Evo 2014 Poll – Game Entry Fee for Ultra Street fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

By on February 13, 2014 at 1:37 pm

After many years of debating this internally with the Evo Staff, we think its time to put it to a vote. Regarding entry fees to Ultra Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, would you like to see them remain at $10 per game or would you like to see them increased to $15 or $20? Please chime in and let us know. It would also be super helpful if you could leave a reason in the comments below so that we could understand better. The results in this poll are not binding, but we will definitely take it into consideration. Thanks!

Here are the effects of changing the entry fee from our traditional $10:

  • Bigger cash prizes for the players. 100% of entry fees are awarded as prizes, so more money in pot means bigger cash prizes.
  • Possibly discourages less experienced players from entering the tournament, since these players know they are big underdogs to take home a prize.

  • BlackMasamune

    Raise it to $20 for both and weed out the pot monsters, and let the other games get some more shine.

    • Irvin

      Agreed ^

    • Simeon

      I’m not sure if $20 is enough though. And even if you enter two different games, it’s still only $40. I agree with your point though, man.

    • sepharih

      Why does everyone hate on the pot monsters so much? They’re supporting the game and the tournament scene. Isn’t that a good thing?

      • pressstart

        Because they want to be in an exclusive club that isn’t mainstream. Or clique.

      • Niitris

        I wish the games I play had pot monsters… more enteries are more enteries.

    • Yes I would love paying $10 more just like everyone is enjoying ObamaCare Enforcing more Fees is never the way to go.

      Evo is at LVH is its cheaper than last year you can stay at a better more expensive hotel if you want though. Think it the way you want but some pot monsters as you call them aren’t actually poor per say they might even have more money than you do.

    • VicViper

      the only reason we even bother to have entry fees is so that there’s prize money.

      If you look at the Japanese, they don’t do entry fees at all. They play for fun and to get better without needing a stupid crutch.

  • Guest

    $10. Las Vegas is expensive as it is.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      So what’s another 10 bucks then? If it’s that much of a stretch that 10 more dollars are gonna make a difference, you shouldn’t be going to Evo.

      Let’s get these players some bigger pots to win.

      • Kent Morris

        This exactly. Most people travel to Evo from away as it is, if another $20 to enter both is gonna break you, then you can’t afford the trip to begin with. Most pot monsters are big fans who have no chance of winning anyway, and go for the experience. Bigger cash prizes will hopefully draw new players, too, which means the scene grows, which is what we want…right?

      • I understand this but some people have it hard whats wrong with trying to save a little and have fun?

        • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

          If you have it hard, a Vegas vacation/tournament trip shouldn’t be on your list of things to do. Save your money and get your shit together. I’m poor as fuck and I’ve never been to an Evo, even though I’ve had the money for it previously, because I knew that if times got tough, I’d need those savings.

          And I voted for the 20 bucks anyway. If they had said 30, 40 bucks, I would have voted for those instead. Let’s get this pot as big as we can.

          • Give us an option let those who are willing to pay double the cost or more pay that and all others who wish to pay regular prize do so. It is Obnoxious to think some people are speaking high and mighty when we all know 90% if not more of the contestants at EVO are pot monsters.

          • I disagree with that entirely. If your job is paying you that much not going to evo isn’t going to change that. It doesn’t exactly make you poor either if you can’t just toss out 1k. I don’t go out and buy the most expensive foods because I’m buying food anyways. I’d like to save so I can buy more. I don’t understand why trying to save some money = poor.

  • Carlos Alvarez Bailleres

    I’m not too sure why would anybody would want it raised to 15 or 20. This is the money that goes into the prize pool, not the money that goes in to the cost of running the tournament. As much as I would like top player to do a better living, I think that raising the tournament fee to make them stop bitching about the lack of money in the FGC is just stupid.

    Now, if this extra money was necessary to abide the costs of running a 1000+ man tournament and it would go to the organizers pockets I would be all down for that.
    AND YES, I’M SAYING THAT I WOULD RATHER GIVE MY MONEY TO THE ORGANIZERS THAN THE PLAYERS. Organizers (at least the not shady ones) are hard-working men that serve as pillars of the their local FGC, most top players are just whiny little b*tches.

  • Andy Les Pahl

    $20 means either a bigger evo or bigger grand prizes. What’s ten more dollars individually compared to doubling the amounts from entering the events?

  • massi4h

    I would rather keep it lower and you know add pot bonuses to the main tournaments like every other major.
    Still think winning a 1000+ man tournament should net you more than it costs to get there

    • Gordon

      This is the biggest thing.
      Round trip ticket to LA from across seas, plus hotel+food for the weekend is going to amount to much more than $5,000. It’s not like the FGC is sponsored as a whole – if you’ve made the trek down there and you can’t fork up another $10 to register you probably shouldn’t have spent all that money anyway.

    • Simeon

      That’s a really valid point!

  • Nocturno999

    One of the most pointless polls I’ve ever seen. Since when someone wants to pay more?

    • Gordon

      Bigger prize pool?
      It’s a WORLD TOURNAMENT that gets tons of people, I think increasing the price a bit to go with the prestige isn’t unheard of; especially given how much they (EVO) has to do.

  • When I go to a tournament, I never actually win, and usually just go for the fun of it. If the price is increased, it would effect my decision to do so, or just not enter as many.

    • Gordon

      An extra $10 for the WORLDS LARGEST FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT. You have an entire year to save up for this.

      Perhaps we don’t need to be encouraging every single person on the planet to attend EVO. If a few of the less-serious people decide to show up I don’t think that means a net loss for the state of competition at the tournament.

      • I guess I’m just looking at it differently. Like you said, “The biggest fighting game tournament” so if they would do it, I assume other tournaments would start to follow.

      • q_style903

        LOL at the comment above, Exclusive FGC prick fanboy thinking like that caused the hiatus of the fighting scene prior to 2009 SF4 resurrection. If people don’t pay to play games at EVO the fan support goes down–> fan support goes down, sales goes down –> Sales go down,publishers focus on other genres that makes money = no more fighting games

        • PJ

          I’m sorry but I find it slightly humorous how you are calling him an “FGC exclusive fanboy”.. yet you actually believe that fighting game success (retail-wise) hinges on the how many people in the FGC play them.
          The FGC is a huge minority in sales when you look at the entire consumer-base. Casuals make up the majority. When will people just accept that fact already.

          • q_style903

            And I find you view to “highly” humorous, when marketing sales of a franchise you first “rally your base” to create a marketing buzz which in our FGC we call “hype”. Once there is a “hype” among the most loyal customers the advertisement to causal gamers is more effective with less money due to peer advertisement and reinforcement of paid advertisement. Even though we are a minority our voices carry a long way that goes beyond sales into pop culture but there is a balance, if you tilt the scales too much in favor of your “Hard core” you will alienate the masses. This same model is used for Politics, clothing, etc… And by the way Fighting game publishers agree with me the reason why fighting games have sloped fight curb, and going back to my point in response to the post raising the price just to make it an exclusive tournament will stifle entrances and decline #s

  • acidbitter

    I’m surprised the entry fee is still so low. For one of the world’s premier gaming tournaments (not just FGs), an extra $10 a game is pocket change. Can’t save up an extra $20 over the course of a YEAR? You have bigger issues to worry about than entering a tournament.

    • RazingPhoenix

      Isn’t there a venue fee (outside of entrance fee) for evo though?

      • Emezie Okorafor


  • Jake Loredo

    Keep it at $10. Raising it can potentially lower player count, thus not necessarily increasing the prize pot. Also, it would deprive some players of the experience and fun of a tournament. I know I won’t be placing in either game any time soon, but I enjoy the rush of competing in such a high profile tournament, especially when there are big name players in your brackets (I was one OTG from getting to play Allioune [sp?] last year…). Personally, if the entry fees for these games goes to $20, I will only be entering Marvel. I am really looking forward to playing Ultra at EVO, so I hope the fees don’t increase.

  • Suspinded

    So we’re given a poll about upping an entry fee:

    * With no justification on why we would up the entry fee
    * With no incentive to want to up the entry fee
    * No details on what the upped entry fee would mean for these specific events

    The only obvious change would be a negative change in attendance proportional to the increase in fee, which seems bad for promotional purposes.

    With zero motivation to up the entry fee, I voted to keep it the same.

    • Gordon

      Do you honestly think enough people wouldn’t show up because they raised the price from $10 to $20?

      You think there are at least 50% of those players that would just skip it completely because of a $10 increase? For the world’s largest fighting game tournament?

      I agree that some more info on what the money would be used for (I assume prize pool) would be nice, but really an extra $10 ($20 for both) shouldn’t be enough to stop anyone – and if it was then you probably have much, much, larger financial issues to worry about outside of attending EVO.

      • pootnannies

        i think some people here forget that most of the pot monsters are the seedlings of the fgc. nobody just shows up to their first tourney and wins 1st place and becomes a household name. to get the interest of those who are just getting into fighting games, a low entry fee attracts more attention our way. that will ultimately equal bigger prize pools down the road.

        • Gordon

          But this isn’t some podunk tournament at the local gamestop, this is the world’s largest and most prestigious fighting game tournament.

          You don’t need to “drum up contestants” with a low entry fee.

          • If this was the case then only about 20 people should even show up, there would be even less money. EVO is not meant to be what Capcom cup is. Its a once a year world wide FGC tourny
            The people who have been winning have sponsors anyways. they’re coming out positive no matter what.

  • 高橋 エメソン

    Make it US$20 and reallocate the money to give a bigger pot to other games

  • witebuddha

    I don’t have any issue with this. I was surprised it was still $10 last year.

  • Streye

    I’m okay with raising the buy-in. The bigger pot could mean a bigger split among the top placers and thus a bigger incentive for everyone participating. I don’t know about you guys, but I felt sorry for everyone that fell short in the top 4 to 32 despite having some of the most hype matches. It probably still won’t be that much for everyone outside of top 3, but it’s something. A larger pot could also lure in more international talent, so I don’t see anything wrong with this method of upping the pot.

  • SpiderDan

    I voted to keep it the same.

    The effects listed in the article seem to be contradictory; higher fees potentially mean a bigger pot, but lower number of entrants potentially means a smaller pot. Given those two opposing forces (and that an explicit “feature” of a higher entry fee is reducing participation), I’d rather keep it the way it is.

    I would like to continue to see Evo encourage people to show up and compete, not show up and spectate. While a $10 increase isn’t much today, the reasoning behind it logically leads to escalating entry fees and shrinking participation.

    There are other invitational-style tournaments in which only elite players participate. I would not like to see Evo go that route.

  • R.D. Covenant

    I’m not sure. I mean….if you can save enough money to go to evo, then you can probably save about $20 or so bucks more, but with the number of entrants is it actually necessary? Do people actuallyWANT to pay more, even if, long term. it’s just a drop in the bucket?

  • J.D SRK

    20 is the right choice for giving a better prize and still distribute among top 8.
    A lot of people complained about Xian getting only 6k when they didnt know that even 8th place was gettng around 1k, I think its the best way.

  • Emezie Okorafor

    “Bigger cash prizes for the players. 100% of entry fees are awarded as prizes, so more money in pot means bigger cash prizes.”

    “Possibly discourages less experienced players from entering the
    tournament, since these players know they are big underdogs to take
    home a prize.”

    These two concepts contradict each other.

    If fewer players enter, then the prize pool might actually decrease.

    Also, why would you want to discourage people from playing, good or bad? Why is this community actively trying to convert people from players into spectators? What ever happened to trying your best and competing for the sake of competition? Why would any one want to pay more for a benefit that only a few will enjoy?

    This is so strange. Like taxing the poor to feed the rich.

    • Simeon

      $20 is pocket change, no big deal.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        $20 FOR WHAT?

        What benefit is the average entrant GETTING for that extra money?
        When you pay more for something, you expect to GET MORE.

        99% of the people paying this extra money would get NOTHING FOR THE INCREASE. This isn’t a matter of inflation or increased EVO production costs. It’s literally paying twice as much FOR NOTHING.

        It’s not a question of “pocket change”. Since when has AMOUNT mattered in the FGC, where people complain about paying for pretty much anything?

        Look, if they want people to donate money to the pockets of top players (i.e. OUR FRICKING RIVALS), then it should be optional.

        • Simeon

          I agree with you, yes. But still, it’s still only $20 to me, so it doesn’t bother me. It’s still really cheap to enter a tournament, plus I get the priveledge of playing other games with people I’ve probably never met in my life anyway. Even the priveledge of watching the worlds tpughest players duke it out for 1st place. Maybe you’re more serious about the tournament perspective, but to me its just a week out in Las Vegas for shits and giggles.

        • Simeon

          Guys that are actually EVO regulars or anybody ready to come this year wont care about a $20 entry anyway so there’s nothing stopping anyone.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            I’ve been to the past 6 EVOs. I don’t even like tournaments, but I’ve paid for and competed in the last 6 EVOs…just because it’s EVO. I guess that makes me a regular.

            If I were told to pay twice as much so that Infiltration can put more gas in the SFxT car that he won, I WOULD NOT ENTER. I could afford it. But, I would not enter. “Increasing the prize pot” for SOMEONE ELSE is not a valid reason for ME to open my wallet. That is stupid. Screw this hero worship crap. I’m not giving a church donation to top players that don’t even know or care about me. Tournaments are not about them and their money. Tournaments are about ALL OF US. Tournaments are about FIGHTING GAMES.

            If the extra money went to the EVO staff for running a huge tournament each year, then sure that would be a valid reason to open the wallet. But, donating extra money so that the top 1% get paid more, while the little guys get discouraged from even entering? No.

            That goes against everything I stand for. Fighting games should not be about winning money. At the core, fighting games should be about fighting games. You look at the scene in Japan, with lots of godlike players and games…the incentive is not money.

          • Simeon

            I hear you man. What the event organizers do with the money is the question, but even though $20 may not be a big deal to me, you’re completely right, man.

        • OmegaNITRO

          We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I’m entirely with you on this one.

  • vastreammonster

    And this is why the FGC is not eSports yet. The pots are so low that they literally need to be crowdfunded. Raising it $5 more dollars is not going to amount to anything.

  • AnhVuDo

    I think $20 is just. This is Evo. It is hailed as the biggest and best tournament.

  • David Eller

    If you are going to EVO and you play SF4, you are paying whatever it takes to compete, period.

  • J.D SRK

    What I can assure is that noone who was planning on going to Vegas is going to cancel a whole trip for just 10$

  • darkdragon88

    I voted for $20. I would want to see bigger payouts to more of the players. People complained last year when the top 8 payout seemed so little, so this would help that. I understand the whole $10 extra being a turn-off, but maybe try to give out more prizes to all the entrants will help keep the players interested in registering. Come on, Capcom, help out a bit, please?

  • Danny Craig

    I’d rather keep it at $10 because I don’t really care how much top 8 recieves, 99% of the players like myself aren’t going to make top 8 so it has no impact on me whatsoever. Rather save $10.

    • Gordon

      Then why bother coming to the WORLDS LARGEST FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT.

      This isn’t some mom-and-pop operation. Save your $10 and stay at home, it’s not like EVO needs more competitors.

      • VicViper

        I don’t think you actually go to tournaments, judging by your attitude

        • grezex29

          Yeah, because that was a pretty shitty attitude to have. The more people come out to any tournament, the better it is for the FGC as a whole. That’s obviously true with EVO too. An extra 30 or 40 may not seem like much, but if it potentially gets to like a 200 or 250 person difference, then it’s something to consider.

      • Danny Craig


        I go to Evo to have fun, travel with friends, meet people within my FG group, play casuals, spectate live games, experience the biggest tournament and crowd hype, and enter the main tournaments to compete.

        What I do know is I have 100% no chance to even come close to top 8 for sf4 and umvc3 (btw why those two games only?) where the pay $20 entree fee would benefit me. So why would I opt to spend an extra $10?
        Sure $10 is pocket change but still $10.
        Believe it or not, its not us pot monsters jobs to make sure top 8 gets ‘paid well’ just because its the biggest FG event.

      • Jake Loredo

        I’ll bet this extra $20 that you probably aren’t even going to EVO…who are you to dictate how someone utilizes their finances? I attend EVO for the experience and to have fun. I know I won’t get a dime back from the money I pay to go there, but I don’t like the idea of filling the pockets of the top 8 players that already have sponsors and have all of their expenses covered for them. Quite frankly, it’s none of your fucking business how and why I choose to spend my money. I have money set aside every year for EVO and if entry fees exceed my budgeted amount, I’m not going to enter as many games as I would have. This doesn’t make me any less of a community member, and it’s jerks like you that hinder the scene from growing in a positive manner.

  • Guilherme

    The problem is not the money but what it will be used for.

    20 dollars is
    still very reasonable, EVO happens once a year and it is the biggest event in
    the FGC. But I’d much rather you use that money for improving the event than
    give to a top 0.3% of ungrateful little fuckers.

  • Guest

    Give us an option let those who are willing to pay double the cost or more pay that and all others who wish to pay regular prize do so. It is Obnoxious to think some people are speaking high and mighty when we all know 90% if not more of the contestants at EVO are pot monsters.
    I payed about $600(San Diego) for my trip to Evo last year including entry fees, one of the reasons for the new hotel is actually so people would pay less this year I expect to waste less this year on traveling expenses.

  • Emezie Okorafor

    If you want people to donate extra money to the pockets of top players, while receiving no actual benefit themselves…

    Then, make it optional.

    Judging by the poll results, a lot of folks like tossing extra money at top players out of the kindness of their hearts. So, let those people pay an extra $10 if they want. After all, to quote those folks “It’s only 10 bucks, bro. Chump change”.

    Let the people who think it’s only chump change pay extra.

    Let others pay the regular $10 if they don’t think it’s chump change.

    That way you don’t get discourage the fence sitters who don’t want to pay twice as much…AND you get a larger prize pot from those who do want to pay twice as much.

    • OmegaNITRO

      Actually, this should be expanded into an even more open idea. Crowd-funded Pot bonus for each game. Let each entrant pay the 10$ entry fee, and then donate whatever amount extra they want to the pot bonus.

      This way people that want $15 fee can pay that too, and people that are serious about getting the pot as big as possible can donate however much they want.

  • VicViper

    holy shit

    how many of the people who are commenting on this actually go to tournaments?

    some of you are pretty sickening

    • Simeon

      I do. $20 is still pocket change.

  • q_style903

    As a first time EVO-er at $20 Dollars you hard core guys will be playing by yourself, hints lowering your pot winnings. As a upper-mid level SF player I go to test my skills and be in the presence of other gamers. I’m paying $673 on travel and hotel entering 3 tourneys if $20 is placed, then one will have to go. I understand it being a Marquee game but $15 is the most I would pay to get curb stumped by a pro gamer and go 2 and out.

  • RazingPhoenix

    “Do you want to pay more money to get the same stuff?” Um…no.

  • OmegaNITRO

    A trip to Evo is already fairly expensive, with an $80 venue fee and most needing a flight to Vegas. I’m sure an extra $10 won’t be breaking most players’ banks, but 99.9% of the players putting in for the event aren’t going to see any of that extra money in payout.

    I feel that raising the entry fee will discourage most lower level players from entering all the games that they play. Throwing in 10$ for some experience at a major is an acceptable prospect to most, but more than that is a bit much for a player that may only get 2 games in in the tournament (and that 25% of all entrants off the bat).

  • Guest

    Increase it to $20, and give deeper payouts. You should get something for making, say, 16th out of a 1000, even if it is only a glorified refund on your entry fees. Look to the poker tournament model.

  • Juuninn

    But I’d like to see all of top 8 makes a lil bit of something.

  • Rahavic

    Should be $50 or more IMO. It’s once a damn year imagine WSOP cost the same buy in as a damn sit and go.

  • FMJaguar

    Art posted on his facebook that the entry fee has been the same since B4. If that is true, today’s entry fee should be at least $13 to be worth the same. $15 seems like it must happen, and the only decision would be whether to raise it to $20.

  • JnKzm

    I voted for $20.

    Considering how much people complained last year about the shortage of the money pot for Evolution, this would help it somewhat. We really need to stop being so stingy here and simply give this a shot and see how it works out.

    Those whom say it’s too much, so you won’t pay. If you’re willing to spend hundreds to fly their or to drive there, rent a hotel and do other random misc stuff, then paying $20 for an entry fee is not going to kill you.

    Their is no way anyone whom is going to Evo isn’t packing at least a few hundred dollars for the “just in case” moments, while many others having more.

    Yeah, the majority of us won’t ever make it to Top-8, but who cares. If you look beyond yourself and see the real big picture here, the #1 goal is to Support The Fighting Game Community. The Evo organizers barely make a profit as UltraDavid and James Chen noted a few weeks after post-evo2k13.

    Evolution only happens Once A Year, and it garners the biggest group of fighting game players in the US and arguably the world. So why not help to make it have the biggest pay offs for those whom enter at the tournament.

    We are not at that threshold yet where we have tons of support from gaming companies whom will throw their money for us, or things like that. So if we the players can do anything to make the payouts more for those who win, then we should at least give it that much.

    Just imagined how big the pot would’ve been last year with the entries for AE:2012 which exceeded over 1,700+ at $20, that would’ve been over $32,000 in total which would’ve made for a significantly bigger pay out to the players.

    It’s not about You Winning..It’s About The Fighting Game Community Winning Here.

    $20 is a yes for me.

    • devlkore

      Right, I’m drunk and feeling all “high-horsey”, but I feel like tomorrow when sober I’m still going to feel like I’m right.

      Time to drop some knowledge on y’all wanting to raise the entry fee.

      The top players don’t “deserve” any money. First, Japan. Then let’s consider that this is a bunch of people playing games. I feel the same about sport by the way.

      I don’t dispute high level play in FGs takes skill, but these are supposedly people who play these games because they love playing them. Winning ANY money should be secondary.

      If there was NO money involved, sure enough some people wouldn’t be able to make it out as much, but then consider upping the fee (to mostly pay more money to people already getting paid) is mostly going to affect people not benefiting from the price increase.

      I was hoping to go to Evo this year and likely won’t be able to justify the cost (not because of some hypothetical $10, way more money involved) but I would be saddened to hear the price has increased for no benefit to most of the people that actually show up.

  • Robawtix

    Raise it to $20! Doubling the cost is not going to cut entrances in half, so the pot will go up. I love going to EVO to compete despite knowing I’m probably not going to take home prize money and $10 more is nothing to anyone traveling to Vegas. Currently the pots are so low it makes EVO sound like a joke compared to what it really is and should be. Lets raise the prestige of this event and have bigger pots. Anyone not entering due to a $10 increase shouldn’t be there in the first place I’m glad to hear those folks will stay home.

  • JasinWalraven

    leave marval at $10 and make USF4 $50

  • Bomby

    Raise it but then pay out more than top 8. Like in poker tournaments with bigger prize pots, they normally will pay out the top 10% of players. 2000 man tourney = top 200 payout. 200th place might just get something like 20 bucks but hey better than nothing! I think UFGT did this kind of payout system not too long ago.

  • LeahciM

    Instead of raising the pot, what if there is also a pot donation for whatever game the person wants to donate to?

  • ReoAyanami

    They should recreate this poll with only two options. Also, learn from Dota 2’s The International and how they increased the prize pool.

  • Jamie

    After reading some of your comments I have to say you people are killing the scene. I am going to explain how. I work in marketing I deal with major companies in the areas of sponsorship and advertisement. Companies want to advertise and sponsor events and people that will have the means to possibly purchase their product. They do not wish to sponsor and advertise to people that make it known that they don’t have the money and they are cheap. Case and point: Mercedes benz would not advertise on SRK but Doritos would.

    The likely hood of you having the purchasing power to buy a bag of Doritos is higher than you having the purchasing power of buying a Mercedes Benz. This is why high end companies sponsor and advertise at golfing events and horse races. With that being said if the fee goes up, it helps the scene. It gives the scene a high prize pot. People have complained for years that Evo is the largest fighting game tournament and yet the prize pot is laughable. Next the increase in fee should not bother
    anyone. You ask why? Well this is February, Evo is in July. If paying an increase of 20 dollars would hurt you four and half months then honestly you should not even consider attending. Whether you know it or not these comments are taken seriously by marketers like me. When someone like the organizers of the Evolution tournament come to one of our clients like a Coke or an HP we ask them about their event, their reach, etc.

    We also do our own research. Coming across stuff like this, instantly lets me
    know that even if the viewership is high, the pictures and videos of people being proud of the scene is showed to us the majority of you do not have the purchasing power that would make a partnership lucrative for both ends; so why would I sign off on a $50,000-$100,000 sponsorship or even a product sponsorship? Bottom line I would say no to sponsoring anything in this scene. I am not the only one. These
    comments let me know the people who are fans lack the ability to purchase my
    clients products, it also lets me know that any amount of company message we
    would try to push would go right over your head. The reason why is people are complaining about paying 20 dollars four and a half months prior to a tournament. I also would take from this into consideration as well, that all the people who consider themselves fans are not that big of a fan if they can’t pre-register.

    Pre-registration is extremely important. The fact you can’t take the time to: pay pal or use credit cards to pre-register to these tournaments is a testament that you don’t care about the scene and you are lazy. I think the fee should go up, if it is going to go to the pot. If you people are against the fee being raised please do not complain when winners walk away with pennies on the dollar the day after Evo. Also stop complaining about tournament organizers quitting and closing down events. Why should they continue to invest their time and money in a scene that does believe in itself. If done correctly this could be a highly profitable scene but as it stands now it’s dying.

    • JnKzm

      The problem is, many of the people saying it’s “expensive” being $20 are most likely those who aren’t going to be going, that’s almost a guarantee. Their are alot of people simply complaining just to complain regardless of what someone does.

      I agree 100%, and have stated it on here that raising it to $20 is not going to harm anyone when you consider the fact that you’ll be spending many times more then that just to get to Evolution.

      However leave it to some to be ignorant of the fact that they would prefer to help themselves instead of the fighting game community which is what this would actually do.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Fighting game players already DO spend a lot of money. It’s practically an entry requirement.

      Each year, every entrant spends hundreds if not thousands on consoles, games, DLC, sticks/controllers, tickets, hotel rooms, venue fees, entry fees. Lots of folks get streaming equipment, headphones, recording equipment, etc. etc. etc. When a member of the community experiences a tragedy, there are often fundraisers.

      We DO buy stuff. We buy a LOT of stuff.

      Yet, refusing to donate an additional $10 directly to Daigo’s pocket makes us cheap?

  • PointCtrPoint

    I voted $10. But not because it’s too expensive. Jamie and a few other guys made great points with regard to marketing. But I don’t think that charging more to increase the pot entices a critical mass to play or demonstrates to sponsors one’s purchasing power. I would concede that kids here whining about how 20 is too expensive is a bad look lol.

    Bigger prizes should always be about sponsorship. I believe it’s up to the tournament organizers to paint the picture to sponsors that this scene/demo/phenomenon is something worth buying into.

    Although I already think that there are some broken parts of the FGC that don’t preclude it to be sponsor-worthy (and not just the commonly called out things like collusion, chauvinism), I don’t think that we can pay our way out. TOs IMO need a dedicated sales staff and really need to get gritty about making money for themselves and have part of that go into the prize pots.

  • Ban Midō #Anime#TaskForce

    I’m not paying 20 dollars to go 0-2.

  • HombreGranJefe

    You guys probably have better information to determine the best course of action than the community does here. You can view your entry lists from previous years and see how many people repeatedly return (I assume you’re collecting address information and you can probably use entry names as moderately reliable identifiers). Those are your pros who would be at most marginally affected by this change. You massage the data further by determining the number of pros entered per year as a percentage, then use those as your base numbers for determining how many pros and how many casuals usually attend.

    Me personally, I would use higher entrance fees to guarantee both higher pot fees for the existing winners, AND more payouts.