GamesterGear, I have a voice. So I’m working with them, giving feedback about the comfort and sound. I’m also hoping to attend more tournaments. I will be at UFGT X. I’m really happy to be sponsored by them.

JY: How come you didn’t enter any tournaments when you first moved to SoCal?

CG: When I first moved, I tried to play in The Runback and Wednesday Night Fights, and I didn’t do so well. I realized that I have more important things to worry about than video games, so I’ve been focusing on my personal life.

JY: Do you plan to pick up the pace?

CG: I actually will try [attending weeklies] more. The problem I have with the West Coast weeklies is it’s two days. I don’t like separating AE and Marvel.

So Wednesday Night Fights ends and you get home at 2 to 3 AM. And it’s little tiring to wake up and go for Marvel the next day. But hopefully when I get my schedule sorted out, I’ll be able to do that easier.

JY: In your mind, who are the top three all-around fighting game players?

CG: Not counting Tokido: me, Justin Wong, and PR Balrog.

JY: Some players find your team hard to deal with. You want to give those people any tips?

CG: Morrigan is not the only character on my team. That is the sum of everything. People will waste all their resources trying to kill Morrigan especially. At the end of the day, if they waste X-factor and all of their meters, I still have Doom and Vergil on the team.

JY: Do you have any new pocket teams up your sleeve?

CG: I have actually been working with two other characters, but obviously they are not finished.

JY: Can you tell me about your training regimine?

CG: I actually don’t play anything. That is the honest truth. Since I moved here, besides weeklies and majors, I think I played once and that’s to mess around.

JY: Are you excited about Ultra Street Fighter IV?

CG: Yes and no. I feel like it’s going to be defensive with a lot of the charge characters being buffed. People are already saying Guile is top three. Well, actually I just want to see how it goes.

JY: Will you stay with Sakura or use a new character?

CG: For the most part, I’ll stick with Sakura. I want to use my other characters whom are Yang and Evil Ryu.

JY: Future goals?

CG: Yes, learn how to drive. Get a car. That seems like a good starting point. What else? I want to start my own tournament, which was what I was doing before in the East Coast with Local Battles [Zoned Out]. Things were going smooth but we had to stop doing it. Hopefully I can come up with something at the West Coast.

JY: Some people call you the MVP of the past two years. Some label you as a villain. What do you want to say to those people? What misconceptions do you want to clear up?

CG: At the end of the day, I’m who you want me to be. That’s it. There’s nothing more I can say that people haven’t heard from others.

I tend to not want people to know who I really am. A lot of times they don’t really care to know who I am. They just want to know if I can perform, if I can keep winning. If I can’t, I go back to being who I was before video games. So I just agree with whatever they say.


(Images courtesy of Kara “Karaface” Leung, video via Capcom Fighters)

  • JasinWalraven

    I think this interview shows that even the most accomplished in our craft can get burned out or distracted by real life.

    • It’s one thing to be a villain and relish the role, like Filipino Champ does. It’s another to go from kind of a low tier hero playing Ryu/Ammy/Wesker with amazing performances despite having Ryu, to winning tourneys with a very different style of team (Morridoom) and being hated for it. The FGC in general doesn’t give him much love so he has to kind of keep an emotional distance from the FGC. Kinda sad really. I hope one day he gets the appreciation and the recognition I think he deserves.

      • Nael

        Justin Wong went from a community villain due to his dominance in Marvel to one of the FGC’s most beloved figures. It’ll happen for Chris as well, it just takes time.

  • tb

    im a chris G fan but u gotta be kidding me bro. u get home at 2 or 3 am and ur tired to go to the runback the next night which starts at 9 pm? hold dat

    • Spiral0Architect

      I think it’s a matter of getting home late and having to get up the next day twice a week.

      • ReddChief78

        Huh, most people get up daily with much less hours in between to go to work, anybody should be use to this just from school. 3am to 9pm is a long time, i think it’s a matter of being more convenient to have both games at the same time like NLBC does that’s what he’s use to.

    • It can be if you have stuff to do during the day, like most people… I don’t know if Chris has a job or whatever but I’m imagining he does.

  • Baka Mopo

    What?? He doesn’t know how to drive??

    • SalomeHarras

      You don’t need to know how to drive in NYC…

    • That’s pretty common in major metropolitan areas where the cost of living is insanely high and public transportation is readily available. Hopefully he’s a better driver than Wong 😛

  • Jeptha Hines

    I hope his two new characters are Ironman and Dante.

    I think it is a bit weird how many people in NYC do not know how to drive. But I wouldn’t guess NY drivers are a good influence either.

    • Daniel Song

      When public transportation is actually capable of getting you around in a timely fashion to almost anywhere you’d want to go, driving seems a lot less necessary.

    • SalomeHarras

      I’m guessing you haven’t actually traveled to NYC before. You don’t need a car, ever, if you live in NYC. You can get to pretty much anywhere via public transportation fairly easily. Driving is actually more of a hassle, and a lot more expensive.

      • Jeptha Hines

        It isn’t about not having to drive it is about never learning. I understand how NYC is, but that doesn’t mean people would never or should never learn. 14 years ago I learned how to drive in a school program when I was 15. As I said, just seems weird how the statistic is so high for those who never learned even though Yes I know people there don’t have to drive.

        • SalomeHarras

          Uh…why would you learn how to drive if you never have to do it and in fact, it’s more expensive and annoying to do so even if you did? Do you know how to sail a boat? Do you know how to fly a plane? You may be thinking that these are ridiculous analogies, but to people who live in NYC, driving can be just as ridiculous, and thus, not worth learning.

          • cHumbA

            it’s not expensive to learn how to drive. there is no reason not to learn how to drive, even if you don’t plan on getting a car for some time. there is no practicality behind not learning. it’s a common life skill. just because you live in nyc does not mean you will never need to know how to drive. knowing the basic functionality and fundamentals of driving is extremely important no matter where you are. get your head out your ass.

          • Travis Lynn

            My brother chooses not to drive and gets around just fine in the Midwest.

  • SlimX

    “They knew who I was, and that I wear a lot of headphones (at the same time).”

  • John Galt

    I can’t imagine the pressure of having to win all the time. I simply show up to work and get paid roughly 5000 before taxes every two weeks. These guys have to win major tournaments which don’t even happen too often and finish first to get paid out. What happens when the game you are best at changes?

  • Ban Midō #Anime#TaskForce

    Chris G is only 23? Wtf????? He is only a few years older than I am. I also hate when top players don’t give out their training tips, I was looking forward to something I could use in my game.