Ryan Hart Pits Vanilla Sagat, Arcade Edition Yun Against Combofiend’s Decapre in Ultra Street Fighter IV Exhibition Footage from Final Round XVII

By on March 17, 2014 at 5:30 pm

While Capcom revealed Decapre as Ultra Street Fighter IV’s fifth new character during the last day of Final Round XVII this weekend, they didn’t just call it a day after showing off her trailer. In a unique twist, Final Round’s Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 champion Ryan Hart was asked to once again take the stage to face off against the fierce new fighter, wielded by none other than Peter “Combofiend” Rosas.

But rather than allow Combofiend to take the upper hand with a character he’s never fought against, Hart decided to utilize Ultra’s edition select to bring two powerhouses back from the grave: vanilla Sagat and Arcade Edition Yun. What resulted was an entertaining first-to-three exhibition between two very talented competitors that provided a look at both the past and future of the Street Fighter IV series.

If you missed out on the excitement last night, be sure to check out the footage below.

Source: Capcom Fighters

  • The Pianist

    … Yeah.

  • Death Metal

    Every time I hear that announcer I still can’t believe they are not switching it for a new one or bringing back vanilla SFIV’s announcer. This one sounds incredibly dumb and retarded.

    • tb

      u jus find some new fukin shit to complain about dont ya fagget?

      • Death Metal

        plz wriet in ingleesh

      • defghui

        and another thing, what the hell is up with all that grass in the stages? mow your goddamn lawn, capcom!

        • Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

        • If they do that, maybe they’ll find our good IPs and good characters that we all loved and cared about.

    • Kongk4

      What the fuck ever happened to that new one they teased in Ultra’s second trailer? I would’ve liked to have heard what he sounded like in action.

      • The announcer in that trailer is the same guy, that sound clip replaces the announcer saying “Super Street Fighter 4” at the title screen so whenever you go to the title screen for USFIV that sound clip plays.

    • Jason Slade

      I heard that they tried to get the guy from SF4 back for Super but they couldn’t get him for some reason.

      • Death Metal

        I guess that’s unfortunate, he sounded pretty cool back in vanilla. The one from SSFIV+ sounds like he is trying to imitate some other voice and failed.

        I know it sounds unimportant, but good things are often built on attention to detail.

    • NihilistZerO

      How’s about they just let us mute the fucking announcer and still hear the fighters voices… been asking for this for 5 years!

      • Death Metal

        Or, like in some other fighters (DOA5 comes to mind), maybe choose among different voice options.

    • Justin Archer

      your vagina is soggy.

      • Death Metal

        yeah babe come get sum

    • Amer1ka

      I’ve never understood people who think the announcer sounds bad or in your case “dumb and retarded”. But I also really really dislike the announcer in Injustice.

      • Death Metal

        I don’t know either, it just sounds dumb to me. It sounds like a guy trying to force some “brutal” voice that he doesn’t have.

        The first announcer just sounded much more pleasant to me. They should have included an option to switch back to vanilla announcer by now, as I’ve seen so many other people complaining about the current one as well.

  • Kongk4

    I lost it at K-Brad’s reaction at the end. LOL

    • Rory Grant

      Lol what about the super made him so hype?

      • mohandu

        Hands into Psycho Crusher is pretty hype dude.

      • pootnannies

        because he plays cammy and he is not ashamed of playing scumbag characters. he probably didn’t know she’s a charge character though.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    PD: I so wanna see Lee Chung commentating a Decapre match :B

  • Candle Ja

    JChen frothing at the mouth.

    • wconcepts

      He sounded a bit tipsy.

  • TheAquacharger

    I wonder if skate park still has the SFXTK banner in the back.

    • Cellsai

      All SFxT references were stripped out and replaced with new billboards.

    • technical_boom

      nope, it says “Ultra Street Fighter 4”

  • Milton Martinez

    what’s the whole point of balancing. when at the end they put this SELECT EDITION thing there crapcom.!

    • Devin Isom

      its a separate mode.

    • 七川 美華

      Because it’s an additional mode and not online.

    • Separate mode and most likely NOT tournament legal.

  • DropDeadEddy

    “Edition Select ” is not something that is a complete game breaker. They have done something like this with the Anniversary Edition of Street Fighter II, where you could choose a version of a character from any iteration of street fighter. No one was bitching then lol

    • Aojiroi

      Last i checked it was not ranked online, also probably not for Tournaments. So it is for fun. You know what “for fun” means yes? Oh wait SRKers dont know what that word means. . .smh

      • Bob101910

        Not for any online and that is the problem. Hopefully it comes to unranked too.

      • defghui

        not to mention hyper sf2 came out 10+ years after people stopped caring. most players already fucked off to another game.

      • DropDeadEddy

        It should be. At least, in its own ranking system aside from normal ranked battle. Something like a Edition Select Ranked Match.

        Anniversary HSFII style.

  • Sage_Areli

    Wonder how cammy is the strongest doll, when decapre can do all this.

    • ReoAyanami

      Tiger Knee Cannon Strike

    • LightSpdAeon

      because she isn’t a doll. and i don’t think decapre was able to use the psycho drive back when cammy was killer bee.

  • Bob101910
    • defghui

      no wolf of fighting street title? i am disappoint

    • Polroid

      I think I like this design better can we get this character instead

  • PJ

    Should also be mentioned that there was extra $500 on the line for Ryan if he won this set.

  • Ejima Oyibo
  • Quan Chi

    How the hell does a street fighter tournament take place in outter space? What. The. ^&%$.
    Her normal combo gives more damage than the w ultra. Like I said, useless.

    • Justin Richardson

      The space level is from SFxT. Its a reference to the Tekken 5 stage which takes place on one of Heihachi’s satellites. The joke is that Heihachi is so rich, he can have a satellite and just have it up there so he can beat people up in space.

      • Quan Chi

        What’s that have to do with street fighter? Why would a tournament match be in outer space?

        • Jason Slade

          Why WOULDN’T it be in outer space?

        • Kaihedgie

          I’m surprised it took them this long to do this. Besides, I’ve seen quite a number of old fighting games taking place in space.

  • Johnathan Galt


  • Paul S

    There was more salt in that room then all of Utah.

  • stephendeo

    can’t wait until they dumb her down. right now she’s a beast….

  • Kaihedgie

    Told ya this would all blow over. Just happened sooner than expected :T

  • TheFrikking

    WTF, Decapre is so broken, come on…

  • Dominicruz

    I can’t believe that I’m going to buy this game again 🙁