[UPDATE] Iron Galaxy Studios Announces Divekick Addition Edition; Balance Changes Revealed, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Versions Confirmed

By on February 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm


During tonight’s eSports Hour, the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios revealed quite a bit of information about Divekick, specifically the upcoming revision. Titled Addition Edition, this updated version will appear on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with its previous homes on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and Steam. Owners of the older editions will be able to upgrade for free.

Addition Edition will include at least one new stage and at least one new character, as well as a host of new balance changes for the existing cast. The full list of adjustments can be found further down after the stream archive.

While a concrete release date for the update is still forthcoming, Dave Lang and Adam “Keits” Heart mentioned that SoCal Regionals 2014 will be the last tournament for the current build, after which they will push out the patch. They will have a couple of test kits at the event for folks to try out before the official release.

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Addition Edition Changes

General Changes

  • Traditional menu mode added. Can control menus with d-pad instead of two-button mode, though the latter will still be available.
  • Blind select for characters and gems has been added to ranked play.

Bug Fixes

  • The game now pauses when a controller is unplugged and replugged during gameplay.
  • The game no longer unpauses when a controller is connected when the pause screen is active.
  • Menu sound effect now only plays once when entering any mode from the main menu.
  • The game no longer prompts the player to set their kick and dive buttons since two-button naviation is no longer the default method of navigation.
  • The player is now able to go back to the main menu after entering either story or versus mode.
  • Various sound effects and audio that were missing have been restored.

System Change

  • Style gem bonus is now 15%, up from the original 10%. Dive gem bonus remains at 6% and Kick gem at 12%.

Character Changes

Uncle Sensei

  • Super Jump (ground special) velocity increased by 8%.
  • Using Stance Dance (air special) to cancel one kick into another now adds velocity to each successive kick. All velocities return to normal when he touches the ground.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 12% lower.


  • Stream’s Glitch Pop sound effect no longer plays when there is a round time out.
  • Can now launch a second Flame Bait (air special) even if another is already active on screen. Doing so will cancel the existing Flame Bait. You can still only use one Flame Bait per jump.
  • Some instances of buffering bugs that caused unwanted special moves have been fixed.
  • Stream can now turn invisibility off manually by using Spooby PLS (ground special) again.
  • In Kickfactor, Stream no longer gets any speed buff. Instead, taking any basic action (jump, back jump, double jump, air back jump, or kicking) will summon a Mini Monster Missile. This can be done every 90 frames (1.5 seconds) during Kickfactor. His Kickfactor duration is now 10 seconds.

Dr. Shoals

  • Shoals can now manually cancel Death From Above (air special) even if she doesn’t have enough meter to begin this move.
  • In Kickfactor, her speed bonus was removed. Instead, the startup time on both of her kicks is greatly decreased. Additionally, she gets the full 8 second Kickfactor duration now.
  • Fixed the “dropkick bug,” which caused her to fall normally from an un-ended Kicking 1st in the wrong pose, maintaining her attack.
  • Disallowed her from canceling landing recovery into Brilliant Escape (ground special) which allowed her to go bacwards.
  • Increased the cost per frame on maintaining Brilliant Escape about 200%.
  • Increased the startup time on both of her kicks by 1 frame each.


  • Fixed a camera bug that occurred when the round ended during a wall cling.
  • Feral Stance (ground special) builds meter about 200% faster.
  • Cornered Beast (air special) now sends Redacted toward the wall no matter where it is used from. If she makes it to the wall, it leaves her in a wall cling state that drains meter. Tapping dive from the cling lets her wall jump, tapping kick lets go.
  • Cornered Beast costs ~70% more meter.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 20% lower.


  • Dive can now cancel a kick at any time into Terminal Velocity (air special).
  • Terminal Velocity cost increased by 33%.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 20% lower.


  • YOLO Gem no longer makes his head grow at the start of the fight.
  • Timer Scam (ground special) pauses his own kickfactor meter, but his opponent’s will continue to drain.
  • Jefailey can now cancel a kick at any time into Disqualified (air special).
  • Jump velocity increased 5%.
  • Jefailey’s gravity rating now decreases 25% more than before per head size increase.
  • Builds meter about 25% faster.


  • Party Starter (ground special) now bounces the opponent at a 33% higher velocity.
  • Meter gain reduced by ~9%.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 20% lower.

Mr. N

  • GTFO (ground special) moves ~30% faster.
  • The startup frames on GTFO are now invincible other than his head.
  • Mr. N can now cancel a kick at any time into Marneto (air special).
  • Secret double jump has 25% more velocity.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 16% lower.

The Baz

The Baz has essentially been removed from the game and replaced by New Baz. Think of him as a brand new character. Below, you’ll read about how The Baz transformed into New Baz.

  • Mighty Swing and Bazkousen have been swapped. Mighty Swing is now his normal kick button action and builds meter. Bazkousen is now his air special and costs meter.
  • The Baz can only use two mighty swings per jump.
  • Bazkousen now starts at a 40 degree angle, rotates 15% faster, and maxes out at a 105% degree angle
  • Baz’s Kickfactor is no longer invincible.
  • Kickfactor lasts the full 8-second duration and has speed bonus of 30%.
  • The Baz jumps higher. He also jumps farther and higher when using kickback.

Kung Pao

  • Kung can now cancel a kick at any time into Dimension Break (air special).
  • Meter gain rate is increased ~20%.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now 25% lower.


  • Upkick (precision mode special) has ~33% more velocity.
  • Upkicks cost 20-40% more precision meter, but the auto drain on precision is much slower.
  • If you don’t use any upkicks, precision mode now lasts about 40 seconds.
  • Upkick attack boxes no longer go past Markman’s knee.
  • Decreased kickback distance by about ~8%.
  • The angle that Markman travels after using Feint (air special) has changed. He falls down much more sharply now.
  • Increased his Kick startup time by ~17%.
  • Kickfactor speed buff is now ~38% lower.
  • Kick speed is 9% slower.
  • EWGF is ~16% slower.
  • Item Dig (ground special) recovers 6 frames faster.


  • A few instances in which S-Kill could get stuck in various situations have been fixed.
  • Replaced his teleport jumps with normal jumps.
  • In Kickfactor, his speed buff has been removed. Instead, he gets his teleport jumps back for the duration. His Kickfactor mode now lasts 40 seconds. We call this Boss Mode.
  • Moved Parry (ground special) hitbox up about 50%. It now ends at the level of his elbow in this pose.
  • Increased the recovery time by 400% on his Parry, including a new frame of animation to show he is vulnerable.
  • When using a kickback or air kickback in Kickfactor, the teleport visual effect is rotated 90 degrees.


  • Kenny can now attack after Spirit Bullet Homing (air special) in all stances.
  • Kenny can now cancel a kick at any time into a spirit bullet homing.
  • Kenny’s Air Spirit Bullet sound effect now stops playing after the opponent is hit by the bullet.
  • S-Kill stance now behaves like the new S-Kill, including special Kickfactor.
  • Kenny can now mimic Stream’s new Kickfactor mode.
  • Kenny can now mimic Dr. Shoals’ new Kickfactor mode.
  • Kenny can now fire or place multiple Spirit Bullets (air and ground specials) on screen at the same time.
  • Other balance adjustments to characters’ base stats have carried over to Kenny.
  • The Baz stance has been removed. Kenny has no rope.
  • The base cost of Spirit Bullet Homing has increased by 50%.

Original article

Have you been enjoying Iron Galaxy Studios’ Divekick, but think it could use a bit of balance adjustment? Well, you may want to tune into tonight’s eSports Hour stream, as the developers will be discussing just that. The two-button indie fighter will receive a major update in the near future, and tonight’s broadcast is set to offer the first look at what will be changed along with with a possible reveal of an expansion to new platforms.

While you wait, feel free to check out Iron Galaxy’s official poll, the results of which will determine the order character adjustments are discussed in.

The stream will be live in this article and on Twitch starting at 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, so be sure to tune in and catch it all live. We will be covering all the changes as soon as they are revealed, so keep your eyes peeled to our front page if you miss the show.

For now, let us know what kind of changes you hope they make in the comments below.

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios (1, 2)

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