There’s a New Fatal Fury Game in the Works, and It’s a Pachislot Machine

By on April 4, 2014 at 11:39 am

Remember those 3D models that were added to SNK Playmore’s official website back in November? Well, thanks to a brand new trailer, we now know that they were pulled from the company’s next Fatal Fury title. But there’s a catch.

As many predicted, this new game will not be a fighting game. Instead, SNK has decided to utilize their properties in another pachislot, a type of slot machine prevalent in Japan.

The trailer for Fatal Fury PREMIUM, which we’ve included below, features characters like Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, Mai Shiranui, Alice Chrysler, Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Raiden, and Wolfgang Krauser doing what they do best in a variety of impressive cutscenes. Patrons who try their luck on the PREMIUM machine will no doubt be treated to these and more during their time with the game.

What’s that? You’re a Samurai Shodown fan and feel left out? Never fear, for SNK is also planning to release¬†Samurai Spirits: Kengou in the near future. If you missed out on the trailer when it was released back in February, be sure to check it out now, if only for the awesome music.

Mystery solved! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: SNK Playmore, tip via J.D.