Evil Geniuses Parting Ways with Ari “fLoE” Weintraub

By on March 11, 2014 at 11:33 am


After three years of sponsorship with the competitive gaming organization, it appears Ari “fLoE” Weintraub’s time with Evil Geniuses has come to an end. The group’s official website was updated earlier today with news of Weintraub’s departure, straight from director of player operations Antonio “CoolGrayAJ” Javier.

“Ari is without a doubt an extremely popular figure in the Fighting Game Community, and his stream is a common bookmark for most of us at EG,” Javier said of their decision. “However, as the team’s manager, I came to a decision to improve the team’s overall performance, and I’ve come to the decision that this is a change that needs to be made.”

While not the strongest placing member of Evil Geniuses’ fighting game division, Weintraub is a highly skilled competitor that served as a great face for the team, much like players that make up their Starcraft 2 stable.

“We at Evil Geniuses are extremely grateful for fLoE’s contributions to the team, and we will always love him and his fans. Although he will no longer be on the EG roster, Ari will always be part of our EG family,” the official statement closes. “Ari, we’ll undoubtedly miss fighting alongside you, and we wish you nothing but the best. We have no doubt in our minds that you’ll find your stride once again, and hope to continue seeing you in the future.”

Additionally, Weintraub provided a short statement via Twitter about the news.

Further comments from his friends and former teammates Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz can be found here.

We here at Shoryuken would like to wish fLoE the best of luck as he moves forward.

Source: Evil Geniuses, special thanks to Smedwicks on NeoGAF for bringing this to our attention.

  • Mike Arthur

    So floe got fired

  • CharmingRogue

    Floe wasn’t good enough and didn’t make the cut. 😮

  • Guest

    Not really surprising, he streams like once a month, and barely goes to tournies anymore.

    • Weston Konik

      that is true, but isn’t that also true about Ricky? i rarely see him.

      • Jacob Tjolsen

        Ricky places high when he enters, though.

      • Fabian222

        Ricky places top 8 in *almost* every single one he goes. Their placement/appearance ratios are completely different.

        • jellosnake

          Really? I rarely see Ricky anymore and he only plays SF4 at the competitive level. Even then hes not placing high anymore. When was the last time he really won anything?

  • FluffyM


  • RomanceHD

    In all honesty we all saw this coming but probably earlier than this.

  • J.D SRK

    are they making room for EG KBrad or what?

    • FluffyM

      EG Brolylegs

  • SolarShift

    I read “parting ways” as “passing away” and that pic looked like an “In memoriam” pic to me. I was saddened for a second.

  • Who?

  • Luisito

    tl;dr: “You’re a good average decent dude, I’m sure you’ll find a girl that will like you for who you are but that girl ain’t gonna be me. I hope we can still be friends though.”

  • Dave Lincoln

    EG Snake eyez?

  • Davey J.

    I think the statement EG made was kind of a low blow. I get why you released him but do you really have to say it was because he was the weak link? Let him leave with some dignity!

  • BlackMasamune

    I’m surprised it took so long.

  • jellosnake

    Image wise, what a dick move by EG. The proper way to go about this was give Floe the option to leave on his own term, that way both can step away from this looking good. All i read from this statement was, We fired Floe cuz he sucked. Way to go! Make this a lesson to other that decide to join EG

    • Davey J.

      I completely agree! All it would’ve taken was just a rephrasing of a single sentence and his dignity would have been preserved.

    • Ellie Goulding

      Why should EG keep Floe around if he isn’t doing anything? Being sponsored paints a pretty clear picture of certain expectations. And if you don’t keep them up, obviously you will know whats coming.

      • jellosnake

        For sure. They have ever right not to keep him he wasn’t performing to their expectations. But theres a better way to go about letting your employees go. This was the worst way possible. Even if it’s Floe that’s makin the process of leaving difficult, as a company that’s base most of its business around image and branding EG should have taken the high road.

    • Ndebe

      Welcome to eh-sports, where people can turn on you in a blink of the eye in the name of profit. Happens all the time in other games, but no matter what people will still want to join EG because of the money. Hell, happens in real life a lot too. Funny how everybody here is pissed like they never seen it before.

    • pressstart

      I thought we would appreciate the frankness and transparency EG provided that we always clamor for on the internet! No sugarcoating or beating around the bush!

    • BulletToothTeddy

      What do you expect from the FGC? Honor and dignity?

      • jellosnake

        And then we wonder why FGC as a whole cant grow to be the “mega” industry its should be.

      • ReddChief78

        Yup, the FGC sponsors always announce a player parting ways in a nice respectable way but the first time it’s a E-SPORTS sponsor EG it’s the opposite and people wonder why E-Sports is hated so much, because it’s the opposite of what the FGC stands for.

  • JasinWalraven

    what does EG do or sell? I never did understand what EG was

    • Graham Shryock

      I’m sure someone can fill-in with more detail but my guess is they approach companies (Monster, Razer, Astro, etc) and say, “Give us X money and our pros will rep your gear/logo.”

      In exchange they fly these players around and get them as much exposure as possible.

    • I know with the star craft guys they’ve acquired some Intel dollars, at least I notice the logo on the shirts. It’s all about advertising that is where the revenue is mostly coming from.

    • Jason Slade

      They’re basically a go-between for Pro-Gamers and sponsors.

      EG recruits top players and finds paying sponsors and brings them together.

      Which is great because there’s plenty of pro gamers who have no idea how to market themselves or how to find sponsors on their own.

    • Kevin Horan

      They’re a sponsorship organization. They sponsor players by finding companies who want their name associated with the brand or player, that’s why Justin is always wearing a jacket covered with various corporations names.

  • I thought that was Justin’s training partner, such a shame. I hope this turns into triumph for him I know a lot of players, especially justin, knows he has the potential to be da best.

  • peter her

    they probably had a better rhythm division

  • John Galt

    Does anyone know roughly how much EG pays to their FG players?

  • Art Salmons

    Wong – Rog – Champ – Ricky – Floe

    EG may be able to kick Floe off the team, but they’ll never destroy their inspiring homosexual relationship.

    • JasinWalraven

      why are you thinking of sex when thinking about a group of guys o_O

    • Alexander Gallaza

      It makes one to be one….Go Art Salmons be free.

      • FluffyM

        It…makes one…to…be one?

  • John Galt

    I hope the Jew-illuminati “boycotts” EG for this.

  • maw malmortius

    evil geniuses is an organization that is supposed to be synonymous with top placing all the time. it is no surprise that they released him.

  • Pironeko

    You’ll always be the Guy to us, Floe

  • Sauron

    Well , this was expected ^^

  • Dion Johnson

    His IWBTG playthroughs are the stuff of legend.