Team NINJA Planning to Release More New Characters for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate After Phase-4

By on March 21, 2014 at 1:26 pm


While upcoming roster addition Phase-4 (pictured above) has yet to reach Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, the folks over at Team NINJA recently revealed they aren’t planning to stop expanding the title’s cast with the Kasumi clone. According to Siliconera, a series of tweets sent out by the studio earlier today officially announced their plans to add more new characters to the arcade version of their latest fighter.

Fortunately, console players won’t be left in the dust. The announcement also mentions that these new fighters will eventually make their way to home platforms after they appear in the arcade port. Their initial plan was to wait until every character arrived in arcades before making them available on consoles, but have since decided to allow players to grab them one-by-one in the future.

That being said, they also plan to put together a downloadable content package that includes the entire host of new characters at a discounted price, so be on the look out for that if you plan to pick up every new addition to the cast.

Source: Team Ninja via Siliconera

  • swordsman09

    Return of Tengu, or boss characters in general? More VF characters? More chicks? What do you guys think?

    • Steven

      for free?

      • Most likely not.

      • Henry

        If you play DOA5 Core Fighters, then the new content should be rotated in for free for a week eventually.

    • I want more original characters who aren’t ninjas, but maybe one more VF character wouldn’t hurt. It’s good that there’s still more support for DoA.

      • swordsman09

        There’s really no more ninjas they could put in. They put in everybody I can think up unless there are still more Ninja Gaiden characters they could fill.

        I think Kage will be in though considering he’s a VF ninja.

        • Kage is an exception since he’s the original 3D ninja.

        • Bushin_Cat

          Well, I hope it’s not Yaiba…. Please God, no *even tho I know it would be the perfect marketing ploy*

          • A costume from Yaiba for Hayabusa would suffice.

          • Death Metal

            Hayabusa would hate to wear that.

          • Bushin_Cat

            No, i think the yaiba outfit as an alt. for Ryu would be great! A metallic left arm…tattered outfit… makes me think of a failed cloned Hayabusa, out for revenge.

      • Itachi Jinsei

        What does being a Ninja have to do with putting in good characters??? First off the series revolves around the Ninja and the game is being produced by Team NINJA. Doesn’t matter what the characters are called anyway. Raidou, Genra, Shiden, Joe, and Genshin would all be great additions. Personally I want those, the Alchemist from NG3, Muramasa, and a few greater fiends. I definitely prefer any of these if they’re going to release more characters like Marie Rose.

      • Itachi Jinsei

        What does the “Ninja” label have to do with anything? They all fight different. I could understand if we had 5 characters who were just alternate versions of each other but we don’t. Half the characters I to this day want in the game are “Ninja”. That word on it’s own is meaningless. Raidou, Genra, Genshin, Joe. All kick ass characters. Definitely better than wack characters like Marie Rose. If not those we have Muramasa, Doku, and the Alchemist from NG3 forgot his name.

  • someguy1234

    How about an actual boxer this time? Mila was misleading in her leaked pic.

  • BlackMasamune

    I’m more interested in when they will finally stop.

    • No.

    • R.D. Covenant

      shh shhh, it’s ok. Somewhere on the page there’s a little “x” that will make all the hurt go away.

  • jlb85

    I think it’s awesome that they keep supporting this game. Can’t wait to see DOA 6. In the meantime, it sure would be nice if they would release some ultimate, ultimate version of DOA 5 for the PS4, preferably downloadable.

  • Cael

    Vanessa from VF would be nice.

    • TheFrikking

      One more vote for your proposal, Vanessa for DOA5U

      • Jahmere Durham

        “If this was the battlefield, you’d be dead.”

    • Know_the_ledge

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Itachi Uchiha

      Yes yes yes!!! I support this 1000% but even better would be a complete merge with VF!


    “New character” these days means either a Kasumi clone or a Cammy clone, and SHITTY COMPANIES are delivering these days, so everyone strap in for the dialed-in front page hype. Let’s hear it, commoners!

    • jlb85

      It’s a niche genre. DOA 5, the original, wasn’t exactly a blockbuster, yet they continue to support the game, which is wonderful for loyal DOA fans. Not to mention they put out Marie Rose, a unique character to the series, not too long ago. Also, you can buy these characters individually. I really don’t know why I bothered to respond to you though, because your post makes you come across as an unreasonable person, and I will probably regret posting this.

    • Jule

      What’re you talking about? It’s just Kasumi Alpha who’s always been apart of the DOA series lol. Unlike the Cammy clone, Phase 4 was initially already announced in story mode but originally was meant for DOA6.

      • Kaihedgie

        “Phase 4 was initially already announced in story mode but originally was meant for DOA6.” Oy. Doesn’t this sound familiar

  • They’re probably gonna add Yaiba later on

  • Hayden Compton

    That last paragraph. Sounds like a season pass would be the best idea for TN to do.

  • kinv

    cool, i want ayane clone

  • Bushin_Cat

    Here’s a nutty idea, TecmoKoei – make a 3D beat-em-up game, using NG engine but with whole DOA cast , online coop and call it Dead or Alive: Hot Wild Rumble!
    …or whatever the SRK community wants to call it ^_^

  • SavingPrincess

    My vote is for Bo Jackson.

  • MikelAL93

    Ryo Hazuki please

  • Dave Brink

    More male characters would be nice. I am all for gender equality.

  • TK421

    This character absolutely sucks. Phase 4 is just another stupid ninja character with 99% of the same moves as the other girl ninjas. It’s old and tired crap. Waste of money and time. She doesn’t even have a tag partner. What they should have done was get more characters from Virtua Fighter like Vanessa. She’s be a great tag partner for a lot of those DOA5 characters. Save your money folks unless you just want another boring ninja girl.