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UPDATE: TOPANGA WORLD LEAGUE is now over. See who claimed the 1.5 million yen first prize in the results below!

With the arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter IV in less than a week, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 is at the end of its lifespan in Japan. TOPANGA is closing things out with TOPANGA WORLD LEAGUE, an international competition featuring players from Japan, United States, China, South Korea and Singapore, running April 10-13. Featuring all the Street Fighter IV series Evo champions as well as top performers from previous Leagues, this will be one of the most intense invitationals for Street Fighter. Who will claim the 1.5 million yen (~14,460 USD) first prize, the largest in TOPANGA history?

Unfortunately, viewership of TOPANGA WORLD LEAGUE is limited to those within Japan. We’ll be able to provide full results however for each day for those eager to see how each of the players do.


  • Daigo Umehara (Ryu) – Japan Evo 2009 & 2010 champion, TOPANGA ASIA LEAGUE 2nd place
  • Fuudo (Fei Long) – Japan  Evo 2011 champion, TOPANGA ASIA LEAGUE 3rd place
  • Bonchan (Sagat) – Japan 3rd TOPANGA LEAGUE (A) champion
  • wao (Oni, Dudley) – Japan 3rd TOPANGA LEAGUE (A) 2nd place
  • PR Balrog (Balrog) – United States, Puerto Rico Evo 2013 4th place
  • Xiaohai (Cammy, Evil Ryu) – China TOPANGA ASIA LEAGUE 4th place
  • INFILTRATION (Akuma, Chun-Li) – South Korea Evo 2012 champion
  • Xian (Gen, Guile) – Singapore Evo 2013 champion



  • R


  • Mago
  • Shiro
  • Kazunoko


  • e-sport SQUARE – Akihabara, Tokyo (Days 1-2)
  • the SAD cafe – Harajuku, Tokyo (Days 3-4)


  • 1st Place – 1,500,000 yen (~14,460 USD)
  • 2nd Place – 500,000 yen (~4820 USD)
  • 3rd Place – 250,000 yen (~2410 USD)
  • 4th Place – 100,000 yen (~965 USD)
  • 5th Place – 70,000 yen (~675 USD)
  • 6th Place – 50,000 yen (~480 USD)
  • 7th Place – 30,000 yen (~290 USD)


The format is similar to last year’s TOPANGA ASIA LEAGUE. The competition is a simple round-robin of eight players. Each match is a first-to-7 game set. If both players reach match point (6 wins), one player must take a 2-game advantage to claim the set (deuce rules). However, deuce ends when one player reaches 10 wins, a rule implemented in last year’s 3rd season of A League. Each player is allowed two characters, decided before the start of the tournament. Every three games, the losing player within those three games is allowed to switch characters.

Final rankings are determined by overall win-loss record. In the case of a tie, the player who won the direct match between the tying players will claim the higher rank. If the tie is still unresolved, then game win-loss differential will determine the higher rank.


Day 1 – April 10 (Thursday)

Day 1 Match Card

Day 2 – April 11 (Friday)

Day 2 Match Card

Day 3 – April 12 (Saturday)

Day 3 Match Card

Day 4 – April 13 (Sunday)

Day 4 Match Card



Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 – TOPANGA WORLD LEAGUE

1. Umehara (Ryu) – 1,500,000 yen (~14,460 USD)
2. Xiaohai (Cammy, Evil Ryu) – 500,000 yen (~4820 USD)
3. Bonchan (Sagat) – 250,000 yen (~2410 USD)
4. wao (Oni) – 100,000 yen (~965 USD)
5. Xian (Gen) – 70,000 yen (~675 USD)
6. Fuudo (Fei Long) – 50,000 yen (~480 USD)
7. PR Balrog (Balrog) – 30,000 yen (~290 USD)
8. INFILTRATION (Akuma, Chun-Li)


Final Standings

Rank Player Name Sponsor Country Char 1 Char 2 Wins Losses Game ±
1 Umehara MCZ Japan Ryu 6 1 +21
2 Xiaohai QANBA China Cammy Evil Ryu 5 2 +8
3 Bonchan Japan Sagat 5 2 +13
4 wao Japan Oni Dudley 3 4 +2
5 Xian RZR Singapore Gen Guile 3 4 -1
6 Fuudo RZR Japan Fei Long 3 4 -8
7 PR Balrog EG United States Balrog 2 5 -18
8 INFILTRATION GEM South Korea Akuma Chun-Li 1 6 -17

Xiaohai defeated Bonchan in their direct match, claiming the higher position. wao defeated both Xian and Fuudo in their direct matches, claiming the highest position of the three, while Xian defeated Fuudo in their direct match, claiming the next position.

Match Log

Sources: TOPANGA, Niconico Live

  • Martini Whoelse

    These 7-3’s doe.

  • oussama boujrida

    japan doin the job….

  • FLStyle

    Bonchan’s Sagat beat Infiltration’s Akuma? He must be doing something different from the USA Sagats. Or of course, Infiltration doesn’t have notes on him.

    • Kazzzem

      Bonchan is just godlike. Nothing more about it. He makes bad matchups like Akuma and Cammy look like even/good matchups…amazing!

    • Wideawakenaimal

      Bonchan can practice against Tokido, he knows the match too well. Bonchan too godlike mang!

    • Steven

      Somebody should really post this one.

  • bavobbr

    • MechaHeretic

      Yo, balrog’s face after that wakeup super was hilarious, like “Did he just do that sh*t? Did I just get hit by that sh*t? Did that sh*t just happen?”

  • Eileithyia

    it looks like Xiaohai and Xian are out of it for first place, but they can still fight for better positions. Fuudo and PR Balrog still have negative games. The winner between RP balrog and fuudo still have some chance.

  • bavobbr

    PR Balrog did great in this set

  • bavobbr

    This made me lol and a little bit sad for PR Balrog too

  • Rageous

    Does anyone have any insight as to why Infiltration is having such a rough outing? This is unusual for him.

    • The Real Clayton Bigsby

      People are learning to his play style.. That’s all..nothing more.

    • BaddiesKeepCrying

      Infiltration has always been weak against Jpn players in a long set. His gimmicks won’t work against good Jpn players who can adjust their play styles quickly.

  • DarkAdonis

    Damn Infiltration getting bodied harder than PR Rog

    • OtokoKhan

      But only because Xiao Hai gave PR Rog a free win by using E.Ryu…

      Otherwise he would also be 0-5

      • blueyedsamurai

        rog has beaten xiao hai’s cammy before which is probably why he picked E.Ryu

  • Eileithyia

    PR rog vs Infiltration for last. Kappa.

    • bavobbr

      He may not win the sets but he still plays great games

  • Singey

    Daigo is too good.

  • DropDeadEddy

    infiltration looks done for good now.

  • abcdefgqwerty

    I dont get why its not something people in the US can watch. A lot of people want to see it why not make money off it

    • Nael

      Welcome to how Japanese media companies do business. Japan first, rest of the world only gets something if they feel like it.

    • JasinWalraven

      Screw them. Watch american streams, there is always someone streaming something

  • bavobbr

    Daigo goes down to Xiaohai

  • amaj83

    Congratulations to Daigo. Consistent and always improving.
    Did Xiaohai think that E.Ryu had a better match-up against Boxer and Fei Long than Cammy? That costed him the tournament.

  • oussama boujrida

    daigo wins … best player in the world no contest …

    • SohoX

      Still somewhat shocked he beat Infiltration by such a wide margin. I’m semi aware of their previous set(s?), but still…. daaamn.