Capcom-Unity Releases European Ultra Street Fighter IV Location Test Schedule; IVGC 2014, Hypespotting 3, and More

By on February 7, 2014 at 9:57 am


After small announcements were provided here and there regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV location tests in Europe, Capcom UK’s Street Fighter community manager David “Dawgtanian” Hinds dropped a full schedule that includes five (yes, five!) events earlier this morning. The list contains a nice mixture of events, from Scotland’s third Hypespotting outing to the eSports atmosphere of the International Video Game Cup in Cannes and everything in between.

So, without further ado, the pertinent info:

Much like previous location tests, these showings will give fans the opportunity to try out Ultra’s latest build and provide feedback to Capcom on the changes they’ve made before the game is released this June. If you happen to live near any of these events, do yourself a favor and head over for an early look at the latest iteration of Street Fighter IV.

Further information on each event can be found in the original Capcom-Unity post.

Source: Capcom-Unity

  • Eco

    Please tell me these are gonna be builds different from the current one. Chun-Li really needs to be better 🙁

  • Jintsuriki

    Nothing in Germany. Fail.

    • Spiral0Architect

      Go to France, yo. *insert Germany invading France joke here*

    • Garrett Jones

      Trip over a twig in Europe and you’re in another country. If you can’t be bothered to travel that distance then organize a big event to draw official sponsors. That should be easier, right?

  • DarkosStrife

    Yes, Heart of Gaming….let’s go!