NorCal Regionals 2014 Taking Place This Weekend; West Coast vs. East Coast AE 2012 Exhibition, MMG|Apologyman vs. UGC|Cloud805 UMvC3 First-to-Seven, and More

By on April 17, 2014 at 7:34 pm


As many of you should be aware, the twelfth installment of NorCal Regionals is set to take place this weekend in Sacramento, California. On top of the usual high-level competition, this year’s event will feature a variety of other attractions, from Capcom’s showing of Ultra Street Fighter IV to a handful of great exhibitions.

Below, you’ll find all the info you’ll need to know about the event, including the official lineup, links to tentative brackets, a full scheduled, and much more.

Official Lineup

NorCal Regionals 2014 will feature three types of games: those included in the main lineup, a special sponsored title, and community-ran side games.

Main Games

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 ($2000 pot bonus from Capcom)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • King of Fighters XIII
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Killer Instinct

Sponsored Game

  • Divekick ($500 pot bonus from Iron Galaxy Studios)

Community Games

  • Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013
  • BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
  • Persona 4 Arena
  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Tournament of Legends II qualifier)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2
  • Soulcalibur V
  • Soulcalibur II
  • Skullgirls

Capcom Pro Tour and Ultra Street Fighter IV


As a premier tournament on the Capcom Pro Tour, NorCal Regionals’ first place finisher in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 will earn a spot in Capcom Cup’s bracket this December. The rest of the top sixteen will be rewarded with seeding points that will raise their spot in the tour’s overall ranking system.

Capcom will also be providing Ultra Street Fighter IV stations to allow attendees to try out the upcoming title and provide feedback.

Schedule and Streams

Four separate streams will be providing live broadcasts of all the NorCal Regionals competition should you be unable to attend. For an idea of who will be streaming what, be sure to check out the full schedule below and plan accordingly. All times are PDT (UTC -7)

Schedule and Streams


While they are still being worked on and are sure to be expanded with on-site registrations, some of NorCal Regionals’ brackets have been made live. If you’re looking forward to the weekend’s competition, these offer a good early glimpse at some matchups we may see over the course of each tournament.

We’ve browsed each pool and have put together a quick look at the notable players who will be in attendance below.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
King of Fighters XIII
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Killer Instinct



Similar to other majors, Norcal Regionals will feature a wide variety of exhibitions to accompany the normal tournament action.

Friday evening will see NorCal’s MMG|Apologyman face off against SoCal visitor UGC|Cloud805 in a long first-to-seven Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 set. After that, the West Coast will go about defending the region against challengers from the East Coast. iPeru, EG|PR Balrog, and Jayce the Ace will represent the west while EMP|NuckleDu, TS|Arturo Sanchez, and EG|K-Brad are set to act on behalf of the east.

The night will close out with a different kind of event dubbed the Final Boss Exhibition. This competition will feature old-school competitors TS|Arturo Sanchez, EG|Justin Wong, Hsien Chang, EG|Ricky Ortiz, John Choi, and LU|Alex Valle taking part in a variety of classic and contemporary titles. If you’re a fan of games like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Street Fighter IV, be sure to check it out for some randomized craziness.

Finally, an Ultra Street Fighter IV exhibition is planned for finals day just before the Street Fighter top sixteen, the details of which have yet to be made public.


All of these festivities wouldn’t be possible without an excellent group of sponsors, so be sure to give Arcade Shock, Eightarc, Iron Galaxy Studios, Are You Gaming, The Steam Co., Dynamic Custom Beadworks, XSplit, The Underground Syndicate, Hungry Human, and Marvelous Customs some love if you enjoy the tournament this weekend.

  • Thirties John

    “Finally, an Ultra Street Fighter IV exhibition is planned for finals day
    just before the Street Fighter top sixteen, the details of which have
    yet to be made public.”

    Sorry, but the last time an USFIV exhibition was promised at a major, it was just quietly swept under the rug…

  • Tan Tan

    Why no Injustice or Tekken?

  • grezex29

    Man, KI being a Main Game over BBCP, DOA5U and SCV is just kinda sad and feels all kinds of wrong. Good stuff otherwise though, and that “Final Boss Exhibition” actually sounds awesome.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      That’s all Wizard (especially) and the Cannon brothers. They don’t like nor know shit about any of those games. They only pick the games THEY like, none of that “community” ish. SFxT killed all that and to make it more apparent, they added Injustice at the same time frame a year later from Skullgirls (yet used the excuse of Skullgirls game not released “on time”).

      • Julian GameHead Irwin

        Can’t get mad at the TOs. get mad at the people who didn’t want to step up and run something.Something the SFxT community had to wake up and realize.

        • Antonio C. R. Murray

          Who was “run something” for SFxT to even be in the lineup at 2012? Game wasn’t even out. That’s what. That could have been a spot for something else that was even currently playable. Since the beginning, they’ve been using “the community” as a “reason” for their lineup selection. Ask them about those “other games” if you ever get a chance and just gauge their enthusiasm in the answers.

          • Julian GameHead Irwin

            because that’s what keeps these games going…COMMUNITIES! 2012 SFxT was still fresh even if it was getting its ass kicked thanks to pr problems and dlc crap. And after EVO we(sfxt community) were all on every front going wtf WHERE’S SFxT??, even though we knew that the game was on the decline. But then we had to realize top players weren’t going to hold our game up and had to do what we needed to do.

            Me personally I haven’t payed that much attention to SCV or DOA, so I wouldn’t know their current standings in the competitive world. Just keep pushing your scene to get out to stuff, even if it isn’t the main attraction.

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            Street Fighter x Tekken was selected for EVO 2012 BEFORE the game was even out. That there caused huge controversy in the FGC all round and as expect (from me), the game flopped. Its 2014 and people need to start calling this tournament for what it actually is and its CC system, Capcom & California. That’s all the organizers of this tournament know.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            1. Both times SFxT was at EVO, it got good very numbers, in spite of the constant hate. It didn’t “flop”.

            2. If you consider SFxT a “flop”, then those other games like Persona, DOA5, and SC5 were flops, too. Possibly, even bigger flops. SFxT got better entry numbers at EVO than any of those games, and it sold well enough, despite what the stream monsters and forum trolls like to think. And, currently, SFxT has been holding it’s own in recent tourneys since SCR.

            Stop invoking the name of SFxT to try to get likes or support. If you want your games to get support, then don’t snipe at other games in the process. This is exactly the problem with this stupid community. Stop attacking other communities WITHIN YOUR OWN FREAKING GENRE.

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            Ain’t nobody attacking other communities. SFxT was auto selected simply because it had a Capcom label on it, in other words, the Capcom community, in which these organizers are really only about. Listen to the way Capcom dudes talk, “the fighting game community”, like they the only ones that make fighting games or something.

            Dead or Alive 5 never even made an appearance at EVO. The game outsold TTT2 so no “flop” there. My thing is that they need to follow Alex Valle’s example of SoCal Regionals. All games. No discrimination. I.e. a player all the way from Japan came to SCR ’14 to compete just because Soul Calibur II was on the roster.

      • Rockz

        Wizard and the Cannon brothers aren’t the reason people don’t show up at tournaments for those games.

        • Antonio C. R. Murray

          They set the tone for what’s competitive and what’s not based on the lineup.

        • grezex29

          With that being said though, you have to understand that there are a lot of people who pick what games they play based on “EVO likeliness”. There are a surprising number of people who are like “Why should I play X game when it won’t even be in EVO because some game will just come out in April or May and take its spot?”. Of course…on the flip side, you have the KOFXIII scene that since the game was in arcades has been following the “love the game, play the game, tell your friends about how awesome this game is” mentality and have been getting people into KOF that wouldn’t normally play KOF games.

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            Killer Instinct Xbox One say otherwise.

          • grezex29

            Killer Instinct is also a completely unfinished game that you can’t even buy in a physical form to go take to meetups. I tend not to talk about a game until it’s y’know, complete and released to talk about it.

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            Exactly. Killer Instinct by the way, is Mr. Wizard’s favorite fighting game of all time. No coincidence there.

      • Ndebe

        Are you serious? They spend all this time and money to run a tournament, and they don’t get to pick games that they want to see at a tournament but rather need to bow down to random monsters on SRK that don’t even show up to locals?

        Stay free SRK comment section. The amount of entitlement seriously makes my head spin.

        • Antonio C. R. Murray

          “they want to see at a tournament”. Its the trickle down effect. They determine what’s competitive based on their selection, and it trickles down to even the local event. Like I said before, they need to follow SoCal Regionals’ example. All games. No discrimination but then again easy to understand because the guys that run Evo are out of touch unlike Alex Valle.

    • Thirties John

      BBCP is an “anime game” to a large number of people in the FGC, so it’s not going to get the same kind of respect as SFIV.

      As for DOA5U and SCV, 3D fighters always take a back seat to 2D fighters. It’s just the way things are right now.

      And of course as the guy below points out, the majority of the burden falls on the players/community, not the tournament organizers. You can’t just be like, “hey, we’re going to have a huge CVS2 or VF5FS tournament as the main event,” if there just aren’t the kind of players for it needed for that.

      • grezex29

        Yeah, it’s true that BBCP’s an airdasher and despite people turning out for it, (and the whole argument about Marvel being an airdasher, or about how a case could be made for most fighters being anime to some degree being put aside) that BB’s never really gotten much respect despite how Guilty Gear did. As for DOA5U and SCV, I admit to being mostly an occasional online warrior with DOA (on account of only having the game for a few weeks) and for not being familiar with the SCV scene due to being more of a Tekken player, but…everyone I know that plays 3D fighters has always seemed vocal and passionate about it.

    • Rockz

      Direct your pity at the players who routinely neglect to show up for those games.

      The only questionable exclusion on that roster is Injustice, which is currently the third most-played game.

      • ReddChief78

        No Injustice but KI and the smash game are main games and no one plays or shows up for those games so what does that tell ya.

        • Ben2Gen

          LOL at “no one shows up for KI and Smash”! keep dreaming cause your delusions isn’t the reality.

          • grezex29

            I liked the comment only because a lot of people don’t turn out for KI since most people just don’t want an XBone. Plus well, the game’s kinda not anything special and has a more irritating business model than SFxT could ever hope to. As for Melee? It’s weird, people will often show up for it, yes, but they often have Smash only tournaments that coincide or are around the times of other tournaments and majors, which affects the numbers since people choose the Smash-only ones instead.

          • Ben2Gen

            There is no denying the small turn outs for KI because of what exactly you said, XBone is expensive and many people can’t afford it now. However, for those who do have the game many of them make the effort to turn up to events, especially in Cali. Ever since the games release, there has always been decent numbers for it considering the circumstances.
            The business model isn’t bad at all. you pay for what you want and new content is currently in the works where as SFxT made people pay for content that was already on the disc. How is KI business model worse than that?
            I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Smash, but from what I’ve seen many FGC tournaments have a dedicated stream for Smash so theres is no way you could say “No one shows up for Smash”.

          • grezex29

            The KI business model is worse because, you find out what you want, by having access to all the choices. People decide on what their mains are by having access to a roster of different characters to choose from. I mean, look at all the characters in every other fighting game out there that people have. When you get the game, you have access to a large number of characters, with sometimes a couple of bonus DLC characters thrown in if you feel like it. UMVC3 starts you off with 48 characters, with 2 as DLC, BBCP has 24 with 2 as DLC, KOFXIII has 33 with 3 as DLC, and TTT2 has 59 characters all readily available. This opposed to KI where the entire roster except for 1 character is DLC, which just doesn’t seem right at all to me.

          • Rockz

            The roster in KI is the ONLY thing you’re paying for. The entire game plus that one character is free.

            The game with all the characters is just $20.

            The current KI was also created from the ground up. BBCP is currently the 3rd version of Blazblue, not counting CS 2 and CS Extend, and reuses assets from the previous games.

            The first Blazblue (Calamity Trigger) charged you the full $60 for only 12 characters.

            TTT2 also has a bunch of reused assets from the prior games. KOF XIII reused all the assets from KOF XII. UMVC3 is also an update.

          • grezex29

            Characters were entirely re-done for KOFXIII from XII, and even if you just included original MVC3, it’s still a far better deal. The truth of the matter is that no matter what way you try to spin it, KI3 is an unfinished game. If it was a new IP, and not something seen as a rebirth of the old Killer Instinct series that people look at with nostalgia goggles, the entire game would be shit on by people for having a bad business model, being incomplete, being on a shit system like the XBone, and generally being not that great.

            The only reason it’s not doing worse than it is, is because it’s CALLED “Killer Instinct” and some people got hyped over the name, and name alone.

          • Rockz

            “…and generally being not that great.”

            Have you played it?

            All the sprites from KOF XII were still utilized in KOF. They make up a majority of the game’s cast. Every single thing KI was made completely from the ground up. When KI gets a sequel, you’ll see the rehashing of models and assets ala Capcom and Namco.

            You still haven’t told me how what KI is doing is worse than what Blazblue did with Calamity Trigger. Was that also an incomplete game?

          • grezex29

            Yes, I have played it. I found it to be a terribly unpolished, boring, and silly button masher and find the guitar riffing during combos to be one of the most ridiculous things ever.

            As to chat Calamity Trigger did better than KI? I’d say everything with the possible exception of balance. You got the complete roster, bonus colours, Unlimited versions of characters, a ton of single player and versus modes, a good story mode, one of the best online’s around, free unlockables, a good tutorial mode, AND an actual physical disc. The roster was WITH the game, not as some stupid money-grabbing “Season 1 Roster” crap on account of it being rushed to be put out far before it’s done. I other words, when you bought the game, you actually had a complete package of content, instead of just broken bits and pieces that you can’t take with you to show your friends the game and play with them on account of it being “download only”.

          • Rockz

            What makes it unpolished?

            And can you tell me how you can “button-mash” manuals? Because those required strict timing are very much required for higher-level play.

            In fact, how do you “button-mash” with characters like Spinal or Fulgore? Or ANY character and still succeed at a competent level?

            Plus “button-mashing” is just asking for yourself to get whiff-punished, combo broken, or worse, counter-broken and blown the hell up for tons of damage.

            KI has ALL those things you mentioned Calamity Trigger does.

            The only thing Calamity Trigger had was only 4 more characters and a disc release.

            The problem is Calamity Trigger cost a full $60, while KI only cost $20. Costumes and an arcade port of the original Killer Instinct game only added up to $40.

            Going by your own examples, Blazblue CT was the much bigger rip-off.

          • grezex29

            Because actually owning a completed game that you can take to your friends and let them borrow without them having to physically buy and download it on their system if they decide they don’t like it is a ripoff. Compared to a game with Double, Triple, hell, pretty much Quadruple Ultras and Combo Breakers to Combo Breakers because “YOLO” I’d much rather take a completed game, even if it’s a broken version of a good series like CT was. At least then it wasn’t just doing random stuff with the 2 Jagos and Orchid while you have guitar and drum beats during the combo to help you time things with murky visuals…

          • Rockz

            Look at the pre-reg numbers just for NCR right now.


            KI is the 4th highest game behind Smash.

            KI has been consistently getting higher numbers than Tekken and KOF during the previous events, even with it being exclusive on an expensive-ass console and those games being multiplat.

        • Rockz

          “No one plays Smash” yet it has the third-highest number of entrants on the NCR roster…

      • Ben2Gen

        I’m pretty sure INJ will have their own dedicated stream.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Eileithyia

    Any foreigners in this other than Infiltration? It’s not really a major without some foreigners nowadays. Like Socal Had couple Wao, Infiltration, Gamerbee, ect. Final Round had Ryan Hart, Infiltration, Gamerbee.

    Even North West Majors next month will have tokido and Nemo.

    no ChirsG for umvc3? umvc3 looks like just West coast players.

    • Thirties John

      It’s as someone else said, Japanese players aren’t going to pay much attention to AE v2012 when they could be grinding USFIV.

    • ReddChief78

      It’s not a major just because no one from out of the country is attending WTF, the dumb ways you people think…..facepalm.

      • Ndebe

        …a major tournament isn’t as significant when the competition level isn’t as high. How hard is that to understand?


    Sucks that there is going to be so little international representation in AE at NCR and any other major in the next couple months. Japanese players aren’t going to come over and play an obsolete version.

    • Thirties John

      It is what it is. Can’t just drop one of the biggest tournament games out there and ask pro players to twiddle their thumbs for another couple months. It may be obsolete, but until Ultra actually hits, it’s still viable.

  • BlackMasamune

    PR Balrog playing KOF?

  • Jeptha Hines

    Where is Injustice!? Melee is so Boring!

    • grezex29

      Er, I dunno. I mean, I’m sure it’s better now, but Injustice was kind of boring at EVO last year. Though, I find both preferable and easier to watch than KI, so KI for Injustice would be a trade I could support.

  • RenegadeVA

    That’s crazy that there’s no Injustice. It much not be very popular in NorCal. And as usual, SF4 simply crushes the numbers for everything else. As it stands now all of NCR’s other tournaments are on par with Civil War numbers wise.