Evo 2014 Lineup Revealed! Ultra Street Fighter IV, Killer Instinct, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, and More

By on February 6, 2014 at 7:23 pm


Tonight on iPlayWinner’s The Fray! podcast, Mr. Wizard revealed the Evo 2014 game lineup. This year’s event will be held July 11-13 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino. Without further ado:

Evo 2014 Lineup

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Killer Instinct
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • King of Fighters XIII
  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

Regarding Super Smash Bros. Melee

Last year’s Smash event was amazing, and what the Smash community has done over the last year has been inspirational. We still have room in our lineup for Smash, and we’re in discussions with Nintendo regarding a possible role for Smash in 2014. Here is a statement from Nintendo regarding the situation.

While we are engaged in preliminary discussions with Evo about their upcoming event in July, the potential role of any Nintendo software at this event is undetermined at this time.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

In addition to the lineup announcement, Cuellar mentioned that they will be redesigning the Road to Evo system. Instead of designating multiple tournaments official stops, the organizers will take in results from events over the course of the year in an attempt to seed players in their respective games. This system is still being worked on so expect more concrete information in the near future.

Furthermore, Evo 2014 will see two very special Super Street Fighter II Turbo events in honor of the title’s tenth anniversary. Super Turbo Revival will be running both X-MANIA US, part of the long-running Japanese tournament of the same name, as well as a second installment of the Tournament of Legends exhibition. All the details for both can be found here.

If you’re ready to book your room, be sure to follow this link and get set up with a place to stay for the weekend. More information on this event can be found on the official website.

  • Moe

    Hahaha… smash

    • Azrael VG

      yea lol

  • Cameron Standring

    I’m guessing Injustice will be the PS4 version?

    • JELIFISH19

      Why would it be the PS4 version? No one is playing on PS4. Plus, it’s a MS event. Everything is on 360 or X1 unless it’s not out on those systems.

      • Cameron Standring

        Didn’t know about the MS event thing. The reason would obviously be that it’s the best version.

        • JELIFISH19

          It’s also the only version without stick support currently. That automatically makes it the worst version for tournaments.

      • hismit

        Who said everything on X360? You forget BBCP is a PS3-exclusive game?

        • Andrew Norris

          Dude said “unless it’s not out on those systems”.

          Reading comprehension is a powerful tool

      • John Doe

        Looks like you are talking out of you ass. Where exactly are you reading that it’s “a MS event”? Just becasue they are running AE and Marvel on Xbox? Hurr.

        • JELIFISH19


          Notice the whole green-themed part and how it says “Evo on Xbox”

          • John Doe

            Yes, and? It’s been confirmed countless times now that it just means the Capcom games will now be on 360, due to players’ demands. Please go away.

          • DarkAdonis

            Everything except BBCP will likely be on Xbox man. Why are you making such a big deal about it though? Does which system it’s ran on really matter?

          • Light Buster

            It does. The PS3 has frame lag behind the Xbox 360. You also forgot that Killer Instinct will be running on the Xbox One.

  • Raymond

    Still no skull girls?

    Evo is getting really boring huh?

    • Vega ShadowClaw

      There is street fighter bro, the other games are only fillers

      • samirerre

        i boo to your comment

        • Vega ShadowClaw

          Watch out ! xD

      • shoyusatsu999

        Some think that Street Fighter is also filler.

        • Vega ShadowClaw

          If it makes you feel good, think what you want =D

    • dopeedoo

      70 out of the 79 likes for this are not players/viewers of the game.

      The game gets nothing on twitch and I imagine nothing at tournaments for it as well.

      So much bitching happens for this game but a lot of it are from people that don’t support the game OUTSIDE said bitching.

      I feel bad for those that genuinely try to support the scene since they AREN’T getting the help from the people that are always salty about SG not getting in anything.

      Hopefully there is an honest resurgence for the game once the new version and characters come out.

      • SparkiiJaxx

        When’s that happening?

  • No Skullgirls. Boo.

    • Louis Lam

      I’ve been saying this since the Evo drive last year but if the Skullgirls community wants huge tournaments and streams and all that shiny cool stuff that everyone else gets then they have to actually show up their own tournaments. The discrepancy between the vocality of the online community and the presence of the actual community is pretty staggering.

      • SecretInformant

        I can only speak for the east coast, but Killer Instinct with main stage status, pot bonuses, Xbox One sticks made available courtesy of Mad Catz, the benefit of the top players not having pulled out ahead yet, and a live stream has been drawing as many entrants as SkullGirls without any of those things. I’ve heard the situation is similar elsewhere, but I won’t speak on that since I can’t confirm it.

        • FrostyP

          You’re comparing an indie game to a title backed by the massive corporation that is Microsoft.

    • Wedge

      Seriously? How are they gonna run a game that’s in the middle of major development and only readily available on PC?

      • void

        the game has been in development for years (they have never stopped working on it) and for console owners they make free patches with character updates and for steam owners it updates itself so development isn’t an issue when it comes to this game showing up at tournaments. idk about the actual PC version but the steam version works really well.

  • Age_of_Fools

    Injustice is really…surprising…

    • Why?

      • FrostyP

        Because it’s a piece of shit

        • It really isn’t.

          • Angry Joshua

            It really isn’t…and nobody can lie about the top 8s after patch 1.06 have been nothing short of hype. NEC, Frosty Faustings, KIT, ect…

          • Guest

            Yeah,getting rid of SFIV’s srk mashing on blockstrings and BB’s infinite blockstun it makes it a piece of shit.

            Do your homework buddy

          • FluffyM

            How not? It’s the most casual game released in a long time (by far). It’s like they looked at everything bad in SF4 and went “I wonder if we could base a game around this trash”. Then they went and did, on an engine they already had at hand. Now, I still play it, because it’s “fun”, but it’s worse garbage than mahvel. It’s my guilty pleasure.

            Also, dat PC version….

        • Yan Zhao

          Regardless of your own personal opinion (read, opinion), Injustice still get high tournament entries at majors. Its popular whether you like it or not. So get over it.

          • Johnny Donuts

            no it wont, the game is practically dead. hell EVO kept mk9 for 2 years after it was already dead. Its dat WB money bro.

            WB just keeps their trash games on life support by pumping money into them.

          • Yan Zhao

            You’re free to believe whatever you want. Tournament statistics speaks against you.

    • Go2hell66

      especially considering tekken got the boot

      • yeee geee

        No persona? ._.

        • Go2hell66

          Pretty sure mr wizard asked the anime community which game they wanted to see on the main stage and they picked bbcp. Just be glad they even have a say

    • abcdefgqwerty

      injustice is boring to watch. To me its 1. SF of course. 2 KOF 3. all the other stuff I dont watch

  • AdmiralAddict

    > no SG
    > no melee

    • dopeedoo


      (fuckton of sg comments and wondering where they are on a normal basis when SG is actually in something)


      • FluffyM

        mfw I live on the other side of the planet (like a fuckton of SG fans) and I have to read shit like that:


  • grezex29

    I have got to say, the ‘reason’ for not putting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in has got to be one of the most bullshit things I have EVER heard in my life.

    • J.D SRK

      I’m not really informed but isnt Tekken Revolution (which has no offline mode) being played more than TTT2 now?

      • L_Z_N

        there are many people playing TekkeN Revolution but a lof the ‘competitors’ prefer playing TTT2…mainly because it can be played offline and there are TTT2 tournaments(offline & some online).

    • Nomad

      I have to agree with you there. To say that they don’t want to put TTT2 in for fear of a new game being announced is absolute hypocritical nonsense. I mean they are going to have Ultra SFIV, a game that comes out a month before EVO, but they don’t want to have Tekken, because they’re afraid Namco MIGHT announce a new game that would likely not even be available in Japanese arcades until 2015 EVO rolls around? I would’ve preferred they had no reason than that reason.

  • xe7en

    BBCP #hypeasfuck

  • Milton O’Bannon

    Where is the skullgirls!?

  • genocide_cutter

    Tekken got shafted

  • papasi



  • pachincko

    The question is about “3D fighting game”, and the Mr. Wizard answered with Tekken.

    Is that some kind of connection between both words there except “Tekken is one of the 3D fighting game, there are some titles more”, or he is lack of fighting game knowledges?

    Isn’t DOA5U one of the newest fighting games last year?

    • AriesWarlock

      I know, I was perplexed by the answer as well. Put in DOA5U then.

    • FluffyM

      “[…] or he is lack of fighting game knowledges?”
      I want to die.

  • Richard N

    Bring an Xrd cabinet over for the occasion! I don’t care if we’ve never played it before, lets get a tourny going!~

    • oussama boujrida

      yeah that’s what i am talking about guilty gear man ….

  • Rorshock

    Lack of Skullgirls zZzzZzzZZZzZZzzz

  • Liminal18

    Is Kokonoe legal in the BB CP tourney?

    • Andrew Olson

      Only when it’s patched. If the patch isn’t out by the time the tournament rolls around, she is banned.

      • Liminal18

        Yeah googled it a second later and saw that. Thanks for the reply 🙂

      • Andrew Norris

        I haven’t heard anything about Wizard saying she’s banned, but the game’s getting patched in May so she’ll be fixed by Evo anyway.

  • Andrew Olson

    Why is there still no SkullGirls? This is getting ridiculous.

    • CAE

      why should it be there? the majority of the skullgirls community don’t turn up to tournaments. a few tournament organizers tried to give you a chance after the donation drive last year and hardly any one turned up for those events. as big as the sg community is, the majority are more interested in the lore of skullgirls than skullgirls as a fighting game.

      it Annoys me that there are so many “no sg at evo” comments as if you deserve to be in the main line up.

      Sg fans being so self entitled is offputting tbh.

      • void

        I was going to argue with you but im not going to lie. your very right when you said:
        “as big as the sg community is, the majority are more interested in the lore of skullgirls than skullgirls as a fighting game.”
        I still think skullgirls should be at evo(because its a lot more interesting to watch than street fighter), but skullgirls is still young and learning so im not going to get all upset if they’re not at evo. as for the hate that skullgirls gets I don’t really appreciate that tho :/

      • Rory Grant

        As an SG fan, I have to agree. One of the main problems with our fanbase is the fact that 70% don’t play the game. It’s true. This was a fighting game made by an fgc member for fgc members. But the people who play fighting games are in the minority. Most people are in it for the story, visuals, and their waifu onscreen.

        I seriously think this mass of people who “support the game for the wrong reasons” is one of the reasons behind the huge fanbase, but also what’s bringing the game down in the eyes of the rest of the fighting game community. We’ve seen it in the Salty! streamchat. We saw it in the IndieGoGo character polls where the better and more original ideas were shoved out for “best girls” MVC Roll and Moe-Badguy. Unless we can separate the two groups of people, SG isn’t gonna get anywhere.

        So you are right. The SG fanbase whines for tournament inclusion yet has horrible turnout. But maybe that isn’t self-entitled. Maybe that’s all of us.

        • Know_the_ledge

          You were on point until your semi-subliminal Annie diss. So fuck you.

          • Rory Grant

            😀 Luv u too~

  • Chooch

    Lack of Tekken is more of an issue than lack of Skullgirls

  • tilopudrye

    So if Nintendo doesn’t take Evos offer for Smash to be featured and there’s still that spot is there a chance for Skullgirls Encore to take its place?

    • Shit, I seriously hope so. I fell asleep watching Smash last year.

      • Angry Joshua

        Real Talk, so did I…..not hating on smash, but i fount the top 8 hella boring…and Skullgirls Top 8 on their stream was nothing shy of amazing.

  • Dark_Rider

    ok, seriously, like the lineup, but it needs to have DOA5 Ultimate with marie rose and the new update, otherwise they would be leaving a great fighting game out as well as Skullgirls ENCORE wtf with evo?? i would take out Injustice cuz it’s the most boring of them all

  • Why am I not surprised about this list? The fact that Tekken Tag got shafted for the BS reason it did and still no Skullgirls presence is appalling at best. Also, people still play Injustice!? I’m just curious, tis all.

    Guess it’s another lackluster year for me if I decide to watch again.

    • I didn’t see what the announcement was: Why was Tag booted?

    • Angry Joshua

      Actually Yes…and Injustice has been doing great since patch 1.06….the tournament scene is actually enjoyable now. Just watch top 8s for NEC, Frosty Faustings, and KIT…Injustice is looking great

      • Johnny Donuts

        injustice is laughably bad, even the people who play it don’t like it

        • Angry Joshua

          Have you even watched Injustice since the horrible ass evo build last year? If anything could prove Injustice was a good game since 1.06 it would be “The Break” every week.

          • Johnny Donuts

            the game is beyond fixing lol, its not a matter of balance issues. Its a matter of the game being horribly designed, it feels like you’re fighting under water.

          • Guest

            Really? I honestly would like to know what u mean by that…cause it doesn’t feel like that for the people who play it.

          • Angry Joshua

            Would you like to explain what you mean by that? Cause it doesn’t feel that way for those who play it.
            I can understand it feeling wierd for people who don’t play it, but that could be said for any game.

  • Go2hell66

    Tekken is out, BBCP is in! Anarchy!!!

  • TheScuderia

    No 3D fighters 🙁

  • 4andoh

    I’m here to bitch about lack of Skullgirls.

  • akaisuisei

    Nintendo, get your shit together; you know you’re broke. Take the damn invite before Mario is really plumbing for a living.

    • void

      no kidding. it was so lame last year because Nintendo was trying to stop smash from being played at evo, then they tried to stop smash from being live streamed, THEN they went back on all of that and we got what we wanted. Nintendo’s excuse was they didn’t want their smash game being streamed because they were a “family friendly” company and they didn’t want to be represented in a violent way. well if that was true why even make the game (NOT SAYING THAT I DONT WANT SMASH TO BE MADE)? just a very weak excuse, streaming smash would only get people hyped for smash 4 anyway.

    • FrostyP

      Nintendo isn’t as broke as games journalists go out of their way to portray them. They’re even expanding right now.

    • Reggie10

      Nintendo is sitting on billions of dollars in cash reserves. Literally billions. They can continue churning out failed consoles for decades and not be in any real trouble.

      • void

        i hope your right about that, ive been a nintendo fan for years and im eally only attached to the 90’s nintendo. now what do they have? smash, pokemon, mario, kirby, and zelda but mostly mario and zelda. if smash 4 wasnt comming out and zelda was dead i wouldn’t even bother getting a wiiu.

  • Meta Jojo

    No Jojo’s?

  • J.D SRK

    I have a question. Does this mean that ST is part of the official lineup, or is it a side event? Its kinda weird on the way it was announced. Either way this is great I love hearing ST is back.

    On the Smash thing I really really hope that this isnt happening because MLG wants exclusive rights from Nintendo to run Smash.

    Smash is amazing, I want to see it back on that stage.

    • kuroppi

      I replied to this earlier but my reply doesn’t seem to be showing up so apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate reply.

      Both X-MANIA USA and TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II are being run by us (ST Revival) as a side tournament. We have partnered up with Evo and Mattsun/Mikado to host X-MANIA USA at Evo and the Top 8 Finals will be featured on the main stage.

      Full details on both tournaments are here:


      • J.D SRK

        Thanks! This cleared up things

  • Niitris

    Wow… what a unpredictable lineup.

    At least there’s Super Turbo.

  • Marvin Choi

    The booting of Tekken and Skullgirls over Injustice is…weird, to say the least.

    • Angry Joshua

      Injustice has been doing Great since patch 1.06….its actually entertaining to watch now….

  • RikkiTikkiTaviSusi

    What the shit, what about Soul Calibur V!!!

  • Bobo

    Wow! Look at all these people who don’t play Skullgirls, complaining about not getting to see Skullgirls.

    • Keep in mind that some of us who are complaining actually do play the game. Just saying.

      • CAE

        did you go to any of the tournaments though?

        • If it requires me to go out of state, I mostly can’t make it to any tourneys due to financial problems & transportation. I would if I could…..well, I am going to Final Round only because I got a way up there and hopefully my leave will be approved at my job. ~ _~

      • supersonicspear64

        It doesn’t matter because the game is only readily available on PC and EVO isn’t gonna bother with providing setups. Have an unofficial tournament in the BYOC area like the other non-main games do

        • Jason Slade

          The game will have its Console Patch before Evo.

          If you want to use that argument, they shouldn’t include USF4 because nobody can play it right now.

          • supersonicspear64

            It was just one argument I had. To sum it up, SG just isn’t popular with the tournament crowd, and when you have a limited amount of official games to run at one time, due to time constraints and providing setups, the less-popular games HAVE to get the axe. It’s just how it is, and the fact that SG has been in beta limbo for a while does not help its case.

            They should definitely include USF4 because you know they have inside info on when it’s going to be released, and well it’s a solid, still widely-played game.

        • Angry Joshua

          Console patch comes on the 11th dude

          • supersonicspear64

            Good thing they announced it on SRK this morning then, when the lineup was decided last night. Talk about poor timing! Enjoy your “hype” Injustice finals

  • JnKzm

    Don’t know why so many people are complaining over Skullgirls. I love the character animations and the flow of the game but the real problem is that had more players actually showed up to support the SG tournaments more then It would’ve 100% made the cut.

    People keep complaining about it but the amount of views (lack there of in contrast to the other fighters out there) and more importantly the players need to give greater efforts. I’m quite confident that these were key reasons why SG didn’t make the cut.

    Not seeing Parasoul lay the smackdown will be sad, however this lies within the SG community which is not Evolutions fault to lay blame on.

    As for Tekken, and it pains me so much to say this because I used to play this game competitively from the days of Tekken 3 all the way through to Tekken 5, however within the past years it has lost a lot of steam.

    At one point in time, Tekken garnered the 2nd highest Tournament entries at Evolution, only behind the Street Fighter games, as well as one of the top-3 highest cash outs. Now a days it can only garner about half of those entries (If even) as well as dwindling in the cash pool due of lack of players.

    Remember, it used to make Top-3 in entries…now it doesn’t even breath on that plateau anymore. That directly correlates with the scene, not Evo.

    Some have made claims that Injustice shouldn’t be in here over TTT2. However Injustice has been picking up steam since the last patch, and because of this very fact it has changed the flavor of the game to becoming more appealing then the original boring Superman vs Superman nonsense we saw from last years version.

    I did not like Injustice when it first came out w/ the tournament results. Now however I’ve even grown to love watching Injustice because of the new current variety that you’re witnessing at the highest levels. New Patch + New Life, I’m happy it got the count in for Evo.

    Killer Instinct…this is a No Brainer, it’s one of the newest games out right now, and it’s going to get it’s test at Evo. A lot of the best players enjoy playing this game, and because it’s so new, it’s going to be an auto-entry especially with all of the Microsoft push they’ve put behind the game.

    BlazeBlue to be honest, I don’t have anything on the matter, since I don’t play nor keep up with it so I won’t comment on it.

    King of Fighters XIII…This game arguably would’ve had the Best Hype from 2013 if not for the ridiculous Smash Bros Melee Madness and Justin Wong playing completely out of this world in the UMvC3 Top-8. KOFXIII has delivered two years in a row with two epic Grand Finals. Their is no way this game doesn’t get the nod.

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3…do I need to say anything? Evolution is in The United States Of America…where Marvel is arguably the most hyped fighting game period. It had the Greatest Moment from last year with The Wong-Factor in full Glory along with the greatest crowd reactions and the most Views out of any fighting game ever showcased at Evolution to this date. As we all say….WHEN’S MAHVEL!!!

    Ultra Street Fighter IV…The New Patch…Without Question The Most Played Fighting Game In The World. Evolution & srk.com was created by SF players. This game will always garner the most headlines, it will always grab the most overall entries and has done so the past 5 straight years (since 2009 it has consistently been over 1k+). It has the greatest variety of National players from all over the world including the Best from each respective country coming to attend.

    Street Fighter will always be an Automatic at every Evolution.

    So to me, it makes complete sense that these fighting games made it out over the others. Personally I would’ve wished they had as many fighting games from last year however that put a heavy strain upon the people running Evolution so I can see why this year they opted for a far more manageable tournament.

    7 Fighting Games isn’t going to stop this years Evolution from producing some Memorable, Dramatic, and Hype Moments.

    • DaDustLoop

      What this dude said.

  • Cloak

    KOF13? Interesting

    • SgtKardashian

      I’m glad it’s in, it’s my favorite fighting game and it’s a international and fun game.

      • Cloak

        Yeah I love KOF, I’m just abit surprised it made it in because it seems like it’s lacking tournament entries

        • SgtKardashian

          It depends, it’s pretty popular at SCR, NCR, CEO and Final Round. It actually had around the same number of entrants as Injustice at Defend the North.

          • Cloak

            Oh wow, I’m definitely looking forward to evo top 8 for this game

    • Just because its not popular in america doesn’t mean that it’s not popular every where else. The KOF community is the futbol of fighting games and that shows based on the competition that has made it out to EVO.

    • abcdefgqwerty

      I have never played it and its one of my favorite games at evo. It has more depth then most of the other games. Stupid to get rid of it

  • Piccoro

    Why no Tekken!!! 🙁

  • MrJechgo

    Aaaw… P4A Ultimax isn’t gonna be released in time…

    I’m looking forward for KI though… as long as there isn’t a douchebag in the crowd who screams “XBOX SIGN OUT!” or “XBOX TURN OFF!” during matches.

    • Ben2Gen

      You can turn off the voice commands, so no need to worry

      • MrJechgo

        except about if that was turned off before the tourneys XD… and about the future of KI ever since Amazon bought DHG and that KI may be getting a new dev team for season 2. Sincerily, I may not have an XB1, thus not this game, but I really want this series to succeed. Must be that nostalgia from the SNES and N64 days.

  • John Doe

    Wow, it’s fucking nothing.

  • No Skulls.
    No XRD.
    No xT.
    No TTT2.
    No interest.

    • Mike Pureka

      No Xrd, the game that will only be out on super expensive Japanese arcade cabinets by the time Evo happens? Don’t be stupid.

    • dopeedoo

      Living life as an idiot must be fun.

      XRD? Really? Even if the others got in, XRD has no place to be in this.

      XRD? Like, seriously. XRD?

  • Also…

    Furthermore, Evo 2014 will see two very special Super Street Fighter II Turbo events in honor of the title’s tenth anniversary. Super Turbo Revival will be running both X-MANIA US, part of the long-running Japanese tournament of the same name, as well as a second installment of the Tournament of Legends exhibition. All the details for both can be found here.

    SSF2X = Ten?
    Try 20th.

  • MrJechgo

    (2nd comment)
    * USFIV: It should be interesting to see with the new characters and mecanics.

    * UMvC3: *sighs* Talk about a game that overstayed its welcome… no update, no new character, no tweaked mecanics, same boring matches, same predictable comebacks, pass. Come on now, TvC matches were more interesting than this.

    * KI: Looking forward for this one, because the matches I’ve seen are insane. It’s grealty unpredictable, and this is what I like the most in matches… unlike in UMvC3.

    * KOFXIII: It should be fun, considering how complex this game is.

    * Injustice: That sounds like an odd choice… unless they want to have MMH and Zatanna playaers to sign in. I’ll give it a watch.

    * BBCP: That should be exciting to watch actually. Again, the matches are unpredictable and I’m eager to see more BB action.

    About the rest:
    * Possibility of SSB: it would be fun, but I’m more of a Brawl player, so I don’t care much about Melee.

    * Lack of Skullgirls: Pretty sure that they’re waiting for an actual complete console version, with every new character added. In the meantime SG fans, just support the PC version. Beside, that’s what LZ wants right now.

    * Lack of Tekken: Odd, but not much of a care for me.

    * Lack of P4A2: Disappointing actually… maybe next year.

  • Tom Crook


  • Skillionaire

    RIP Skull girls, MK9, and Smash players. All twelve of you.

    • yeee geee

      Look at these evo dikbangers no aquapazza. Or sign. Wtf wens sbo? At least jyub gunna win umvc3 in marvel

  • Platynews

    EVO : “So, how about Meele ?”
    Nintendo : “How about 4 instead ?”
    EVO : “Awesome ! But we need wired controllers to play without problems”
    Nintendo : =O
    EVO : =|

    • MrJechgo

      Melee might be their best choice here, since SSB4 doesn’t have a fixed released date.

      • Platynews

        But as a company, it makes no sense to use a dated game when they could use a game that needs advertising.
        (cough cough Killer Instinct cough cough)

        Melee would only be interesting to Nintendo if they would think of releasing it in a future Gamecube virtual console.

        Maybe they settle for Brawl with Project M ?

        • void

          project m

          • MrJechgo

            Like I said, they can’t use it because they are making money, which you can’t use a mod or hacked game to make a profit. It’s illegal.

          • Candle Ja

            You still have to purchase a copy of Brawl to play P:M

          • void

            funny you say that because the winners of PM got money at Apex. so yes, people can “play” a mod and make money off of it. but the hackers themselves don’t get profit.


        • MrJechgo

          Here’s the thing:
          1) Melee is the most popular game of the series, so far.
          2) Not many people like Brawl. It’s a great game, but for competition, it has too many random variables.
          3) No official tournament can use a mod that is NOT endorsed by the parent company. EVO is making money with entries and livestreams, they cannot under the law make money using a hacked game and such, so Project M is out.

  • NyuBomber

    I’m sorry, but Nintendo is being flat-out stupid if they do not seize this opportunity.

    Yes, they have every right to be worried about the image of the Smash brand. Melee is 13 years old or so, equally-as-if-not-more popular and lively as their latest release effort, it has flaws and unintended consequences, and they have an upcoming game to worry about. Not to mention the image of the Smash/FGC community potentially creating a poor look on the game (no offense or implications at all the any players, just looking at it from a corporate POV).

    But that’s why you WORK WITH THE COMMUNITY. You’re being handed a huge, dedicated fanbase ready, willing, and PROVEN to do most of the work! If you support them and the game, this work it can only get better. And that can only create a better look and more hype for Smash 4, despite how it actually turns out and stacks up to Melee’s gameplay style. Becoming an active helper also allows them to highlight the best of the community, and creates in-roads for future endeavors.

    The least they should do is stop obstructing things. If you’re not going to attach your name to it, just step back and let the community enjoy.

  • Jason Slade

    As a skullgirls player myself, I understand why it wasn’t given a spot. There’s plenty of online competition for the game but the scene is just spread too thin (geographically) to have strong offline presence, which makes it hard to have road-to-evo events.

    Even so, we had 170 people at the side tournament at Evo last year, I’m hoping every single one of you comes back for this year. Its going to be the most hype side tournament at Evo for the second year running!

  • tehace

    when’s skullgirls?

  • RazingPhoenix

    Not going to lie, I actually expected SC2HD.

    • AriesWarlock

      I lol ‘ed. Would have been cool.

  • Nomad

    I think it’s illogical to say that games like Tekken, P4A, or Skull Girls were omitted, because they don’t have a big enough scene when Killer Instinct is in the lineup. Killer Instinct is on a very new next gen system, and that alone means that MORE than very likely the scene for it is still not as big as many of the omitted games; that’s not me hating AT ALL it’s just an obvious observation. I understand KI is new and all, but nevertheless the above stated fact remains.

    Everybody gets mad at the organizers of EVO for this or that game not being there, but honestly I am more upset at those of us in the community than I could ever be at them, because these choices of what is in EVO are largely (not entirely of course) reflective of what we think more than what they think.

    There are so many stupid prejudices towards so many games, so unjustly that a lot of them don’t make it in for no other reason than what is ultimately widespread ignorance. I respect the preferences of others, but it’s not preference I take issue with, it is a particular kind of mentality present among us that I feel holds us back tremendously, not only event wise, but skill wise as a community; especially when compared to Japan.

    • supersonicspear64

      An organizer has to make decisions that they know they will get shit for. With this community, every decision that an organizer makes is going to get shit for it regardless, because there are tons of snotty, ungrateful kids. It’s like the FGC is the magic school bus, but with Mr. Wizzle and the place that he is taking people is down KI’s dark, dirty asshole

    • JnKzm

      Killer Instinct being a new fighting game will guarantee it a spot if it’s got a competitive scene meriting it’s worth. You’re completely off based on your assumptions of comparing KI to things like P4A, Tekken and SG. KI is a not only a newly released fighting game, but it is also an American made fighting game in an Evolution tournament that is going to be Supporting Microsoft systems.

      SkullGirls has been out for quite sometime now…yet where are all of it’s supporters in numerous past tournaments? P4 doesn’t has a modest scene however it’s numbers were also not great from last years Evo compared to many other fighting games.

      KI has been showing up in the past few big tournaments recently. What about Skull Girls? What about P4? Definitely not, so it makes perfect sense as to why KI would make the cut.

      Their is absolutely no prejudice towards any game whatsoever. They can’t Feed everyone what they want because it’s only a 3 Day Weekend event. With limited money, limited staff, and tremendous amounts of man hours and work to make it achievable.

      I would believe you about “ignorance” if Evolution never ever supported Any of the Fighting Games you’ve mentioned…But They Did at one point. If you really want to see “insert fighting game” at Evolution, then PUT EFFORT INTO SUPPORTING THAT GAME AND STEP UP THE COMPETITIVE SCENE.

      Onto your notion of a “Mental Block” when compared to Japan. This shows me how little you know of the competitive in our country vs Japans competitive scene.

      Firstly Japan has a way More Efficient Competitive Scene due to the fact that traveling for them is a mere trains ride away. The country itself is slightly smaller then California which is a huge advantage, and the fact that their arcade community is actually thriving unlike in the US.

      US players have to travel from coast to coast which in terms of cost is 100x more then what you would spend traveling on train in Japan to reach competition. In one year in the US, it was either 2011 or 2012 I can’t remember, you had players like Justin Wong traveling all over the US literally every single week.

      He actually gets sponsored, however what about those whom weren’t that went to those tournaments? The cost, the Fees and the other simple fact that fighting games has now become more of a niche then being completely mainstream.

      Things like FPS, MMO’s, RTS are heavily bigger in the US then fighting games. We ain’t back in the early 1990’s in which you had solid and strong competition literally everywhere you went in the US.

      Those days are gone, so the distance travel, lack of support, lack of universal play, competition from other genres all take a much greater toll in the US then it does in something like Japan.

      If anyone is ignorant, it’s you people who make these complaints without proper assessment of the situation and its bases.

      • Loghorn

        That’s one of the reasons why Japan is far better than the U.S. is, IMO.

        Is there a full list of fighting game tournaments in Japan, if any?

      • Nomad

        First of all I never said anything about the organizers of EVO being prejudice, not even once, so if you’re going to respond to my comment with an essay you might as well comprehend it. I was actually saying that I am more upset with us in the community than I could ever be with anybody involved with EVO, because the EVO lineup is almost entirely reflective of what we think.

        Killer instinct is a new game that a lot of people are excited about, so I get why it was included, and I am not hating on that at all. However,Killer Instinct is also a new game that was released exclusively on a next gen system that still not many people have, so when compared to many of the omitted games that exist on the it’s predecessor the 360, it is highly unlikely (NOT impossible) that it has a bigger scene/turnout than Skull Girls, P4A, or most of the omitted games.

        Furthermore, your response to my comment on Japan is just absolutely stupid, because my point is bigger than a difference in geography, my point is about a difference in mentality.

        To me it seems like the Japan scene is more about enjoying the genre, and what it offers, whereas our ability to do that is often limited by our tendency to close be minded when it comes to a different types of fighters.

        If recall correctly, I have heard people say how Alex Valle is an advocator of playing different fighters, because they can teach you different things that help you as a player, and not just in that game. Again, if I remember correctly I once heard someone say on a stream how EG Floe learned to read the pace/change in mood of his opponent from Soul Calibur 2; not to mention Chris G and Justin Wong play a shit ton of games as well.

        Personally I don’t think that it’s coincidence that a lot of our top players, and Japanese players play multiple games (from 3D to so called “anime”), and I believe that to be ONE of the reasons as to why Japan is so much better than us collectively speaking; which was my reason for bringing it up.

        In the future please refrain from replying to my comment without actually doing so, and convoluting what is a fairly straight forward idea with your “improper assessment of a situation and it’s bases”, and poor reading comprehension.

        • JnKzm

          Let me educate you again.

          Skull Girls & Persona 4 are great games, however it’s competitive scene has not grown drastically over the past year from Evo2k13 and they are fighting games that are a few years old now.

          How many tournaments with SG or PA that have produced considerably stronger numbers in recent memory where as Killer Instinct has been showcasing a solid steady pace of play since it’s release.

          You’re also talking about two games that have been released for quite sometime but haven’t gotten much bigger scene wise since it’s release years ago. So although as of right now Killer Instinct may not have a vastly greater scene it is still the newer game w/ a promising support from players as well as the company that is making it.

          Your “opinion” about Japan to US players is completely delusional. Have you ever been to Japan before? Their is indifference their just as much as you see here in the US pertaining to players and their mental viewpoints of different fighting games, and it is neither less then what you see here on average in the US.

          Games like PA although more popular in Japan (Something like an Anime based fighting game will always cater more to Japanese players vs American players because they find it more appealing. Considering you’ll notice how Marvel caters to US players more so then Japanese players because they on average find it more appealing.) is Still selective with the players over there.

          Not every Japanese fighting game player is an “anime fighting game” fan or whatever have you. You even have some of the best big name japanese players playing almost exclusively on one particular fighting game and not even catering to others.

          The big key difference in their more steady level of play has more to do with their more lenient accessibility to Top-Players and a strong competitive scene vs the US inaccessibility to Top-Players with a strong competitive play being the big key differential.

          Making the diluted viewpoint that the general ignorance towards different fighting games being the bigger reason as to why we’re not on par with Japan is the most stupid assumption when most of the top to even mid competitive players going to these actual tournaments that most see/watch have a generally open mind towards ANY fighting game.

          At least my so called “poor reading comprehension” hasn’t put me into an absurd thinking that’s it’s ignorance that’s keeping US players from not being so-called on “par” with the Japanese players.

  • matsuyamato

    where is tekken? and mk?

  • HombreGranJefe

    Obviously KOF13 has reached legendary status, being the oldest game on this list.

    • abcdefgqwerty

      I have never played KOF 13 and still like watching that game more then anything but SF. I just like the music and artwork its a cool game.

  • King9999

    To those of you complaining about no Skullgirls: try being a VF fan.

    • grezex29

      Man, I feel for the Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive players. As well as the Soul Calibur players. All 3 of them have really good current versions of their games that aren’t getting nearly enough love as they should be.

      • AriesWarlock

        Indeed. Sometimes I wonder what if there was a tournament only for 3D fighters. Players getting interested in the other games, growing up multiple scenes.

  • yeee geee

    Did the fag fgc turn into a bunchaphag phag
    Evo used to be 2d now it’s 2.5d no marvel2
    Damn bruh side tourneys more interesting 2k14

  • killab43

    BB back in Evo? Time to get my Rachael back up to snuff.

  • Candle Ja

    Nintendo will probably allow Melee this year but I bet next year they will be like “Smash 4 or nothing”

  • Steven

    NO Tekken, Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Skull Girls. No 3d fighters and Injustice over Mortal Kombat, Wow. Just forget the diversity of fighting games.

  • dubaloseven

    No P4A, VF5 or TTT2, plus InJ over MK. Seriously bummed about this. We are getting BBCP though, so that’s a plus.

  • Loghorn

    I would gladly trade in both Injustice & Killer Instinct for a few 3D fighters like Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (I would’ve said Persona 4 Arena, but there’s a sequel of it coming out).

    That would’ve been the best lineup for me this year.

  • slow_scout

    What about Soul Calibur…?

  • Vixy Tail

    no AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match? I hope next year we get P4A2 and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax at evo.

  • Los Illuminados

    i am very pleased that KOF13 is in EVO 2k14. thanks Mr. Wizard, Inkblot, and all the rest of the EVO/SRK crew.

  • Andrew Ozzie-Xavier Torriente

    i’m not going to shit on other games, but It is truly disappointing that there is no Tekken. I just feel it is short sighted. Tekken is one of the longest running fighting franchises, and the most popular 3d fighter in the world. It is consistently on top in Japanese arcades. It is hugely popular in Japan, and 10x more popular than any other FG in Korea. It just bums me out, while I started playing ST, tekken is really what made me get into the FGC and learn to how to really play FGs.

    …oh well…It just sucks because you always at least get an amazing Korean player coming out. One year for the sequel to the greatest 3d fighter of all (TTT) the ST of 3d fighters for god sake…It’s just disappointing.

  • Zach Allen Gacula

    When’s Tekken?

  • Guest

    No DOA5U???? nooooo…….
    I don’t believe it.

  • bob lo

    why no game for doa5u.
    it is important for the GAME.....>_<

    doa5u 2013

  • Azrael VG

    I once thought that EVO was the Great Grand Finals for FGC.But with this lineup I now see that its just another tournament.
    The redesign of Road to Evo system is just to remove the community from influencing the Evo Games. Why let people vote by representation at Tournaments, when the choice can just be dictated by EVO organisers.
    why No tekken?
    why no Skullgirls?
    why Ultra SF4-an unreleased game ?
    why Killer Instinct an extremely new game?
    BlazBlue, BlazWHAT,I have hardly see anything about BlazBlue Tournaments on SRK or twitch,
    Why Smash if so much others didn’t make the cut.

    If Evo isnt the Great Grand Finals of all the popular FGC tournament games, then what is the criteria for making it on the lineup. The lineup
    sure as hell doesn’t represent the FGC supported games.

    IMO It has to be money, its always some shit like that!

    • Light Buster

      For Ultra SF4, players adapt really fast. There have also been a lot of location tests recently so players have been going there to play and adapting to the game quickly.

      For Killer Instinct, despite having a small initial character roster, the game is really solid and it can teach newcomers about fighting games in general and it does it right. It’s really hard to argue against Killer Instinct being a bad game, despite it being fairly new, especially when the community is growing at a rapid rate and adapting really quickly.

      For Tekken/Skullgirls, no comment. I don’t know what to say about them, since if I try to say something, you (and maybe some other haters) will take your rage out on me. Though I can say if the community desperately wants them back in EVO, the community is going to need to back it up and actually support it by coming to tournaments, not by sitting at home and waiting for it to become big.

      BlazBlue has been pretty dominant in the anime fighter market for quite some time now. A lot of people wanted to play BBCP since it’s release.

      • Azrael VG

        Saying that Street Fighter players are quick to adapt make no sense when Oni, Viper, Gen being playable for so long but top players still had to get a beatdown for those characters for them to go research starts to counter set-ups. Setups that also that have been around a long time. So how can anyone adapt if the new character will be out less than a month in ultra SF4.

        I am not saying any game is bad especially Killer Instinct, as a matter of fact I think all the games have something to offer even SFxT. I am open mined and play most fighting games.But the slots are limited and some have to be cut.

        The Tekken community has been coming to tournaments and supporting their scene more than some of the other picks so that obviously isn’t a factor.

        Blazblue being an anime fighter is not a factor or the list would have 3d games and less 2d games. Where is the lot of people that want to play Blazblue and does it outnumber the other games?

        In the end EVO is just another Tournament and I shouldnt expect much more than that from the organisers. But IMO EVO prestige has fallen a notch with these picks.

  • Guest

    To be honest, I’d rather play Super Smash Bros. Brawl than Melee.

  • harmonylab

    wow.. what a joke… no Tekken…

  • Jose Rios

    You know? I may be the only one on this, and I’m probably gonna get a lot of thumbs down, but I would absolutely love to see EVO make a brand new twist with their line-ups, and bring games like Starwhal, and Nidhogg.

  • brekko