Gameplay Information Released for Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX’s Tomoka Minato and Kirito, Support Character Attacks Expanded

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Dengeki Online recently ran a lengthy piece that details how Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX’s newest main characters will play in the upcoming crossover fighter. Tomoka Minato from Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Sword Art Online’s Kirito come from two very different source materials, and that’s reflected in the attacks they’ve been given by the game’s developers.

Many of Tomoka’s moves feature her basketball teammates, who incorporate moves like passing, dribbling, and shooting to deal damage to the opponent. A full rundown of her section in the Dengeki article can be found below, courtesy of Dustloop’s Sourenga.

Tomoka Minato Gameplay
  • 214 A/B/C: Passes the ball. A is to Hinata. B is to Saki. C is to Maho.
    • B and C have additional follow-up where the ball is tossed to Airi.
    • While the ball is on the move, Tomoka can do others moves.
      • Down the opponent from 2C, cancel to B pass and the ball goes to Saki (hit freezes), and then the frozen goal falls from the sky and Tomoka can already move then…
      • Idea for the move came from Saki’s nickname “Ice Age.”
    • Hinata does a dribble and follows with a reverse shot. Slow start-up. Causes bounce on hit. Very useful.
    • Maho throws a ball which then explodes like fireworks. Based on her nickname “Fireworks.”
    • When you do the follow-up after Saki or Maho, balls falls off the goal and Airi picks it up. She the slams rebounded ball back to the goal. Rainbow effect is shown after successfully hitting with it. Comes from her nickname “Prismatic Bud.”
    • EX version is where the opponent is turned into a ball and Maho throws them back to Tomoka. You can follow-up it to air combo. Very convenient move, good to restrain the opponent and as a combo part.
  • 236 A/B/C: “One-hand Shoot Jump” Tomoka’s classic jump shoot where she throws a projectile. Ball has a big hitbox and stays active for long, but the move has slow start-up.
  • Tomoka also has moves based on Japanese dance and tea ceremonies (which are Tomoka’s specialties)
  • Crouch Impact Skill is called “Japanese Dance Repertoire: Anti-air” and in it Tomoka moves forward while spinning both her arms.
  • Attacks with umbrella on her j.C
  • Normal Impact Skill: “Steal” is also very powerful. Dribbles towards the opponent, turns them into ball and starts to dribble where she’s standing. Does a ground pass after a bit of waiting, but if you press the button Tomoka takes a stand and jumps. Press the button when she is on top height. If the timing is right, Tomoka gets wings on her back and more damage is dealt. If you miss the timing, you can go for the same Airi follow-up.
  • Climax Arts: “RO-KYU-BU!” rushes towards the opponent, rest of the move trigger only on hit. Everyone does their move and finally text Ro-kyu-bu appears on the screen as everyone is posing. Based on the poses from the seiyuu’s choreograph when singing the opening theme…
    • “Feels great to finish the opponent with this move.”
  • Her other Climax Arts is “Shiny Gift” rushes to the opponent, dribbles with them as a ball then shoots them to goal. Combo this from her normal Impact Skill.

Kirito, on the other hand, has a very extensive combat background, which is shown in his moveset. To remain faithful his original series, many of his attacks revolve around swordplay. Further info can be found below, again courtesy of Sourenga.

Kirito Gameplay
  • Horizontal Square (236 A/B/C): Very quick slash with his sword
    • Follow-up “Meteor Break”: Appear behind the opponen either ground or air, and slashes the opponent.
  • Spinning Shield (214 A/B/C): Spins his swords and destroys projectiles.
  • Cyclone Strike (j. 236 A/B/C): Falls down from the sky while slashing the opponent.
  • His neutral game very similar to the Asuna.
  • He’s simple character who rushes towards the opponent swings a sword.
  • Climax Arts are a ranbu-move “Starburst Stream” and “The Eclipse,” where he shoots huge shockwaves multiple times.
    • Both of those are very simple to use, so you can aggressively spend his meter.
  • Transforms to much more technical character when you activate his Trump Card, “Dual Wielding”
    • During this mode, you can combo his specials like Horizontal> Spinning>Cyclone
    • “Dual Wielding” is one of the Trump Cards with longer duration, so you can deal huge damage during it.
  • You can also make combos where you activate Trump Card during the combo.
    • “It’s probably the most awesome aspect in his gameplay.”
    • You can build quite long combos like “Normal>Special>Trump Card>New Combo>Support”

Another interesting addition made to the game has to do with the support characters. Before, each assist was limited to one attack, but now each of these fighters are capable of a second move to enhance their functionality. Sourenga’s translations on this expansion and the supporters’ new moves can be found below.

Support System Info

Support System

  • Now two moves per support character (Neutral and Forward)
  • Both moves have different recovery times, so think carefully which to use…
  • Touma now has Imagine Breaker and another move where jumps to the opponent and punches them to stomach.

Hinata Hakamada

  • Counter-type move where shining aura appears around her. On hit, it nullifies the opponents move and then forces them to guard.
  • Flies in arc-shaped trajectory wrapped in shining aura, forces the opponent to guard on hit.

Kaga Kouko

  • Shoots a heart which reduces the opponents Climax gauge on hit.
  • Walks towards the opponent and then slams them with bouquet. Opponent flies upwards from the hit, so you can continue the combo.


  • Shoots horizontally. Fast start-up, bullet moves fast, fast recovery. Low damage.
  • Charges a little and then shoots diagonally. Slow start-up and causes bounce on hit.

Mashiro Shiina

  • She rolls Baum-kuchens over the screen. Big and small ones with different hitboxes. Causes really long block-stun.
  • Summons multiple cats to run across the screen. Each has its own hitbox.
  • Both have slow start-up and are used to gain block stun.

Erio Touwa

  • Wrapped in futon, she runs and then jumps to slide across the screen.
  • Wrapped in futon, she swing around the stage and nullifies all the opponent attacks she makes contact with.

Finally, during Sega’s demonstration at Japan Amusement Expo 2014, it was revealed that Virtua Fighter’s Pai will be joining Akira as his assist character. Akira was previously revealed to be the game’s boss, but it’s still unclear whether or not he’s playable, an uncertainty that also extends to Pai.

Reports have also surfaced that Toradora’s Taiga Aisaka was announced as a playable character, though no word to confirm these rumors has been released. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX is scheduled to release in Japanese arcades this March.

Source: Dengeki Online via Tsuntenshi, translations courtesy of Sourenga (1, 2).