Upcoming Xbox One Reputation System to Hamper Matchmaking, Take Away Streaming Privileges for Users with Numerous Penalties

By on March 26, 2014 at 12:39 pm


While playing games online can be a great thing, many times your positive experience is hampered by folks who would much rather be jerks. Microsoft sought to curb this with their Xbox 360 reputation system, but its effectiveness was less than consistent. In an effort to extend its usefulness, the company intends to introduce an expanded version of the reputation system in an upcoming Xbox One update.

According to Xbox Live program manager Micheal Dunn, users are broken down into three distinct groups in this new system: “good players,” for which benefits and rewards will be rolling out in the future; players that “need work” and will begin receiving warnings about their negative feedback; and players that just scream “avoid me.”

The final group will see a variety of actions taken against their accounts in order to curb their behavior. These penalties include reduced matchmaking functionality and the removal of their rights to stream gameplay through Twitch.

But one question remains: what’s to stop poor losers from providing negative feedback in retaliation? Dunn closes out the announcement with a promise that the system’s algorithm has been designed so that false reports will be adjusted accordingly.

With major repercussions in store for those with negative reputations and Killer Instinct players having already faced issues with the title’s jailing system, let’s hope it works as advertised.

Source: Xbox Wire via Kurushii