NorCal Regionals 2014 Results

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UPDATE: This event has wrapped up, check out the results below!

As many of you should be aware, the twelfth installment of NorCal Regionals is set to take place this weekend in Sacramento, California. On top of the usual high-level competition, this year’s event will feature a variety of other attractions, from Capcom’s showing of Ultra Street Fighter IV to a handful of great exhibitions.

Below, you’ll find all the info you’ll need to know about the event, including the official lineup, links to tentative brackets, a full scheduled, and much more.

Official Lineup

NorCal Regionals 2014 will feature three types of games: those included in the main lineup, a special sponsored title, and community-ran side games.

Main Games

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 ($2000 pot bonus from Capcom)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • King of Fighters XIII
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Killer Instinct

Sponsored Game

  • Divekick ($500 pot bonus from Iron Galaxy Studios)

Community Games

  • Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013
  • BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
  • Persona 4 Arena
  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Tournament of Legends II qualifier)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2
  • Soulcalibur V
  • Soulcalibur II
  • Skullgirls

Capcom Pro Tour and Ultra Street Fighter IV


As a premier tournament on the Capcom Pro Tour, NorCal Regionals’ first place finisher in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 will earn a spot in Capcom Cup’s bracket this December. The rest of the top sixteen will be rewarded with seeding points that will raise their spot in the tour’s overall ranking system.

Capcom will also be providing Ultra Street Fighter IV stations to allow attendees to try out the upcoming title and provide feedback.


Similar to other majors, Norcal Regionals will feature a wide variety of exhibitions to accompany the normal tournament action.

Friday evening will see NorCal’s MMG|Apologyman face off against SoCal visitor UGC|Cloud805 in a long first-to-seven Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 set. After that, the West Coast will go about defending the region against challengers from the East Coast. iPeru, EG|PR Balrog, and Jayce the Ace will represent the west while EMP|NuckleDu, TS|Arturo Sanchez, and EG|K-Brad are set to act on behalf of the east.

The night will close out with a different kind of event dubbed the Final Boss Exhibition. This competition will feature old-school competitors TS|Arturo Sanchez, EG|Justin Wong, Hsien Chang, EG|Ricky Ortiz, John Choi, and LU|Alex Valle taking part in a variety of classic and contemporary titles. If you’re a fan of games like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Street Fighter IV, be sure to check it out for some randomized craziness.

Finally, an Ultra Street Fighter IV exhibition is planned for finals day just before the Street Fighter top sixteen, the details of which have yet to be made public.


All of these festivities wouldn’t be possible without an excellent group of sponsors, so be sure to give Arcade Shock, Eightarc, Iron Galaxy Studios, Are You Gaming, The Steam Co., Dynamic Custom Beadworks, XSplit, The Underground Syndicate, Hungry Human, and Marvelous Customs some love if you enjoy the tournament this weekend.




Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog, Evil Ryu)
2. INFILTRATION (Akuma, Oni, Chun-Li)
3. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus)
4. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
5. EG|K-Brad (Cammy)
5. Jayce the Ace (C.Viper)
7. Snake Eyez (Zangief)
7. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)

9. Mike Ross (E.Honda, Sagat, Blanka)
9. MMG|Julio (Yun)
9. pH|HooDaMan (E.Honda)
9. Alex Meyers (Sakura)
13. iPeru (El Fuerte)
13. bjUNCHAINED (Cody)
13. pH|LPN (Cammy)
13. NGL.MCZ|Marq Teddy (Guy)

17. fLoE (Rufus, Yang, Sagat)
17. DSC|Veloc1raptor (Gouken)
17. NGL.MCZ|Brentt (Rufus)
16. Dirty Paws (Hakan)
17. AVM|Kelvin Jeon (Makoto)
17. EMP|Nuckledu (Guile, Cammy)
17. 801 Strider (Abel, Evil Ryu)
17. MMG|GDragon
25. Disabel (E.Honda)
25. Nubi (Gen)
25. TS|Sabin (Rose, Dhalsim)
25. 420 HeyZeus775 (Adon)
25. NGL.MCZ|Chris (Ken)
25. MMG|El Cubano Loco (Vega)
25. Kineda (Akuma)
25. Tremendoh Ro

Match Log


Match Log


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. EG|Justin Wong (Wolverine/Storm/Akuma)
2. UGC|Cloud805 (Zero/Vergil/Dante)
3. RG|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
4. BT|Clockw0rk (Vergil/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu)
5. MMG|ApologyMan (Firebrand/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull)
5. EG|PR Balrog (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
7. EG|K-Brad (Trish/Dante/Vergil)
7. TS|NerdJosh (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil)

9. KillerKai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil, Zero/Vergil/Strider Hiryu)
9. UGC|Paradigm (Haggar/Dormammu/Doctor Doom, Haggar/Rocket Raccoon/Arthur)
9. Marn (Zero/Vergil/Strider Hiryu)
9. MC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
13. UGS|Neo (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
13. TheProblem (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
13. 1ATK|Infrit (Nova/Spencer/Sentinel)
13. Falcomist (Nova/Dormammu/Doctor Doom)

17. Clegg Madness (Wolverine/Spencer/Akuma)
17. CFD|Hi I’m Nastyy (Captain America/Iron Man/Super-Skrull)
17. CJ Showstopper (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
17. 949|Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto)
17. MC|KBeast (C.Viper/Magneto/Dante)
17. BE|Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel)
17. SMH|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye)
25. MC|X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu)
25. Shadow 9471 (Nova/Spencer/Doctor Strange)
25. Trumpet (Captain America/Vergil/Strider Hiryu)
25. LLND (Chris/Dante/Hsien-Ko)
25. PSG|Quackbot (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar)
25. Shorty
25. Bloody Picture
25. Rusty ShackleFord (Amaterasu/Morrigan/Phoenix)

Match Log


Match Log


Super Smash Bros. Melee

1. MIOM|PewPewU (Marth, Fox)
2. Shroomed (Dr. Mario, Sheik, Marth)
3. MIOM|SFAT (Fox)
4. HomeMadeWaffles (Falco, Fox)
5. SilentSpectre (Captain Falcon)
5. MIOM|Scar (Captain Falcon)
7. MIOM|Hyuga (Jigglypuff)
7. Lucien (Sheik)

Match Log


Killer Instinct

1. MrGrimmmz (Jago)
2. EG|Justin Wong (Sabrewulf)
3. Gutter Magic (Thunder)
4. EG|PR Balrog (Orchid)
5. pH|HooDaMan (Sabrewulf)
5. FRQ|Steeeve (Sabrewulf)
7. LCD (Jago)
7. Integration (Orchid)

Match Log


The King of Fighters XIII

1. AS|Reynald (Mr. Karate/Duo Lon/Kim)
2. BE|Kane Blueriver (Raiden/Takuma/Vice)
3. 4LEAF (Mature/Leona, Athena, Leona/Athena/Shen)
4. Kinetix (Kim/Mr. Karate/Chin)
5. MF|Ziwa (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/EX Iori)
5. AS|Giby (Kyo/Ralf/Takuma)
7. Heavy Arms (Joe/Mr. Karate/Chin)
7. HitBox|TrophyClub (K’/Hwa/Chin)

Match Log


Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Tournament of Legends II Qualifier

1. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)
2. TS|Sabin (Dhalsim)
3. ultracombo (O-Sagat)
4. FYS|Vestax (Balrog, E.Honda)
5. TS|NerdJosh (Balrog)
5. BHB|Darkness (Balrog)
7. yoooon (Balrog)
7. Thrust07 (Vega)

Alex Valle qualifies for Tournament of Legends II at Evo 2014.

Match Log


BlazBlue Chronophantasma

1. Pain (Kokonoe)
2. 2GB Combo (Relius)
3. MMG|ApologyMan (Haku-Men)
4. Solex (Kagura)

Match Log


Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition

1. EG|Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
2. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li, Ken)
3. ROM (Yang)
4. Bessu (Yun)

Match Log


Divekick Addition Edition

1. TTV|parrythelightning (Kenny, S-Kill)
2. East Gold (Kenny, Jefailey, Kung Pao)
3. iLLiterate (Dive)
4. IBSpify (Kung Pao)
5. Bloody Picture (Uncle Sensei)
5. Gunstar Hero (Dive)
7. Mr. R (Stream)
7. Ian (Dive)

Match Log


Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013

1. EMP|Nuckledu (Guile/Zangief)
2. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li)
3. pH|LPN (Cammy/Lars, Hwoarang)
4. pH|TZA (Law/Chun-Li)
5. iLLiterate (Hwoarang/Law)
5. PrinceK (Vega/Nina)
7. ZeroHour
7. LU|Alex Valle (Yoshimitsu/Lars)

Match Log


Skullgirls Encore

1. Negus Eyoel
2. ThatOneOtherDude
3. fastturtle
4. SkippyMcYay
5. severine
5. Biz Casual
7. PFGC Jayford
7. Beamsprouts



SoulCalibur V

1. SC.TSF|Blueboy
2. Hates
3. -Manta-
4. Signia
5. Alex J
5. Meecrox
7. Snortme Imdope
7. Nyawau



SoulCalibur II HD Online

2. Hates
3. KrayzieCD
4. Alex J
5. SC.TSF|Blueboy
5. fLoE
7. Uber
7. soakrates



Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

1. AFD.TB|JajinShinobi
2. Punishere
3. Koompbala
4. AFD|Requiem



FINAL BOSS Exhibition

For each match, one of four games is randomly selected: Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK or Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

1. EG|Justin Wong
2. TS|Sabin
3. ROM
3. LU|Alex Valle
5. John Choi
5. ComboFiend
5. fLoE
5. EG|Ricky Ortiz

Match Log

Sources: Capcom Fighters, TeamSp00kyiPlayWinner, Arturo Sanchez, NyawuNaziZelda

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  • BlackMasamune

    When you gonna add the other streams to the story?

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      I was wondering where sfxt finals stream is going to be

  • Angry Joshua

    WTF No Injustice?

    • EOTL_Legacy

      capcom pro tour

      • Nael

        There was Injustice at Final Round, and that was a CPT event as well. The problem is that the NRS scene is weak in NorCal.

    • Ben2Gen

      apparently the NRS community boycotted the event because INJ was listed as a “side game” and not a main game. they believe that there is bias against their scene from the organisers of NCR from previous years of NCR.
      I may be wrong but this is what i’ve heard.

      • FinchoMatic

        That really sucks. Doesn’t the west coast have a good scene for Injustice out there? Can’t see why they would have this as a side game.

        • Bushin_Cat

          The NCR organizers probably ran outta time/ space to fit either Injustice or Virtua Fighter in there( NO! DOA5U is not a sub for VF). It’s an IN-justice, I tell you!

      • Yan Zhao

        If that’s true, I cant really blame them. Whether you like Injustice or not, it’s always been the 3rd most popular game after Marvel and AE for most past majors. Putting it as a side game was pretty dumb for a big major like NCR.

  • PJ

    Is the final boss exhibition archived?

  • No ChrisG?

    • Nael

      He dropped out a couple days before the event began.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    HA KOKONOE winning tournaments still, but people are getting closer to beating her.
    Come on KaneBlueRiver you had this, almost in 16 man….ugh

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    are the super turbo matches on youtube yet? or can someone tell me where can i find them on twitch?

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    Is there footage of the Final Boss Exhibitation anywhere?

  • xanderglz

    Jayce the Ace for top 3 AE at NCR 2014 Le’s go! Viper represent. Currently the best there is in the US

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    DOA5, SCV and SC2HD????!!! But No Tekken???!!! WWWHHHHYYYY?????

    • Tekken’s too godlike for these peons.

  • bavobbr

    PR Balrog was favorite to take this, he did really well against the worlds best players last week, probably the best training he could ever have. Taking this high profile major is well deserved at the very end of AE2012

  • Light Buster

    Damn, Grimmz took both SCR and NCR. He’s looking to be the best KI player out there.

  • Yan Zhao

    Clockwork really stepped up his Marvel game. Really enjoyed his matches.

  • romeo c shiryu22

    Had a blast! Check out Romeo vs PR Balrog in a set of rock paper scissor money matches –

  • d3v

    ROM placed in 3rd Strike because it’s a good game.

  • Gamegeezer

    BananaMan was not added to top 32 rankings for Marvel even though he’s listed in match logs for top 32 losers side rankings as winner.

  • Joey Lee

    What an epic comeback from JWong in the UMVC3 finals.

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    So apparently, my name is JajinShinobi now. 😀