There’s a New Fatal Fury Game in the Works, and It’s a Pachislot Machine

By on April 4, 2014 at 11:39 am

Remember those 3D models that were added to SNK Playmore’s official website back in November? Well, thanks to a brand new trailer, we now know that they were pulled from the company’s next Fatal Fury title. But there’s a catch.

As many predicted, this new game will not be a fighting game. Instead, SNK has decided to utilize their properties in another pachislot, a type of slot machine prevalent in Japan.

The trailer for Fatal Fury PREMIUM, which we’ve included below, features characters like Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, Mai Shiranui, Alice Chrysler, Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Raiden, and Wolfgang Krauser doing what they do best in a variety of impressive cutscenes. Patrons who try their luck on the PREMIUM machine will no doubt be treated to these and more during their time with the game.

What’s that? You’re a Samurai Shodown fan and feel left out? Never fear, for SNK is also planning to release Samurai Spirits: Kengou in the near future. If you missed out on the trailer when it was released back in February, be sure to check it out now, if only for the awesome music.

Mystery solved! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: SNK Playmore, tip via J.D.

  • Naijel Payne

    8 Dollars a spin. No thank you lmao

  • Yudir Chang

    I would buy a 3D fighter Fatal Fury game for next-gen, but then probably never play it because I am asssssssss. Well, at least they’re doing something with the IP, maybe that’ll mean games down the line. *fingers crossed*

  • Professor_Icepick

    Welp, this blows.

  • Mike Pureka

    Man. That half second of hype before I finished reading the headline.

    Also, WTF, Haohmaru, why do you hate trees?

    • Death Metal

      My thoughts exactly. On both topics, by the way.

  • So so sad. I understand you gotta do what you gotta to do but damn if it doesn’t suck like that music used in the Samurai Showdown trailer :D…I would say give up the properties they deserve better then this but if its for a greater good then pachi you must.

  • J.D SRK

    I’m surprised they haven’t announced anythign regarding KOF.
    Is thr 20th anniversary and they don’t do anything.
    Oh well…. I understand there are budget constraints, but daaam, maybe apot bonus at EVO maybe?
    Why can’t SNK support the community 🙁

    • CptPokerface

      SNK is having enough trouble trying to support themselves, unfortunately.

    • pablofsi

      It’s not 20 years yet, a few months away.

  • Tan Tan

    All this hype for pachislot machines? What disappoint.

  • BlackMasamune

    I’m sad that there is no new Fatal Fury Game, but also happy it won’t be using these models. If SNK wanted to be real dicks, they could have released the FF Trailer on April 1 and cut off the slot machine part.

  • Divine Methidz

    what an amazing trailer for a slot machine

    • ThePoopTickler

      Slot machines are serious business over there…

      • Loghorn

        Simple…they make a lot of dough.

    • Niitris

      I’ll admit, that trailer was pretty damn good.

  • Emezie Okorafor

    Man, I love these two franchises.

    Even more than a new KOF game, a new Fatal Fury game would be amazing.

    The Garou characters have always been the most interesting of all the KOF universe, IMO. This trailer just reinforces that.

    There’s just something about Southtown…

    Hopefully, the hype and energy they spent on these pachinko games will not JUST be for these pachinko games…fingers crossed.

    FF and SS both deserve proper reboots.

    • k.b.a.

      i have a feeling the current climate of fighter would prefer The Last Blade over Samurai Showdown. i’ll gladly take either… well all actually. and side order of Bukiri One and 2 shots of KoF with only EVERY ORIGINAL CHARACTER THEY’VE CUT. Where’s my Heavy D. Duck King and Vanessa

  • Stuart Marshall Turner

    What the fuck, SNK?

    • ThePoopTickler

      Those rather nice 3D models, wasted on the gambling industry and on butchering the things that we loved.

      • TerminusEst

        Not gambling. It’s illegal here in Japan. Furthermore, gamecenters are dying out as well, making it doubly difficult for SNK to hit its mark without significant risk — KoF is a safe risk. Fatal Fury or Samurai Shodown, however…? Not such a safe risk, and definitely not the time to be taking risks from a business perspective.

        Things are really getting bad here for traditional gamers. The shift has been to social media games and smaller, low-risk/high profit games.

        • Loghorn

          I agree. As much as I like the Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury series & the Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown series (along with King of Fighters, of course), they’re just too obscure, as those games don’t have enough of a large fanbase to justify making another 2D fighting game.

          When was the last time we saw a 2D Garou game? Mark of the Wolves, & that was back in 1999. When was the last time that we saw a 2D Samurai Spirits title? Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (Samurai Shodown VI), & that was back in 2005.

          Meanwhile, the King of Fighters series has always had a big fanbase within them over the years. It’s not a surprise why we had both KOF XII & KOF XIII, because it’s a lot more safer to. Same reason why there was another Street Fighter title & another Marvel Vs. Capcom game, because those were safer franchises in comparison to other fighters like the Vampire/Darkstalkers series, the Shiritsu Justice Gakuen/Rival Schools series, the Power Stone series, etc.

  • H_Magnus

    As long as stuff like this and the KOF MOBA game all go into financing new fighters (This year being KOF’s 20th anniversary and all that), I’m game.

  • AriesWarlock

    A pity is a pachislot; those new costumes look great.

  • RunningWild1984


    • Gojira Twit


  • Kaihedgie

    My initial reaction for SNK announcing the return of old franchises was: FINALLY

    Then reading pachislot: WHY

  • pablofsi

    Looks too much like Tekken, SNKP should stick to their identities.

    • RunningWild1984

      How does it look like Tekken?

      • Inan

        The art style of the 3D models make them look a lot like Tekken’s models.

    • Niitris

      It’s too anime inspired to look like Tekken (which is a good thing). Nobody in Tekken has big ass moe eyes like Alice.

      Looks more like a mix of SF4 and GGXrd with waxy rendering.

      • k.b.a.

        It needs moar Garou. Period. if you’re saying yes to moar anime in traditional fighters, even in pachislot form then -_-
        if you’re saying yes to not looking tekken in general that’s… cool i guess

        • Niitris

          SNK was always anime (in art style), it’s just more subtle than ArcSys.

          I want the new SNK fighters to look like their own thing. Not like Tekken (photo-realism), Street Fighter (cartoonish features and proportions), or GGXrd (straight-up anime with 3D models). I like the art style SNKP used for this. Just improve the skin rendering and everything’s good.

  • So I guess that’s that 3d image we saw awhile back, THANKS SNK. Cause that really reminded me of Samurai Showdown Sen which sorta was bad but in a way. The trailer for this look’s cool but in gameplay? I’m pretty sure it would look just like Sen. Sen had the same awesome looking 3d look too but in gameplay? Nope look’s really different and not in a good way too. I’m glad Fatal Fury and other 2d fighters from them won’t ever go that way AGAIN. ( I hope) I wouldn’t like another 3d Fatal Fury or King Of Fighters at all, glad they’ll be sticking to their natural routes with 2d.

  • Niitris

    Interesting that SNKP redesigned everyone… guess they didn’t want to give away how they would look in KoF 20th (Billy Kane with a ponytail lmao). 😛

  • Patricia Ophelia Cross

    This just makes me want a new FF game. 🙁

  • Los Illuminados

    there really wasn’t a mystery about the 3D models images that were added to SNK Playmore’s official website last year. it was to SRK apparently and some of their readers it was. not to the Fans of both of these IPs and the Fans of the company SNK. as i am sure it was hard to accept the truth, that those images they put up in their website was for a Pachislot Machine and not for Fighting Video Game. a little history lesson if i may about SNK company. in the era of Ryo Mizufune President & CEO of SNK a few years ago. by the way Mizufune came from SNKP’s Pachislot sector. lead SNKPlaymore in the direction of Pachislot Machine industry/market more so then the video game industry. as he did not favor the video game industry much. as Pachislot Machine was more profitable to him and video game division was a waste of time and money. while his rule, he was determine to get rid of the video game sector in SNKP. there were also rumors that he may had ties with Yakuza, but i doubt that. Dark times to be a employee of SNK and a Fan of the SNK as well. as there was inner turmoil going on inside the company. as may be continuing to this day. it was thanks to the board of directors of SNKP and the newly elected President & CEO of SNKP Masao Ohata that saved the video game sector. what was left of it after Mizufune’s rule. under Ohata the video game sector began to flourish a new. at that time. current President & CEO of SNKP is Koichi Toyama. just like his predecessor Ohata. Toyama will continue to support the Video Games business side of SNKP. as now a days SNKP is more know for making Pachislot Machine, then video games hardware and software. sigh, thanks to Mizufune for that. as of right now SNKP is a small company and does not have a alot of money to throw around like other company. SNKP is also a very secretly company. that’s how they operate. always have. so it’s hard to get information on them, unless they come out and say it. want to know more of the history of SNKP. do your research. that’s your homework.

    a new KOF and SS fighting video games are in the works that is for sure. as for when they will come out is anybody’s guess. unless you work for SNKP, then u will know. want more IPs to come out from SNKP? be patience, and support SNKP. as they need your $$$$ to make stuff happen. the faithful will be rewarded. awesome trailers for a slot machines. 🙁 Happy 20th anniversary KOF!!! Long live SNKP!!!

    side note: keep pushing for Soul Calibur Vs Samurai Shodown. NamcoBandai’s Harada wants it to happen. i believe it would be great crossover for both parties of this. as for SvC crossover. that will never happen again. which is very good. SNKP has learn from it’s mistakes of the past. i don’t mind if SNKplaymore license their characters to appear in Capcom games. like they did with Tencent Games’s Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, but not a full crossover.

    • Rob Toohey

      And a lot of people seem to forget that this is huge in Japan and asia. it’s a money maker.

  • Jeptha Hines

    I didn’t even know that was a thing… weird…

  • Richard N

    How could a Pachislot machine have such a hype ass trailer!?

  • Rukunetsu Rindoru

    At least they were nice enough to put the slot machine bit about this in the title.

  • Yogsagath

    This blows worst than capcom’s fake revival of Megaman X.

  • Douglas Carrico

    Let’s have some hope, those models can be transpassed for a real game indeed, let us pray for that.

    In time and as a fan of series: The mix of visuals of Terry(using the cap and without it)was a great idea, the fact of the battle between Geese and Terry be on a rooftop was well putted, as for the visual of Geese, Billy was cool to, but the loss of bandana was quite a shock, but put on his punk origins, Yamazaki is cooler than ever, Mai is Ok, Raiden become Zanguief, Krauser is very simple.


  • k.b.a.

    instead of saying everything else that must be said… let”s just rag on snk for okaying those character redesigns. no joe, no andy, i think one of those girls was mai. terry i’ve never seen so furious and Dennis Learhy in my life, and Yamazaki long time no see, but kane and raiden… whuht?

    • Magegg

      This is a trailer, not the finished “game”. Probably Andy and Joe are going to be there in the finished version.

  • ReddChief78

    Seen this about a couple of months ago the SS video anyways and this just makes me sad what a waste.

  • leingod

    Way to break a Fatal Fury / Samurai Shodown fan’s heart. “FUCK YOU SNK” just doesn’t cut it.

  • DukeMagus

    Won’t lie to you… i really liked Raiden and Yamazaki’s new designs… mai is cool too, but mai is cool in almost any clothing you put her.

    maybe in the future… Garou 2…

    bah, forget it!

  • Christodoulos Papadopoulos

    I am positive that both games will come on consoles as well. If you notice on Samsho trailer there are proper 3d models on a stage fighting 1 vs 1. The reason they are going on Panchi first is because they need far less animations.

    Why create such a badass trailer with an English theme when the target is only Asia?