Sony Santa Monica Studio Releases Previews of Upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Balance Patch

By on March 15, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Remember PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony’s unique take on the Super Smash Bros. formula? Well, it would appear that the company’s Santa Monica Studio has plans to release a balance patch for the title, and recently provided two short previews of what they have in store through Instagram.

According to the text attached to the videos, the patch is currently undergoing its final tuning and stress tests, so it’s very likely players will see it pushed out on PlayStation Network soon. Feel free to check out the quick glimpses above and let us know what you think.

Source: Santa Monica Studio, tip via Kongk4

  • ….yeah…

  • KrisXX

    SNORE!! YAWN!!

  • YuriGotBack

    balance patch for a game no one plays, makes sense… where are the PS4 fighting games?!

    • Guest

      Would there be a patch is nobody played it? Would there be a patch if there was nobody asking for it?

    • Guest

      Would there be a patch if nobody played it? Would there be a patch if nobody was asking for it?

    • LexTheDonteKilla

      You know, it may not be the size of the SSFIV scene, but there is a small hardcore allstars audience who have been waiting for this patch for almost a year now. So yeah, there are those who play allstars.

    • Enrique Sotelo

      as of right now its a major online community however lately PSASBR have been getting into the big tournament scene linke back at Dallas Smash Fest and now at WOBOH

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    Nigga what

  • Angry Joshua

    YES YES YES YES YES……And people do still play this game….Its a SHIT TON better than people think it is.
    (incoming hate) (incoming smash clone comments…even though it plays nothing like smash)

    • Doppio1089

      I want to get a PS3 for this game. I think it is pretty cool.

    • ReddChief78

      I was just wondering the other day if people still played this online, had a lot of fun with this game when it first came out i guess i need to pop this in sometime and get back into it, i hope a sequel is coming.

    • Marquistador

      Yeah, I have a lot of fun screwing around with this game with my friends. It’s a good social game. I feel the same way about Smash, although I respect the competitive scene.

  • MasterScrub

    I thought they abandoned that game?

  • Victor Thammavong

    I know this game is dead and nobody plays it and all but just out of curiosity, what are these videos supposed to demonstrate exactly?

    • TJ

      Game isn’t close to dead, lots of people still play it. Matter of fact, it will be played at an MLG tournament coming up in May, not in the circuit, but proves people play it.
      Anyways, the videos are showing a few patch changes, like removal of air camping with an addition of juggling, a ToD being removed, and some other minor things. Hard to see unless you actively play the game.

      • LexTheDonteKilla

        I’m assuming that you are talking about Dante’s ToD? They haven’t shown anything in those two videos that shows its removal that I can see. In the second video they are showcasing that his up circle will be more consistent with how it works (it finally can be used as an anti-air!) but that is it as far as I can tell.

    • Angry Joshua

      Zues seems a lot faster in the video than he actually i.s, but he builds way less meter.
      I’m assuming Dante’s Empty cancles are getting Nerfed

      • LexTheDonteKilla

        They better not nerf his empty cancels past not being able to level 1 KC off them (and if they do nerf it like I just said they had better buff him in numerous other areas to compensate. Especially his air game).

  • Mozqeetou

    They should add more character too, game is a lot of fun. And for the next one the should do a better killing system.

    • Angry Joshua

      that most likely won’t happen.

    • AriesWarlock

      Well, hopefully, there will be a sequel.

  • BlackMasamune

    Wow, it would be funny if this game did go the smash route and had a thriving underground community for it 10 years later. It’s a shame though, this could be a great promotional vehicle for the Playstation brand.

  • Alex

    From what I’ve been hearing, the online scene has been growing for this game. I guess that explains this balance patch. Each scene has to start from somewhere I guess.

    • AriesWarlock

      That is correct!

    • Julian GameHead Irwin

      NOPE! According to SRK if you aren’t going to locals grinding every week you are just some online scrub who knows next to nothing about competing, and will never make it in the big boy world.

  • Angry Joshua

    So from What I’ve seen….Zues is faster, but builds less meter, and Dante’s Empty (swag) combos are getting touched on.
    What will hopefully give this game some new life would be a tiny speed increase, fixing the descync issues online along with some general fixes (like Sly’s Forever Bouncing Barel Glitch). And what the game REALLY needs is a Time+Stock mode, and 1v1 online.

    Unlike Smash…This game is a clunky mess when more than 2 characters are on screen.

    • LexTheDonteKilla

      Apart from them touching on Dante’s EC in these two videos (they didn’t seem to show anything about that that I can see), and 2v2 can be quite hype and cool when done in the right sort of environment, I agree 100%. If they improve the netcode then I might return to the game at some point (however, they did say previously that this is a balance patch so a netcode improvement is unlikely which is sad).

  • R.D. Covenant

    Played the beta. It didnt feel right, but it also didnt feel bad. I may pick it up when the disc version is $10-15. Dunno, though. As long as someone enjoys it then it’s not a waste.

    • Guest

      It was $10 some days ago on amazon.

  • This would be way better with some actual patch notes.

  • AriesWarlock

    I was wondering when it was going to be released. About time!

  • Guest

    I don’t want to overhype this game (I really do tho)
    But for those who don’t know….This is what “High level” AllStars looks like

    • TJ

      Lol well that wasn’t high level at all, and that was a bad example of a match. The patch coming out will not make the game look like that at all, and should be more fun to watch with more tech skill involved. Guarantee that.

      • Angry Joshua

        I didn’t mean to use this vid…..I tried deleting it

    • LexTheDonteKilla

      THAT is high level allstars play.

  • Angry Joshua

    Don’t want to Overhype this game (i really do tho)
    But for those who haven’t seen this game in the right light, this is what “High level” AllStars really looks like.
    People should give this game another chance

    • spades111

      all this video tells me is that 1v1 is pointless unless your character can combo into a level 1… not bashing the game as a 2v2 or free for all… but it’s not fit for a 1v1 setting

      Don’t get me wrong I know there are set ups for supers that can’t be combod into… but either way you’re leaving things to chance which drastically brings down a characters potential.

      Whats worse is it looks like the characters who can combo into their level 1s build meter pretty easily.

      • TJ

        Not at all. Everyone has at least one level 1 kill confirm, it is just they are given at different quantities. However, level 1 kill confirms do no make the whole difference, safeness does. A Sly player goes for level 3 then 2, and he is top tier. A Kratos player only goes for level 2 kills, and he is top tier. Drake, PaRappa, Ratchet, and Sackboy are all high tier and do not rely on level 1 kill confirms. Spike and Radec have multitudes of level 1 kill confirms from across their moveset, yet they are low tier. This also isn’t the best example of high level play, since only one of those players is actually high level (Phaze)

        The game isn’t balanced, but the new patch will be ridding of many confirms and add more tech skill into the game while making the game more balanced along with some new features. The game has survived on a 1v1 community so far, got into an MLG tournament coming up, and the patch is going to improve upon almost everything. The game will become much more appealing 1v1 based, since experts of the FGC are making the new patch. When the patch hits, you should give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

        • spades111

          but i was referring to a 1v1 situation. If we’re referring to the video that I replied about they’re playing 5 stock matches.
          If I remember correctly meter isn’t equal per super… lvl2 != 2x lvl1, lvl3 != 3x lvl1. Each super needs more meter than the last

          Maybe all characters can put up a fight in time mode where you can get a lead and try keeping it but not in stock. You can only defend and gain meter for so long when your opponent just needs a hit confirm which builds all the meter they need for a level 1 kill

          Again I’m just talking about 1v1

          • Angry Joshua

            1v1 is actually the way to go….In my opinion, this game fails when there are more than 2 character on screen…It becomes clunky and unplayable.

          • Angry Joshua

            Stock+Time mode needs to be added…
            Stock matches take WAAAAY too long…
            But 3min timed matches can be pretty damn hype (my scene still plays this game)

      • LexTheDonteKilla

        While the game isn’t as fast paced as most other fighting games (a normal 3 stock standard match will usually last between 3-7 minutes depending on the characters playing, eg a Sly mirror match will last an obscene amount of time) but 1v1 is hands down the best mode IMO. FFA is fine for messing about with mates but is so based on luck and randomness that if you try to get good at it then you really have no option other than “Choose Kratos, Zeus and maybe Raiden and mash your way to victory”. 2v2 is definitely a good mode for competition though but 1v1 can be very cerebral and fun to play.
        While level 1 KCs are vital to many characters and largely dictate their place on the tier list, there are definitely other factors that are just as if not more important and there are characters who don’t have amazing KC capability but still are top of the tier list as TJ said.

        • spades111

          My point isn’t that 1v1 shouldn’t be played, my point is i can’t be played competitively with a big chunk of he cast. Characters than can build 1 meter of a random hit and combo into a super just win by default unless you’re terrible or your character has horrible normals

          All other characters rely on gambles like if they roll back my super will hit but if they don’t will waste a meter or they just need much more meter, like they can’t get a guaranteed kill without a level 2 or 3.

          Well I assume the balance patch will be going over all that… at least I hope it does.

          • LexTheDonteKilla

            The majority of the cast is competitively viable and apart from with some of the top tiers most characters need you to be in a certain area to KC you and if you know where this area is you can use that to your advantage to either bait out an attempted KC and punish (the punish will vary from character to character).
            Not to say the game is balanced as it really isn’t. But the upper two thirds or so of the cast can be played competitively but to do well you will usually need to play multiple characters to cover some of your mains horrible MUs.

  • Chooch

    The patch is REAL? Holy shit

  • Shikuru

    Very interesting, wonder if these will be big game changers, or small and unnoticeable. Either way, I want to see some love for Kat in terms of FFA matches.

    • LexTheDonteKilla

      If you think Kat is receiving anything but extremely heavy nerfs you got another thing coming pal, sorry to tell you but she is top tier in every mode and is the best character in 1v1 to such a degree that she is banned due to no bad match ups and the majority of them being 7-3 her advantage or worse.

  • Blue

    So this game has been plagued with horrible balance and netcode issues, big reasons why so many people left the game. And this has been going on for a year even after patches. The thing is, their previous patches has been geared towards FFA for some dumb reason and they’ve realized this.

    Now they’re releasing a patch to balance towards 1v1 and fixing the netcode. The game has a slowly growing scene despite the horrible balance, but this new patch should speed things up by making more character viable. Give it time to grow just like any other game. Just because it’s not OMG UMvC3 or SF doesn’t mean it’s bad. Try it out for yourself before passing judgement. But anyway, this patch is gonna be hype!

  • genocide_cutter

    How about a sequel

  • HassanJamal

    Count me hyped. Still play this game after its release 😀

  • Trevor Clarke

    Why don’t they (for the sequel at least) make the supers input based rather than level based? Up super, down super, neutral, etc. Because some characters really blow without a super setup or their level 1, 2, or 3’s are ass and some have to damage rack more than others for an effective kill (Solo Big Daddy compared to solo Metaknight… I mean Sackboy)

    Just one, two at max Super bars.

    • LexTheDonteKilla

      Big Daddy has some pretty amazing level 1 KCs now from most any combo starter but the problem is mastering the timing (very strict timing and character dependant) and his level 2 is one of the best in the game with a solid ability to 2 stock in a 1v1 and his level 3 can 3 stock (online only) which makes it a game winner in a standard competitive match. Sackboy isn’t Metaknight anymore, I think you will find that that title belongs to Kat. Sackboy sits in upper high tier atm.

      Also, giving everyone directional supers would be even harder to balance than what there is currently as that would mean 4x the supers in the game so chances are that some supers will be useless and others godly.

      • Trevor Clarke

        They can just be 2 per chara, it’d be alot easier

        And I was referring to Characters like Sir Dan absolutely needing level 2 to KC. Though I haven’t played since the first SackBoy patch since none of my friends bought it, which is why I still referred to him as MK

        • LexTheDonteKilla

          Dan’s level 1 is pretty amazing without KCs and mostly you will see competitive Dans use reads to land it instead of save up for a level 2.

  • Paul S

    Guess all the price drops and PS+ deals have widened the audience.

    Could really use a few more game modes, mind. At least something that wouldn’t make one-on-one so monotonous.

    Multiplayer is still joyful chaos, however. The game has always been strongest with four players.

  • MrJechgo

    A balance patch? Really?

    How about adding MORE character and stages so people could actually care again about this game?

    • TJ

      You’re late, almost a year late. That’s impossible, do you know how much those cost? Adding characters isn’t easy,, otherwise the game’s roster would not look as is. A balance patch is needed given the state of the community. Since the game is getting into a MLG tournament, and the allstars forums are the most active forums on official playstion community, I would say people care.

      • MrJechgo

        People would CARE more about this game if there were characters that people would CARE more playing!

        If Capcom managed to release AE and Ultra for SSFIV with extra characters, surely Sony, a 1st-party company, can afford to add more character from their repertoire… AND twist Activision’s arm to get Crash and Spyro.

        • LexTheDonteKilla

          Adding characters is a temporary fix, it will bring a few people back/in but they will likely leave quickly just like they did before. Better to make sure the game is balanced and able to be played competitively online so that the online scene can grow more and then progress into an offline scene.
          SFVI is one of the biggest fighters out there while PSAS sold 1 million copies only JUST meeting Sony’s aims for the game. The last DLC bundle (Isaac and Zeus) was unanimously hated by the community (and full of glitches) and really didn’t sell well so further DLC is unlikely. Do you see why adding characters really isn’t that likely now?

        • DiscoCokkroach

          Adding new characters would likely just add to the balance problems, which would in turn hurt the community and put more stress on the dev team. Believe me, I want new characters as much as the next guy, but if you *really* like to play a game competitively, the balance changes are worth more in the long run than a new character.

  • Collander Parham

    I see I must get my sir dan again and mine more PSA salt

    Sorry if the vids a lil white washed was my first attempts at capping

  • Smash and Crash
    Minus the lag, these 2 are good representations of high level play.

  • MrAmbitious

    Can hope that this wont make the game worse than the last patch did. Currently there are people online, yes, but they screwed the netcode and game up so bad you constantly glitch out or lag out. I tried playing a week ago and it was even worse than when I played it day in and day out.

  • RazingPhoenix

    support stops games from dying. I don’t play this game, but this is a good thing, especially since I haven’t heard about it in awhile.

  • Gun_Vanguard

    You mean to tell me that this game can get an update patch, but UMVC3 can’t? What kind of a world are we living in?

    • MrJechgo

      Blame Marvel for the lack of support…

      Sony can do what it pleases at least.

    • DiscoCokkroach

      I know the feeling…I just want TACs and Morrigan fixed T_T

  • heero2001

    So glad that Sony is still supporting this game even though it is not the most popular. It really gives me confidence in buying Sony games to know that they will be supported even if they aren’t popular.

  • MaskedHero99

    It dosent have to be like smash bros…it jus has to be good

  • Did they ever fix the crappy ONLINE play issues? Where on your screen it shows you beating that person alot but in the end you somehow lost? If not, then i’ll never ever touch this game again.

  • Blue

    The community has been slowly growing despite the imbalance and netcode issues. This upcoming patch is geared towards dealing with both of these. Previous patches have been balancing towards FFA, which is dumb, and they’ve realized this. Now let’s see what this game can do with the upcoming patch! I love this game!

  • Chaos_Knight

    Call me back when more characters are announced.

    • Light Buster

      Not going to happen. The last batch of DLC didn’t fare as well so further DLC is very unlikely.