Xian and Gackt Join Team Razer

By on February 3, 2014 at 6:07 pm


Those of you who were curious what Xian and Gackt had in store after parting ways with Mad Catz, you now have your answer. Razer just announced that the Singaporean duo have been added their competitive gaming team, joining Fuudo and Itabashi Zangief on an already-impressive fighting game roster.

“Xian and Gackt are stellar examples of players that we want in Team Razer,” Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said of the players. “They have achieved remarkable results in the short time that they have been playing and they are great assets to the FGC around these regions.”

Xian also chimed in, mentioning that their partnership with Razer will place them on a “global level,” which means we should be seeing much, much more of these two in the future.

The full announcement can be found over on the official Team Razer website.

We here at Shoryuken would like to congratulate all the parties involved on their partnership and look forward to watching Xian and Gackt compete at a wider range of events this year.

Source: Razer via MarkMan, images courtesy of Razer

  • Pironeko

    Woah, how was Madcatz not placing Xian on a Global level? Gotta wonder how big the bonus was to get him to leave what’s probably the biggest FG sponsor for Razer. Good stuff to Xian and Gackt though.

  • BlackMasamune

    I look forward to them “leaving” the team in a year.

  • J.D SRK

    The conspiracy theorists shitting the pants about players leaving teams can STFU now.
    The FGC isnt going anywhere

  • ReddChief78

    From Madcatz to Razer well that was backwards but i guess they have their reasons, good luck to them both.

    • SavingPrincess

      “From Madcatz to Razer well that was backwards but i guess they have their shit tons of cash.”



    I always wondered about Razer sponsored players. They have to play on Razer sticks but the Atrox is only for 360. Do they get custom PS3 sticks for the tournaments that run on PS3 or do they have to dual mod their sticks personally?

    • L_Z_N

      I’m pretty sure they mod it. Knee from Korea used a Razer stick, and it had Korean stick. http://youtu.be/1B3qMlI_B7g?t=1h58m8s

      • JELIFISH19

        But that’s his personal stick. Razer isn’t his sponsor. I just find it a little weird that a company would send a product to their players and expect them to mod it themselves so they can use it at certain events. I understand that Razer can’t dual mod because they can lose their license but shouldn’t they at least make a PS3 version of the stick?

        • L_Z_N

          Knee was part of team Cafe Id during last Evo. It was clearly written “Cafe Id.Razer Knee” on the stream. Cafe Id probably gave or at least lent him a Razer stick.

  • LockM

    Great news, hope to see them doing well in the future 😀
    Congratulations to both of them. Also very fitting that Razer was founded by a SIngaporean and both Gackt and XIan are also form Singapore.