Help Bring X-MANIA USA and Tournament of Legends II to Evo 2014!

By on April 22, 2014 at 5:44 pm


Super Turbo Revival and Evo are bringing the arcade classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo back to Evo this year. Following the success of the Tournament of Legends in 2012, ST Revival will be running the event for a second and final time at Evo 2014, together with a special USA edition of the long-running Japanese 3-on-3 team tournament X-MANIA.

This year’s event is, however, will be powered by the community. In addition to a series of qualifiers for Tournament of Legends II hosted at fighting events across the United States, ST Revival is inviting four legendary street fighters from Japan to compete: MAO, Nuki, Kurahashi, and a fourth player that has yet to be announced.

In order to help cover the travel expenses for the Japanese players, ST Revival is running a community donation drive through the end of April. As a token of thanks, contributors will receive special commemorative items, from bumper stickers, posters and T-shirts to a raffle ticket for some of the aforementioned items signed by the qualifying players.


If you’d like to contribute and help get ST Revival to their $3500 goal, visit the donation page below. Remember, any amount is appreciated!

[button link=”” size=”medium”]ST Revival Community Donation Drive for Evo 2014[/button]

The drive ends on April 30 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Source: Super Turbo Revival

  • kuroppi

    We have more Japanese grandmasters wanting to come so there will most likely be more invite spots added if we reach our goal or higher. Thank you to everyone supporting us!

  • grezex29

    Tournament of Legends 2 needs to be at EVO this year. The first one in 2012 was insane and this could be even better. I may be all kinds of broke, but I know I’m spreading the word on this one.

    • kuroppi

      This one will definitely be better! 😉

      Thanks for spreading the word for us!

  • J.D SRK

    I can’t really donate at the moment, but is there any small chance that those posters will be for sale at EVO?

    • kuroppi

      We’re not allowed to sell items at Evo but contact me on the STR website and maybe we can figure something out.

  • ohh I remember this one, last year they just wanted money, at least this year they caught on & actually are giving something back. Leveling-up finally nice.

    • kuroppi

      Last year’s donation drive was run by Evo, not by us and it was part of the drive to get one of the games as an official Evo game. And it was for breast cancer research so it was obviously for a good cause.

      This donation drive is being run by ST Revival and we’re the ones organizing X-Mania USA and ToL II and we’re trying to put on the biggest ST event ever in the US in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of ST. 🙂

      • Actually, I was referring to another Tourney that was just asking for the money without a prize structure, obviously not this one (which I will support BTW, can’t pass up on that raffle for $25, lol) & definately not the Melle for Cancer Research last year, (I actually supported that one). I couldn’t find the link to the one I was referring to, but I rembering commenting on it as they were not giving anything back & just asking for money & I told them to take a hint from the Melle Donation Drive………I’ll repost If I find the article. I jus wanna reitterate, I really support & encourage what you guys are doing for the ST Scene & FGC in general. Best of Luck.

        • kuroppi

          Thanks! 🙂

      • Hey since I got your attention, I was wondering is the EVO Tourney going to run ST Remix or classic because people complaining of the minute lag differences?? Personally I wana see the tourney stream in HD but I guess top level players would care about it. THNX

        • kuroppi

          It’s going to be arcade ST run on Japanese head-to-head cabinets with an Undamned USB converter installed that will allow players to use their own stick if they wish to. We will also have Undamned UD-CPS2 Superguns for additional stations for matches where both players want to use their own stick.