Skullgirls Encore’s Fukua to Remain Playable, Will Appear on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC After Balancing

By on April 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm


Earlier today, the folks behind Skullgirls updated their official Twitter account with a bit of news regarding the future of Filia-clone Fukua. While she started out as an April Fools’ Day joke (albeit an awesome one that actually saw her become playable), the developers are set to keep her in the indie game’s cast thanks to fan feedback.

As of now, Fukua is only available as part of the endless beta on Steam, but she will eventually make her way to the full versions on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC after she is balanced and undergoes a bit of bug fixing.

Source: Skullgirls

  • Steven Hunt

    Today is full of great fighting game news.

  • Paul Consiglio

    It would be even better my friend if we finally heard the release date news of Under Night In Birth!

    • Cellsai

      …what does this have to do with Skullgirls?

      • Paul Consiglio

        Really??? You didn’t hear? It was said that Filia is supposed to be the latest character in the UNIB roster!

        • Cellsai

          That was never said anywhere.
          They said they would be interested in adding one to celebrate the arcade release, they drew some fanart for the art gallery of Skullgirls and they paid to have a UNiB character added as a background character in one of the Skullgirls stages.

          None of that is an announcement that Filia is the next character to be added to UNiB. “Interested in adding a character” does not mean “Yes, we are adding a character”.

          If they did say it somewhere I would love to read it, but as far as I’m aware they haven’t.

          • LightSpdAeon

            u mad? which unib character is in SG?

      • Paul Consiglio

        Make sense now?

  • Jorge Tavani

    started as a joke and now it’s official XD

    • PJ

      Kinda like pandas in wow.

  • Vocaloid 00

    Because skullgirls realllly need more Filias

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      She plays nothing like Filia. There’s not even the same ground chains now. They don’t have the same movement. They don’t even have similar specials or supers.

      She’s simply not another Filia because she looks like her.

      Thus, the Decapre parody.

    • ReddChief78

      Because Skullgirls really needs more characters any new characters should be welcomed.

  • Shabadenaya

    Cammy clone known as decapre gets hate. Filia clone is loved double standards ftw

    • OrehRatiug

      Its a parody of Decapre. If it is that hard to understand just move on.

      • Shabadenaya

        Thanks for telling me something I already know

        • ZigTheHunter

          Well if you already knew that why are you complaining? Its not a double standard because it was a parody, but not only that, she was made in like under a week, and we can play as her right now. And to top it all off, Fukua wasn’t kept a secret for eight months and lauded as a special character in the game.

          • JELIFISH19

            It is kind of a double standard. We knew there would be 8 characters in Skullgirls months before Double was announced and she turned out to have a movelist consisting of the other character’s existing moves as well as their assets that didn’t make it into the game. If the 5th character in USF4 was a shapeshifter who transformed into other characters to do their moves and only had few unique animations would we accept that? Double and Decapre are part of larger releases and that’s the main difference between them and Fukua’s surprise.

            And it’s not technically a parody because they did the exact same thing as Capcom. It would be a parody if Fukua showed us why we should hate Decapre. But instead, she shows us why we should accept Decapre. Fukua may look like Filia and they have a few of the same normals, but they still play completely differently. That’s Decapre in a nutshell and a lot of people love Fukua. Her inclusion is welcomed. Shouldn’t we give Decapre the same chance that Fukua is getting? Fukua falls more under flattery and tribute than parody.

          • People hate Decapre because of the massive buildup leading to the underwhelming reveal. Fukua does not have that, just a lighthearted joke leading to a playable character – there is no reason to hate. That’s all there is to it, not rocket science.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            “The 5th character has never been playable in a SF game before” = MASSIVE BUILDUP

            You guys are just salty because your imaginations got the best of you. Don’t blame Capcom for everything. They barely said anything about Decapre, and suddenly that’s considered “overhyping” because some morons thought it would be Alex. There had been rumors that it would be a doll for MONTHS.

            Also, lol @ people forgetting about Double, a SG character that basically did what Decapre does.

            Let’s call this what it really is. The SG team trying to piggyback off of Capcom’s popularity. AGAIN. Like they’ve done since day 1. That’s pretty much SG’s primary method of marketing.

          • Every 2d fighting game piggy backs off of Capcom’s popularity. Why would you NOT piggy back in any given marketing situation? That’s not SG’s “primary method of marketing” that’s “primary marketing” in general. SG is being SMART.

            Yes, people let their imaginations get the best of them. We get exited for Capcom and we get this Decapre shit. I’ll be the first to say that’s the people’s fault, for getting exited for Capcom’s perpetual bullshit. But the point is this: there was no such excitement generated for this SG joke character that we didn’t even expect, thus feelings are different.

            You wanted an explanation, you got it, now you can move on. There is no reason for people to feel the same way about both situations. That bases are different, period.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            Double was a joke character?

          • heatEXTEND


          • Gespenst Ritter

            I keep seeing you say this, and I get the feeling you really don’t know how people work.

            Imagine a good friend comes up to you and says, “i’m going to give you a cool gift soon.” Now, if you’re a human being, chances are you’re going to get excited about the fact that you’re getting a gift, and will fill your head with the possibilities of what it could be. The sheer idea of receiving something is enough to trigger anticipation and excitement in most people. Your friend doesn’t need to “constantly build up hype” for the gift; at most he just needs to periodically remind you that it exists. People will generate the excitement on their own; it’s one of the most basic principles of marketing.

            Now imagine that on the day you receive the gift, you open it and find a dollar. Chances are you’d be disappointed or even angry, especially if you waited a long time for it. On the surface, you *did* end up with a net gain, something you wouldn’t have had before. But it belied your expectations of what the gift would be. To say “it’s your fault for being excited” is like saying it’s people’s fault for having human emotional patterns.

            On the other hand, if your friend just out-of-the-blue handed you a dollar one day, you’d probably be a lot more appreciative of it.

            I’m saying this as a neutral party, who had no intention on buying Ultra in the first place. But I can definitely see why others wouldn’t be happy about Decapre’s announcement.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            This is getting ridiculous. Now Capcom employees aren’t even allowed to speak about upcoming products now, because the people they’re speaking to are apparently children who can’t control their imaginations like the Muppet Babies or the Rugrats.

            A company is fully within its reasonable rights to say “WE HAVE A CHARACTER COMING.”

            The whole “I’m going to beg Capcom for clues every day, and get angry if they say nothing, and harass Ono into giving clues, and start digging up old Retsu artwork, and develop complex conspiracy theories, and ignore Ono when he says you probably won’t like her at first” thing was on the FGC, not Capcom.

          • Johnathon Otero

            Why is everyone so pissed? They’re games.


            [ gaym ]

            something played for fun: an activity that people participate in, together or on their own, for fun
            Remember that? For fun?

          • Gespenst Ritter

            Come on. I know you’re dense, but there’s no way you can be *this* dense.

            If you paid any attention at all to the public reaction that usually happens with these kinds announcements, you should know that the kind of excitement exhibited by SF fans regarding the mystery character is incredibly typical. This happens ALL THE TIME, and it’s not restricted to the FGC or even the video game industry. I don’t know what kind of robot you are, but people have a tendency to get excited when you tell them that they’re going to be getting brand new stuff.

            One of two things had to happen with the marketing staff. Either they had no idea that the mystery character announcement would attract so much hype, which shows a total lack of knowledge of human behavior, and shows that they didn’t even look at the data for their own previous mystery character announcements.

            Or, they knew this type of reaction would happen, but thought that Decapre was an interesting enough character to warrant the excitement that would built up. Which isn’t as catastrophic of a failure on their part, but still shows some lack of forethought on other elements of her marketing (e.g. visual appearance, crafting her first trailer to show off more of her unique elements, etc.)

          • Emezie Okorafor

            Oh, sure, people have a tendency to get excited. But, then the mature ones take responsibility when their OWN excitement takes over them. Mature people don’t say “well, you should have known I would take your reasonable words and blow them out of proportion…it’s your fault”.

            If I get excited and do something stupid, I don’t blame it on someone else.

          • Quintus Havis

            Decapre transforms into other characters using either unused animations or move properties that the other characters don’t have? I didn’t know that.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            Double reuses. Decapre resuses.

            It’s a pretty simple analogy.

          • Quintus Havis

            Never said it wasn’t simple. It’s just wrong. Double uses animations that other characters don’t have and even the ones that are the same have different properties. She has a completely unique set of special moves that interact with those moves in unique ways.

            Decapre is Charge Cammy. I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing (haven’t played her yet, and I’m partial to rushdown charge types), but Decapre is basically a reskin with different commands for most of the same specials. She has some unique specials and I’m figuring her super is unique, as are the Ultras, but saying Double is the same as Decapre is just plain wrong.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            “Double uses animations that other characters don’t have and even the ones that are the same have different properties.”

            You actually don’t have the frame data or hit boxes for Decapre. So, you’re talking out of complete ignorance.

            What you just described could very well be the same for Decapre, who isn’t actually finished yet, BTW. She already has a number of different normals and an overhead. She has target combos and launchers. Cammy didn’t.

            ” She has a completely unique set of special moves that interact with those moves in unique ways.”

            Umm…and Decapre doesn’t?

          • Quintus Havis

            Concede that we don’t have the frame data or hit boxes, so I’ll give you that.

            Don’t really give you the unique moves though. Decapre has cannon drill, cannon spike, and dive kick. That we know. She has additional stuff too, but if anything, we know her special move set is basically just Cammy plus some.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            A. Her cannon drill is a charge move and done only in the air, while jumping backwards. Good luck trying to use that like Cammy’s.

            B. She has no cannon spike. At all.

            C. Her dive kick can only be done during her teleport special…which is a charge move. Good luck trying to use that like Cammy’s.

            “we know her special move set is basically just Cammy plus some.”

            Do you guys even listen to yourselves? Defend Double because the moves have “different properties”…crucify Decapre’s moves which have “different properties”.


          • Quintus Havis

            To be honest with you, I’m still failing to see how this makes her similar to Double, who has moves no other character she mimics (as that’s her thing) can do regardless of whether it needs to come out of a teleport or not, or Fukua, who was free and also has moves that the character she was cloned off of can do. In fact, it kinda seems like you’re proving my original point about your analogy being wrong.

            “She has a cannon drill bu-bu-but it’s a charge! And you gotta go backwards!”

            “She has the same dive kick, but it’s a teleport follow up!”

            Please note that I’m not saying that she won’t play slightly differently from Cammy. I’m saying that the SG characters you commented on are a lot more different than Decapre is from Cammy, and that your analogy about Double was wrong.

            So I’ll amend; she’s not Cammy plus some, she’s Cammy Somewhat Different Edition.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            Decapre also has moves no one else has.

            And, if you think a charge character will only play “slightly” differently than a motion character, then I don’t know what to tell you. Cammy’s primary moves were her dive kick and spiral arrow, both of which can’t be done in even a remotely similar fashion as Decapre.

            Heck, you didn’t even know she has no cannon spike, so I’m speaking with someone uninformed on the subject matter. So, there’s no point even continuing (as if there ever was).

          • Quintus Havis

            “You were mistaken on a single detail, therefore you’re no longer worth talking to.”

            Sure thing pal. I’m not saying that she won’t play differently, I’m saying that it’s disingenuous as fuck for you to say she’s the same as Double. That’s just not true. I never said she was a clone of Cammy, and even said I’d be interested in seeing how she feels in use. But since I was mistaken on one detail, clearly I’m not worth talking to.

            You’re a twat and I regret wasting the time talking with you.

          • Grimolochin

            I love you.

          • Playingfair

            It’s almost like seth isn’t immensely similar to double at all.

    • disqusdatbra

      Double standards my ass. One of those 2 got promoted heavy as completely new and shiny, never before playable NEW character almost one year before its fucking reveal. If they did not pointlessly hype her that much but would have been honest in telling us that Decapre is basically an alt “costume” with a few new moves nodoby would be pissed like that. Quite simple to understand, honestly…

      • Sanger Zonvolt

        Also Fukua is completely free!

        • Emezie Okorafor

          Does Fukua also come with a complete balance patch, 4 other characters, worldwide free loketests, a complete engine overhaul, new modes, and a worldwide tournament tour with multiple pot bonuses?

          • Quintus Havis

            So Decapre has to be released for there to be a worldwide tournament tour? Loketests happen with most Japanese fighting games, don’t they? It’s testing, that’s not really a gift.

            SG has ongoing balance in the neverending beta, so the balance patch generally isn’t that needed. New characters have been coming into SG since the kickstarter.

            So no, Fukua was just a gift as opposed to Decapre, who is being sold to me.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            “Loketests happen with most Japanese fighting games, don’t they”

            Yeah. IN JAPAN. Sending them around the world costs more money and time (a.k.a. money). How many GG loketest have been held in America? Or anywhere else. Yeah, exactly. Not many.

            Also, “Decapre” isn’t being sold to you. Decapre + all the stuff I mentioned (minus the tour, which is happening if you buy ultra or not) is being sold to you. And, that stuff cost money to make. I brought up the tour, though, to give an example of a “gift” Capcom is giving us. Literally, pumping thousands of dollars into the FGC (in addition to the money they already pump in). Are you going to argue that that’s not a gift, too? What back-bending argument can people come up with the trivialize that?

            “New characters have been coming into SG since the kickstarter.” “who is being sold to me.”

            A kickstarter is basically them selling stuff to you. The difference is that you pay ahead of time, instead of when the product is released.

          • Quintus Havis

            So…There’s no difference then is what you’re saying? Because we could call Endless Beta a loketest available to anyone who can access it, similar to a loketest you need to be in the right geographic location for. The tournament is neither here nor there because that’s not a gift, that’s a promotion on their part to get buyers. It helps out the FGC, but it’s not as if they’re just doing it for the love. If you think it is, that’s kind of funny. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not a gift.

            Fail to see how getting to vote on characters I want added is similar to being sold four characters ripped from SFxT and a somewhat different reskin, but I’ll concede that point since I did pay for them and a lot of other swag that I wanted, too.

          • OmegaNITRO

            Fukua was never among those characters that were being sold to us through Kickstarter though. If Capcom wanted to give us clone characters on top of the 5 we’re expecting to pay for, they can go right ahead.

            Perception is the main difference here. The additions to SFIV for Ultra were marketed as ‘5 new characters’. We got 4 characters ported from SFxT and a retooled, slightly different looking Cammy. While the restructured Cross characters have largely been accepted and gotten over due to the way their gameplay differs, and the early indication that that’s what we are to expect, Decapre, OTOH, was marketed as a brand new character, and teased as someone to ‘never have been playable in SF before’. And after over half a year of suspense… we get another Cammy, who only fits the description due to a technicality (she’s technically her CLONE, not another version of her).

            Fukua, in comparison, was never among the characters we ‘paid for’, and therefore doesn’t take up any slots or resources that could have been used for a character fans were actually ASKING for. She was never marketed to us as anything, and was just an April Fools’ joke that turned into an extra character.

            Buy a pack of 5 characters and one turns out to be a clone, vs. Buy a pack of 4 characters and you get 1 clone character free. Perception.

            People don’t like the idea of having 5 spaces for roster additions, and one gets taken by a clone character that practically NO ONE was asking for or wanted.

            People don’t like the idea of paying for what they expect to be a full expansion with fresh new content, and getting largely a copy+paste job with tweaks.

            People don’t like being mislead, lead on, or having their intelligence insulted. Saying Decapre has ‘never been playable in SF before’, while technically true, is misleading and somewhat dishonest. It’s like saying Oni or Evil Ryu are completely separate characters. Sure they play different, but they’re still just alternate versions of characters we already have.

            Simple concepts, really.

          • Sanger Zonvolt

            Actually yes, aside from the worldwide tournament.

          • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

            No, but Fukua comes with 5 other free characters that are completely new, free balance patches with each character and a free PC Beta.

            We’re not knocking on Decapre the character. See Ryu/Ken/Akuma, Yun/Yang, Evil Ryu/Oni, etc. It makes sense to expect Capcom to reuse animations as they did with sprites back in the day (how many games reused Morrigan’s sprites?). It’s not always cost-effective to come up with new animations/sprites. The return of investment isn’t worth it most of the time.

            HOWEVER, Capcom basically hyped the character up too much, giving cryptic hints several months in advance and hinting that it was a character new to SF, so when they reveal a clone of a character that has been in SF since forever, everyone felt betrayed. It was handled poorly, very much so.

            Fukua was an April Fool’s joke to make fun of Capcom for hyping up a clone character. She was put together in 3 days, and she had an amazing reception from people.

            A free character? That’s awesome, even if the character reuses animations. But making it seem like the second coming of Christ for fighting games, blatantly stating before its reveal that everyone will hate it and then revealing that it’s just a clone character is a definite no.

    • heatEXTEND

      Potato much ?

    • Thori Ikolsen

      Still waiting on Umbrella. Or the alternative inevitable. a third of the vote characters get thrown into a smash style , another third get tossed into a beat em up, and the remaining characters become headline characters in an official comic/ cartoon

    • Shingo

      Well, this new character was made in a week.

  • Jason Slade

    And they’ve even added a new special move and a new super to her moveset.

    She really feels like a complete character now.

  • Exy

    Fukua dodge ball is a fun thing to try.