Super Smash Bros. Melee Joins the Evo 2014 Roster!

By on March 12, 2014 at 8:00 am
Photo courtesy of Polygon

Evo announces that Super Smash Bros. Melee has officially joined its 2014 lineup! This marks the second consecutive year for the game at the tournament. In 2013, Mango beat out Wobbles and 700 other competitors in the largest Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament in history.

This year competitors worldwide will convene at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino to compete in championships across seven of today’s hottest fighting games. The tournament takes place July 11 – 13, 2014.

  • Polish Tamales

    Grats Smash Community!

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  • NyuBomber

    Congrats, looking forward to watching!

  • Kr1spness

    It’s time.

  • OtoriGolden

    Good job, everyone!

  • Cheesaurus

    AW YISS!

  • FrostyP

    i guess pigs do fly.

  • FLStyle

    Nintendo isn’t as dumb as I thought, hurray for free advertising!

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  • BulletToothTeddy

    Children, rejoice.

  • darkdragon88

    effin right. Hype!

  • SuaveVillain™

    Awesome now i have a reason to watch evo.

  • Deeyennay

    Bear with me, but why not Brawl?

    • GuyAlpha

      People say that Smash isn’t a competitive game, but Brawl actually lives up to it. I mean, Brawl has a competitive scene, but it’s the worst game for one imo.

    • XaviIniesta

      Most Smash players seem to like Melee more. Also, Brawl is less competitive, partially because of the trip mechanics in the game. Not sure if they’re allowed to play Project M by Nintendo.

      • ForteWily

        Technically speaking, Project M is a hack. An impressive hack, but a hack none the least. I would figure that anyone promoting the project would have to consider that they would be in the legal cross-hairs of Nintendo should they do so.

        And since Evo is (as grassroots as it is) considered a professional tournament, I don’t think that Mr. Wizard and co. would consider it. But that is just my thinking on the matter.

        • Fabian222

          That opinion of yours is sound, hits exactly in-line with mine, and makes me curious why others aren’t thinking this way.

          • ForteWily

            I will be honest, my thinking on Project M is one of hate. I never liked the project since it’s inception to be honest, since… it’s main focus is to make Melee out of Brawl. As of 3.x they have succeed, which is impressive given what they have to work with.

            I love Melee, don’t get me wrong… but there are things in melee that break the game on a logical level. It’s very far from perfect, but enjoyable none the least. What Project M does, similar to Marvel 3, is codify some of those errors into Brawl. I can’t support that, and I don’t…

            That said, I only subscribe to what is logical over Project M, since anything less than that would be me being more than subjective.
            If Project M was a build from scratch effort, that has it’s own IP and identity. I am sure that the results on a big stage like Evo would have different considerations to a game like Project M.

          • Justin Grant

            The only “error” coded in was wavedashing. Which was originally just a product of melee’s physics and air dodge mechanics. It isn’t really a glitch or bug, and it doesn’t change intended mechanics of melee, it’s just an unforeseen mechanic.

          • John Quinn

            Although on the surface (and in the name) it appears to “make Melee out of Brawl,” Project M is more of a synthesis between Brawl and Melee in actual gameplay, plus a new dimension. The new dimension is that each character is viable and packs almost unlimited potential, causing a greater variety of play style. This game has come a very long way since the name was chosen… It would be wrong to think of it as some kind of Melee clone—it is 100% its own game, with its own identity. Some of the characters (like Fox) feel almost exactly like Melee, but many of the characters feel like Brawl (Ivysaur), just a bit more offensive and faster and more technical—everything which made Melee competitive and exciting to watch. It’s like Melee only better; it’s like Brawl only WAY better 😀 So even though it’s a “hack,” that name refers only to its birth and not to what it’s growing into. No game is perfect, but it’s damn fun for a very large number of people—Brawl/Melee/64 veterans included—and that’s cool. I agree Nintendo will probly resist it, though. P.S. I’d be curious to know what factors you think “break Melee on a logical level.”

          • ForteWily

            >> Although on the surface (and in the name) it appears to “make Melee out
            of Brawl,” Project M is more of a synthesis between Brawl and Melee in
            actual game-play, plus a new dimension.

            No, and that is more due to the changes involved. The game runs at a faster speed than brawl, characters have been reverted to there old moveset (like my main, Prince Marth) when possible, wavedashing is back… the engine physics has less float, heavier weight than what Brawl has, hit stun is increased greatly, Prince Roy and Mewtwo have been completed and added to the game, etc.

            >> it is 100% its own game, with its own identity. Some of the characters
            (like Fox) feel almost exactly like Melee, but many of the characters
            feel like Brawl (Ivysaur), just a bit more offensive and faster and more
            technical—everything which made Melee competitive and exciting to

            Which fails to look at one point. Everything that was done to the game hacks it into something that was not in the GA build of Brawl. Without Brawl, these changes have no foundation to improve on… and that is the fact of the matter.
            Because of this, it does lack some manner of identity because there is nothing in Project M that doesn’t have some basis in either Brawl or Melee. Despite some creativity (like in the case of the Pokemon Trainer Three), this hack remains trapped between those two pillars… and has so since it’s inception. Even with 3.X, it remains living in the past… Brawl at least attempts to be more than that (which it fails to do itself for a number of reasons).

            >> I agree Nintendo will probly resist it, though.

            Resist it, nothing… Nintendo has all right to legally remove Project M. And because this Project doesn’t do much too keep itself far removed from Nintendo’s IP, there is a grounds for the company to do so… community be damned. All it would take is a C&D.
            I’m not sure if that would be successful or not, nor care… Project M plays with fire here, and I have seen lesser efforts get burned by it. So with that said, it’s hard to say that Project M will grow into because this can all disappear VERY quickly.

            >> “break Melee on a logical level”

            Melee has a odd sense of physics, in that the character weight variable can be ignored with the right amount of volatility. Which serve to make the game more positioning-based, but unlike other games… this is not an absolute… because things change about how a character is hit and where on the stage they are hit.
            The puffballs (Jigglypuff and Kirby) tend to have the most odd bugs based on that fact… they are not something that effect the stability of the game, but some of them (braking shield on Jigglypuff outright knocks the pokemon out, contact with two heavy single hits will force % to 999, etc..) are what you would call a “logical” error… I am not sure if they are programmed to do such things or it’s just an error of variables that lead to such results, but it’s hard to call Melee balanced and stable after seeing such things.
            Still very funny to watch however.

          • Paenitentia

            Don’t forgot Smash 64. Man, everybody forgets Smash 64 (such as Pikachu’s Bair, Yoshi’s Dair, parts of Tink’s design and stuff like that)

          • John Quinn

            You say there is nothing in Project M that doesn’t have some basis in Brawl or Melee. And I agree, Brawl and Melee were the “parents,” however the gameplay of Project M feels unique. There are many moves which were created new for PM, such as Ivysaur’s SolarBeam, DK’s dash-attack and Samus’s Ice Beam move set. New stages are added. Mario is completely new, even after a few seemingly tiny changes (like faster fireballs). Gameplay in a Smash game is incredibly sensitive to tweaks. And you mention Roy and Mewtwo, who were not much viable in Melee—they are now strong characters in PM. The glaring flaws are fixed, giving them a new dimension of viability and potential which you ignored. I’m not talking about surface cosmetics. Roy in Melee is not the same as Roy in PM, even though they look the same to a lay gamer. What if Micheal Jordan had a twin who couldn’t jump or dribble a basketball? He wouldn’t be the same. Sorry to use such a simple metaphor, but it’s fairly accurate. Obviously the caliber of the gamer matters most, but now the playing field is more level, too. As for Nintendo resistance… I know they have “legal right” to do many things, including stopping the streaming of Melee at events. But watch what happens if that occurs: Nintendo will find it impossible, I assure you. As for Melee’s physics, you said something about a Jigglypuff shield-break KO being wrong… I’m having trouble discerning your argument. Jigglypuff dies when you break her shield in Brawl, too. It’s not a bug. It almost never happens in competitive play, anyway. And while Melee isn’t the most balanced game, it’s far better than Brawl. PM is the most balanced of all, because the developers can respond to the meta-game and make buffs/nerfs as needed until it’s done :]

    • Solid Snake and Sonic. They would have to talk to Konami and SEGA about it. MLG is dealing with this as well.

    • Fabian222

      mk top 64 does not sound appealing to me and to other viewers im sure

    • Kr1spness

      Brawl is dying the way melee did before brawl, smash 4 is on the way and the last two months of 2014 are almost bigger than all of 2013. Locals have tripled, majors have doubled and brawl has slightly declined.

  • DarkDreamT2

    It should be Project M instead.

    • TheTurtle

      Yeah I like P:M its AMAZING, but its a mod not by Nintendo. Unless Nintendo approves the game(which is not likely) it can’t get into events like this.

      • DarkDreamT2

        Yeeah that’s the hard part. A lot of places are using it tho, so it might be possible later on.

        • ForteWily

          I doubt that.

    • Fabian222

      That would never happen at Evo. Even if it were, the people that would join would be minor compared to the reach Melee has.

      I hate comments like these cause people can never be happy with pure gold.

      • DarkDreamT2

        You kidding? Have you been missing the last year? Since 3.0 PM has become a LOT of Smash players’ main game, and when you get into a Major like Apex and have a huge showing out you can’t say it wouldn’t have as huge a showing. It’s Melee with more characters and Balance.

        • Fabian222

          You simply don’t get it, clearly.

          • John Quinn

            You simply have no faith, clearly! They had to increase the entree cap on PM like 4 times leading to Apex. I don’t remember if it had more entrants than Brawl but I wouldn’t be surprised. PM is like Jesus: the people are following it and eventually it will be crucified and that will only make it stronger :]

          • TheTurtle

            It did have more brawl players… and it had Armada

          • John Quinn

            You’re right, PM had more than Brawl; here are final numbers from Apex 2014:
            Melee: 630 (second biggest Melee event after Evolution 2013’s 696; beats third biggest Pound IV’s 300-something by a mile)
            Project M: 401 (biggest P:M event ever, by far)
            Brawl: 360 (second biggest Brawl event ever)
            SSB64: 157 (biggest SSB64 event ever, not sure though)

    • Chaos_Knight

      ….and then Nintendo demands it to be removed.

    • Louis Lam

      Why? PM is a great game on its own but PM to Melee feels kind of like HDR to ST ATM and it’s not even done yet.

      More characters =/= better game

  • Smash community is such an anomaly and it’s not because I feel it doesn’t belong because it does. Its just that its such an old game and unlike other fighting games that are just as good it continues to garner more support…did I mention its an old game. No other game has been able to maintain this kind of support not even some of the newer titles why is that?

    • ForteWily

      I would not say that, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo garners quite a bit of support when you consider the game’s age.
      Granted, this is an apples to oranges comparison.

    • Carlos Alvarez Bailleres

      It ain’t older than Super Turbo and they are having the Tournament on Legends again this year at EVO.

      • So its going to be a main event?! I still look at the number game when it comes to sign ups. Smash definitely seems to have the numbers to validate them being in the line up. I haven’t really seen the numbers for Turbo and that is most likely because of the newer version of Street Fighter but there are other games like Capcom vs Snk 2 that don’t and aren’t getting the type of support that smash seems to get.

        • Andre Felix

          it’s all about the community. if the community gets behind a game, and supports events for it, it will always thrive

        • ForteWily

          As I said earlier…. Apples and Oranges.

          The dynamics that keep ST alive are not the same as the ones that kept the Smash community (and mostly Melee) at the fore. Not completely anyway…. you can’t and shouldn’t compare them directly.

    • Kr1spness

      I think it was a lot of stuff this year that helped it, twitch involvement, Evo hype, Nintendo’s stream fiasco, the documentary is a big one, MLG hype, etc. I mean, if brawl wasn’t so different from the beginning then more people would have switched but people just became more tight knit, we lost MLG and our best players but now people just wanted the pride of being the best, it went back to regional shit talk after Brawl and slowly climbed back up.

      • John Quinn

        Yeah, the documentary was really big. And that M2K vs. Shiz match lul

    • Louis Lam

      There’s actually a lot of reasons why Melee is still alive today and there’s an entire documentary on it here:

    • Steve Ripberger

      It’s not about those other old games being “just as good” or not. Competitive Melee is unique. It fills a niche that inspires some of the most passionate gamers out there, and aside from the fan-made Project M nothing has come out since that could even come close to displacing it from that niche. Brawl was deliberately designed *not* to, which to some extent just added more passion for the Melee scene.

    • Trevor Clarke

      Because unlike other fighting games that all run on the same scheme (life bars) smash is the literally only game of its kind where HP isn’t a factor and the style of play isn’t based on what the other games are based on.

      So it has so much support because there will never be another game like it.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Noooo… how did we let this happen?

    Where did we go wrong?!

    • Dion Johnson

      The day when people ignored the influence of Smash Bros.

      Welp y’all learned now.

  • RobertEspaillat

    grantz to the Smash Community

  • TheNix

    Great news. I assume they’ll add a thing like they did last year for Injustice that will let us sign up for this game if we’ve already signed up for other ones

  • VainX

    Great news!

  • David Castro

    Lets go Armada

  • BlackMasamune

    I don’t know, i don’t trust Nintendo to not change their mind a day before.

    • Kr1spness

      Evo and MLG have been waiting weeks for Nintendo’s permission and they both announced it on the same day, I think they got it in writing now.

  • Vintage

    I saw the Melee finals at Evo last year and at SCR a few weeks ago in person and it’s amazing how hype those games can really get.

  • Angry Joshua

    As I sit here with my skullgirls like…….wtf

    • Eric Nguyen

      The SG community has a lot of work to do before even being considered for EVO. They’re moving in the right direction though, finally partnering, for now, with Rebel Up and Team Stickbug. Hopefully more weekly/monthly events will eventually lead to more acceptance at majors, then hopefully EVO.

      That being said, I’m overjoyed that Melee is finally part of the lineup. I’m just afraid of how many unborn children had to be sacrificed to Nintendo to make this happen…

      • Kr1spness


      • JELIFISH19

        I think the development cycle of Skullgirls is to blame. The PC version has always been ahead of the console versions but tournaments run on consoles. Evo even had a PC Beta side-tournament. But now that the console versions are being updated, more players are interested in playing at tournaments. And the game is a lot better now than it was before. I think SG’s time will be when Eliza, Robo-Fortune, and Beowulf are finally released.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. Yes some people consider Melee a fighting game, but there are so many other fighters that deserve the stage first, like Skullgirls.

      • Fabian222

        Build a scene, first.

        • OK yes, Skullgirls doesn’t have the biggest scene, but then where is Persona 4 Arena, xTekken, Tekken Tag 2, Mortal Kombat. They all deserve a seat before Melee.

          • Candle Ja

            When you say “deserve”, what are your criteria?

          • I guess my criteria is actually being a fighting game.

          • Bromander

            it’s 2014, grow up and use a real argument

          • Yes, it is 2014, so why are we playing an old game like Melee.

          • Bromander

            Because we never stopped >:)

          • You know what, I like that response. You got spunk kid.

          • Bromander

            Is your criteria for deserving a spot based on AGE or on “Being a fighting game”
            Make up your mind, scrub >:U

          • Candle Ja

            I knew it was a good idea to get you to elaborate before assuming you aren’t retarded.

          • TheTurtle

            It’s not how the game is made that makes it competitive fighting game its the community that surrounds the game. For example, Project M wouldn’t be where it is if the community didn’t support it , but now people consider an actual smash game now. Street Fighter wouldn’t be at EVO if the people who play it didn’t shape the game into what it is.

      • John Quinn

        I dunno.. Skullgirls seems kinda boring to watch. Needs more hype factor. Or maybe I just don’t understand the game or w/e

        • Flutterderp

          I have literally never seen a more boring event at EVO than last years smash finals.

          • John Quinn

            Guess we’re even then. Except more people agree with me.. And to be fair, EVO 2013 finals was Mango vs Wobbles, and Wobbles is probably THE most boring Melee pro to watch. His method of winning is actually called “Wobbling”, and other top players don’t use it, simply because it’s relatively boring, and Melee is hype. Anyway I still found it exciting.

          • HeartSlashHiro

            It’s almost like watching Morridoom. Almost……almost

        • I’ll give you that, if you don’t play Skullgirls it can be boring to watch. That said, I have barely played Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but I get hyped every time I watch it. It’s games like that, that I feel should be there instead of Melee.

  • Tuen


  • gigantor21

    Awesome. Congrats to the Melee community. 🙂

  • J.D SRK

    Thank you Nintendo!

  • BlackMasamune

    If Nintendo really is loosening up, might also be a great time to reveal a new character/trailer for the new Smash.

    • RazingPhoenix

      When MegaMan is too busy not being used by Capcom, ProtoMan joins the battle!

      “Leave it to me!”


    Well now I know when I’ll have a break from watching Evo to do other stuff. Congrats though. It’s not a game that I enjoy playing or watching but it’s great to see the success the community has had over the past year.

  • Istillduno

    Yeah Evo is now about money more than fighting games, next year, COD and Fifa join the roster.

    • AuraMaudeGone


  • FinchoMatic

    Good for Melee, looking forward to seeing some very good matches from them!

  • Perfect. As a lover of “Super Smash Bros.”, this news really made ​​me very happy! ^_^


  • Candle Ja

    Somebody pour maple syrup down Wobbles’ gas tank before he makes the trip.

  • Nap1400

    If Sakurai actually went to this that would be the greatest thing

  • Chaos_Knight

    It would be awesome if they showed a new trailer for Smash 4 once EVO is nearing its end. Just like Capcom did with USFIV.

  • J.D SRK

    now all we need to make this tournament perfect is D1 and Prog commentary, no offense to JChen who did pretty good last year, but separating these two is like separating UltraChen, it just isnt the same.

  • James Joseph

    Gdlk hype returns.