A Moment of Sanity – UltraDavid Analyzes Infamous Dhalsim vs. Hugo Ultra Street Fighter IV Match Footage

By on April 21, 2014 at 6:10 pm

While everyone is eagerly snapping up every bit of Ultra Street Fighter IV gameplay footage they can find, one video in particular has been making the rounds and causing a fair bit of discussion.

In this video, YHC-Mochi, widely regarded as one of the best (if not the best) Dhalsim players in the world, faces off against an unknown opponent who has picked Hugo, one of the game’s new characters. Over the course of their match, Mochi makes very good use of Sim’s standing forward, which now hits twice, to keep the other player locked down and seemingly optionless…

…well, optionless if you don’t pay very close attention.

After the release of the video in question, many were quick to proclaim the matchup as the worst in the game based on this video alone; an audacious claim, especially for a game as young as Ultra. Fortunately, clearer heads have prevailed.

In a brand new installment of UltraChen’s Delayed Hyper Commentary match analysis series, UltraDavid takes a look at the quick replay and provides some insight–as a player of both Dhalsim and grapplers in general as well as someone who has spent a good amount of time with various builds of the new title–into what is actually going on in the video, the options that may be available to Hugo in the matchup, and general thoughts on why jumping to conclusions is (surprise!) a bad thing.

Be sure to check out his video below and let us know what you think.

Source: UltraChen via NeoGAF

  • Little_Goten

    This won’t calm down the Unity kids.

  • Jumpyburd

    Ehubs said it was the worst matchup

    • technical_boom

      i cant tell if you’re serious or not

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        He is serious, and correct.

        Hubs was all over this, overhyping it as the potentially worst matchup.

  • Thirties John

    Sanity only works on sane people, unfortunately. All the logic in the world won’t convince a salivating hysterical teenager that they should calm down.

  • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

    Dude, get the point. Is Akuma a weak character or not!?

  • CptPokerface

    It shouldn’t but it really boggles my mind to see how fast people online will jump to conclusions and pass judgement on how good or bad a match-up is. Ultra is still brand new..virtually nothing has been explored enough to have a valid and concrete opinion on.

    But, explosive tiger knee-jerk reactions are what I’ve come to expect from the online FGC, more or less.

    • Thirties John

      It’s because most (online) players rely on other people to show/tell them how a match up works. They simply don’t feel any desire to see what they can figure out on their own. They see that it looks difficult on the face of it, but they don’t want to have to use their brain. Also, for some reason, people think they’re masters of a game before they’ve even touched it. It’s a weird thing that seems to happen a lot with fighting games.

      • CptPokerface

        Admittedly, it get’s a little frustrating to see. It was a very short video but there were some ways around that MK, well-spaced Body Splashes, EX Lariats, etc.

        But no, people only seem to be able to focus on the worst of everything. Everytime there’s a changelist it’s like they purposely choose to ignore any buff a character may get in order to highlight the nerfs. People even believe a “no nerfs-only buffs” approach would HELP the game..


  • Victor Thammavong

    First of all, the game hasn’t even been out for a week yet. Second, the Hugo player wasn’t even a pro. And on top of that, Hugo is a brand new character that hasn’t been fully explored yet. C’mon, mang. People be trippin’, lol.

  • Craig Keller

    UltraDavid confirmed for best nickname giver ever. DudeFace. Brilliant.

  • Beb0p

    That Hugo didn’t try once to counter hit Dhalism hits with his own pokes, never bothered trying to use focus either. In other words complete shit.

    • Thirties John

      Actually, he did try those things. The problem is that two rounds (99 seconds apiece) is a ridiculously small amount of time to expect someone to be able to learn a specific match-up, so essentially his “time was up” before he was able to come to his conclusion.

      I’d understand if this was like a first-to-ten, and the Hugo player got bodied every single round. But it wasn’t. It was two rounds.

      • Thirties John

        Dhalsim was simply playing his anti-Gief game for the most part. Not a bad plan against a Hugo who doesn’t yet know how to fight Dhalsim. Unfortunately for Hugo, he is not Zangief, and cannot just do the things Zangief can do. He has to learn his own strategies.

  • TabbyNat

    Seems like EX lariat is a get in free card if Sim touches a button, depending on how safe it is.

  • BlackMasamune

    SRK = News, EH = TMZ.

    • H_Magnus

      But I thought /r/kappa was TMZ.

    • Kongk4

      You forgot to put “Fox” before “News.” 😛

  • slimetime

    That title card…

    Geh hehhhhh

  • comoesa

    where are people getting these matchvids from?

    i don’t have time to scour youtube…

  • ReoAyanami

    In vanilla SF4, Zangief also had a jump move that beat Seth’s annoying limbs. But you’d probably have a hard time finding someone who didn’t think that the matchup didn’t need a fix. Seth was considered pretty low tier while Zangief was at least upper mid at the time as well.

    Anyway, this video by UltraDavid is just theory fighting without any proof or experience. There are mods, location test and arcade machines for USF4 so it shouldn’t be too hard to show examples. Or are we all relying on top players to show us how to play this game?

    • Jason Slade

      UltraDavid has been to pretty much all the USF4 location tests and has played Hugo quite a bit. He also plays Dhalsim.

      Its not just “theory fighting”.

      • ReoAyanami

        He may have tried the characters but has he ever tried the matchup? As long as it is never tested, it is all just theories.

        Even with his “experience”, he has never mentioned cr.MP as a possible option. So, even his theories may not right..

        That’s why it’s important to test it out.

  • PJ

    What? The “fgc” making snap judgements based of a single youtube video? Noooooo…… surely you can’t be serious.

    • Flutterderp

      I think he IS serious.
      …and stop calling him Shirley.

  • Samuel Ryder

    So because you could /possibly/ win with Yolo EX clothesline and perfectly spaced splashes (which assumes Sim doesn’t find answers to either of these options, which he probably does cause Mochi basically won with 3 buttons), we’re just ignoring the fact that this match looks completely miserable for Hugo?

    • Christofer

      Again, We are talking day 3 Hugo vs the best Dhalsim player in the world, and you are making sweeping conclusions about the match up? Having bad match ups is part of the game, have you heard of Yun vs Dhalsim? Probably 8-2 in favor of Yun, Guile vs Bison, probably 8-2 as well, Sagat vs Gief probably 7-3 or close to 8-2 in Sagats favor. Why aren’t you raging about these match ups? They have been in the game for ever.

      • Samuel Ryder

        Uh, because we know about those already?

  • Laryea Quaye

    Pending meter he could red focus through the button and get a free crumple. Just another option.

  • Felipe Pereira

    well, sim is a zoning guy, and he is zoning… it’s up to the other player to find a way to break in. besides that, street fighter is (and always was) a game of matchups…

  • FakMeLaterally

    People shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but there is an inevitability that Hugo is going to have some rough matchups with that big a hurtbox…..

  • Dud had 69 seconds left in the first round then 56 in the second. Most people try to finish Sim off in the first few seconds. That’s the perfect recipe to end up loosing. Just block and absorb a few fireballs and bide your time and hope the Sim over extend himself. Shit looks hard though.

    I’m picking up Decapre just for the Sim match-up.