Arc System Works Releases Changelist for Upcoming BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Balance Patch

By on February 13, 2014 at 8:04 am


Earlier this morning, Arc System Works released a huge BlazBlue: Chronophantasma changelist on their official website, detailing numerous balance adjustments to the game system and cast for the new version coming to arcades in March. This version will also be playable at JAEPO 2014 this weekend, so more information on how this affects character balance is sure to come down the pipeline.


  • Break Burst – Increased the active frames of the attack portion.
  • 236 Commands – An 6236 input will give a 623 motion priority, but 641236 will give a 236 motion priority. (Same goes for reverse inputs).
  • 632146 Commands – Currently performable with a bare minimum of 6246, but now also performable with a bare minimum of 6316.
  • Post Round Actions – The time where you can move your character after a round ended has been shortened.
  • Jump Attacks – Jump attacks have generally increased P1 (Initial Proration).
  • Backstep – Full duration and invincibility have been adjusted.
  • Negative Penalty – Has been adjusted in accordance to character abilities.


  • D Inferno Divider – Increased the speed at which he falls, decreased recovery.
  • Gauntlet Hades – Made it so it cannot whiff (and go over) crouching characters.
  • Overdrive Version Dead Spike – Will no longer travel offscreen in the corner.
  • Belial Edge – Decreased float height and untechable time for the last hit. When the last hit makes contact, it can be canceled into a Distortion Drive.


  • Throw/Backthrow – Is now dash-cancelable when it hits.
  • Jump C/Jump 2C – Decreased hitstun on grounded opponents (no change to airborne opponents).
  • 6A – Decreased recovery.
  • Hishouken – Decreased recovery. Charged version charges faster.
  • Hirentotsu (first hit), Musou Toshogeki – Decreased combo starter time.


  • Counter Assault – Improved hitbox of the attack portion.
  • Crash Trigger – Changed hit property to a ground bounce, can now be canceled into during Chain Revolver strings.
  • (During Chain Revolver) 6C – reduced the trajectory of the thrown gun, can now hit with all hits easier.
  • Type Nine – Muzzle Flitter – Damage, proration have been adjusted. When it hits raw, it deals more damage, but during a combo, it deals less.
  • Type Zero – Fenrir – If the first hit hits an airborne opponent, it will force them to the ground and allow the super to hit fully.


  • 2C – On a ground hit, it cannot be techable until the electricity has finished, also adjusted how far people are blown away and the untechable time.
  • Impish Gypsophila – Can now only be moved four times. The hitbox now appears while the projectile is moving.
  • Barrel Lotus, Beelze Lotus – Slower to start up and move, but now lasts longer. Attack data has been adjusted.


  • All C Attacks – C Attacks will now stop charging if the button is released at any time.
  • 3C – After the second hit, it can be canceled into Overdrive.
  • 6C – Decreased active frames of the attack portion, increased the recovery.
  • Cat Person’s Secret Art – Hexaedge – Overdrive version has been added.
  • Unison Cats! – The normal version now wall bounces the opponent (no change to the Overdrive version).


  • 5A/2A – Decreased combo starter time.
  • 3C – Decreased the startup of the attack.
  • 2D – Decreased recovery, hitstun on a grounded opponent, and blockstun. It is now better on whiff, but no change when it is blocked.
  • Jump 2C – When it counterhits an opponent, the bounce height has been adjusted so that it can be confirmed the same way
  • Gadget Finger – Decreased Heat gain.


  • Staff 4B – No longer moves forward during the animation. Increased recovery.
  • Overdrive D Attacks – Can no longer be moved during the an Overdrive Activation Motion.
  • Itsuu (C follow up) – Increased the startup of the attack, increased the recovery of the attack.
  • Kokushi Musou – Increased damage, decreased untechable time. Adjusted how the hit launches opponents, making it easier to hit with all the hits.
  • Chinroutou – Increased the animation speed when it hits. Decreased the forward movement of the animation.


  • Curse Gauge – When Arakune is taking damage or blocking, the gauge decreases faster. In any other situation, the gauge decreases slower.
  • C Bug, D Bug – Decreased the amount of curse gauge that either bug costs.
  • A +/- B – Mist now comes out faster and is more effective at chasing. There is now a visual effect when opponents have been slowed by this attack.


  • 2C – Is now a level 4 attack.
  • 6B – On air hit, it causes a ground bounce.
  • Bang Iron Storm – The input is now 632146B.
  • Shishigami Ultimate Hidden Art – Ultimate Ten Thousand Hurricane Explosion – The attack is now faster against grounded opponents.


  • Doll Gauge Expenditure – The gauge no longer decreases during Nirvana’s activation animation.
  • Doll Gauge Recovery – The gauge now starts to recover faster. During Overdrive, the gauge will recover during Nirvana’s activation animation.
  • Cantabile – On counter hit, it now launches the opponent high enough to combo.
  • Volante – Increased doll gauge cost.
  • Laetabilis Cantata – Increased the untechable time of the last hit and the greatly increased knockback of the attack.


  • Air Throw – Can no longer cancel the first hit into Overdrive. The second hit now ground bounces.
  • Magatama Gauge – Decreases the rate that the gauge increases while Hakumen is midair (includes during Overdrive).
  • 6D – Increased the forward movement greatly, now has less recovery when it misses.
  • Jump D – Can now be canceled into Agito immediately with only the press of an A button.
  • Agito – Increased hitstop and recovery, is now worse on block.


  • Counter Assault – Improved the attack hitbox.
  • Spike Chaser, Crescent Saber – Dia Form and Luna Form versions are now treated as different moves.
  • Overdrive Version Calamity Sword – After the last hit, can no longer be Emergency Teched.
  • Astral Heat – Is now an strike attack instead of a throw.


  • 6A – Can no longer be Emergency Teched on hit.
  • 6C – Moved the additional hitstop from a blocking opponent, can no be canceled on block.
  • Judgement Technique – Darkness Piercing Light – Command is now 421A or 421D. The projectile speed of the A version is now faster.
  • All Macto Maledictis D Attacks – Strengthened the Same Move Proration for all attacks.
  • Overdrive D Version Confutatis Maledictis – Now has a different animation after it hits and hits the opponent forward.


  • Overdrive Drive Attacks – Long range version hits now deal less damage, but short range versions now deal the same damage as long range versions.
  • All Jump C Attacks – Decreased untechable time, adjusted the air knockback.
  • Serpent’s Infernal Rapture – Decreased combo starter time.
  • Bloody Fangs – Decreased the time for follow ups after a successful throw.
  • Hungry Coils – During the hit animation, it can now be canceled into Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent.


  • Counter Assault – Improved the attack hitbox.
  • Jump 2C – Increased hurtbox size.
  • Sword of Decimation – Fully charged version now has the same recovery time as the normal version.
  • Sword of Infinity – Time it takes to cross over the opponent has decreased, making it easier to hit the opponent.
  • Origins – Is now invincible on startup, and has armor midway through as opposed to being fully armored. Decreased knockback and untechable time.


  • 6B – Now groundbounces an opponent on air hit.
  • Crush Trigger – Decreased hitstun time on ground hit.
  • Jump B – Decreased untechable time. Can now be canceled directly into jump D.


  • Wolf Gauge – Anytime Valkenhayn transforms into a human, the time before the Wolf Gauge recovers has been increased.
  • Wolf Jump A – Combo starter time has been decreased.
  • Wolf Jump B – Combo starter time has been decreased.
  • Ground Kunig Wolf – Decreased the startup time.
  • Sturm Wulf – Is now a catch attack instead of a full animation super. Increased speed of the animation portion.


  • 6A – Now causes float on counter hit.
  • Jump C – Now has more hitstun on grounded opponents.
  • Magical Bat, Magical Fry Pan (Including Miracle Jeanne versions) – No longer has same move proration.
  • Mystical Momo (Surprise Box, including Miracle Jeanne versions) – Now has a “Close/Mid” and “Mid/Far” set versions.
  • Overdrive Cure Dot Typhoon – Increased the untechable time on hit. Decreased the recovery for Platinum.


  • Jump 6D, 2D, 8D – Increased P1 (Initial Proration).
  • Gado Leis – On air hit, it causes a ground bounce while pulling the opponent in.
  • Bel Lafino – Can now longer be emergency teched on counter hit.
  • Duo Bios – Decreased hit stop.


  • Gain Arts Air Dash – Can now be performed twice.
  • Gain Arts Ground Dash, Air Dash – Can now be directionally influenced while midair, by inputting up or down.
  • Gain Arts Air Backdash – Has the same animation as the ground version, but has no invincibility.
  • 5B – Improved attack hitbox, reduced hurtbox.
  • Gain Arts 5C – Decreased knockback distance.
  • Normal Mode 3C – On hit it now floats higher. Increased P2 (Combo Proration).
  • D Sonic Saber – Now consumes 2 orbs when used. The ground version can be canceled into D Mirage Thruster.
  • D Mirage Thruster – Now only consumes 1 orbs when used.


  • Crouching A – Now one hit instead of two.
  • 5C – Decreased recovery time.
  • 6D – Decreased gain of the Spiral Gauge when the attack does not hit.
  • Spinning Cloth Arts – Needle Storm – Now projectile invincible during the stance portion of the attack. Increased the rate of gate for the Spiral Gauge during this move.
  • Evil Dragon Arts – Divine Beast Forged Spear – Increased damage, opponent stays close after hit.


  • Heat Up Level 2 – The flickering aura has been adjusted, it now appears much darker.
  • 5A, 2A – Improved attack hitbox.
  • 5C – Can now be charged. The charge version performs as the current one does, the uncharged one is smaller in movement
  • Jump B – Jump B can now be canceled into Jump A.
  • Crush Trigger – On ground hit, it causes stagger. On air hit, it causes a wall bounce.
  • Miquelet Capture – Increased damage. Until the attack ends, the attack is now projectile invincible.
  • Black Out – Activation is now “Requires Level 2 Heat Up” instead of “50% Heat Gauge.”


  • Overdrive D Attacks – Can now be special-canceled.
  • Hornet Bunker – Decreased recovery, when it activates a weak point, the knockback is smaller.
  • Cobra Spike – Adjusted the knockback to make it easier to combo into Leopard Launcher.
  • Sentinel Dump – Input is now 214C.
  • Growler Field – Increased untechable time, now blows the opponent much higher.


  • Counter Assault – Improved attack hitbox.
  • 5C, 2C – Damage, recovery, blockstun, and hitstun have all been reduced.
  • 3C – Now causes knockback.
  • 6A – Can no longer be normal canceled, decreased recovery.
  • Ground Throw – Now wall bounces.
  • Toryu Renzan (C during 5D) – The second hit now has a better hitbox, the attack also moves forward slightly. The untechable time during the Overdrive version has been increased.
  • Sairingeki (A during 2D) – When stance-canceled, it now cancels into the air stances isntead of grounded ones.
  • Ryusenken (B during 2D) – Now moves faster. The second hit is now a level 5 attack.
  • Ryujinsho ([2] then 8C) – Combo starter time has been decreased. Causes wall stick on counter hit in the corner.
  • Ryuo Zangaosho (28D during any stance) – Now has an Overdrive version. Both versions now autocorrect the direction towards the opponent.


  • Character Combo Rate – Changed from 80% to 70%.
  • 6B – Can only be canceled to from 5A and 2A. Can now be canceled into 5C or 3C. The uncharged version now forces crouching.
  • Jump C – Can now be blocked while crouching.
  • Jump 2C – Attack motion has changed. Kokonoe now moves upwards before attacking. On ground hit, it causes hitstun instead of instant knockdown. Now has landing recovery. Removed same move proration.
  • Gravity Gauge – Gauge expenditure and recovery are now both faster.
  • Activate – Only has a hitbox during combos, when the opponent is already being hit.
  • Equipment Number 06: Teleporting Layer Haze Ver1.24 – No longer crosses up when the opponent has their back to the corner. When teleporting to a far away Graviton, she appears in front of the Gravition. When teleporting to a close Graviton, she teleports on top of the Graviton.
  • Equipment Number 03: Freezing Absolute Zero Ver4.32 – Deals less chip damage on block. On hit, the gatling gun portion has less hits. If she has over 50% gauge it will automatically activate her new Distortion Drive Equipment Number 08:  Flying Heaven – Greed Climb.
  • Equipment Number 07 – Gravity Jammer Dark Ver1.65 – When activated, it removes all Gravitons. No longer recovers Gravity Gauge during use. When used too close to the corner, the attack will now appear offscreen. Overdrive version added.
  • Equipment Number 08:  Flying Heaven – Greed Climb – New Distortion Drive.


  • Distortion Drive Cancel Windows – The following attacks can now be canceled from the stated point, and unless otherwise stated, until the end of the move.
    • Jagaku – First hit until before the second hit, and after the third hit.
    • Gasensho – Right as the last hit connects.
    • Garengeki – After the first hit (not cancelable just before the last hit).
  • 5D – Increased attack level. Increased attack active frames. Decreased recovery,
  • 6B – Decreased attack startup. Increased attack active frames.
  • 6C – Increased recovery, now counter hit state after active frames end. Decreased stagger time on counter hit.
  • Jagaku, Gasensho – Now absorb the opponent’s Heat Gauge during Overdrive.
  • Garengeki – The max version now wall bounds even midscreen.
  • Ground Verison Jakyo Messenga – Now hits the opponent diagonally, making it easier to follow up.
  • A Version Orochi Burensen – New move. A low version of Orochi Burensen.
  • B Version Orochi Burensen – Is now invincible during the superflash. Only causes wall bound in the corner now.
  • 214214D (Jarin Renshoga) – A new anti-air version of Jarin Renshoga.

 Source: Arc System Works (via Lich), BlazBlue Official Page, and Toshimichi Mori (via Dustloop)

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    Air Throw – Can no longer cancel the first hit into Overdrive. The second hit now ground bounces.

    they killed his hype…Nooooo

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      That change might as well read “Reduced Haku-Men’s ability to steal rounds.”

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        ikr, but i like seeing his take victory from the jaws of defeat. You see the salt cam(camera on the actual players face) after getting caught by a thow. So unforgiving an i love it XD

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    Thank god they changed the DP input priority. That frustrated me a lot during my matches.

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      That absolutely slaughtered me as a pad player. Play Jin, want heavy DP, get 6C? I almost quit the game outright.

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    That change to Noel’s Crush Trigger seems hype.

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      The nerf to Muzzle Flitter makes me sad, since other than that and the Crush Trigger buff, she’s pretty much unchanged.

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    I think kokonoe’s still fine even with these nerfs. Maybe brought down from god tier to top tier. I believe some of her mid and corner combos are still doable. We’ll see…

    • lonedragonmaster

      What it looks like to me, if I’m reading it right, is that she’ll have a hard time in dealing with Zoners, but will dominate against close range characters. Pretty much she’s has a auto super now, which supports that kinda of focus.

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    Liking that D-Inferno Divider and Gauntlet Hades buff

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    can’t tell if kokonoe got nerfed or buffed…

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      she is still good. but nerfed from what i can read from this.

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      Wish they’d buff kokonoes butthole nawaiman Sun!

    • Chris |Eshi| Manning

      She got gigantic nerfs but she’ll still have a lot of her strong neutral tools. She can still black hole people midscreen if they have to block a fireball. Easily still high tier.

      • lonedragonmaster

        I wouldn’t call them gigantic, more of just giving her a bad match up now. Instead of having no bad match ups.

        • Andrew Olson

          Cutting out an entire type of matchup is pretty huge. If you have lets say, close range, medium range, and zoners, and then make what used to be good matchups all around: zoners bad, medium harder, and close relatively the same as before. That sounds pretty massive.

          • lonedragonmaster

            It depends how you view it. All it means, is that Kokonoe players need to find another way to get to a zoner. Which is not hard when you have an actual dash run, unlike 2 characters in this game who haven’t had a dash run since CT.

            It’s not huge, cause she’s not losing her standard tools, only her ability to interrupt. She can still push a character towards her or away. She has tools and options to get to the zoner and that is really all that matters.

            She has alot of options available to her, and that hasn’t changed, technically they just replaced something with another.

    • lonedragonmaster

      Well like I stated already, it looks like she’ll have a hard time dealing with Zoners, but dominate against Close Range characters.

      Nerf wise,

      no more graviton hits from long range.
      No Instant Overheads.
      No Auto correct Fireball setups
      and No Corner Black Hole setups.

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    I was lucky enough to get the import version. However, I have no clue what I am doing half the time. I pre-order the LE addition from Amazon. I am new to the Blazblue series.

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    So…Makoto is still ass?

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      not ass just takes more work than people like to put in…

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        Advance makoto players might have trouble on noob amanes now I’d imagine 🙂

    • Chris |Eshi| Manning

      Yup, she’s ass. Every other bottom tier character got a lot of buffs. Makoto got a small 6B buff and an untech time nerf to her best tool, jB. She’ll unquestionably be the worst character if this is all she gets.

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    Izayoi will be OH SO MUCH MORE mix up heavy now. The movement i can see now!

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    LMFAO!!!! to be honest i was expecting Kokonoe’s list to hit the floor and stretch around the building.

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      It would of been silly to expect the nerfs people were calling for. ArcSys did that once and pretty much it didn’t go well for anyone, it just killed the game.

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    How is no one mentioning Kagura? Jin and Azrael get buffs, but i have to learn all new combos for Kagura. Why is this happening?

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      Simple, they don’t like the character, it’s favoritism at it’s finest. Look at Hakumen……. Hell, look at some of the characters.

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