CORRECTION: Ultra Street Fighter IV Playable at NorCal Regionals 2014, Decapre a No Show

By on March 31, 2014 at 1:39 pm


UPDATE – According to Join Choi, there was a bit of a mix up and, due to heavy development still being done on Decapre, she will not be playable at NorCal Regionals 2014. We apologize for the misinformation.


Original article

Earlier today, the folks behind NorCal Regionals 2014 updated the tournament’s website with some brand new information. In addition to providing a rough schedule and a helpful visitor’s guide, they also mention that Decapre will be playable in the Ultra Street Fighter IV build Capcom is presenting at the event.

This marks the first opportunity for the general public to get their hands on the character, so don’t miss out on trying the newly-revealed Bison Doll for yourself.

If you are planning to attend the tournament but will not be competing, you will be required to purchase a spectator’s badge in order to enter the ballroom as well as play on the casual and USFIV demo stations. These passes will be sold on-site for $10.

NorCal Regionals 2014 is scheduled for April 18-20 in Sacramento, California. Further details and online registration can be found through the event’s official website.

Source: NorCal Regionals

  • Daniel McDonald

    What a sick April Fool’s joke…………………………….. (jk)

    • Diamonds

      Ha. It really was. You can play Decapre! Not!

  • Guest

    “These passes will be sold on-sit for $10.”

  • peter her

    WC who cares

    • Kyehlar

      Is there anything you care about other than yourself?

      First it was because Dead or Alive wasn’t Street Fighter… and now that it’s Street Fighter you still don’t care… so what DO you care about? I’m genuinely curious.

      • peter her

        Yay good for you play cammy do want a cookie for your achievement. Like i said who cares.

  • jonsf

    John Choi just tweeted no decapre at ncr.

  • BlackMasamune

    Stay Free Norcal

  • ReddChief78

    I could of swore i read yesterday Decapre wouldn’t be playable anyways.