Team OXY Releases Super Smash Bros. Melee Power Rankings for Southern California’s Spring 2014 Season

By on April 21, 2014 at 1:31 pm

At a recent installment of Super Smash Sundays, the guys behind Team OXY revealed the latest Super Smash Bros. Melee power rankings for the region of Southern California.

Created by a panel comprised of Jeremy “Fly Amanita” Westfahl, McCain “MacD” LaVelle, Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez, Squid, and Daniel “Tafokints” Lee, the top twenty rankings have been released in video format to showcase some of the best moments each player has contributed over the past few months of Melee competition.

As SoCal is arguably one of the world’s strongest region for the game, this video will surely entertain you with its rich amount of exciting play, technical prowess, and creative combos. Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think of their rankings in the comments.

For those of you that do not have time to watch the video, we’ve included the power rankings in the box below as well.

SoCal Melee Spring Season 2014 Power Rankings

1. OXY|Westballz (Falco)
2. Fly Amanita (Ice Climbers)
3. S2J (Captain Falcon)
4. Fiction (Fox)
5. Lucky (Fox)
6. CT|MacD (Peach)
7. OXY|SUNG666 (Sheik/Falco)
8. DEHF (Falco)
9. GLG|OkamiBW (Sheik)
10. HugS (Samus)
11. Connor (Peach)
12. MIOM|Tafokints (Sheik)
13. Liquid|Ken (Marth)
14. ROFL (Luigi)
15. SFS|A_Rookie (Mario)
16. Alex19 (Fox)
17. Kira (Sheik)
18. Lil Fumi (Fox/Yoshi)
19. Squid (Falco)
20. OXY|Dendy Pretendy (Jigglypuff)

Source: Team OXY