Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Arriving This Summer, Wii U Version in Winter; Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Yoshi, Charizard, and Greninja Announced as Playable Characters

By on April 8, 2014 at 2:59 pm

During today’s Nintendo Direct (an archive of which has been included above), director Masahiro Sakurai revealed quite a bit about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. We’ve gathered much of the pertinent competitive information that was shared, so feel free to check out the details below and let us know what you think.

  • Release Dates
    • 3DS – Summer 2014
    • Wii U – Winter 2014
  • Online Play
    • Wii U version will include online multiplayer, allowing you to play with everyone, not just friends. 3DS will also feature netplay.
    • There will be two ways to play online. “For Fun” picks randomly from all stages except for Final Destination and will include all items. “For Glory” will only make Final Destination available with no items, allowing one-on-one battles and win-loss records. While playing with friends, you can set the rules to whatever you want.
    • Abusive online play, like not playing, dropping, and cheating, will result in temporary bans in order to keep online play enjoyable.
    • The Global Smash Power ranking system indicates how your score stacks up against other players. The overall points you gather are designated for how many players you rank over online.
  • Returning Fighters
    • All characters who changed forms no longer do so, allowing them to focus on a single moveset for the whole fight.
    • Zero Suit Samus and Sheik will now be her own individual characters, with new moves to fill out their toolset.
    • Yoshi will be returning to the playable cast.


  • New Characters
    • Charizard and Greninja will represent the Pokemon franchise as playable characters.

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Original article

This afternoon, Nintendo plans to broadcast another installment of their special Direct presentations. While many of these events have focused on general news on a wide lineup of games, today’s will focus entirely on the company’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles for Wii U and 3DS.

Not much is know about what they plan to cover, but Nintendo of America mentioned that they will reveal a release window during the stream. There’s sure to be a ton of exciting news, so tune in below to catch it all live.

Source: Nintendo

  • void

    damn, that was better than I expected!

  • Samus is low-tier confirmed :/

  • Kaihedgie

    That’s quite a gap in release dates o3o;

  • Darkcloud

    All I want is a character from Golden Sun. It can be Ivan for all I care.

    • On the plus side, Isaac wasn’t shown as a returning assist trophy. You can interpret that either way.

  • BlackMasamune

    Urge to play rising.

  • Michael Clarke

    I’m not mad at that greninja reveal at all

    • Kaihedgie

      I can’t imagine who would be other than the Mewtwo players

      • void

        hell no, I love mewtwo and im happy as hell that we are getting greninja. his gameplay looked awesome!

      • Julian GameHead Irwin

        the mewtwo butt hurt on the internet is real!

  • Vincent Banks

    All stages will had a FD style. Nice.

  • So Sceptile will be the grass Pokemon? You’ll get it if you watch the anime.

  • The hell is this FD only shit? What if we want to, you know, pick our own stage for one on one?

    • Kaihedgie

      I have to admit, this was the only thing in the Direct I genuinely didn’t like

      • At least FD looks mad hype. I hope they update with free stage select though.

        • Kaihedgie

          What kind of final boss would warrant images like that though? Certainly can’t be the Hands

    • Tom Henn

      Then you pick your own stage for one on one. Most stages have a FD version. Someone wasn’t paying attention.

      • ‘“For Glory” will only make Final Destination available with no items’

        • caiooa

          ” Most stages have a FD version” is showed in the video. The reader is incomplete.

          • Dammit guys, I know that. What I mean is you cannot play on non FD stages online in one on one. AND they are random. That’s two times the bullshit. There is no reason to not let you pick any stage you want.

          • R.D. Covenant

            Play with your friends. You get to choose the rules, stages, etc.
            And random stages literally dont matter in ranked because they’re all in their Final Destination form

          • Yeah…I guess in the end it makes sense for a random ranked match to be FD only. It might not be fair to get stage advantage in a one off match.

    • Marcus Lambright

      Sakurai-san noted every stage has a FD theme. Presumably this means you can pick any stage in “For Glory” as long as it’s the FD theme.

  • Nikokuno

    Mewtwo case is kinda complicated since he now a 2 mega-evolution, he will be back when they will be satisfied with the moveset/final smash thing and yeah, Lizardon/Charizard is fuckin legit, everybody love him since the pikemon anime/manga/game.

    This ND was glorious, we got the ranked, we got windows release, we got stages (Ferox stage from FE Kakusei/Awakening make me high until the end and the non Lucina/Chrom appearance… And Tiki trophy), I got my Sheik/Zelda polished, every thing out there seems polished, felt like Namco Bandai do it like boss.

    • powerprotoman

      charizard also has 2 mega evolutions my guess is they will go with mega mewtwo y (the one we see in the promotional artwork)

      • Nikokuno

        I notice my mistake but too late to editing, yes I think it will be Mewtwo Y, and also cause is a pure PSY-type instead of Mewtwo X who is PSY/FIGHT-type, and could make Lucario mad :p

  • Oniros

    I’m so happy that the 3DS version has netplay. Purchase redeemed. :’D

  • Paul S

    “For Glory” mode will also include an option that will make Fox the only playable character. This special mode will be called “For Fuck’s Sake.”

    • Marcus Lambright

      This mode is also called “SSBM”.

  • Inan

    I’m thinking in SSB4 For Glory online mode, there maybe should be a Stage Vote
    mechanic similar to Injustice.

    Players get a 50/50 vote on stages at the start, and a 25/75 vote favouring loser
    as a counterpick in the rematch? Maybe 100% loser counter-pick like actual tournament rules.

    • R.D. Covenant

      It literally wouldn’t matter because all the stages in ranked are in their Final Destination forms. The only thing that would affect are cosmetics so there is no stage counter picking in ranked mode. It’s get gud with a character or get out now…

      • Inan

        I’m not saying counter-pick stages with stage hazards, I’m saying counter-pick stages with platforms/without platforms. Certain characters benefit from having no platforms (usually combo-heavy characters), and others benefit from having platforms for maneuverability/negating combo character. Even stage/blast zone height and length play a role in match-ups.

        Marth, for instance, is incredibly good on Yoshi’s Story (AKA Marth’s Story) in SSBM because the lower platforms place anyone standing on them at the perfect distance to get hit with the tip of his sword, which deals more damage and knockback. The horizontal blast zones are also really narrow, meaning any forward smash is likely going to result in a kill.

  • Of course Samus has much more accented, prevalent high heels now. Of fucking course.

    Also, making concessions for competitive players? PSABR (lolSonySmash) has done so since day one. Let’s all praise Nintendo? High five?

    EDIT – I will admit the FD “skins” impressed me. That is a good concession.

    • metaxzero

      Blame the dreaded Other M for introducing high heels. Though at least these are rocket heels. And I think people had just resigned to Sakurai never making serious concessions to competitive players (especially after Brawl).

      Also, he should’ve at least included Battlefield in For Glory. FD pretty much got replaced by Smashville in Brawl.

    • Little_Goten

      Honestly, they should'[ve been creating a space for competitive players since Brawl, but Nintendo is stubborn as fuck.

  • Ace

    They forgot to mention that “For Glory” mode forces all players to choose Fox only.

    • Oniros

      Fox Glory

    • Tuen

      If the Ice Climbers get called back, it’ll be Ice Climbers only. Chain Grabs forever!

  • Dante

    Captain Falcon or GTFO.

  • Candle Ja

    It’s all well and good that Nintendo is lending an ear to people who take these games seriously. But if you can still cancel hitstun with air dodge, how much is all this “no items, FD” stuff going to matter?

  • Exy

    I hope the move customization allows for ridiculous stuff like super armor on every move.