Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Added to the Evo 2014 Lineup, Bandai Namco Joins as Sponsor

By on April 3, 2014 at 7:56 pm


During a special presentation of iPlayWinner’s The Fray!, Evo co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar was invited onto the program once again to make a special announcement concerning this year’s event.

While many were surprised to see that no 3D fighters were included in the Evo 2014 lineup, that decision has been rectified with the addition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Furthermore, developer Bandai Namco Games will be joining the event as a primary sponsor. It was made clear over the course of the program that both of these changes have been made thanks to the efforts of Mad Catz’ Mark “MarkMan” Julio, so be sure to send him your love.

Tekken provided a ridiculous amount of hype during last year’s tournament, and will no doubt do the same in 2014. More information on Evo 2014 and an online registration form can be found on the official website.

Source: iPlayWinner

  • xanderglz

    There was no reason not to include it in the lineup, not after what happened at Final Round. Good shit, Mr Wizard

    • I agree, original excuse was BS, but glad to see they’ve come to their senses.

    • ReddChief78

      Yea 1 good tournament (so you say) means it should be in EVO, no support from the players or Namco all year, the game is DEAD leave it there.

      • Brordia

        Because if it’s not SF4 or UMVC3, it’s “dead”. Doesn’t matter if a game has a thriving online community. Ohh how I love the mainstream fighting game community mindset. Really makes me want to be a part of it.

    • MaskedHero99

      What happened

    • ThePoopTickler

      I guess this is a perfect result for a great fighting game!

      (I hope somebody got that…)

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      Sure there was a reason to not include it. Namco hadn’t paid their fees yet. Straight cash, homie. That’s the reason for what’s in Evo and what’s not anymore. That’s the ONLY reason.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco


    • Steven


  • AriesWarlock

    Would rather have DOA5, SC5 or VF5.

    • Richard N

      You can always have a side tournament. Never stopped people before.

    • Steven

      yea DOA5 was released and updated these past 2 years and no Evo presence. It’s a good game too. But I am glad to see Tekken.

    • Rob

      I would DEFINITLEY love to see SC5… the other day I played online and I got into matches quickly…

  • Now I have a reason to watch EVO this year.

    • Candle Ja

      Guy with Batman and Superman avatar only cares about TTT2.


    • TheBlackRabbit


    • dale dx

      I’m with you there. TEKKEN for life.

    • jjabuki


  • allytronic


    I knew it, all Namco had to do was to BUY their way in.

    “Tekken provided a ridiculous amount of hype during last year”…yeah, right.

    • Guest

      Yeah I mean it’s not like Bronson beating Nin wasn’t hype at all or anything. . .

      • OrehRatiug

        That’s not what he means.

    • dale dx

      It was hype for people who can comprehend the intricate science that is Tekken. Not so much for casual players who enjoy things like comeback mechanics and repetitive super move sequences.

      • JnKzm

        Really? You mean juggles that can lead into bound equating to more juggles w/ wallsplat doing 50-60%+ isn’t a form of repetition or comeback off of a punish?

        I guess punishing a low poke w/ a high crush hop kick for crazy juggle damage shouldn’t count either. <—- I mean, That's such a "fair" risk/reward ratio for throwing out a simple jab.

        Let's not sit here and pretend as though Tekken doesn't have it's share of repetition and comeback mechanics which in many cases is Worse then the other fighting game that you're trying to elude too, they just don't have the word "super" or "ultra" in it.

        At least Supers and Ultra require meter.

      • Candle Ja

        Korean backdash all day because you have nothing better to do when you are out of range for attacks and normal movement is slow as molasses.

        All throws get teched because you can look at the arms and see which way to tech so people only try throws so they can get the position change that comes with the break animation. Actually landing it is a bonus.

        Incomplete strings because unless you’re a Mishima or Steve, everything is counterhit only.

        1,2 jab punish

        Safe moves that lead to 50% damage. Or it’s unsafe and gets punished with 1,2 jab.

        No chip damage, no guard meter, slow unblockables except for Bryan’s Knee taunt.

        • Pedro

          That’s an oversimplification. One could say similar things about other FGs.

          • Candle Ja

            Can you make them sound as dull as high-level Tekken?

          • TheAquacharger

            I always have guard damage on because I think no chip is stupid, and it help speeds the game up.

        • Brordia

          Ultra oversimplification. Yep, you stick to games like Ultra SF4.

      • David Cox

        Well lets work on comprehending it! Now to look up what moves are doing with characters and some of the frames and properties….wait?!?…well shit Harada thinks it’s smart to hide that all from the players in a game of limited cancels and huge fucking movelists with 50+ roster…

        Why do new players not learn Tekken again? Why does no one understand this game?!? Explain FGC gods!


  • genocide_cutter

    Watch them cram it all on friday

  • Art Salmons

    “Tekken provided so much hype, in fact, that we didn’t bother to feature it again this year right up until Namco paid us a lot of money. Which is a total coincidence.”

  • BoozerX

    “Bandai Namco Games will be joining the event as a primary sponsor.”

    Dat Wizard Money Slut

    • ReddChief78

      You want your dead crappy game at EVO put up the money you see what MS did with Killer Instinct, same goes for the other developers.

  • Spabobin

    Tekken provided a ridiculous amount of hype during last year’s tournament


    But seriously, if they needed a 3D fighter, DOA5U would have been way better IMO

    • dale dx

      DOA5U is a casual game for pervs. Thank goodness it’s not at Evo.

      • comoesa

        Really, like Tekken isn’t just as perverted?

        • Brordia

          Actually it’s not even close. Tekken is mostly about martial arts, and DOA is mostly about boobs… and…. ninjas with boobs.

      • oBLACKSTARo

        I can’t really argue against the needless gratuity that Team Ninja likes to destroy their game’s credibility with, but if you ever played the game, you can’t call it ‘a casual game’.

        Yeah its pretty mashy, but every other game has their own unique problems too. There is alot of depth to DOA5, and when played by the best players, it gets really tense and exciting. And this is coming from a person (me) who is a certified DOA4 hater to the extreme

        • bigdickfreak10

          <3 miss making fun of your fraudulent Sarah lol jk

          Come to UFGTX n get kidnapped heh :p

        • TheAquacharger

          But then Virtual Fighter pisses all over DoA’s depth and is much more exciting and tense to watch then DoA aside from titties.

          • Each 3D fighter have their own unique charms. Despite how it looks, DoA 5 Ultimate does have a lot of depth in the gameplay department. What game being more exciting and tense to watch compared to another is subjective and I’m not going to argue with that, but aside from titties? Really? I wish people wouldn’t just focus on that regarding the series.

      • verbalessence

        Disagree about DOA being a casual game for pervs, and this is coming from a competitive Tekken player that used to hate on DOA relentlessly. They could do without the gratuity, but to dismiss DOA as nothing more than that would be narrow minded and foolish. Team Ninja has done a very good job I feel with DOA5 ever since their previous project head left the company. While it has a mashy side, this does not represent the full depth of the game. Mashing against top tier players will only result in them patiently blocking your string and throw punishing you when finished. Aside from clearing up that misconception, I don’t intend to initiate some childish “my game is better than yours argument” because I’m not 3 years old. At the end of the day, play what you like, respect what other people like.

      • Okay, I won’t deny that it has a lot of sex appeal, but that automatically makes it a game for perverts? Just for perverts? I laugh at that comment. The DoA series has a LOT more to offer than just the sex appeal. It’s unfortunate that people such as yourself focus just on that and stay away from the series. I blame the Xtreme games. Still, you people really don’t know what you are missing. DoA5U is a very good fighting game with a deep, fun, and competitive gameplay system. This is actually obvious if you explore the game a bit. You can mash in DoA5U, but you can also do that in Tekken. Also just like in Tekken, mashing will NOT get you far in DoA5U. It may look like it can, but you will be in for a surprise if you try to keep doing that.

        It’s like many people saying that VF5FS looks dead boring and they tend to stay a away from it. Unless people explore these games a bit, people will be missing out on the other great 3D fighters. I love Tekken to death and it definitely is my most favorite 3D fighter series, but Tekken isn’t the only great and competitive game to play and watch. Namco are not the only great 3D fighting game developers, people. It’s unfortunate in what people are missing.

  • The scent of bribery is strong here…

  • grezex29

    I’m so glad to see this happen. Yeah, it may possibly be done all in the first day like last year, yeah this may lead to less time on the streams for BBCP, and yes it may seem like it smells of bribery, but I’m hoping that Final Round showed the interest was there and got Mr.Wizard to change his mind. And even if it wasn’t that, I’m just hype to see it back in the EVO lineup and I can’t wait for it!

  • RomanceHD


    • Brordia

      Tekken would live on with or without its inclusion at Evo. Just saying.

  • Angry Joshua

    Fingers crossed, and butt hole clinched waiting for Skullgirls…..

    • J.D SRK

      Tekken had an amazing show at FR.
      If Skullgirls doesnt have a similar blowup I don’t see it happening.
      And even TOs are giving up on SG because the community just won’t support the offline tournaments. They are all online, never traveling.

      • Kongk4

        So far they’ve gotten decent numbers for Rebel up (32 entrants) and Team Stickbug Encore (20+ entrants, the 2nd most filled next to Blazblue IIRC). If they can get better numbers than those in Majors that include the game (whether it’s a main game or a side tournament), then the road ahead will start to look a bit brighter for them.

        I myself would love to go to every tournament for it, but of course… I have the same excuse that some/most of the SG players in the community use: “There’s all this IRL shit in the way.”

      • Eric Nguyen

        Right now it depends on NCR.

      • Icky

        “They are all online, never traveling.”

        Hey man, since last summer I have driven a total of four hours (two hours up, two hours back) nearly every Friday night to play Skullgirls at my local scene. Along with going to every monthly tournament, and going to several out of state tournaments that had Skullgirls as simply a side tournament.

        Don’t blame the entire community, some people actually go out of their way to support it.

        EDIT: But, I do agree that right now it gets NOWHERE near enough support from it’s community to justify it as a main tournament pretty much anywhere.

    • POS Industries

      Naw, we’re too poor to buy our way onto the main stage like the big boys, but thanks for thinking of us and come check out our baller side tournament if you make it out!

  • Eder García

    dat venezuela hype effect

  • Joey Lee

    So glad they finally got this in! Last year TTT2 was hype as hell, especially the run Bronson had.

  • Louis Lam

    I chuckled a bit thinking about this vs the hoops Melee has to jump through every year for roster and streaming rights. I don’t care what you think about the game this is how a company is supposed to treat it’s community.

  • JasinWalraven

    But will people enter? More people entered P4A and SFxT than TTT2 last year

    • JnKzm

      That’s what I’ve been saying. From what I could see, the reason why Evo opted to leave Tekken out was due to lack of Support from the community. So those whom were bashing Evo should look to the real problem.

      TTT2 had the 2nd lowest turnouts for Evo2k13 beating out only Mortal Kombat. Ask yourself who should be to blame for these low turnouts, especially on a game that came out in 2012 and is less then two years old!

      Just this years Kumite Tournament which showcases Tekken as the main fighting game and yet they couldn’t even break 100 players in entry & the SF4 or UMvC3 turnout I can’t remember which game out of those two it was had the same turnout numbers as Tekken did.

      In order for Tekken to not get the Axe for Evo again, Tekken players NEED to support their game and show up for it. It’s sad how this game used to garner the 2nd most tournament entries only behind the Capcom Fighting games to now having one of the lowest tournament showings.

      As a retired competitive fighting gamer & with Tekken being one of those games I used to compete in, let’s hope that Evolution 2014 shows a greater amount of player support for TTT2 from the previous year.

      • “leave Tekken out was due to lack of Support from the community”
        “As a retired competitive fighting gamer”
        “Tekken being one of those games”

        Alrighty then…

        • JnKzm

          I stopped playing competitively back in 2006, that should be up to the new generation players to continue picking it up wouldn’t you think? How has Tekken done T6 onward?

          Look to SF games, we went from Tomo Ohira, Alex Valle, Justin Wong to guys like PR Balrog, Chris G today….New Players picking up the mantle and continuing the support.

          Trying to be smart with your comment there when you really weren’t.

          • First things first, the problem isn’t with the Tekken community.

            If you want to compare apples to apples, there’s a lot of reasons why there’s a “new generation” of Capcom players. The most obvious being that there’s practically a “new” Capcom fighter out every year. How many times has SF4 been released exactly?

            Compare that to Namco’s MO of vanilla, fixing patch, expansion pack. That’s it, they’ve followed this trend for years now. The problem is they only get a resurgence bump after each “patch”. Now there’s an added console cycle to add new players but hey, guess what, Namco doesn’t seem to give a fuck about console. It’s an end to their arcade development cycle with no continued support post. So this awesome game comes out and the company that created it doesn’t seem to care much about it. So you now have new players who bought this game and are completely stranded.

            Secondly, TTT2 is overly complex, they appealed to the experienced player and effectively shunned out the beginner. At the same time Namco tried making it more beginner friendly with band-aid fixes (solo mode, clones) that ultimately detract from the game. I’m not going to get into some pissing match about Tekken being more difficult than a 2D fighter but it should be clear there’s a steep learning curve in Tekken, at the same time it’s insurmountable because there’s so many unknown, unknowns for a beginner player that they can’t even fathom what they don’t know.

            So the blame isn’t with the community, the blame is with Namco. Awesome for you to be that guy blaming the community for “not supporting” the game and then saying there’s no new players to “pick up the mantle”. I’m sure more people would have went to KiT if they would’ve known Tekken would be at Evo. I know I’m going to go to Evo now that Tekken is back on the roster, are you going?

          • JnKzm

            If what you “claimed” was true in tournament entries…then how was it that SF games that were 10+ years old were still obtaining more tournament entries then even such games as Tekken 5 which at that the time of its release was one of the highest points in Tekken popularity during that time frame.

            We had more turns out coming to a game like 3rd Strike then it was with Tekken 5, even though 3S was a game that was released back in 1998 vs a one that was released in the mid-2000s.

            So what you’re implying with patches contradicts the exact opposite of the consistent high tournament turnouts for SF games for the past 10+ years.

            Fact is, whether if their were multiple upgrades or None at all wouldn’t remove SF from having a great tournament turn out in the US, because the SF community has always been consistent in their support of their games.

            It’s also funny how you assumed lack of turnouts for Kumite was because TTT2 wasn’t at the Evolution 2014 lineup…when Kumite was a tournament that occurred BEFORE the Evolution 2014 Games Lineup Announcement ever become official. So basically put your assumption there is baseless.

            For Evolution 2k13, their was absolutely no excuse for TTT2’s 2nd lowest player turnout for 2013 when the game was released console wise less then a year ago in the fall of 2012.

            As TTT2 being advanced….honestly, I’m tired of this remark when this game is not even overly complex at all! The execution level of this game has been watered down since the days of Tekken 5 onward, now if you stated this to me back during the original Tag days I would agree with you more.

            Not One of the fighting games on the list at Evolution is in any way more or less difficult to play at the highest levels, because each have their own aspects which will make it very difficult to reach at the highest levels.

            Smash Melee “looks” easy on paper from a beginner standpoint and it IS due to the simplicity of the commands, however once you start learning and then incorporating things such as short hops, edge guarding, wavedashing, L-Canceling etc, etc…it’s becomes incredibly complex.

            King of Fighters XIII arguably has the toughest execution level out of ALL the games listed at Evolution 2013 because they have never relinquished their leniency level by much while other games such as SF and Tekken have to a large degree.

            So I’m sorry, I can’t sit here and “blame” Namco for being the main reason, when they’ve steadily released new Tekken games throughout the tenure of the 2000+ era where as Capcom did not do so with a truly new SF game until 2008.

            The only thing that I can say is that in recent years Capcom has been steadily supporting the SF fighting game community while Namco hasn’t shown as much interest, at least not until their Tekken game didn’t make the line up for Evo2k14.

            As for me going to Evolution 2014, my last year playing competitively was 2007 in which case was also my last attendance at Evolution. If I haven’t gone since then, the likely hood of me going to Evo2k14 is highly unlikely.

    • Joey Lee

      P4A and SFxT is not returning though, yet TTT2 is. Now, why would that be?

      • Emezie Okorafor


    • Cat Astrophy

      Why enter? They fucked people over last year by running the finals during a WORKDAY

  • L_Z_N

    Thank you Evo, MarkMan, and Tekken Team. My friends got excited by this announcement, and they are really considering to fly out to Evo, although the flight alone for each person costs around US$2000.

    • Brordia

      Yup, so if all the 10000’s of Tekken players around the world can’t afford $2000 to fly out to Vegas just for Evo this July…. that means “the game is dead and we need to blame Namco and/or the community”. Sorry, just using some SRK people’s logic that I’ve read here. Mmhm.

  • bigdickfreak10

    I’d like to see VF5FS there at EVO too. damn shame that game isn’t getting more respect in the states. americans surely know how to let good fighting games just die out smh.

    but tag2 is a solid tho. so i’m glad it’s there.

    doa smh, why in the fuck is that garbage popular? -__-

    • JnKzm

      Problem with Sega on Virtua Fighter is that they don’t do Anything outside of Japan. They literally don’t. They don’t care about how VF does other then on Japan soil which is the very reason why there is such a lack of interest.

      Can’t blame people in the States for that when it’s the companies fault for not making a collective effort where as other fighting game companies have done so.

      • bigdickfreak10

        I guess I can agree with this. But it’s probably also because VF on the surface is boring. Now fluff or major character personalities and story. It’s just a fighting game with characters with a really deep and amazing. That American’s are too lazy to learn.

        Funny how 2d community swallow japan’s dick when it comes to fighters. But they won’t follow the popular 3d fighting games over there. smh

    • verbalessence

      Once again, DOA5U is a lot deeper than a lot of people give it credit it for once you give it a fair chance, and this is coming from a competitive Tekken player that used to relentlessly hate on DOA. The DOA franchise has seen a lot of positive changes ever since their previous project leader left the company. Gratuity they could do without, and they’ve left a negative impression with their previous installments, but DOA5U has shown considerable effort in changing that. With that said, aside from clearing up that common misconception, I refuse to partake in the “my game is better than your game” pissing competition because I’m not a 3 year old. At the end of the day, to each his own, play what you like and respect what other people happen to play and like as well.

      • bigdickfreak10

        I don’t respect shitty system mechanics. Everyone wants to rely on gimmicks and guessing games now a days. Instead of dominance, display of good execution, and exposing bad fighting game player fundamentals. Sure at the end of the day it all boils down to preference, but DOA still feels incomplete to me. Sad when 2HC feels like more of a complete fighter (nitpicking).

        • verbalessence

          I recommend trying to get past your ignorant dismissal first. For someone who initially had doubts about DOA, I found the mechanics to be different but surprisingly solid nonetheless. You also speak as if DOA promotes shoddy fundamentals, it doesn’t. Players duck and punish high strings, throw punish unsafe moves, sidestep during small openings in pressure, change up combos during wall situations, utilize spacing and small pokes to create openings, punish whiffed moves, etc. And believe me there is plenty of dominance with noticeable gaps in skill levels. I saw my mentor (uses a very gimmicky character, and is considered one of the best SoCal players) surgically picked apart (pretty much like watching the koreans dominate us in Tekken) during SCR by a much more sound player. Any backturn runaway tactics were chased down and snuffed out with a launch, guessing games were locked down to minimal or unfavorable benefits, mid-high strings were ducked and punished, etc. Type of stuff you typically only see in high level Tekken? Yea I originally came from Tekken and so I approach DOA by applying my Tekken fundamentals to my gameplay, and suffice to say I made note of every solid Tekken-ish strat that I saw in DOA that day (there were plenty of instances throughout).
          Does DOA have much to improve on? Yes, implementing a much better oki game is something many of the players have brought up, attack properties, character balancing. It’s not a perfect game, but then again no game IS ever perfect even when it’s “perfect enough”.

        • Guest

          FFS, trying to post here on a smartphone is retarded. Double or triple posted at least a bajillion times.

    • How is the game garbage? DOA game play is in the veins of VF (punch button, kick button, block/counter button, throw button) with an optional tag mechanic. If you mean by the gratuitous amounts of fan service, don’t play dumb and act like other FGs don’t have tons of fan service.

      • Exactly. Thank you, Chopsuey9444.

      • bigdickfreak10

        DOA plays nothing like VF IMO. Only thirsty ass DOA fans needs to leech onto VF’s credibility. So lets stop that shit right there…seriously.

        I get tired of seeing people talk nonsense. Games are night and fucking day lol.

        • By your opinionated comment and trolly ass name, I’m willing to bet that you have never tried both. How does it feel to be a part of the hate band wagon?

    • Brordia

      I like VF5, I’ve played in Japan arcades. But I do think Tekken is more fun to watch and fun to play. Much more interesting characters too.

  • wes yoshida

    … Despite the shady way this went down,Tekken is a very good series, however I don’t feel like the community is passionate enough for it and if they are, they sure as hell ain’t showing it. Let’s hope that at EVO they show their love for it, it’s too much of a good game to be left out.

    • peter her

      Apparently you didn’t even see final round.

      • Eric Nguyen

        Final round was great, but keep in mind that that tournament is THE Mecca of Tekken Tournaments in the US, and probably the World. It is an exception, not a rule.

  • BlackMasamune

    Damn, If Tekken Community don’t show up, it will not be a good look.

  • peter her

    Oh yeah thanks mark man, he be moving dem tekken mountains.

  • Welp guess it’s time for the Tekken community to simultaneously pull the money out of nowhere to go to this thing in a little over 2 months after they thought it wasn’t going to happen and probably made other plans. Surely if there’s low turn out it’s only due to there being absolutely NOOOO community support for it. Surely

    • grezex29

      Yeah, I mean, CLEARLY it’s not like the community knowing a few months beforehand would have EVER led to any sort of increase in participants. You know, that just doesn’t make sense.

  • John Doe

    Yeah, Wizard, keep repeating “we don’t accept money to include games”, maybe one day you’ll at least convince yourself.

    • allytronic

      Mr. Wizard is like a modern version of Jerry Maguire.

      If Shaquille O’Neal decided to show him the money, Shaq Fu would be announced tomorrow.

    • At the end of the day it is about the money. Things cost money and so the way you bring in money is by the support you get from the games that you showcase this is grass roots after all.

      So wizard made the decision determined on the amount of support tekken got last year and also factored in the new games that would be coming out during last year.

      If the tekken community isn’t coming out for the game, then yeah the company has to step in if they want to see their game on the main screen. Things aren’t like they were back in the day more people are attending you have to be able to support a 3 day tournament and at least break even.

      • John Doe

        Then he shouldn’t repeat “money has no factor in determining the game lineup” every time like a broken record, then. You got paid? Good for you, but why you gotta lie about it?

        • Yeah he should probably stop putting his foot in his mouth.

          Edit: On second thought though if you look at the other games in the line up two of them are new games. So when he says that money has no factor in determining the lineup that may be why he feels that way. ..who knows.

  • jayjay

    Think doa community deserve it since Team ninja continues to support their game and the community actually has been coming out to tournaments rather than just one big one.But congratulations to tekken, even if it was bribery.

  • Spiral0Architect


  • Guest

    I’m more than a little surprised at the headline. I thought SRK would’ve at least broken it up into two articles or something.

  • BemaniAK

    I said it from the beginning, TTT2 wasn’t in because Bamco didn’t throw money at them.
    I guess that’s been proven.

    So when can we start moving the Major tournament scene away from people who give spotlight to companies who pay up and sell their Tournaments like they’re a space to advertise Cammy reskins as new content?

  • jlb85

    Very nice. I hope they announce something about a new Tekken game there.

  • Johnathan Galt

    Sorry but no amount of money will be able to prop up a dead game like Tekken. Namco throwing in money will only fill the pockets of Wizard and the Koreans who will send a few players to export Those Evo dollars out.

    • BemaniAK

      “a dead game like Tekken”
      This is what Americans actually believe.

    • Eric Nguyen

      Hopefully the Venezuelans can come back too.

    • Brordia

      Yup if something isn’t as mainstream as SF4 or MVC3 in America it’s “dead”. Even if it sells millions of copies worldwide and in Korea they have TV shows based on playing TEKKEN alone. Not to mention thriving online communities, even for older versions of the game. Logic.

  • H_Magnus

    Shout-outs to El Negro Piripicho!

  • s1g@phnx

    Frankly, I don’t understand why any company WOULDN’T buy their way in (if that is what happened). Potential to reach thousands locally and online alone should be the main reason you want your game in a major tournament like this…

    • iFoundSORASkeys

      i don’t think anybody would be (is) mad that companies are trying to buy into evo. i think people are mad that [1] wiz keeps saying that its not the case despite some situations that appear to be the opposite, [2] these situations keep happening where it looks like he is taking their money, and [3] that undermines the concept of a community event.

      that said good shit for putting tekken back in.

  • ReddChief78

    The smash game and now Tekken again in the lineup come on now that crap could of been side tournaments, KoF13 that’s like half of the lineup are dead games, money talks i understand that but what a way to kill the hype. I don’t need that many breaks during EVO. This is a sign of more good fighting games desperately needed like the dark ages are coming back or something, come on Capcom and GG Xrd, somebody.

    Forgot about Killer Instinct WOW this is getting sad, RIP in peace EVO14.

    • Julian GameHead Irwin

      So only SF4 and UMVC3 should be allowed to be at EVO? Yea sure would like to watch random vergil and doom teams all day, and crappy sf4 pools…

    • Light Buster

      First you go post on every article regarding KI and hate on it then you go hate on the rest of the games other than SF4 and UMvC3?

      What are you, a 12 year old Capcom fanboy?

  • MikelAL93

    Glad to see Tekken on the lineup. I really hope PS3’s will be used because every major tournament uses a PS3 for Tekken from what I know.

    • Light Buster

      Very unlikely. EVO 2014 is a Microsoft sponsored event so it will most likely be on the Xbox 360.

  • Trevor Clarke

    If anybody Namco shoulda been first to wanna add their game in

  • disqusdatbra

    This decision has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with money. ABSOLUTELY nothing.
    I really wonder why Mr. Cuellar even bothers with his silly games of pretend. Its so damn obvious by now how corrupted he is, he should just get out of his way next year and do “pay me to get your game into Evo 2015” donation drives. At least then he would be honest for once.

  • David Cox

    Not to hate on the game…but what hype last EVO? The game might be fun to play, but it’s a pretty bad spectator game…and I think the crowd was with me on that.

    Sigh…if only Soul Calibur got more love (well at least we get frame data)

  • It’s sad that Namco has to step in for Tekken to enter the lineup. Tekken is a great game. It really bothers me how America overlooks Tekken… but I guess Tekken’s fate in America is the same as VF. Both games focus a lot on their hardcore audiences and don’t seem to care that much about making the game appealing for newcomers. Street Fighter adjusted a lot in terms of accessibility going from Third Strike to SFIV, so did Marvel from 2 to 3. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing… it certainly helped the games’ popularity, and helped Fighting Games become relevant once again to the mainstream public.

    Tekken is struggling in the west because it’s not “resetting” in terms of mechanics like other fighters, the series is only building things on top of what already existed. Fans and hardcore players love this, they master the mechanics and each new entry adds new ones on top of those you already know, like a designed progression system. But newcomers just can’t relate to the game anymore. It’s really hard to please both ends of the spectrum.

    Maybe Tekken Revolution is indication that Namco will finally start dumbing down the game. I don’t know if they mean to keep the “main” entry separated as it is right now (TTT2 for longtime fans, Revolution for newcomers and casual fans).

    Either way, I’m glad EVO will have Tekken. I hope people start giving the series the respect it deserves. The Tekken community has to grow in America, that’s for sure…


      You’re wrong about VF, bruh. VF5FS has been highly n00bified, like by ALOT, for the sake of new audiences. Multiple throw escapes are gone and replaced with very n00b-friendly lazy throw escape system, staggers from elbows on crouchers very been eliminated and normalized for equal reward in all scenarios, throw clash is gone, 0-frame throws are gone, DMPK is gone, alot of characters have been completely redone and simplified (like Akira). All this among other sweeping changes.

      ALOT of the technical aspects that much of the hardcore fans loved have been stripped away for the sake of new players; so much so that it upset many of the longtime fans. If youre new to VF and want to learn but arent playing vf5fs, youre messing up badly.

      • bigdickfreak10

        lies you twatmuncher…breaking throws is absolutely impossible in VF. LBSH Kappa :p

    • Light Buster

      I honestly didn’t like Tekken’s physics or how it played in the first place. But yes, it’s a good game, enough to draw my attention, but not enough to keep it for me.

  • MaskedHero99

    Im likin this

  • Cat Astrophy

    Don’t fuck fans over this time by putting the Tekken finals on during the workday

  • LvL3MashFactor

    Tekken <3! I wonder if Namco will announce T7 or some TekkenXSF stuff or a update to Tag 2. Lets go America we have been Tekken Crashed too many BaBa Reee! f-ing times amigos. Last year was so hype! If AK and AO that would be a fun exhibition.