Double Helix Games Releases Notes for Upcoming Killer Instinct Patch; Jail System Adjustments, Spinal Fixes, and More

By on February 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm


Double Helix Games’ community manager Rich “Filthierich” Bantegui took to the studio’s official forums tonight to drop some information on the next Killer Instinct patch. While a number of issues plagued the title after the implementation of the jail system, which sought to punish disconnecting players, this new update will apparently correct those problems.

No specific time frame has been given for the release of this patch other than “very soon,” but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details are provided.

The full list of changes to the jail system can be found below along with notes on Spinal fixes, general adjustments, and more.

Primary Updates


  • All “Jail” stats have been RESET aka “clean slate”
  • Fix to bug where BOTH players would go to jail on disconnect
  • Adjusted percentage rate for match disconnects that will cause the user to be sent to jail.

*The Jail system had a few issues on release but due to constant updates from the community, we’re happy to share this recent version which will have the JAIL system work as intended. Again, we extend our gratitude for your feedback and assistance.


  • Fix for Spinal teleport causing crash/ de-sync in corner against back dashing opponents.
  • Fix to manuals being unbreakable after using the dive kick as an opener.
  • Fix to counter breakers not being accessible when using a divekick as an opener.
  • Fix to second Spinal divekick snapping to ground if you do it while opponent is still in reaction from first dive kick.
  • Fix bug with Spinal skeleport linker not crossing up correctly.

General Fixes


  • Users no longer lose points when losing a match in Survival Mode.


  • Fixed an issue where progression data would not save. All user data, items acquired, etc. should now save properly.


  • Potential Fix for Ultra audio glitch (may still happen and needs more investigation).


  • If you perform an ULTRA COMBO in-game, you automatically win the match. Players who disconnected while their opponents perform a match-winning ULTRA COMBO, will take a loss on their win/loss stats.


  • Fixed an issue where players would soft-lock on the character/stage loading screen. This issue has been resolved.


  • The character select option from “Replays” has been removed.

Source: Double Helix Games

  • FinchoMatic

    Great update, looks like we can see this coming out – hopefully – this week

  • Darklurkr23

    I hope they fix the “taunt is default after win-screen” bug

  • Bob101910

    Ultra = Win is huge. I’ve never quit against anybody, but I sure have thought of it a few times when they are halfway through a ridiculously long ultra. I’m sure other people quit against them all the time.

    • OrehRatiug

      That’s not what this means. If someone performs a winning ultra combo the ‘win’ gets marked up on their personal stats right away, the same for the losing side. The player can still continue with the ultra combo, and ‘rage quitting’ will still probably look in bad taste. This is to protect the winner’s stats when they decide to show off.

    • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

      I’ve been guilty of this only once or twice. If I am having a bad night I do not want to sit through a 70+ Ultra combo. I have never quit other than that time. Do that crap in training or exhibition. Whenever I initiate ultra I will cancel it every single time.

      • Cat Astrophy

        Don’t lose if you don’t want to sit through the stylin’

        • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

          ooooooooohhhhh that’s my problem, I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me before. Thanks for your generous gift of knowledge!

  • Felipe Pereira

    it’s so good to see a great fighting game being constantly updated in order to make it better

  • Between Mushrooms

    why dont fix parties and put lobbies?

  • grassninja

    I honestly thought Ultra = Win was already a thing. o_O

    • Vintage

      He means if people try and rage quit before the Ultra’s over.

      • grassninja

        Oh yeah, I got that, I just thought that was already implemented in the last patch. I was surprised to hear that was a “new” addition.

  • MaskedHero99

    Im a big fighting fan and killer instinct is killing what would have been a amazing game with its DLC crap