Bandai Namco Games Announces Free-to-Play Arena Fighter Rise of Incarnates

By on April 21, 2014 at 11:11 pm

After dabbling in the market with Tekken Revolution and Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, Bandai Namco Games is set to launch an original free-to-play title for PC later this year. Rise of Incarnates, an arena brawler in the same vein as Anarchy Reigns, is currently being developed by team members behind the company’s most popular fighting franchises.

While very little is known about the gameplay at this point in time outside of a 2-on-2 concept, the trailer and press release below shed some light on what players can expect to find in this interesting title.

Rise of Incarnates Press Release

Rise of Incarnates is set to launch on PC sometime in late 2014. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details become available but, for now, feel free to check out the title’s official website for more information on signing up for the alpha test, a few of the characters, and the story they will take part in.

UPDATE – Some gameplay footage recently surfaced courtesy of Videogames Brasil and Game Informer has a write-up from their time with the game, both of which make the game seem very similar to Bandai Namco’s Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. series.

Source: Rise of Incarnates via NeoGAF, Videogames Brasil via NeoGAF, Game Informer via NaelAM

  • CAE


  • Albirieo

    Yo god damn

  • wes yoshida

    I know my comment is gonna get disliked to hell but I can’t stand F2P games. Either by raising awful communities around it or becoming huge cash cows with micro-transactions and what not, I really don’t like it. Too bad because the game looks good. 🙁

    • Hotaka Saika

      I won’t argue against awful communities. Often times the idiots and jerks seem to flock to F2P titles. But if they keep micro transactions to just cosmetic items, I think that would be a good thing.

    • Cloak

      That’s not to say that Free to play games can’t be done right, DoTA2’s model is amazing and for a fighting game, DOA5u’s is also great.

      I am interested in the kind of free to play model this game will have, so far they haven’t really had a good track record with Tekken Rev. and SC lost souls imo but we’ll see. If it’s grind to win that promotes uneven playing fields then you can count me out.

  • devlkore

    Phantom Dust meets Dreamcast Spawn? I need to get this.

  • MaskedHero99

    It looks like a final fantasy trailer. .but its gameplay holly shit

  • BlackMasamune

    Not gonna lie, I’m intrigued. And knowing it has a proven Fighting Game developer behind it makes me even more interested.

  • guest131925

    Another ripoff and this time it is Max Anarchy? So creative. So we know where the money Bandai milked from the F2P game players went now. This game doesn’t have much potential, though.

  • Pooh Hardy

    And i’m just sitting here waiting for TxSF…

  • ArmoredBoar

    Yo, PC? That’s actually pretty cool.
    PC is finally getting a beat-’em-up-ish fighter that ISN’T some DFO knockoff.

    Color me impressed, I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Corootai

    oh snap it’s namco’s take on Anarchy Reigns! let’s see how they do with this. will they out do platinum games?

    • Hotaka Saika

      Not to sound negative, but it’s pretty hard to out do platinum’s brand of over the top zaniness.

      • Corootai

        nono i whole heartedly agree with you on that XDD

  • tickles

    it’d be nice if they offered a full package version like KI

  • Ragnorok SixtyFour

    Is this the closest we’re going to get to Gunslinger Stratos outside of Japan?

    • reverze

      pretty much

  • Reckion

    Looks pretty cool, don’t get me wrong I am gonna get it, but i still would like to know a BIT more of into on the tekken X streetfighter.

  • F2P Jstars Victory Versus with rip-off characters, I’m in!

  • Fucks, I do not give.

    • jlb85

      Agreed. Not a fan of this type of camera. Looks like it plays like one of those mech style battle games but with human character models. Just does not seem quite like the same genre as what I think of as a “fighting game.” That’s why I am really surprised to see so much excitement here. Didn’t know there was so much crossover between this style of game and traditional fighting games. I wish someone would just rip off power stone, camera and everything and release it for a new generation (although I don’t think of power stone as traditional either).

  • Nael

    Game Informer previewed this game and pretty much confirms that this is a reskinned Gundam EX VS. Probably better off doing this than trying to please the small number of Gundam fans outside of Japan.

    • iantothemax

      Thanks for the link!

    • urzamtg .

      “The game mechanics are based loosely on the extremely popular in Japan two verses two action franchise, Gundam Versus. ”

      The average internet user’s reading comprehension scares me.

  • Beb0p

    Reminds me of Anarchy Reigns.

  • John Galt

    Looks like a flop to me. I’m actually surprised some are interested. I’m glad bandai Namco has finally stopped making sequels people are losing interest in and catering to PC

  • DriftSlave

    Hype died when I seen it’s a reskinned Gundam Extreme.

  • Paul S

    “Arena Fighter”

    Finally, we picked a name and stuck with it.

  • Azrael VG

    Looks a hell of a lot like GunZ : The Duel which is also Free to Play. Looks interesting , and its on Steam so I will be trying it out for sure.

  • Gojira Twit

    Aw, I was hoping for something more like Urban Reign. This is just Gundam with peoples. I find myself not caring much.

  • 七川 美華


  • Din Taylor

    Rise of the imperfects 😛 J/K

  • ArmoredBoar

    New footage?
    Oh my god, it’s the Gundam Vs. engine!
    This can only mean good things.

  • MikaiGamer

    Looks like a weaker version of Anarchy Reigns a game i want on pc

  • PJ

    I have to agree with the people saying it looks like a take on Anarchy Reigns… which was fun for about a day then got boring as hell.


    Hahahaha, what a piece of shit.

    I dunno what was worse: Bandai ruining Namco, or Enix ruining Square. They both have been getting slammed for their crappy games lately, but they’re still getting money from morons who play this kind of shit out of boredom or because they see some skank female character and say “HMMMM LOOKS INTERESTING”.

  • DoctorButler

    It’s Gundam Tag Tournament. I like when Nightmare with Paul’s haircut turned into Devil-Jin in the trailer.

    Where’s TxSF?